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  • We play some more cuphead
    That chair
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  • Ultimatemememaster
    Ultimatemememaster 8 小时 前

    I beat Treetop Trouble and all World 1 Levels/Bosses first try git gud noob.

  • Ultimatemememaster
    Ultimatemememaster 8 小时 前

    YOU. CAN. SHIRNK. It's not that hard.

  • kj master gaming flying Namocatcat

    Your grade is AAA+++++

  • DiamondWarrior
    DiamondWarrior 19 小时 前

    12:00 uhhhhhh pewdiepie slang?

  • List 300
    List 300 21 小时 前

    His Italian doesnt makes sence

  • List 300
    List 300 21 小时 前

    Pewds its kind of good

  • List 300
    List 300 23 小时 前

    This gameplay made me feel batter with my self

  • List 300
    List 300 23 小时 前

    Am a 14 Year Old and i can beat all bosses no damage in expert

  • Keane Llanto
    Keane Llanto 天 前

    Its like Legend of the brofist in Pug mode


    Lol I find hard games so fun: for example, finally beating that really cool boss that took about 50 tries is so much more rewarding than "watch ad to skip game"

  • Paul Stu
    Paul Stu 2 天 前

    I grew up with the NES and this game feels right at home, I love it! I’ve had it for 3 days and as a casual gamer I’m already on level 3. I died 500+ times, but that don’t bother me lol.The difficulty of the game hits all the right nostalgia buttons. Great game!

  • Patryk B.
    Patryk B. 2 天 前 +1

    That flower is my favorite boss.

  • Simgeek Doiz
    Simgeek Doiz 3 天 前

    Skip Button… There is already one

    *Return To Map*
    *Choose the next Boss*

  • Pls Help
    Pls Help 4 天 前

    These game journalists need to Git Gud

  • Ben Opheim
    Ben Opheim 4 天 前

    The hair on his head probably weighs more than his actual head

  • George Chakhidze
    George Chakhidze 5 天 前

    Polytaku: We Want "Skip Boss Button" in Dark Souls series!

  • SmolRageBaby
    SmolRageBaby 6 天 前

    I tend to agree with the opinion here (also watched the first video). I hate that now games have to be easy to be fun. I loved pokemon older versions solely because it was a challenge to play. It feels rewarding to defeat the trainer or gym leader. It felt worth the time. Now you get xp share and that makes everything easy :/ i just rush through it and get bored easy. The sans fight is hard for me, but its still super fun. Played a puzzle game made by an upperclassmen and while I had some troubles, I found it enjoyable. I havent played cuphead, but I want to, i just dont have the money. I know the struggle would still be worth it.

  • Alexander Kim
    Alexander Kim 8 天 前 +2

    He’s pretty good

  • immer undfurimmer
    immer undfurimmer 12 天 前

    Play it on hard pewds

  • Cav 1
    Cav 1 13 天 前 +2

    2:23-2:29 sounds a lot like Filthy Frank

  • Omar Ahmed
    Omar Ahmed 13 天 前

    rip slippy

  • Kyklone
    Kyklone 15 天 前

    12:44 what was felix doling there WTF?

  • NBG Panda
    NBG Panda 15 天 前


    Look at Felix 😂😂😂

  • Tommyboxr
    Tommyboxr 15 天 前 +2


  • Jim Emmonstein
    Jim Emmonstein 16 天 前

    I actually got stuck there as well. And that's the last time I played it too.

  • Cole Yates
    Cole Yates 16 天 前

    Yep definitely got an a plus

  • Jobie Lee
    Jobie Lee 18 天 前

    i know its been years already but recently i got around to playing it agn. IM SHIT AT IT. and i still highly praise it bc i know even though its hard for me and tht im prob never gg to finish it, ive seen other peoples gameplay of it and from a dev standpoint, its so well balanced and made. you can really see them putting their all in it and sticking with it through. i feel like critics who say otherwise for any games are just sour grapes, regarding their ability to play the game.

  • Ace Perlas
    Ace Perlas 18 天 前

    Its pretty easy you just need DETERMINATION

  • Ace Perlas
    Ace Perlas 18 天 前

    I'm sure the creators are sad because of the ratings because they say its hard

  • Bendy Stein
    Bendy Stein 18 天 前

    He's gonna be crazy if he went back to I Wanna Be The Guy

  • RedPizza Cat
    RedPizza Cat 19 天 前

    At 2:59 I got a Nintendo switch cup head ad

  • Hunter Lux
    Hunter Lux 19 天 前

    What Journalist do y'all keep talking about?

  • A random user On a website


  • Jovan Kwong
    Jovan Kwong 22 天 前


  • Jamin D
    Jamin D 23 天 前 +1

    Article 13 Is coming

    Read More

  • caden pangilinan
    caden pangilinan 23 天 前

  • TheTarkonator
    TheTarkonator 24 天 前

    Look, I'm probably the worst gamer in the world. But I still think a "skip boss button" is one of the worst ideas mankind has ever had.

  • Deb Fisher
    Deb Fisher 25 天 前

    Poor PewDiePie

  • eilya beiglar
    eilya beiglar 26 天 前

    Ur so lucky I literally got stuck on that for 2 days

  • Stephen Medel
    Stephen Medel 26 天 前

    Hey hey, ho ho, pewdiepie has got to go.
    Thumbs up if you agree

  • hps362
    hps362 26 天 前 +6

    8:25 He's right, y'know.

    The Ministry of Drink and Health Regulation said so.

  • Brandon Soya
    Brandon Soya 27 天 前

    Well you know what they say
    when someone laughs at hurts

  • MyPointlessVlogs
    MyPointlessVlogs 27 天 前

    I know how you feel, Felix. Me and my friend got stuck on treetop trouble.

  • TheCreepyKidd
    TheCreepyKidd 27 天 前

    I’m so bad at games it’s unreal but I still have such a fun time playing them & trying to finish them, for me being bad & finishing a game makes me feel awesome. Haven’t played Cuphead myself but I love everything about it from watching these videos, the art, the music, the villains.

  • daniel urbano
    daniel urbano 28 天 前

    Super video. /@/1

  • Diamond64
    Diamond64 29 天 前

    If cuphead was easy u will beat it in a day

  • Nightmare 0907
    Nightmare 0907 个月 前

    I'm buying this on the switch soon

  • AyKay
    AyKay 个月 前

    "Where's my double jump?"
    PewDiePie ,(I don't give a shit, how old he is) , predicted the new Cuphead DLC


    Puts Gameplay in title to piss off gaming journalists

    DAVI WIEZEL 个月 前 +1


  • Jerry Fox
    Jerry Fox 个月 前

    XD Omg his first attempt at Beppi

  • Katy Lepetsos
    Katy Lepetsos 个月 前

    Holy crap! You’re almost at 100,000,000 subs man.

  • greensteam
    greensteam 个月 前 +1

    I still remember hipster pewds fan-boying over this game when it started going into development in 2015 on Broken. I really doubt that pdp could ever imagine how different his life would be when the game finally came out.

  • axel
    axel 个月 前 +1

    11:58 that italian tho lol

  • Josephine Burkemper
    Josephine Burkemper 个月 前

    I love this game!!! I'm so glad you played it!

  • Abigail Samford
    Abigail Samford 个月 前

    I like the fact that the stars aligned into zodiacs, like, there was Taurus, Gemini I think, and Sagittarius?

  • Poppy CHITTY
    Poppy CHITTY 个月 前


  • Poppy CHITTY
    Poppy CHITTY 个月 前


  • Natan Rogado
    Natan Rogado 个月 前

    Só eu q sou brasileiro e fico assistindo isso legendado?

  • exo loviee
    exo loviee 个月 前

    is there more cuphead from pewds or is this it? ;-;

  • MasterBowser
    MasterBowser 个月 前

    I don't feel bad about this video, because i beat the game and got every achievement, so im even better than pewds lol

    • Red Guy
      Red Guy 个月 前

      +MasterBowser I didn't say you were kidding, I just don't care

    • MasterBowser
      MasterBowser 个月 前

      +Red Guy im not kidding, my steam name is Wifi thief.
      You can see for yourself

    • Red Guy
      Red Guy 个月 前


  • MelmoJG ジョン
    MelmoJG ジョン 个月 前

    I started crying because I saw slippy in the background

  • Ozi Thunder
    Ozi Thunder 个月 前 +4

    Those who spread toxicity become game journalists, those who love games play games.

  • Evan Moyer
    Evan Moyer 个月 前 +2

    My life is hard. Can I hit the Skip Button? lol

  • Ivanything 101
    Ivanything 101 个月 前

    Finish cuphead!!!

  • jeon m.
    jeon m. 个月 前

    i'm still proud of you felix

  • IamLuna127 ññko
    IamLuna127 ññko 个月 前

    WHEN WILL YA LEARN?? $&#&$@&%@%*$*%#$$&%##

  • benny perez
    benny perez 2 个月 前

    Real gamers enjoy the challenging games and keep playing until they beat it and then play it again to beat their old record. fake wannabe crybabies will complain and ask for skip boss or easier games. cause their brains are weak and can't work hard to figure out how to beat it and gives up easily

  • Black people don’t exist

    *zero deaths*

  • vibhor bhardwaj
    vibhor bhardwaj 2 个月 前


  • alif buhar
    alif buhar 2 个月 前

    I dieded so many times ~

  • 제연심
    제연심 2 个月 前


  • Laura Pollock
    Laura Pollock 2 个月 前

    I'm not the best at video games, but I recently started playing Cuphead, and it's definitely not impossible. There's a learning curve to each level, and even though it's difficult, it feels super rewarding when you do finally finish the level 😊

  • SlowProgram
    SlowProgram 2 个月 前

    Im stuck with the devil lol

  • Joshiblabla
    Joshiblabla 2 个月 前

    Music wanna make ya snap ya fingers (when ya die to the boss)

  • Janiel Rodriguez
    Janiel Rodriguez 2 个月 前

    Pewdiepie:(dont know how to parry) me:GO TO THE TUTORIAL NUB

  • Mike
    Mike 2 个月 前 +2

    18:49 Asmr with Felix

  • XxVampiregirl17xX
    XxVampiregirl17xX 2 个月 前

    Felix, its not random, its based on zodiac signes xDDDD the constellations of each zodiac sign. Thebbull for taurus, the twins for gemini

  • Sergio Chambilla
    Sergio Chambilla 2 个月 前


  • thor gaming thor
    thor gaming thor 2 个月 前 +2

    i find the cringest prusen is T-seres

  • Pl Pl
    Pl Pl 3 个月 前

    Why do you need all games to be easy? Just relax, accept the fact that you will die a lot, and enjoy the ride. Focus on the journey itself, not the ending point. There's a lot to enjoy in Cuphead, it's incredibly stylish, beautiful and soundtrack is cool.

  • JamiePaul
    JamiePaul 3 个月 前

    DAMM u slow

  • Monny Arcade
    Monny Arcade 3 个月 前

    Credit the flute music at the beginning please?

  • Jacob Stewart
    Jacob Stewart 3 个月 前

    Get roundabout, the best weapon in the game

  • Yeet•Bean Gets me
    Yeet•Bean Gets me 3 个月 前

    You know it’s a good video when the ad in the video is a pewdiepie ad

  • The James
    The James 3 个月 前 +1

    Imagine playing dark souls and being able to skip each boss figth.

    Sounds fun, Right?

    SNOMAN 3 个月 前

    *need more!*

  • Samuel Ferguson
    Samuel Ferguson 3 个月 前 +17

    I recently forced myself to beat all of the dark souls games and while it does piss me off, it's worth the rewarding feeling of overcoming a challenge

  • Samuel san
    Samuel san 3 个月 前

    Zero deaths

  • Nick Fana
    Nick Fana 3 个月 前

    The first boss looks like Popeye's wife lol

  • Boomboom 64
    Boomboom 64 3 个月 前 +2

    Maybe Game Journalists should Finish The Games Before Reviewing them.

  • Lumpybag
    Lumpybag 3 个月 前

    never listen to critics! I love many movies that they hate

  • Mientras Tanto en tal
    Mientras Tanto en tal 3 个月 前


  • Mátyás Molnár
    Mátyás Molnár 3 个月 前


  • ridho sandiyudha
    ridho sandiyudha 3 个月 前 +543

    Different skill of gamers
    - Legend
    - Pro
    - Normal
    - Noob
    - Game journalist

    • List 300
      List 300 23 小时 前

      You forgot Bro level

    • ReactStaBoom
      ReactStaBoom 2 天 前

      Normal = Casual

      btw good one

    • 23e 3wer
      23e 3wer 6 天 前 +1

      game journalists at the bottom that means they have worse skill than noobs'

    • Ace Perlas
      Ace Perlas 18 天 前

      Good one haha

    • Ocelot550 on Hiatus
      Ocelot550 on Hiatus 23 天 前

      (Slightly) underrated comment. It needs more than just 300 Likes.

  • Diana Khvan
    Diana Khvan 3 个月 前 +9

    at around 5:43 with the bull, the two ladies, and the centaur; i wonder if those three astrological signs correlate with the three people who made the game? (taurus, gemini, sagittarius) i tried looking up their birthdays but nothing came up. it would be a nice nod to them though!

    • Daniyal Choudhry
      Daniyal Choudhry 2 个月 前

      And is there three creators? I thought it was Chad and Jared who were the main one's. The other creators did little things here and there.

    • Quail Quest
      Quail Quest 2 个月 前

      Diana Khvan pretty sure it just does whichever star sign comes up with the constellation since I’ve seen lots of them.

  • Koda-Man Music
    Koda-Man Music 3 个月 前

    we need this beard back in 2019!

  • Matthew Wilkinson
    Matthew Wilkinson 3 个月 前

    To journalists, everywhere... Zelda II. Without dying. Not even once... I'm on that list. And you can be too.

  • PastaOverseer
    PastaOverseer 3 个月 前 +43

    It's really interesting how older animation style like this is so much smoother compared to most things today.

    • lay lover
      lay lover 个月 前 +5

      Before people made animation for passion, now it's to make more animation quicker for more money