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  • Keen to impress the thousands who had come to the stadium, the hosts took the game to Barça straight from the kick-off, however, an early mistake allowed Ousmane Dembélé to fire home a left-footed effort with less than three minutes played.
    An entertaining opening saw both teams knock the ball around with purpose, and it would be the Blaugrana who would extend their lead through Luis Suárez on 19 minutes. The Uruguayan almost added another before the Sundowns had their best period of the first half, hitting the post on 26.
    As Barça sought to press home their advantage, a clearance from Andrés Iniesta split the home defence, and within two passes Dembélé was in again but his shot was cleared off the line. Kakana’s long-range effort stung Marc-André ter Stegen's finger tips, and, in keeping with the exciting nature of proceedings, Denis Suárez soon headed against the post from Dembélé’s tantalising cross.
    Barça began the second half with a different XI to the first, and almost scored straight away, Paulinho having the ball taken off his toes at the last moment.
    With spaces opening up, an unmarked André Gomes took aim with his left but could only find the keeper’s arms, whilst Sergi Roberto was next to try his luck with a typical run into the area as Barça came streaming forward at every opportunity.
    Another defensive error from the hosts just after the hour mark gave Gomes the perfect opportunity to slot home a third, and that was the cue for Lionel Messi to come out and warm up, sending the entire stadium into a frenzy. The Argentinian arrived with a quarter of an hour left to play and set up a chance for Paco Alcácer with only this third touch.
    In the very next play, Vilakazi managed to evade the offside trap and grab a consolation for the Sundowns, with Barça indebted to Jorge Cuenca just two minutes later when it looked as if the hosts would score a second. Messi had to wait until the 89th minute before his first shot at goal, and that proved to be the last meaningful chance of this friendly.
    FC Barcelona are next in action on Sunday, May 20 (8.45pm CEST), in what will be Andrés Iniesta’s final game, against Real Sociedad.
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  • watchlive-sports

  • Alex Alexander
    Alex Alexander 年 前

    thank you for making this video available, but WHY the HELL would you put the score in a link at the top of the video... the whole idea of watching this is because i have stayed away from all forms of media to i can watch this video with the same excitement as if it was live since i haven't seen the score..

  • Dipesh Adhikari
    Dipesh Adhikari 年 前

    Thanks Barca❤❤..

  • R Y
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    2.24 and before mina on the ball so bad

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    Cristian Camilo 年 前

    Esto es lo que quisieramos que hiciera la directiva视频.html

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    Vuemos Barça

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    They seem like a decent team to be honest the passing needs to get better and the goalkeeping. but other than that they look like they could go to a norwegian league or something.

  • Krishna Chamling

    The Lionel Messi ______________________________________________________
    Full of spectators
    Filled with excitements
    In seats around of the green
    Rectangular field of world war,
    And there dazzles the never born
    Star of soccer, in history
    To show the platonic performances
    At sports bars and through sportscasts
    Across the sporting world,
    For those who enjoy
    And believe in his charm.
    He is the physics;
    The player of the space and time,
    In dictating the nature, form
    And the motion of the vicious opponents,
    Who in any circumstances
    Blast the rigging and wiggling ball
    With his bouncing kick with potentiality,
    To pass through the keeper’s
    Gymnastic catch and punch,
    To kiss the goal-hate soccer net.
    He’s the chemistry;
    A catalyst with his pristine touch to the ball,
    The great playmaker
    Always rough and ready
    For the rough and stumble,
    Truly healthy roughage for the team’s spirit, and
    He’s the one soccer laboratory of truth
    For both: the teams of counteractions, the opposition
    And for the pleasures of spectators
    As if he is holding the sparkling light
    In the darkness, and his opponents
    Swarm in horde to chase and stop
    The ball after him, yet fail to break the storming move_
    The Missy’s melodramatic magic of soccer.
    He is the biology of soccer:
    With his two incredible legs with its insteps,
    Skills and intelligence, brood ball until
    For the crusading mighty moves
    With the pace making right leg that paces,
    Develops the ball further, and
    Keeps it in between his boots
    Continuously dancing in the field
    And his angelic left foot goal
    That mesmerizes millions of viewers,
    With his true sportsmanship
    That changed and revolutionized
    The semantic properties of soccer game
    With his genius inborn capacity of balance
    In its function, dribbling and controlling technicalities.
    He is the supernova,
    A dulcet diamond of the galaxy
    Of the stars of soccer
    And to watch him play is like
    The love at first sight as he twist and turns
    With the philosophy of soccer,
    And when he is fatally fouled
    In the storming evangelic manoeuvre,
    That is like the coitus interruptus
    To all, in the jungle of exhilarating, maddening
    Lovers of soccer fans in the stadium and viewers worldwide
    Since he the maker of the unbelievable_ believable,
    Perhaps his ideal icon, Maradona, too, must believe it.
    He is the best of the best.
    Copyright @ Kr. Chamling
    05. 03. 2018
    Mail :
    *** One may publish it on the newspapers too.

  • John Blessed
    John Blessed 年 前 +5

    The people of Africa are so colourful, vibrant and lively. They don't care if their side lose lol, they are just a happy people and celebrate having the greatest football club FC Barcelona, with the greatest player in the world Lionel Messi playing in their country. May God bless their nation.

    • MagicMessi
      MagicMessi 年 前

      i agree with u , ppl like i need in my channel Br0 you are humble .

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    messi boos

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    We need Thauvin from olimpik marsillie

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    I think mina,dembele and gomes should given chance in only friendly match

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    Can see my channel ?

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    where the hell is messi in the first half

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    Nice thumbnail typo

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    Well done Barça once again.

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    I love that whistle while showing FCB logo

  • Juan Pablo Rabadan Aceves

    Así deberían subir todos los partidos completos a su cuenta. Tan siquiera los de local.

  • Albert Tan
    Albert Tan 年 前 +2

    Hey Barcelona.I think barca defend isn't good.They must go back don't just stay at there, it make enemy easily to pass and score the goal.

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  • Gabriela Rodriguez


  • Sebsoccer YT
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    Is this the Barca club or a fan of Barca's youtube channel?

    • Jodeb
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      No it's the official Barca channel. It happens very rarely that they have highlights and full match of the first football team

    • Ray Master
      Ray Master 年 前

      Sebsoccer umm.. what do u mean? Who?

  • Alper896
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    1:48:29 how is that not a foul. he picked it up after touching the ball several times with his feet

  • Mr Pipo
    Mr Pipo 年 前

    Suarez trash

  • John Blessed
    John Blessed 年 前 +12

    Denis has great potential, a talented young player but he needs to work on his finishing. He needs to score goals when he gets the assist. I am hoping he will be great in our mid field at Barça in the future.

    • weasel
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      John Blessed Same with Dembele.

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    #ViscaBarça 💖💙 💪💪💪

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    andre gomes goal congratulations

    • John Blessed
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      Giovani CG yes I am happy for him to, but he did not even celebrate his goal much. In any case it's too little too late, he should be leaving the club this coming summer. Things did not work out for him at Barça. I wish him well at his next club. I hope he can fulfill his true potential at another club.

    • adarsh agrawal
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      Giovani CG yeahh!! That one's rare😅

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    Why it's start at 30 min?

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    Dembele the goat

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    Pic pic Messi

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  • ยุวากา ชาต

    โด้กาก เมสซี่เก่งที่สุด โด้ขี้เล็บตีนเมสซี่จบนะ

  • adarsh agrawal
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    3 (barca) - 1 (whatever!)

    • Alpacaz
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      Why are u just putting whatever for the sundowns im a barca fan but respect their team

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      adarsh agrawal whatever = Roma remember 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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      adarsh agrawal fool

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    😍Coutinho 😍 Dembele 😍