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  • We play some more cuphead
    That chair
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  • Jamie
    Jamie 17 小时 前

    DAMM u slow

  • Monny Arcade
    Monny Arcade 17 小时 前

    Credit the flute music at the beginning please?

  • Jacob Stewart
    Jacob Stewart 天 前

    Get roundabout, the best weapon in the game

  • TyJo Gets me
    TyJo Gets me 2 天 前

    You know it’s a good video when the ad in the video is a pewdiepie ad

  • James Marquess
    James Marquess 2 天 前

    Imagine playing dark souls and being able to skip each boss figth.

    Sounds fun, Right?

    SNOMAN 2 天 前

    *need more!*

  • Samuel Ferguson
    Samuel Ferguson 5 天 前 +2

    I recently forced myself to beat all of the dark souls games and while it does piss me off, it's worth the rewarding feeling of overcoming a challenge

  • Samuel san
    Samuel san 9 天 前

    Zero deaths

  • Just Nick
    Just Nick 10 天 前

    The first boss looks like Popeye's wife lol

  • Boomboom 64
    Boomboom 64 11 天 前

    Maybe Game Journalists should Finish The Games Before Reviewing them.

  • Lumpybag
    Lumpybag 11 天 前

    never listen to critics! I love many movies that they hate

  • Mientras Tanto en tal


  • Mátyás Molnár
    Mátyás Molnár 16 天 前


  • ridho sandiyudha
    ridho sandiyudha 16 天 前 +12

    Different skill of gamers
    - Legend
    - Pro
    - Normal
    - Noob
    - Game journalist

  • Diana Khvan
    Diana Khvan 17 天 前 +2

    at around 5:43 with the bull, the two ladies, and the centaur; i wonder if those three astrological signs correlate with the three people who made the game? (taurus, gemini, sagittarius) i tried looking up their birthdays but nothing came up. it would be a nice nod to them though!

  • Koda-Man Music
    Koda-Man Music 17 天 前

    we need this beard back in 2019!

  • Matthew Wilkinson
    Matthew Wilkinson 18 天 前

    To journalists, everywhere... Zelda II. Without dying. Not even once... I'm on that list. And you can be too.

  • PastaOverseer
    PastaOverseer 18 天 前 +5

    It's really interesting how older animation style like this is so much smoother compared to most things today.

  • Aterhallsam
    Aterhallsam 18 天 前

    We already have safe spaces. I think we need a"safe game", where you can't die, you can skip all bosses and whatever you do, you don't drop the banana.

  • TenT
    TenT 18 天 前


  • MicroQueen
    MicroQueen 18 天 前

    4,111 game journos felt bad watching this video.

  • small chungus
    small chungus 18 天 前

    where is the skip boss button during my job?

  • Vojtěch Kubiš
    Vojtěch Kubiš 19 天 前

    2:23 - 2:28 Filthy Frank!

  • Anjas wonderland
    Anjas wonderland 19 天 前


  • Borscht Potato
    Borscht Potato 19 天 前

    12:04 with captions on. You won’t regret it.

  • CommanderX3001
    CommanderX3001 19 天 前

    gaming journalists are all a bunch of hyper-liberal psychos who think their opinion matters

  • Mr. NPC
    Mr. NPC 19 天 前


  • TaylaSteyn
    TaylaSteyn 19 天 前

    “I don’t know how to dodge this” , Dodges it perfectly every time

  • PokeMaster9234
    PokeMaster9234 19 天 前

    I just looked at my deaths... and the total iiiiiiis... ughhhhh ... 103472. Oh

  • Nicole Stewart
    Nicole Stewart 20 天 前

    Aghhh I need moreee. Upload more of this please!!!

  • Steve Mr.
    Steve Mr. 20 天 前

    do you know you can co-op this game

  • WazzleZap Likes2Draw
    WazzleZap Likes2Draw 20 天 前 +1

    The graphics are just wonderful-that journalist probably didn't appreciate it enough.

  • ben fuller
    ben fuller 20 天 前

    All critics are stupid

  • SuperArppis
    SuperArppis 21 天 前

    Wait wait wait... so the best part about video games, the gameplay minimizes the artistic side of the games!?
    So the main thing you do, and the one thing that separates it from movies and makes them BETTER than movies as an art form is the one thing that shouldn't be talked about?!
    With gameplay you can make so much in terms of storytelling and take the game into directions that movies can't go. You can also make the gameplay to TAILOR the experience for the people... something movies can't do.

  • adeel shk
    adeel shk 21 天 前 +1

    11:57 oh my BRA!

  • Maya Erickson
    Maya Erickson 21 天 前

    "Don't be a salad... be the best goddamn broccoli you can be "

  • kech toto
    kech toto 22 天 前

    0 deaths !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • awesomeunderstanding

    Bull Sheep

  • Celestial
    Celestial 22 天 前 +1

    It definately looks difficult for me though ^^

  • Denny Nguyen
    Denny Nguyen 22 天 前

    2:22 damn they got filthy frank to voice act

  • thebraininsideahead
    thebraininsideahead 22 天 前

    thats not a bull not a sheep its sheeple.☮♥

  • Zdestroyer
    Zdestroyer 23 天 前

    Where do i find the 'Boo hoo hoo'?

  • Dragon's Song
    Dragon's Song 23 天 前

    11:57 captions lol wth

  • Carl
    Carl 23 天 前

    Cuphead is trash.

  • Bonehead VG
    Bonehead VG 23 天 前

    11:36 ) Top 10 Most Epic Anime Action Scenes of All Time

  • pikachu 3000
    pikachu 3000 24 天 前

    Hey it's 1911 minutes .

  • Jack of All Trades
    Jack of All Trades 24 天 前

    I love the automatic subtitles...
    "Let me see my breasts bellissima a grassy male heir tutti Oh"

  • perry10182003
    perry10182003 26 天 前

    There is always a skip boss fight button. It is called quit the game.

  • Noah Somerville
    Noah Somerville 26 天 前

    "This is why flowers shouldn't have teeth." :)

  • eduardobono
    eduardobono 27 天 前

    Ik this is an old video but it just made my day

  • klannstyle
    klannstyle 27 天 前

    Those people called "gaming journalist" are not such thing. At least today. The "press" needs people. And the good ones are a few. So, they "rent" some cheap writers to make posts. How do you think they can be good at so many things they write? Especially today when few people remain good at doing their work.
    Also, there is another important aspect. Clickbait titles to get viewers. They sell even they soul if they can to get few more clicks... If i haven't spoken to so many real journalist who admitted that the publications need titles and articles which get more viewers / readers... and also see so much bs in the media regarding everything. So many articles have nothing to do with the title.
    And the last one, cringy people are growing and growing. Knowing nothing else to do except crying about everything they read on fb and other social thinking that they are good ;-) Even they don't know to do anything in RL.
    So, internet has opened to the masses and now we can enjoy the show, watching adults acting like little babies / kittens or whatever they feel like. It is easier to cry on fb, reddit or anywhere just by pressing a button instead of doing a thing in RL.
    Cheers to all!

  • Orik Fahmi
    Orik Fahmi 28 天 前

    Eventho cuphead is hard for me and i die many times, i still enjoy it. The artstyle makes me love it.

    MOTO/R/SPORT NEJ 28 天 前

    There are plenty easy game to play

  • Shortfuse360
    Shortfuse360 29 天 前

    A 20 min video? FROM PEWDIPIE?!?

  • kiuko Mashio
    kiuko Mashio 29 天 前

    As a Japanese
    He has been a humiliation for the country
    He should be punished somehow
    Not lightly

  • CatAndCrow
    CatAndCrow 个月 前

    One of the best things about earlier Pokemon games was the difficulty. I had the hardest time beating the leite four in Emerald, and when i did finally beat it, it was so gratifying

  • CatAndCrow
    CatAndCrow 个月 前

    Cuphead is like real life; you lose and then you try again next time. and apparently that makes people cry, so we can't have those situations which also happen to help people learn from their mistakes. XDDD Nah, we need some hand holding so we don't stub a toe XDDD

  • Valentina Crispi
    Valentina Crispi 个月 前

    15:10 Is that Jevil LOL

  • Jenn W
    Jenn W 个月 前

    How come Cuphead is just Mickey Mouse with a cup on his head

  • Neelakshi Hazarika
    Neelakshi Hazarika 个月 前

    Cuphead Ka Me Ha Me Ha!!!!!!!

  • LxuisIX
    LxuisIX 个月 前

    imagine pewds against the final boss ( King Dice) hahaha

  • SandyOrbGaming
    SandyOrbGaming 个月 前

    This game is more beautiful than my girlfriend

  • Senpai Wolfie
    Senpai Wolfie 个月 前


  • Eleanor Maya
    Eleanor Maya 个月 前

    3 people.
    With this level of aesthetic.
    Okaaaaaaaayy I'll need a loan to buy this... I'm broke atm... o_o

  • Artemisa Hime
    Artemisa Hime 个月 前

    It's funny cause I genuinely feel bad for being bad at games

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin 个月 前

    the genie guy is always the first boss i get stuck on

  • janegohtintin
    janegohtintin 个月 前

    Your cuphead tumbnails and titles should be a meme
    *Meme review*
    Err i give it a 10/10
    Cuz it's a little *hard*

  • WiiBoxPlayz
    WiiBoxPlayz 个月 前

    Lik if u cri evry tim

  • Josh Hessey
    Josh Hessey 个月 前

    At around 5 minutes felix licks his moustache 😂

  • Rakatb
    Rakatb 个月 前

    now i know why journalist hate u pewd haha

  • Ayush Bakshi
    Ayush Bakshi 个月 前


  • Dante Angelo
    Dante Angelo 个月 前

    Zero deaths

  • Taylor Whitaker
    Taylor Whitaker 2 个月 前

    Waiting on it to finish downloading on steam, hooked the pro controller up. Let’s get it

  • Caitlynn The Krumm
    Caitlynn The Krumm 2 个月 前

    You should play shaggy the boy scout slayer and oregon trail

    UNDERSCORE_ 2 个月 前

    My 8 year old cousin beat the game

  • Wolf 99
    Wolf 99 2 个月 前

    What's the point creating boss,when you want to skip the boss

  • BarfyMan 362
    BarfyMan 362 2 个月 前

    Its sad that I needed pewds to say explicitly that people telling casuals to get out is a joke. I hate how some people are so concerned with their k/d even though in the grand scheme of things they are nowhere near the top 100. Just seems like unnecessarily adding stress to your life especially when you refuse to play with certain people bc they don’t take it as seriously. Rant over.

  • Doodlay
    Doodlay 2 个月 前

    Nice Sheep merch

  • Miami Tillery
    Miami Tillery 2 个月 前

    This made me laugh so hard 😂

  • Gian Nunag
    Gian Nunag 2 个月 前

    Game jouralists people are just losers who cant win a diffucult game

  • Sophia T
    Sophia T 2 个月 前

    You need to finish cup head it just too good of a game and we all love watching you play it!!!

  • Me505
    Me505 2 个月 前 +1

    Smash subscribe!!

  • Jay theNinjaMaster
    Jay theNinjaMaster 2 个月 前 +1


  • SilverWolf Pan
    SilverWolf Pan 2 个月 前

    You’d be the best game critic. U always tell us your thoughts at the ends of playthrougjs

  • САНЯ HaLis
    САНЯ HaLis 2 个月 前

    Ок не буду расстраиваться


    anyone else super annoyed that pewds didn't realize buying shots woulda been smarter

  • Ethan Young
    Ethan Young 2 个月 前

    what the heck er

  • Lonewolf
    Lonewolf 2 个月 前

    Pewdiepie you gave us to show your best and opportunity, keep it up! And be the best of the best
    - Lonewolf2018

  • NoMaybes
    NoMaybes 2 个月 前

    They should add a button but make it really hard and annoying to press, it should randomly but frequently disappear and reappear in different places that would be a pretty dank troll. (make pressing the button harder than the game somehow)

  • gelpy27
    gelpy27 2 个月 前

    Wow, this game looks so amazing! If I ever get around to some gaming equipment, definitely will be the first game I get, together with paradigm. The art is amazing!

  • Rahman Hakim
    Rahman Hakim 2 个月 前

    skip boss button in boss rush game.. until these days, I still don't understand what "game journalist" thinking..

  • [GD] ToadKAPOWer
    [GD] ToadKAPOWer 2 个月 前

    It was made by fourteen people

  • Madison LaRue
    Madison LaRue 2 个月 前

    “Oh shoes”

  • Trygator
    Trygator 2 个月 前

    11:57 *Captions* "Impossible jump. Oh my brother. Let me see my breasts bellissima a grassy male heir tutti Oh"

  • Phoenix Abovesky
    Phoenix Abovesky 2 个月 前

    2:23 Pink guy's voice.

  • Ino Zapanta
    Ino Zapanta 2 个月 前

    I enjoy watching pewdiepie enjoying a game

  • Alec Rapoza
    Alec Rapoza 2 个月 前

    Way to go Pewds! Zero deaths!! Like a true pro!

  • Andrew C
    Andrew C 3 个月 前

    I'm waiting you finish it

  • Daimy 3000
    Daimy 3000 3 个月 前

    'you can fast forward a movie, why cant i just skip a game' xD

  • M Deckers
    M Deckers 3 个月 前

    skip boss fight button? is that a cuck paper shotgun article?