NEW Double Barrel Shotgun!! - Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay - Ninja


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  • Cyrus Mares
    Cyrus Mares 7 小时 前

    Yes yes you are because I love it!!!!

  • Dalton Hartley
    Dalton Hartley å¤© 前

    I LOVE the new shotgun

  • Sebastian Kiefer Becar Romo
    Sebastian Kiefer Becar Romo 5 天 前

    You are da best

  • Willian 41x zered resident evil4

    Muito bom o ninja joga muito.

  • RosÅ¥a M.
    RosÅ¥a M. 6 天 前

    thanks this is so god video thxNINJA

  • taha rasheed
    taha rasheed 7 天 前

    Wts the skin on the thumbnails name

  • Federico Fogli
    Federico Fogli 7 天 前 +22

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  • Landry Biedler
    Landry Biedler 7 天 前


  • Daniel Shehayeb
    Daniel Shehayeb 8 天 前

    There was a blue drum gun in tilted

  • Zoya Janssens
    Zoya Janssens 9 天 前

    The ending was magnificent

  • logane fornes
    logane fornes 10 天 前

    I like you vidéos, im french

  • Arian Niroomand
    Arian Niroomand 11 天 前

    میشه به من یه اسکین بدی من تو ایرانم نمیشه اسکین بگیرم اینم اسمم تو فورتنایت arian_nyr85

  • Arian Niroomand
    Arian Niroomand 11 天 前

    سلام نینجا من یکی از طرفداراتم

  • Room 1
    Room 1 11 天 前

    it will be so cool to do duos with you like that little guy

  • Room 1
    Room 1 11 天 前

    love you ninja!!!! best ever dude

  • Alexandre Pereira
    Alexandre Pereira 11 天 前

    Hi Im portuguese and you are a very very pro good job ninja

  • Chris Haider
    Chris Haider 12 天 前

    I just love it that your going win the game dude you are the best at fortnite

  • Judah And the Brown Family
    Judah And the Brown Family 13 天 前

    I like the new gun but I would take a blue Tac over it

  • pentti raivari
    pentti raivari 13 天 前


  • Kiss Of Death
    Kiss Of Death 14 天 前

    playing with mouse and keyboard on console is difficult because there is either an input lag or the game doesnt play at 60 fps (which I think is the case) it feels more like 45-50 and it really changes how quickly you can do things

  • R0hanni the M0ni
    R0hanni the M0ni 15 天 前

    Pewdiepie: I have an army of about 60 MILLION SUBS! Ninja: I have an army of over 1000 fortnite kills!

  • Ahmad20045560 Dassouki
    Ahmad20045560 Dassouki 16 天 前

    Like the if u want ninja to do a vlog

  • Sailor Lucky Harley
    Sailor Lucky Harley 16 天 前

    People say Fortnite is only for boys😭 What is the skin on the thumbnail? My sister is obsessed with that skin and I can’t find the name.. If someone could help me then please.

  • Reemo
    Reemo 16 天 前

    9:06 rip supply drop

  • cuartodeprimaria la salle
    cuartodeprimaria la salle 17 天 前

    El predic del minuto 3:16

  • cuartodeprimaria la salle
    cuartodeprimaria la salle 17 天 前

    Ninja or tfue

  • ItsYa308boi 2.0
    ItsYa308boi 2.0 17 天 前

    I love your vids

  • ahmed mokhtar
    ahmed mokhtar 18 天 前


  • TheOnly_ RB
    TheOnly_ RB 18 天 前

    Ninja is toooo sick mannn😩🤔

  • Spencer Lee
    Spencer Lee 19 天 前

    Best shotgun

  • The Gaming Freak 15
    The Gaming Freak 15 19 天 前

    Lol I can tell most of the viewers r 10 cause of there grammar and picture hah

  • Zahra Aziz
    Zahra Aziz 20 天 前

    How is the hunting rifle better than the semi auto sniper? Just wondering

  • Jefferson Lopes
    Jefferson Lopes 20 天 前

    I love fortnite ninja😎😎😎😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😚😚😚😚😘😘

  • Sophie Taylor
    Sophie Taylor 20 天 前

    I love your vids so much👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Mia Perez
    Mia Perez 20 天 前

    what is the girl version of the skin in the thumbnail called ??

  • Mouad games 22
    Mouad games 22 21 天 前


  • Elena Ramona Aprodu
    Elena Ramona Aprodu 21 天 前

    Ninja you are the best


  • Bizute
    Bizute 21 天 前

    You're my favorite streamer! You inspired me to make videos also, hopefully some people could check it out, but keep up the good work!

  • Dogson 0724
    Dogson 0724 21 天 前 +2

    Ninga you are awesome!

  • Santos Villacorta
    Santos Villacorta 22 天 前 +1

    Ninja your very amsome Fortnite Player in the World 😁

  • Caleb Schultz
    Caleb Schultz 22 天 前


  • Zombie Mmos
    Zombie Mmos 22 天 前

    More youtube videos

  • Jack David
    Jack David 23 天 前

    Hey can u add me it chino3372. I am nobish and proish. Have noobskin pls dont juge i work hard k

  • whyyoubullyme
    whyyoubullyme 23 天 前

    11:04 when sliding in her dms goes wrong 😂😂😂

  • Vultic
    Vultic 23 天 前

    What skin is on the thumbnails

  • Nim_ Alt
    Nim_ Alt 23 天 前


  • lee foster
    lee foster 24 天 前

    ninja your awsome bro

  • youseff king tv
    youseff king tv 24 天 前 +1

    Ninja is the beest

  • Charlie Beckett
    Charlie Beckett 24 天 前

    Are you a little little nonnskin

  • Tilted Towers
    Tilted Towers 24 天 前

    Fuck that gay ass shotgun if sucks ass

  • Ian Jarosz
    Ian Jarosz 24 天 前

    You missed the supply drop lol

  • lwtfisgoing on
    lwtfisgoing on 24 天 前

    Gold bolt wtf

  • Mareiz
    Mareiz 25 天 前


  • Stephanie Young
    Stephanie Young 25 天 前

    Ninja I'm the biggest fan love you I'm a boy and I'm Jason

  • Nikeboichartv
    Nikeboichartv 25 天 前

    Ninja is god i luv him bro👅👅

  • Dankpurple 69
    Dankpurple 69 25 天 前

    so sad he died from ligam :((((((((

  • SlyzlyFTW
    SlyzlyFTW 25 天 前

    new shotty is broke

  • Harvey Hutt
    Harvey Hutt 25 天 前

    well played

  • MahaVakyas
    MahaVakyas 25 天 前

    why does this guy play only one game? and how the fuck does he have 17M subs?


    Wait you were in rise wow damn

  • Lita
    Lita 27 天 前

    Lol funny Tyler ninja pro I liked this video yes!!!!👍😅 #MyFavrioutJumpHiCloseGun💗💖

  • Linda Castellanos
    Linda Castellanos 27 天 前

    Play warRobots

  • Dee Dee Scranton
    Dee Dee Scranton 27 天 前

    I love u ninja

  • Mason Productions
    Mason Productions 27 天 前 +6

    You are the best Fortnite..player ever.

  • Valeria Arce
    Valeria Arce 27 天 前

    Habla español manits

  • kevin blaauw
    kevin blaauw 28 天 前 +1

    you need the blue heer

  • thedeus villalobos
    thedeus villalobos 28 天 前

    Awsome final

  • Krish Mate
    Krish Mate 28 天 前

    U missed the packet

    STÉROS X 28 天 前

    C'est le faux ninja regarder sa chaîne youtube il en a 16000 et le vrai il en a 17000

  • joe the noob
    joe the noob 28 天 前

    Lmfao at 13 😂 guy don't give a shit..

  • caterin fabiola pallero alamos

    Me encanto

  • Brendank K
    Brendank K 29 天 前

    Shut up

  • Epic Gaming
    Epic Gaming 29 天 前

    How are you so good at fortnite

  • Rudi Gaspert
    Rudi Gaspert 29 天 前

    You are best

  • Muhammad Rouhan
    Muhammad Rouhan 29 天 前

    Ninja, u good keep going. Legend!

  • azad Celik
    azad Celik 29 天 前

    You are a pro

    ABO- MFLAH 29 天 前

    كل زق

  • Fortnite Gamer
    Fortnite Gamer 29 天 前

    You be the best Player on the World

  • Linda Hernandez
    Linda Hernandez ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    how are you so good

  • DamonH456
    DamonH456 ä¸ªæœˆ 前


  • Brayden Shults
    Brayden Shults ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    Love you

  • Bobuin
    Bobuin ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    im playing fortnite with 10 fps with low graphics :(

  • Elliott Macartney
    Elliott Macartney ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    Ninja can't just ask you one question why do you prefer your AR in your first slot and not the second

  • Ben Z.C.N
    Ben Z.C.N ä¸ªæœˆ 前 +3

    In one of video can u play on the Xbox one

  • SMH Super Mario Hero
    SMH Super Mario Hero ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    You miss the gold bolt

  • Steph Counter
    Steph Counter ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    Talk more in ur vids pls

  • Malthe Duelund Andersen
    Malthe Duelund Andersen ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    Best gamer

  • حہٰندولہٰ_ Handol


  • معاذ خالد
    معاذ خالد ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    غبي🙂 لو راكان ب السنايبر كان ماضيعها

  • Kerim Kilic
    Kerim Kilic ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    You wrote double shotgun in the title but you don’t even use it son of bitch

  • Roldan Apillanes
    Roldan Apillanes ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    Your is dope

  • Alessandro Monti
    Alessandro Monti ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    10.5 min that guy was me =)

  • ThisYo
    ThisYo ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    Cool :)


    R.I.P supply drop

  • عبدالمجيد الرويلي


  • the gaming Gryffin
    the gaming Gryffin ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    the shot gun is for up close its for when some one is a 10 helth you can kill them way mush faster

  • Sergio
    Sergio ä¸ªæœˆ 前 +1

    When you get a chug chug wait till you have really low health then drink it

    • Michael West
      Michael West ä¸ªæœˆ 前 +1

      +Ethan Smith It literally saved him in the game.

    • Ethan Smith
      Ethan Smith ä¸ªæœˆ 前 +1

      +Sergio why? The extra 100 shield can save u most games

    • Sergio
      Sergio ä¸ªæœˆ 前

      +Theo ik just saying that so people can be smart

    • Theo
      Theo ä¸ªæœˆ 前 +4

      Sergio I think he knows what he is doing

  • Angelina Vilmonte
    Angelina Vilmonte ä¸ªæœˆ 前


  • mary opulencia
    mary opulencia ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    Love 💕 your vids man