Game Theory: We Were Right ALL ALONG! (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)


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    mat pat! can you explain one thing to us? since scott switched up the story twice how is everything in the fnaf 1 2 and 3 relevant?

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    Why is everyone liking Fanny now fnaf is dead

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    OMG In fnaf 4 you have to watch out for Nightmare Freddy and he was REMADE.

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    This. Is. GREAT!!!!!!😏😏😏😏😏😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀☺☺

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    My Theory Is Fazbear Fred/ Golden Freddy. He is the main character The first ever animatronic

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    One on trending Matt
    All because of fnaf

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    im waaiiting

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    bro #1 on trending rn congrats

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    I'm starting to think that this is Scott telling MatPat to give up with the theories because the plot of the story itself has no end XD

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    Didn't Dawko beat 50/20 mode

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    This is amazing

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    Congrats on #1 trending

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    How come the puppet says I don't hate you in one of her voice lines, if we play as William, and William killed her

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    Omg wow we is teh golden boo???

  • Vasilios Sotiropoulos

    Fnaf was the best thing that ever happened to this channel

  • Iis Marini
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    Matt your theory probably true but there is one thing
    you miss
    The "REAL" costum night probably the answer for the golden freddy rest his soul probably :/

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    this is so good

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    Hey mat your vid are pretty good Man U are the only thing I watchg

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    What about babies' magical red needle cloaking device from the last book?

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    18:05 - Waluigi is in the roster because he's not in Smash Bros lmao

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    #1 on Trending! Congrats MatPat!!💕

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    Wait a sec this confuses me
    I have read both silver eyes and twisted ones Henry gets killed by his endoskeleton while trying to calm it down so did he fake it? Because the books are canon like Henry Dave/William Charlie the gang
    John jessica Marla Lamar exc.
    I can’t wait to read the new book maybe after this will make sense. Also
    Have a nice time in h e double hockey sticks William I’m sill mad at him killing Charlie in the books

  • Santiago Pérez
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    There is this burning question on my mind. We know why the animatronics are Hunted, we know why William is so hated. But WHY did William do the things he did? Why did he kill those kids.

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    why is waluigi there?

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    but you can't because your ded

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    I DOnt OnLY dO FnAF Videos.

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    Cud mikes sperit be in golden Freddy

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    This treading #1

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    My bets are placed on the fact that next week won't be the last theory seeing as this is the millionth 'last FNAF theory'.

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    #1 on trending!!! GOOD JOB FAM

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    There's a mr hippo custene when you start the game with a person right before it

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    It was the fan all along!

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    Wow I love these theories and the fact that the player is Golden Freddy that explain the IT'S ME in Fnaf1 ! Because It's me the player, It's me Golden Freddy ! It's the player the vengeful spirits. We know purple guy is the murderer and We, the players, are trying to know who is he and we want to kill him again, again and again ! But there's the last end, HELL!

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    You try it some - well you can't, because you're dead

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    I feel like Scott Cawthon didn't structure any of this. I feel like Matt kept getting his theories right, and Scott just went: "oh no you guys got it wrong!" And created all of these games out of fear of being ostracised by the gaming community again...

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    Scott the evil master mine

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    We are number one

    On Trending!

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    Golden Freddy’s Name is Cassidy

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    Question how the fuack the spirit did it to bring every single animatronic in one place without controlling every robot like old man consequemces when he is against the plan of the vengefull spirit

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    Don’t kill Scott or no more theories

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    Wow I love your theories

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    I wish matpat would make a video that is complete and doesn’t have a cliffhanger

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    Great Theory!

    Read More

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    Remember when Scott said he would be done after 4....yeah those were good times before everything went insane and Matt stopped making videos like he used to

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    The start was dumb I LOVE IT! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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    I bet the only reason why this is number 1 on trending is mainly because Mat Pack has the most epic fight of solving fnafs weakness and this video Mad Pat takes the gold, congrats now you get a coupon to disney land totally the best prize

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    Fredbear and Jack-o-chica. They have the scariest.

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    the suspence

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    You kind of ignored the whole Michael = Cassidy that we find in the survival logbook

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    Interesting a someone who wants to come back and can’t die? Sounds like a REVIVAL! 100% confirmed Mat is revived but can’t escape the carnival!

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    Plz no more fnf

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    i talk spanish and i dont urdenstand some parts pls the spanish subtitles!

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    If we are playing as springtrap in ultimate custom night, then why can we die from springtrap

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    Uh matpat you okay?

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    I can’t believe that a fish man got beat by haunted animatronics in popularity on youtube

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    Omg the Dawko crying meme!

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    Secret Fredbear jumpscare

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    Me:Oh boy a new FNAF theory,it'll be amazing

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    Literally just subed even though I've been watching for a long time

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    Matpat, you damn animatronic, I just rang the bell the first time. You made me do this.

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    XD mat pat yandere chica

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    hahaha ini yang ditunggu-tunggu... teori matpat yang sangat jitu?! Fnaf-Indonesia

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    Yay number 1 on trending

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    Also wyd was that intro I've seen almost all your bids but this one the wtf

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    Great vid

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    Just so I have my comment embedded into this video so I remember that I was here at the first FNaF theory

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    Congrats on #1 on trending

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    It's Cassidy aka the crying child

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    I am freaken out

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    Wait if golden Freddy isn't the crying child? Who did that kids soul go into?

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    fans vs scott

    *distant sirens are heard*

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    #1 on trending yaas queen

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    Lets get this B R E D

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    that scene at the start 😂😂😂

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    Welp, i give up now
    *throw the whole formular book and burns it*

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    Mat in scared of you now 😐

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    Can't wait for this game to finally be solved! I've been waiting since FNAF 2

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    woah good content....but not science.

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    Scott @ the end of matpat first theory: huh, that’s a good idea...but I better make about 100000 games before I let anybody know that

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    This video was great but was that intro necessary???

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    Nightmare amitonecs are crying Childers

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    Bro your always #1 on trending

    hey thats pretty good

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    Number 1 on trending great job

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    I just made a video on the renegade raider coming back to the item shop please check it out u can dislike or like it’s up to u please check me out thxs