The Controversy Of The Crooked Referees: Lakers Vs Kings

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  • Season Finale. Was Game 6 of the 2002 Lakers Kings Series Fixed?
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    Laker Kobe Bryant is all smiles before he heads to the foul line with teammates Derek Fisher, Rick F
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    Staples Center, home to the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles, California
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    Retro television
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    Lakers Shaquille O'Neal attempts a free throw despite the distraction from the Trailblazer fans in g
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    Male watching sports match on television, hands raised in air, rear view
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    Peja Stojakovic (R) and Scot Pollard (L) of the Sa
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    Press room
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    Basketball Dunk
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    Meeting Point
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    Golden basketball cup on a dark background. Concept. 3D rendering
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    Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy walking to Federal Court in B
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    NYCFC Pop-Up Experience Store VIP Launch Party
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    Ball and Basketball Court
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    Referee With A Red Card
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    basketball player portrait on the court
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    Basketball and Whistle
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    Injured basketball player holding his leg in pain on the court.
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    Basketball Referee
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    USA - NBA Gambling Scandal - Defense Attorney John Lauro
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    Basketball player making free throw, rear view, close-up of hands
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    Close-Up Of Basketball On Hardwood Floor
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    30 Contact Line Icons
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    Mixed race basketball player holding ball
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    Businessman shaking hands & big nose
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    Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant, Rick Fox, Lindsey Hunter an
    New York Daily News Archive / Contributor/Getty Images
    Lakers Rick Fox reacts as the Lakers win in OT Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals in Sacramento
    Gina Ferazzi / Contributor/Getty Images
    Courtroom trial in session
    Ron Chapple/Getty Images
    NBA Achive
    Icon Sportswire / Contributor/Getty Images
    Soccer referee character set
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    Basketball falls through hoop, slow motion
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评论 • 2 184

    FRANTIC 3 小时 前

    Why were u being so biast.... You should not have done this vid. Because in the end you still won't agree on stuff that is actually true

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 天 前

    Buzzfeed is an absolute joke. This is hardly news.

  • Luis Betancourt
    Luis Betancourt 天 前

    Fixed 100%!!!!!!!

  • Marie M
    Marie M 天 前

    As a person with no stake in the game, I fully believe it was rigged!

  • dann mullen
    dann mullen 天 前

    man i didnt know sac was ever good and i live here

  • Saz Saz
    Saz Saz 2 天 前

    Where’s shane? I haven’t watched in a while...

  • cody savage
    cody savage 2 天 前


  • Deniz Akgün
    Deniz Akgün 2 天 前

    They should go outside of America.

  • Wolf Spider
    Wolf Spider 3 天 前

    Do the Italy - South Korea match in the 2002 world cup round of 16

  • tsingson
    tsingson 5 天 前

    I agree that the Lakers in the Finals would more than likely put more fans in the seats but a Kings-Nets finals that year would have been exciting basketball to watch as both of those teams played team basketball. That Nets team definitely had their work cut out against the West Contender but they were exciting to watch because everyone on the team got involved. Same with the Kings and their high powered offense. But only true basketball fans would really see that.

  • Alessio Fazz
    Alessio Fazz 5 天 前

    Korea vs Italy and Korea vs Spain, World Cup 2002.think about doing those one. I’d watch that
    But I would understand if u guys don’t cover and make a video on it as there is little information about what Fifa did to favour Korea

  • Blur_28
    Blur_28 5 天 前

    The lakers fan is biased and irrational that he doesn't listen to reason or look at the facts and the videos

  • HayleysToasted
    HayleysToasted 5 天 前

    Dallas cowboys? Who tf is rooting for them.

  • Robert Alvarado
    Robert Alvarado 5 天 前

    Hmm reminds me of the 2006 NBA Finals!?! You can't tell me the Mavs weren't robbed...or maybe.
    Sounds like you should make a doc on Wade and his billion free throws that were handed to him!!!!

  • Jim Bertido
    Jim Bertido 5 天 前 +1

    Cute couple

  • Tha Ruthless 1_ AZF

    Funny how Everything Ryan says about the Lakers-Kings game like "Lakers were so much better" is the same things you could say about The Patriots-Colts AFC CG (the pats WERE so much better) yet he's so unreasonable and biased when it comes to Brady smh

  • Mufasa Trump
    Mufasa Trump 6 天 前

    recommendation for sports conspiracies:
    PRIDE Fighting Championship's connection with the yakuza, and the time a PRIDE official pointed a gun at Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic and his manager. Short backstory: PRIDE never gave him a contract until the day of the fight, and when he was Mirko was offered an incredibly unfavorable contract and was pressured to fight without any contract. Mirko objected, and during his decision to leave the whole gun thing happened.

  • Evan Hachiya
    Evan Hachiya 6 天 前

    Classic lakers fan

  • Alberto Perez
    Alberto Perez 6 天 前

    Nice to see Ryan play Shane for once.

  • Randolph W
    Randolph W 6 天 前

    That nerdy one is obviously over compensating for insecurities when it comes to sports.

  • Joanne Rachel Ramdial


  • Iban G
    Iban G 6 天 前

    If your going to do these videos. Look at the facts, step away from your biased options. Aka lakers fan.

  • Abby No
    Abby No 7 天 前

    The bias makes this episode kind of annoying. I just wanted them facts instead of watching sports fans bicker.

  • Phil Anderson
    Phil Anderson 7 天 前

    This was probably the worst officiated game I've ever seen. I also believe Donaghy was probably making educated guesses and presumptions, and did not have inside knowledge of the game actually being fixed, just a probably bias from the referees to keep the game close, keep the Lakers in it, and extend the series due perceived pressure from the league for revenue reasons.

    Having said that, Donaghy also noted on 60 Minutes that he passed two lie detector tests, one independent, one by the FBI, and that the FBI had no reason to believe he lied to them once he was caught.

  • Insane Last
    Insane Last 7 天 前

    I’m a laker fan and I know this game 6 is just full uncalled fouls. And it’s sad that they lost they were so good.

  • Adam Bonin
    Adam Bonin 7 天 前

    6:04 that would be a penalty in Hockey. Let alone a foul in Basketball.

  • Kody Jung
    Kody Jung 8 天 前

    This was fixed. Get over yourself. Fkn goodness this got me upset watching that little crying lakers fan. They 3 peated but they fkn didnt derserve it

  • Jake La motto
    Jake La motto 8 天 前

    Man these guys should just provide the information there banter is cringeworthy

  • S. McQueen
    S. McQueen 8 天 前

    This video currently has 666k views 😱

  • Brett Thomas
    Brett Thomas 8 天 前

    Babe calling his shot, should be good.

  • Xhumed
    Xhumed 9 天 前

    The restraint required to not actually elbow Ryan in the face when doing that little reenactment must have been superhuman.

  • greendreamteam11
    greendreamteam11 9 天 前

    oh David Stern is a JEW - so Lakers and Kings were JEWED :D

  • Ar11se
    Ar11se 9 天 前

    WWE Chris benoit story please its so interesting and scary at the same time

  • Stony Grimm
    Stony Grimm 9 天 前

    That seems solved to me lol

  • Kingstyles05
    Kingstyles05 10 天 前

    No one ever talks about the year Orlando played Boston in the Eastern Conference finals and had the worst officiated series I've never seen and I've seen a lot.

  • Joel Marte
    Joel Marte 10 天 前

    They robbed the kings for a championship kobe has 4 rings and shaq has 3 rings cause that year didnt count they won a ring by cheating

    ATGDAWG55 11 天 前

    The next sports conspiracy episode should be the Barry Bonds steroid scandal

  • I Want Boba
    I Want Boba 11 天 前

    i went to school with ryan and dunno why but i'm happy to know he's still a diehard lakers/kobe fan LOL (also if you read these; hiiiii, hope you're doing well!)

  • XxCorgixX
    XxCorgixX 12 天 前

    This Lakers fan is trippen.

  • Siddhant Naidu
    Siddhant Naidu 12 天 前

    Can you please do the mysterious disappearance of Bobby Fisher please

  • drfugo
    drfugo 13 天 前

    wow ryan, because a guy is 7ft tall he can't have hurt feelings? nice empathy mate.

  • Fuego
    Fuego 13 天 前

    im a lakers fan but i have to agree this series was rigged for sure even tho i hate kings fans and there franchise they deserved that year

  • 2010blacksharingan
    2010blacksharingan 14 天 前


  • Jameson Gale
    Jameson Gale 14 天 前

    Malaysia flight 370? What happened to that plane. Did it get found?

  • Skaz 1
    Skaz 1 15 天 前

    Kobe Bryant used a traditional swim move on Mike Bibby... A traditional NFL football move used by defensive lineman to get around the offensive line and get to the Quarterback. not a traditional basketball move. OFFENSIVE FOUL!

  • PoGo in the Hood
    PoGo in the Hood 15 天 前

    Wheres the tuck rule at

  • Ceasar Nunez
    Ceasar Nunez 15 天 前

    The 2014 series between the Clippers and the Thunder is another questionable referred series

  • Martin Sean
    Martin Sean 15 天 前

    That smirk from that laker hommie just irks me off

  • CeciliaOfSweden
    CeciliaOfSweden 15 天 前

    I love how into it they are getting, but still being able to laugh together!

    Also, could it have been that only the referees got together and took this decision amongst themselves?

  • Ramon Galo
    Ramon Galo 16 天 前

    Maybe his eyes are too closed to see that it was clearly rigged

  • JJ Nation
    JJ Nation 16 天 前

    These guys talk to much

  • George Foster
    George Foster 16 天 前

    I am not a fan of ether team but i can say it was 100% bad calls

  • John Tuffield
    John Tuffield 16 天 前

    i dont this new guy

  • CalTravels
    CalTravels 16 天 前

    Do Bison Dele!

  • Weezy
    Weezy 16 天 前

    This sounds like another in denial laker fan

  • Weezy
    Weezy 16 天 前

    This is why I don't give kobe no respect when it comes to rings those championships should have asterisk next to them.

  • Peri
    Peri 17 天 前

    Malice at the Palace

  • Andres  Gutierrez
    Andres Gutierrez 17 天 前

    Go Lakers

  • Wynton Dunham
    Wynton Dunham 17 天 前

    I’m a Laker fan and Game 6 was super suspect 😂


    You should make a video about a sport that people really care about like football ( soccer ) maybe about the calceopole that happen in 2006

  • Jason Groze
    Jason Groze 17 天 前

    Sports games are rigged period.

  • Chris Mazzetti
    Chris Mazzetti 17 天 前


  • Thomas Marr
    Thomas Marr 18 天 前

    If you don't think that the refs are biased/ have preconceived agenda oriented, listen to the players. If an official tells a player that they haven't been in the league long enough to get a call, or, that a player is a star, so they get a call, then, it's rigged. Officials are judges. They take no sides. An infraction is an infraction, regardless of who commits it. Call it the same, or don't call it at all. No matter who it is.

  • Michael Riley
    Michael Riley 18 天 前

    the bias of these two make this one un-watchable... stop at minute 3:20. have a dislike.

  • Bomberman324
    Bomberman324 18 天 前

    Do the Montreal screwjob

  • arianna dictado
    arianna dictado 18 天 前


  • arianna dictado
    arianna dictado 18 天 前


  • somthing
    somthing 19 天 前

    these are not as scary more plz

  • Full Time Blues! !
    Full Time Blues! ! 20 天 前


  • Full Time Blues! !
    Full Time Blues! ! 20 天 前

    We need Shane back now enough is enough

  • Eaze1995 1995
    Eaze1995 1995 20 天 前

    Make a video about Ronaldo at 1998 World Cup

  • Mr. Football
    Mr. Football 20 天 前 +2

    Italy vs South Korea 2002 world cup in Japan/South Korea

  • Taylor Banda
    Taylor Banda 20 天 前

    La Llorona aka the weeping women in Mexico would be a great haunted place for yall to do next. Mexico is known for all that creepy stuff.
    Can I get a thumbs up?

  • Garrett Stefanko
    Garrett Stefanko 20 天 前

    I need more

  • Nick Leblanc
    Nick Leblanc 20 天 前

    The NBA is by far the most predictable sport of the 4 major leagues it wouldn't be hard for someone who knows basketball to have a high win percentage when gambling on games. Add that the guy is working for the league and the insider information the batting average gets close to 1.000 pretty easily

  • wpkhoman
    wpkhoman 21 天 前

    who doesn't really care about sports? turns out at least half of your viewers

  • Lorenzo Ciarlotti
    Lorenzo Ciarlotti 21 天 前

    Cover the bloop sound

  • LosAngelesLakers 4life

    Do a video on why JR Smith didn’t take the shot in game 1 please

  • Rated Zigs
    Rated Zigs 21 天 前

    2006 NBA Finals

  • Stephen Voerman
    Stephen Voerman 21 天 前

    If you guys do more sport conspiracies/unsolved - you need to check out the Essendon doping scandal. Its a tale.

  • gatorzownosu
    gatorzownosu 21 天 前

    How "independent" is the investigator if he is paid by the NBA?

  • Ella Slaughter
    Ella Slaughter 22 天 前

    i genuinely love all of these!!! u guys did it. u did the impossible. u made me interested in sports.

  • Jack 500
    Jack 500 22 天 前


  • lonnie499
    lonnie499 23 天 前

    Do the Bountygate nexttttt, or at least another nfl conspiracy.

  • Elitepixelendless58
    Elitepixelendless58 23 天 前 +3

    Some people are saying that the 2006 playoffs were rigged so do a conspiracy on that

  • Cyber Thot
    Cyber Thot 23 天 前

    Shane: huh, some strong wind must have blown my whistle.

  • Austin Byrd
    Austin Byrd 23 天 前

    Where's Shane? Whose the new guy?

  • Lynne Foresman
    Lynne Foresman 24 天 前

    Please Do one of these on the Referees in the NFL.

  • T T
    T T 24 天 前

    I wouldn't mind it just being Zack and Shane to be totally honest

  • swap sans female XD
    swap sans female XD 24 天 前

    I love los Angeles

  • Terra
    Terra 24 天 前

    My Dad was a bookie. I've know since I was six that all sports are crooked.

  • Motivation Insider
    Motivation Insider 24 天 前


  • Laura Silva
    Laura Silva 24 天 前

    You can bad-mouthed the Warriors all you want, but we're taking over, the Lakers time is up, our time is now. Long Live the Golden State.

  • NightmareSpring Trap

    Hey Buzz c.c Tinsley vs dr. Fear

    SKY BRO 24 天 前

    do the manny vs mayweather

  • knicks way
    knicks way 25 天 前

    Ilyasova identity sounds interesting...

  • Panos Manoli
    Panos Manoli 25 天 前

    2002 football world cup scandal

  • Sly
    Sly 25 天 前

    Scott pollard watching this mad af

  • SnoT_Griffink58
    SnoT_Griffink58 25 天 前

    Do one on Payne Stewart soon

  • Ashley Moulton
    Ashley Moulton 25 天 前

    Zach step aside honey, Ryan’s been doing this for a long time