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    VANTZ BIONDO å¤© 前

    U do see your BOX EYES RIGHT?.. SMOKEY EYE U SAY?☝️🙄

  • Aisha Zarin
    Aisha Zarin 6 天 前


  • Riyu Thapa
    Riyu Thapa 7 天 前

    Great job ma'am

  • Mariah Aragon
    Mariah Aragon 12 天 前

    You look beautiful, thanks for sharing ✌️ 🙂 ❤️ 💯

  • Jvanna Sackey
    Jvanna Sackey 12 天 前


  • Maria Afzal Khan
    Maria Afzal Khan 13 天 前


  • Farah Sarfaraz
    Farah Sarfaraz 14 天 前

    hardword but really supeb its fab 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Nasia Georgakopoulou
    Nasia Georgakopoulou 18 天 前

    Amazing black eyes!!!!

  • Arctic Wolf Beauty
    Arctic Wolf Beauty 22 天 前

    I do wonder how a black smokey eye will look with also black liquid lipstick. Would that be too much? Probably?

  • Jennifer Hedman
    Jennifer Hedman 23 天 前

    I still watch this every now and then and learn.

  • Jessica Bau
    Jessica Bau 27 天 前

    When you haven't slept in a week
    No makeup needed

    FOFO STAR 29 天 前

    انعل ابوج

  • jennifer ochoa
    jennifer ochoa ä¸ªæœˆ 前


  • Michelle Kaesha
    Michelle Kaesha ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    Your eyes are too small for this look. Great makeup skills though!

  • Fiona Goode
    Fiona Goode ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    You remind me of the beautiful manager at my Ulta ❤️❤️

  • Marissa Hakes
    Marissa Hakes ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    Could you possibly name all the brushes you used in this video? I'm a beginner for this style make up and I definitely don't have the right brushes! Thank you!

  • Vlog and Thoughts Living with Hope

    That is hideous

  • Erika Ledesma
    Erika Ledesma ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    I’ve watched sooo many Smokey eye tutorials and still didn’t fully understand how to even start... You helped me so much thank you!

  • Amber Tschetter
    Amber Tschetter ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    Best smokey eye hands down!!!

  • Lorena Cuellar
    Lorena Cuellar ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    I’m 19 and about to go thotting at the 18+ club with a black Smokey eye 😂

  • Lisa Robinson
    Lisa Robinson ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    Hi, I loved your video. The look is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your beauty tips and ticks. I was wondering if the smashbox photo primer water actually prevents transfer? What are your thoughts? Thanks again!

  • Jules Maula
    Jules Maula ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    Your brows are literally perfect, really !🤤😍😍

  • Isabel Monteiro
    Isabel Monteiro ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    I am looking like a panda right now...

  • Liza catea
    Liza catea ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    Its nice just so much Make up 😪😪

  • Anjali jaiswal sanam band fans
    Anjali jaiswal sanam band fans ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    I just want to know the colour of ur lipstick so i can purchase it ..

  • Amber Zm.
    Amber Zm. ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    Can you list the exact products and brushes you used?

  • Ireen Tripathy
    Ireen Tripathy ä¸ªæœˆ 前

    U r so beautiful😍💓

  • Reemamanoj. Verma
    Reemamanoj. Verma ä¸ªæœˆ 前


  • LiVi aNa
    LiVi aNa 2 个月 前

    one of the best tutorials I ve seen and finally a good technique to not end up looking like a panda bear !

  • pt.rajveer sharma
    pt.rajveer sharma 2 个月 前

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  • Tanjina Noumi
    Tanjina Noumi 2 个月 前

    I tried this and it was superb
    Thanks a ton

  • Amprita Singh
    Amprita Singh 2 个月 前

    O my god...👌🖤

  • Savi Thakur
    Savi Thakur 2 个月 前

    Omg ,,, gonna try this soon 😍

  • gurpreet kaur
    gurpreet kaur 2 个月 前

    Lovely 👌

  • Kiran Sharma
    Kiran Sharma 2 个月 前

    vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv nice tips

  • Bbygal Ankita
    Bbygal Ankita 2 个月 前

    Love from INDIA 🇮🇳
    This Desi word we use al lot at india❤️
    And we love kajal but kajal doesn't suits me well so i avoid it😅anways LOVE LOVE ❤️🌹🥀

  • Kimille Tamra ghostwriter/Author Kimille Tamra

    I love that eye look 💕

  • stackablemom
    stackablemom 2 个月 前

    thank you good tips

  • nisha chitturi
    nisha chitturi 2 个月 前

    Hi I tried this smokey eye look last night for the first time and it turned out amazing thanks for sharing 😍


    Haiii. So Beautiful...

  • Bianca Sosa
    Bianca Sosa 2 个月 前

    Watching in Sept 2018 😁 still so informative.

  • Lashone High
    Lashone High 2 个月 前

    The best one I've seen... PERFECT

  • qmnauni
    qmnauni 3 个月 前

    That is just amazing.

  • Stephy Lopez
    Stephy Lopez 3 个月 前

    Love how through you are with the tutorial, you explained as you went making it a lot to understand so it doesn't seem impossible for beginners to do lol. Beautiful look ✨❤

  • Savita Ghorpade
    Savita Ghorpade 3 个月 前

    Best Smokey!!

  • Heena Yadav
    Heena Yadav 3 个月 前

    It's fab🙌

  • Rosewxx
    Rosewxx 3 个月 前

    A proooo

  • Malia Beauty
    Malia Beauty 3 个月 前

    I love her makeup it’s always so natural and beautiful♥️

  • Jen Spice
    Jen Spice 4 个月 前

    Very nice! Thanks for the tips! xoxoJen

  • Raffy Nicodemus
    Raffy Nicodemus 4 个月 前

    very nice tips

  • slight.sociopath
    slight.sociopath 4 个月 前

    Did she say molasses like "moll-ak-iss" ?

  • Soma Roy
    Soma Roy 4 个月 前

    May I knw which is the eye pencil..

  • Ruaida Maksud
    Ruaida Maksud 4 个月 前

    8:00 😂😂😂😂

  • Syeda Parisa
    Syeda Parisa 4 个月 前

    I think so the eye shadow is too drak so you have to applied different color mascara .

  • Syeda Parisa
    Syeda Parisa 4 个月 前

    You r so beautiful dear lovely and attractive.

  • shyamal bhumij
    shyamal bhumij 4 个月 前

    You are so pretty

  • Sofia Rashid
    Sofia Rashid 4 个月 前

    Sooooo perfect

  • salina rekha
    salina rekha 4 个月 前


  • Preet Singh
    Preet Singh 4 个月 前

    Amazing man..u r amazing ..!
    U r luking vry sexyy nd gorgoeus

  • Cooking For Lilliput
    Cooking For Lilliput 4 个月 前

    Really good

  • Edit  Cabrera
    Edit Cabrera 4 个月 前

    gracias Desi today was my smokey eyes assesment it was amazingand my teacher said it is perfect. you are so sweet and i like how you explain everything

  • pup girl
    pup girl 4 个月 前

    when you put gel eyeliner on a concealer brush...there's no going back :0

  • A1shop Allindia
    A1shop Allindia 4 个月 前

    Gorgeous. LOVE FROM INDIA

  • Barkha Ramchandani
    Barkha Ramchandani 4 个月 前


  • Berenice Madriz
    Berenice Madriz 5 个月 前

    Girl!! LOVE IT TOTALLY, love u, you're a beauty!!

  • Amir Sheikh
    Amir Sheikh 5 个月 前 +1

    Nice mam eye makeup and tq Aap bahut acha samjaya

  • kelly begaye
    kelly begaye 5 个月 前

    omg i love you and i miss Selena so muvh love you DESI PERKINS

  • Edit  Cabrera
    Edit Cabrera 5 个月 前

    amazing video Desi. my smoky eye is amazing too. thanks!!!!!

  • Alisha khan
    Alisha khan 5 个月 前 +1

    Oh god I wish I could make that look 😍😍😍😍

  • Prince Khan
    Prince Khan 6 个月 前

    Looking so sexy and killler eyes

  • Rohtash Gautam
    Rohtash Gautam 6 个月 前

    Hindi me bolo

  • Kiona McNutt
    Kiona McNutt 6 个月 前

    Smokey eye is beautiful. I really enjoyed this.

  • Ankita Das
    Ankita Das 6 个月 前

    Next time onwards please speak less while doing the make up

  • Afshu Sayyed
    Afshu Sayyed 6 个月 前


  • Erika Kiss
    Erika Kiss 6 个月 前

    Oh this is just the most heavenly black smokey eye ever😍😍😍

  • Lilly girl
    Lilly girl 6 个月 前

    Eva Longoria?!

  • Lisa Davis
    Lisa Davis 6 个月 前

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this. You are absolutely great because your tips, videos are easy to follow. I love that for each action you do, you take time to show the product, describe the product (makeup type, brand, brush) so we can follow. You really are awesome!


    Very nice video

  • Catherine Airadion
    Catherine Airadion 6 个月 前

    You earned a subscriber!!!

  • Tiffianie Perritt
    Tiffianie Perritt 6 个月 前

    This is the best eyeshadow blending technique, especially for dark colors. I practiced for a few months and if your hand doesn't hurt, you aren't doing it right.

  • Camille L
    Camille L 6 个月 前


  • yumna amjad
    yumna amjad 6 个月 前

    Best eye makeup ever

  • Warrior Amina
    Warrior Amina 7 个月 前

    The Smokey eye isn’t for just any ole eyes, not everyone can pull this off, including me. 😩😭😅

  • Alya Alicia
    Alya Alicia 7 个月 前

    Its so beautiful. Thank you

  • teena prashantkamboj
    teena prashantkamboj 7 个月 前

    Beautiful... Beautiful.. Beautiful...No word's... Lot's of love...

  • Kika Rii
    Kika Rii 7 个月 前

    Giiiiiiiirl you look stunning. Best make up tutorial

  • Maree Siskos
    Maree Siskos 7 个月 前

    I friggen LOOOOOOVE this look!

  • bardo sandra
    bardo sandra 7 个月 前

    Sorry but don't love the look 😢

  • varsha Avhad
    varsha Avhad 7 个月 前

    please hindi

  • M
    M 7 个月 前

    Desi can you try this look on your brothers girlfriend? I loved the look you did on her previously. I have huge eyes and a lot of room on my eyelids similar to hers. so this Smokey look doesn’t look good on me I look like a raccoon and not a cute one lol

  • MrCleg
    MrCleg 7 个月 前

    Perfect Smokey Eye

  • Tushi Tasnim
    Tushi Tasnim 7 个月 前

    U look awsome💖

  • Meriem Hope
    Meriem Hope 7 个月 前

    I always come back to this video to learn a little more everytime. Thank you Desi. You are a very sweet girl. I like you.

  • Ang Lu
    Ang Lu 7 个月 前

    Wonderful and helpful lesson! If I could suggest to have the names of the brushes you use, please. I rewinded three times to see if I could understand the name/brand of one of them and I almost gave up...not being negative here, I just have little time. You are BEAUTIFUL with and without makeup. Thank you!!😘

    • Ang Lu
      Ang Lu 7 个月 前

      Never mind me...I realized you have a video on brushes 😀

  • MissTia777
    MissTia777 7 个月 前

    Smoky eyes is easy to make!

  • Rowan Darnell
    Rowan Darnell 7 个月 前

    its so nice to see a makeup tutorial with a really indepth explanation of each step, and also has trouble with the lining waterline lol

  • Muhammad Shoev
    Muhammad Shoev 7 个月 前

    You are beautiful and your voice is so good

  • Kara Denise
    Kara Denise 8 个月 前


  • Hawaiian Honey
    Hawaiian Honey 8 个月 前

    I love this black smokey eye!!!Just wanted to know, when your putting the orange/reddish eye shadow on then you started putting the black shadow on did you use the same brush....the prob with me is I'll do the lighter colors like you did then when I go in for the black eye shadow and blend then you know how you have to go back to the orange/reddish color i have a hard time shaking the black eye shadow off then the black gets on top of the orange/reddish i suppose to have a dif brush for the black?

  • Ayesha khan
    Ayesha khan 8 个月 前

    One of the best smokey eyes I have ever seen🖤