YouTubers & Celebrities Pick Our DRIVE-THRU Orders! | Collins Key, Sadie, Ro Pansino, & MORE!

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  • Watch our friends as #CNcliprs and #Celebrities pick our #DriveThru orders for ONE WEEK! Do you recognize any of our guests, and would you eat what they wanted us to order???
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    We’ve seen a few fellow friends make videos where CNcliprs pick their Starbucks orders, but we aren't coffee drinkers at all, so we put our OWN SPIN on the video! We let our CNclip and celebrity friends pick our FAST FOOD drive-thru orders for AN ENTIRE WEEK! Some of these orders were SERIOUSLY INSANE... can you believe what Soffi Dossi made us order? 😂
    Most of the orders were pretty out there, but there were actually a few items that we really liked! Can you guess which ones? Also, Rosanna Pansino had us try replacing a beef patty with a hash brown at Whataburger, and it was actually SO good! Nia Sioux (from Dance Moms) also gave us a super normal order, Mexican pizza from Taco Bell, which we really enjoyed!
    Can you believe how many cherries they were able to put in our peach milkshake from Chick-Fil-A?? Can you guess who made us order that? I really thought that the Ireland Bros were requesting something that couldn’t be done, but boy were we wrong! Chick-Fil-A’s service is unmatched!
    Collins Key and Devin Key are always up for a good laugh, and did their ABSOLUTE BEST to give us something very interesting! You'll also see crazy orders for us from our good friends Rosanna Pansino, Sadie Robertson, Chloe Lukasiak (Dance Moms), Rebecca Zamolo, the Merrell Twins, and Grant Knoche.
    Which of these #fastfood drive-thru orders would you actually try?? Comment below!
    CNcliprs / Celebrities in this video (in order of appearance):
    * Chloe Lukasiak { chloelukasiak?hl=en}
    * Ireland Bros { rickyireland88}
    * Rebecca Zamolo { rebeccazamolo}
    * The Merrell Twins { merrelltwins}
    * Summer McKeen { summermckeen}
    * Collins Key { collinskey}
    * Nia Sioux { niasioux}
    * Rosanna Pansino { rosannapansino}
    * Sadie Robertson { legitsadierob}
    * Sofie Dossi { sofiedossi}
    *Grant Knoche { grantknoche?hl=en}
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    What did you think of this video? What other twin videos would you like to see us film? Leave a comment below!
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  • Brooklyn and Bailey
    Brooklyn and Bailey  个月 前 +3567

    Who do you think had the craziest Drive-Thru order?? Comment below! 💋's - Brooklyn

  • Josie Jenkins
    Josie Jenkins 43 分钟 前

    its UN-salted

  • Slime Queen
    Slime Queen 2 小时 前

    I just found Nancy Weeler from stranger things! 😂😂 (btw that is a compliment)

  • mani raheja
    mani raheja 9 小时 前

    Pls part 2 pls pls pls pls pls pls

  • Aleeya Zafierah Zahra Harris Fadillah

    I don’t like fish on apple pie

  • Chloe Elizabeth Lukasiak
    Chloe Elizabeth Lukasiak 18 小时 前

    Any body notice in grant’s order he said no bacon and no lettuce but they ordered no tomato

  • Aanvi Srivastava
    Aanvi Srivastava 19 小时 前


  • Anna Pineda
    Anna Pineda 20 小时 前

    Your eyes are so pretty

  • yvonne d
    yvonne d 21 小时 前

    I would try the burger it seems good

  • Sarah Yule
    Sarah Yule 23 小时 前

    Please do a part two! ILY❤️❤️

  • campbell ayres
    campbell ayres 天 前

    Sofi killed it!! 😂😂😂love this! 💕

  • Nylah Dhawan
    Nylah Dhawan 天 前 +2

    You know the day they published this was the day India got independence from the British.......
    I’m from if ur from India or the UK

  • Tarsem Sandhu
    Tarsem Sandhu 天 前

    you guys should have called the dolan twins.

  • Zoe Gibson
    Zoe Gibson 天 前

    I think Collins would be the craziest yet the yummisest

  • Gab Gomez
    Gab Gomez 天 前

    Do a part ttwwwooo

  • dayneth hernandez

    Hate but at 11:52 Brooklyn looked like she wanted to eat her Booger😂😂😂♥️♥️♥️love you guys tho

  • Julia Aguilar
    Julia Aguilar 2 天 前

    When u realize u already watched this lol

  • Katie Johnson
    Katie Johnson 2 天 前


  • shister_ sarah
    shister_ sarah 2 天 前


  • mal francis
    mal francis 2 天 前

    I agree with Baiey

  • Rose Mlikota
    Rose Mlikota 2 天 前

    7:25 you look like Billie Eilish sorry if i spelt her last name wrong😳

  • Molly Cornelius
    Molly Cornelius 2 天 前

    un salted

  • k. o.
    k. o. 2 天 前 +1

    It isn’t big it’s THICC

  • Keelee Dunaway
    Keelee Dunaway 2 天 前

    I love Sadie

  • Stephanie Geiger
    Stephanie Geiger 2 天 前

    I side with bailey i love apple pie on sandwiches👌😊😎😂

  • Ashlee SHIPE
    Ashlee SHIPE 3 天 前

    The sandwich the merrill twins had you get is a secret menu item called the air land and sea sandwich ..

  • Sirf Kitty
    Sirf Kitty 3 天 前

    WTF only cheese with mustard????? OML how much money did you pay for it
    5 cents?

  • Ella Pape
    Ella Pape 3 天 前

    U eyes 👀 😍😍😍😍

  • James Daniels
    James Daniels 3 天 前

    Sweet girls.

  • DH Dhingly's Side
    DH Dhingly's Side 3 天 前

    I always get Fillet o fish it is dwlish

  • DH Dhingly's Side
    DH Dhingly's Side 3 天 前

    I watch all of rebeca Zamolos videos gmi are evil

  • Rebecca Markiw
    Rebecca Markiw 3 天 前 +1

    Collins key and Devan key definetly had the craziest order if the workers actually could do the order properly

  • Jasmin Avryl
    Jasmin Avryl 3 天 前

    Oh you for got Annie and Hayley Leblanc

  • Chen Tracy
    Chen Tracy 3 天 前

    I love pickle

  • Kiara Ereen
    Kiara Ereen 3 天 前

    Part 2!!!!!

  • Sariah Johnson
    Sariah Johnson 3 天 前 +48

    If I *sniff* a cookie, I will *gain* 12 pounds, but these kids can eat 6 cows and lose weight

  • Avery Fulton
    Avery Fulton 3 天 前

    August 19 is my birthday

  • tyler carr
    tyler carr 3 天 前

    i think collins and soffis

  • cwaters147
    cwaters147 3 天 前

    The other day me and my bff had a sleepover and her sister was having a sleepover the same night too and the next day we had gone hiking and then on the way back we stopped at Sonic and her dad ordered 15 corn dogs and three large tater tots

  • Alisia Sadler
    Alisia Sadler 4 天 前

    Brooklyn you should dye your hair purple

  • Faith Cross
    Faith Cross 4 天 前

    I wanna part 2!

  • Kennadi White
    Kennadi White 4 天 前

    do you live in Texas

  • Kennadi White
    Kennadi White 4 天 前

    what city do you live in

  • Meleah Mcmillan
    Meleah Mcmillan 4 天 前 +2

    I knew 7 people they people are Chloe,Rebecca,Merrell twins,Collins key,Nia,Ro and Sofie Dossi

    • Anjali Sinha
      Anjali Sinha 3 天 前

      Meleah Mcmillan me too!! I honestly have no idea who Grant is! 🤨

  • Amanda Tan
    Amanda Tan 4 天 前

    Is it just me or when they went to whataburger they forgot the pickles

  • KafeBirdFish Loftus

    on salted

  • meiling 111
    meiling 111 4 天 前

    Omg coiling keys

  • meiling 111
    meiling 111 4 天 前


  • Leticia Salazar
    Leticia Salazar 4 天 前

    5:10 Bailey:ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Cindy Hooker
    Cindy Hooker 4 天 前

    I think I said on top of salted fries

    AVA R BEHRENDS 4 天 前 +1

    how much people yawned when she yawned

    ' 5:23

  • Super funny crazy kid Melina

    Best video ever ♥️🤣

  • Taylor Saucier
    Taylor Saucier 5 天 前

    On salted

  • Anna Carrell
    Anna Carrell 5 天 前

    I’m with you girl. I despise pickles

  • Laura KS
    Laura KS 5 天 前 +2

    I love every on e in this video especially the dance moms girls

  • Carissa Burton
    Carissa Burton 5 天 前

    I heard "on salted" lol and I agree with Brooklyn 😂

  • amiel Games
    amiel Games 5 天 前


  • amiel Games
    amiel Games 5 天 前


  • Smiley Face
    Smiley Face 5 天 前 +1

    I live in Britain

  • Dave Hewitt
    Dave Hewitt 5 天 前

    You guys forgot the shake at Aburys its really good