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  • Ryland Adams
    Ryland Adams  11 个月 前 +12181

    I know this is a little bit different but I couldn't stop buying ads one day so I decided to make it a video! Regular scheduled programing will return next week :))

  • txhmd
    txhmd 2 天 前

    Not another James Charles

  • La Flavia
    La Flavia 3 天 前

    That Black Shirt Look soo Good on Ryland😍

  • XxxKillaXxx !
    XxxKillaXxx ! 7 天 前

    Ryland skates?!

  • JessGal CHEETAH
    JessGal CHEETAH 8 天 前 +1

    Is it just me but I didn't know that ryland could ride a skateboard ❤❤

  • Andrew yas bitch stupidfuck

    I literally use Honey all the time now. Also, I love when you do reviews 💛

  • UnknownFile
    UnknownFile 9 天 前

    If i did this, i’ll be an aesthetic motherfucker-

  • Susan Raulerson
    Susan Raulerson 12 天 前

    don't touch the net till the birds leave bc the mama will not properly take care of her young

  • Paul Galvin
    Paul Galvin 12 天 前 +2

    Safiya Nygaard is shook.

  • Artruo Reyes
    Artruo Reyes 13 天 前

    Anyone know the CNclip name that comes up on 5:48

  • Emma Young
    Emma Young 13 天 前

    I think the long sleeve black top suited you!

  • Horses LoL
    Horses LoL 16 天 前

    is Rylan just hiding every time he ends the video.

  • lylah grant
    lylah grant 18 天 前

    Who's going to Ryland channel to see shsn

  • Mahay Aized
    Mahay Aized 18 天 前

    Did anyone else’s screen freeze at 3:47?

  • Low Vo
    Low Vo 20 天 前

    at 13:20 he looks like Gypsy Rose

  • Saharra Marcelino
    Saharra Marcelino 20 天 前

    Literally paused the video and went to purchase the gravity sleep mask. And downloaded Honey

  • Lyric McCullough
    Lyric McCullough 21 天 前


  • That One Asshole Person

    6:50 - 6:53
    HAD ME DEAD!! 🤣

  • Threelly AI
    Threelly AI 27 天 前

    Watch a 30 mins video in 3 mins. The BEST extension in google chrome store.
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  • Charles Tarr
    Charles Tarr 29 天 前

    Way to buy personal items and write them off.

  • Mz_ Ayla
    Mz_ Ayla 29 天 前

    I fucking love this hahahah you guys are my fave

  • Apcu La
    Apcu La 个月 前

    Oh my instagram ads are just japanese food

  • Fluttertheteaqueen
    Fluttertheteaqueen 个月 前

    *Safiya has entered the chat*

  • Samantha Horton
    Samantha Horton 个月 前

    That pony fetish FB post at 1:46 tho....

  • Apeksha Saparia
    Apeksha Saparia 个月 前

    I love safiya♥️♥️♥️

  • Snitters6
    Snitters6 个月 前

    I want a Gerald update

  • dionysus. 05
    dionysus. 05 个月 前

    6:51 when or nah started to play💀💀💀

  • Jessica Silva
    Jessica Silva 个月 前

    Wait...YOU CAN SKATE !??!????!!

  • yeet lol
    yeet lol 个月 前

    10:12...Morgans pants...

  • Paige's Life
    Paige's Life 个月 前 +1

    00:47-00:53 litterly the definition of " weird flex but ok..."

  • EmArgent
    EmArgent 个月 前

    I love seeing more and more people recognizing saf

  • Paige Zayec-Taylor
    Paige Zayec-Taylor 个月 前

    yass loved this

  • ChocoCookie
    ChocoCookie 个月 前 +1

    *You hear that?*
    *It's me crying in broke*

  • Meadow Nelson
    Meadow Nelson 个月 前

    Ryland. I like their advertisement
    Me. You like the shirtless men,

  • Emily Rurak
    Emily Rurak 个月 前 +7

    *costs $750 *
    “It’s kinda expensive”
    I wince when I have to pay more than $15

  • criminalxxxlove
    criminalxxxlove 个月 前

    15:53 whats going on with the bed

  • ReeEEeEEeeEee
    ReeEEeEEeeEee 个月 前

    Bird crap on ur car means ur lucky😂😂 Seems about accurate for u Ryland

  • Matilda Laubscher
    Matilda Laubscher 2 个月 前

    There is a pigeon in my garden that I called Gerald before I evan watched this video!

  • Daniel Sůva
    Daniel Sůva 2 个月 前

    Safiya is shooketh!

  • Marlenis Hernandez
    Marlenis Hernandez 2 个月 前

    Im not surprised he knows how to skateboard 😂 Nd I love ig

  • Naveah Guera
    Naveah Guera 2 个月 前

    9:43😂😂 the way she threw herself! SAAAME!

  • Brady Guillory
    Brady Guillory 2 个月 前

    "oh my God your going to break it"

    it's a mattress

  • Panic Romance
    Panic Romance 2 个月 前

    I got a ad for the ghost of Ohio skskskskksks

  • Patty Rodríguez
    Patty Rodríguez 2 个月 前

    6:52 HAHAAH

  • Silver Minecraft221
    Silver Minecraft221 2 个月 前

    1:45 wtf is a pony fetish festival?

  • Cherry Bomb Roblox Bits

    "I think HE has a nest. I really dont want to move HIM if he has children" ummmmmm. what

  • Aurelia Provenzano
    Aurelia Provenzano 2 个月 前

    Ryland should try drag

  • I'm here Wait no I'm here

    Did Safiya watch this?

  • Adventure’s and more
    Adventure’s and more 2 个月 前

    Gerald is having a baby.
    Gerald is a boy.
    Boys do not make babies.
    Buy anyway still live ya vids Ryland

  • Emma Shepard
    Emma Shepard 2 个月 前

    I love you Ryland so so much & I like this video idea, buttttt the editing is kinda of eh. Too much additional clips from Safiya & vines lol

  • Tiyasha Some
    Tiyasha Some 2 个月 前

    Ryland how does "HE" have eggs if he is a "HE"

  • Pumpkin Peach
    Pumpkin Peach 2 个月 前

    Lol Shane in the background when ur outside saying “I’m gonna throw up” lmao

  • Graper 125
    Graper 125 2 个月 前

    Love the vid do more

  • Liam Chishom
    Liam Chishom 2 个月 前 +1

    So many point less edits. Love u Ryland.

  • Lisaa
    Lisaa 2 个月 前

    the shirt looks great on you really does

  • Tina Bean
    Tina Bean 2 个月 前

    I actually thought the black shirt was on point.

  • Avereigh Stobaugh
    Avereigh Stobaugh 2 个月 前

    “Guccy” slides in the background 3:28 or 3:38 idk 😐

  • sam mess
    sam mess 2 个月 前

    I wish that Honey was able to be used on mobile phones

  • Carly Renee
    Carly Renee 3 个月 前

    Around 5 minutes in Tulane shirt says literally and the girls shirt giving the tutorial says my life

  • Sheila’s Beauty/ Hair/ Nails/ Fashion

    Gerald is a She lol

  • Gracie & Dimi
    Gracie & Dimi 3 个月 前

    1:46 oml what the heck

  • Deziree Nicole
    Deziree Nicole 3 个月 前

    The thing that sucks about honey is that it only works if you have a computer

  • 0.3 Hippo
    0.3 Hippo 3 个月 前

    0:31 Ryland: You wanna go swimming babay
    Me: What the Fuck was that baby

  • Taylor Cole
    Taylor Cole 3 个月 前

    now i wanna buy a mattress 😅

  • Spongebob Squarepants
    Spongebob Squarepants 3 个月 前 +7

    he has 3.9 million subscribers
    5.3 million views
    I live you and Shane togher❤️🥞🥞

    • Mounia Hertzmann
      Mounia Hertzmann 2 个月 前 +1

      Well at least 1 million of those views is just me binging his channel everyday cuz the squad takes their dear time to upload these days lmao but yeah he deserves lots more :p

  • Abrianna Huerta
    Abrianna Huerta 3 个月 前

    My cousin said Morgan looks like Alisha idk her last name

  • Savage aiden Love1254
    Savage aiden Love1254 3 个月 前


  • Cailyn Cuculick
    Cailyn Cuculick 3 个月 前

    The black Long sleeve looked so good. Omg. Wear it

  • sophie luise
    sophie luise 3 个月 前

    8:00 i was convinced that it was Andrew laughing behind the camera 😱

  • John Race
    John Race 3 个月 前

    6:48 best fucking part of the whole video lol

  • Jenni Jarrard
    Jenni Jarrard 3 个月 前

    We love a good Casey naistat clip going to the office

  • Kyle Hahn
    Kyle Hahn 3 个月 前

    I've bought ads off of Facebook and Instagram for my gf. They're actually pretty good !!

  • Conspiracy Theory
    Conspiracy Theory 3 个月 前 +1


  • Cerenity Waymire
    Cerenity Waymire 3 个月 前

    Saf is shook

  • Floof _Cat
    Floof _Cat 3 个月 前

    Ryland is my skater boi

  • Bruno the Existor
    Bruno the Existor 3 个月 前 +2

    This is a pony fetish festival!

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith 3 个月 前 +8

    Wait....what?! Ryland can actually skateboard?! That's so cool xD

  • Idkwhattoput Boop bop beep bop

    That bird is pooping on a $150,000 car you think that’s OK?!?!?

  • Nora xxx
    Nora xxx 3 个月 前 +1

    Shane and Morgan complaining how ugly they are and then there’s Ryland: I LOOK BEAUTIFUL😂🍵

  • Tess Golds
    Tess Golds 3 个月 前 +2

    I had zero hours of sleep and I'm fine!

    I'm also 11 so that's crap

  • Matt H
    Matt H 3 个月 前 +1

    I think its pronounced smO-ve not smOOHve.

  • Potato&Soysauce
    Potato&Soysauce 3 个月 前

    7:43 is that trump and frankinstien

  • taylor moe
    taylor moe 3 个月 前

    gerald 😂

  • Jenny'sVlogs &More
    Jenny'sVlogs &More 3 个月 前

    But going shopping

  • Jenny'sVlogs &More
    Jenny'sVlogs &More 3 个月 前

    U should do a colab w/ safiya narida

  • Makeup By Crystal
    Makeup By Crystal 3 个月 前

    6:51 -6:55 is amazing 😂😂😂😂 I couldn’t stop laughing.

  • Angel Frish
    Angel Frish 3 个月 前

    I want an update on how the bed has held up

  • Barb Losco
    Barb Losco 3 个月 前

    Waste of money give it to homeless kids lol

  • Marla Tela
    Marla Tela 3 个月 前 +9

    Your personality and editing is REALY different

    • Emma Shepard
      Emma Shepard 2 个月 前

      Marla Tela right I thought I was the only one who thought this. I think he's trying to be trendy, but he should just stick to what he's doing that's what we like

  • Sophia Wowza
    Sophia Wowza 3 个月 前

    You should put the air mattress under it so it is higher up

  • xydoit
    xydoit 3 个月 前

    Safiya is a queen and her boyfriend Tyler also.

  • Jacinta Hyde
    Jacinta Hyde 3 个月 前

    HAHAHAHA I died at 6:50 😂😂💯

  • mckaronie
    mckaronie 3 个月 前

    When I watch these videos with the whole squad I feel like I’m actually hanging out with them. I’m so lonely lmao

  • EdiTEd
    EdiTEd 3 个月 前

    Safiya should watch this vid😂

  • Mary Women’s
    Mary Women’s 3 个月 前 +1

    I have a rose gold quip and I love it! My dentist have seen major differences! And it makes sure you also brush for two minutes

  • Jenen Ahmad
    Jenen Ahmad 3 个月 前 +5

    inspirational quote "I am gonna throw up"-SHANE DAWSON

  • Jackie Cuamba
    Jackie Cuamba 3 个月 前

    “I guess I can help you” 😂😂

  • Jaj Neksis
    Jaj Neksis 3 个月 前

    Gay boy

  • Jaj Neksis
    Jaj Neksis 3 个月 前

    10:12 girl clean your coochie

  • ashes
    ashes 3 个月 前

    is morgan high or is she just being morgan