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  • Gateaux Q
    Gateaux Q 12 天 前

    I love all of Trevor’s human impressions but his kid one is kinda the best.

  • Dan Brown
    Dan Brown 18 天 前

    Funny how the Mall Shooting Video is not accessible outside of the US.

  • libratigerpictures
    libratigerpictures 19 天 前 +3

    The most important detail of this story is that Teddy didn't snitch.

  • The Ruby Knight
    The Ruby Knight 19 天 前

    Watching one of your shows when someone asked about Fufi, I just wondered if I had ever met u in life, I’d have asked “how about Teddy?” Got it now, thank you. Your friendship and your book give me milder look on those who are labeled “bad”.

  • nanokd
    nanokd 19 天 前

    I thought Teddy was a teddy bear 🙈

  • Nivo Macho
    Nivo Macho 20 天 前

    watch lol

  • Nivo Macho
    Nivo Macho 20 天 前

    keep talking watch lol

  • Nivo Macho
    Nivo Macho 20 天 前

    if he keeps if he keeps talking

  • Nivo Macho
    Nivo Macho 20 天 前

    lol he keeps talking now watch

  • Pearce Pedro
    Pearce Pedro 20 天 前

    Now that Trevor is a millionaire if Teddy ever needs help he’ll be good

  • Sara Bee
    Sara Bee 20 天 前

    Loool!!! I really did wonder what happened to Teddy. I'm so glad to hear he is alright.

  • iafarkingicehole yo
    iafarkingicehole yo 20 天 前

    He sucks

  • Clem Z.
    Clem Z. 20 天 前

    Yay \o/ Teddy's okay!

  • mlzanercik
    mlzanercik 20 天 前

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  • Eric Champlin
    Eric Champlin 20 天 前 +102

    Has anyone else watched Trevor's new Netflix special? It's so good!!

    • Danie Mashinini
      Danie Mashinini 11 天 前

      +Rudy-Yoan Pereira yeah for me too

    • Gateaux Q
      Gateaux Q 12 天 前


    • Rudy-Yoan Pereira
      Rudy-Yoan Pereira 17 天 前 +1

      it was underwhelming actually

    • Ee O
      Ee O 18 天 前

      There is a new one!!! I'm restarting my subscription. Thanks!!!

    • Sitesh Singh
      Sitesh Singh 18 天 前

      Son of Patricia, it was really good!

  • Khanyisa Baloyi
    Khanyisa Baloyi 20 天 前

    I read Born a Crime this last week and I've been wondering where Teddy is. Thanks for responding so quickly 😂

  • Shadhiyi Ikeremm
    Shadhiyi Ikeremm 20 天 前

    Yes, those old-school security cams were junk. You can be mistaken for white if you have a light complexion with relatively western features like nose and lips.

  • Jon Nath
    Jon Nath 20 天 前

    Trevor Noah,
    What happened to your campaigning with Battlefield 5? Are you in support of that game or are you distancing yourself from that game? Was that TV bit with EA and DICE a one time deal? What are your thoughts on Battlefield 5 release. I can't find anything about you talking about Battlefield 5 after the TV spot you did on Battlefield 5. Why have you gone silent on that issue????

  • Natalie Rose
    Natalie Rose 20 天 前

    This makes me so happy! I was worried about what happened to Teddy. Maybe not life-sentence, but getting caught by the police and being expelled is something that probably stays with you.

  • Bill Gall
    Bill Gall 21 天 前

    Thank god for this FlashBlock browser add-on. Now I can talk about what a worthless shit stain Trevor Noah is on his own page without adding to its number of views. :D

  • levi ridge
    levi ridge 21 天 前

    you got it baby girl blackass nigga nig nig

  • Marlow Marlowe
    Marlow Marlowe 21 天 前

    You're not funny and you have no Talent

  • Lucia maria Santos
    Lucia maria Santos 21 天 前

    Lindo!!!! 👠👞

  • Lucia maria Santos
    Lucia maria Santos 21 天 前

    Beijos ❤

  • Lucia maria Santos
    Lucia maria Santos 21 天 前

    Nada impede a gente está se amando.

  • john E
    john E 21 天 前

    Teddy killed Mary Jo Kopechne and the media looked the other way. That is what happened to Teddy.

  • Michael E Lambert
    Michael E Lambert 21 天 前

    Trevor Noah is such a douché, especially with that fake ass posh British accent. Ur not funny nor talented. Hang it up now and go easy on ALL of us.

  • Janeth Esther Garcia

    Que morenaso tan elegante

  • Roberta Herald
    Roberta Herald 21 天 前

    Trevor, thank you for purchasing a foreign made car as gratitude for the all opportunities this great country gave you!

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith 21 天 前

    Trevor is a talentless hack. Worse he is embarrassingly not funny. It makes me sad as I loved the Daily Show with John Stewart and watched it faithfully for many years. I tried to watch it with Trevor and simply can’t. It’s simply a terrible show of overtly biased garbage without an ounce of integrity or intellectual honesty.

  • Dog of War
    Dog of War 21 天 前

    Trevor Noah is another prefect example of why Margaret Sanger was right.

  • Walter Reed Jr
    Walter Reed Jr 21 天 前

    Just who just subscribed because of this awesome story!!!!! (enter the point at my face emoji) Trevor, you are the man. Now i want to read the book. I been a fan of the daily show since the time of it's 2 previous hosts and I'm glad to see they are still continuing to have a great, comedic, intelligent host that is so far from the stereotypical news reporter.

  • MsClark2009
    MsClark2009 21 天 前

    Best story ever. I remember this from his book. I wondered what happened to Teddy too. God is good

  • LU Kayz
    LU Kayz 21 天 前

    I love this story 😂❤

  • Amina Bouarara
    Amina Bouarara 21 天 前


  • wade Just wade
    wade Just wade 21 天 前

    Somehow he Found out he was black

  • Amoona Princess
    Amoona Princess 21 天 前

    LMAOOOOOOOO “Teddy...teddy....teddy”😂😘😘

  • Bianca Toivola
    Bianca Toivola 21 天 前

    A paz do Senhor,volta pra Jesus !!Você e Meghan se conhece desde de novos nao?Ela lhe deu nome artístico e falou que você é talentoso,mais porque você passa necessidade e toda sua família? vivi essa vida miserável ,porque Meghan lhe dar migalhas ,ela transformou você em um prostituto,tenho certeza se esposa soubesse de onde vinha o dinheiro ela não queria,poxa cara!!você é engenheiro formado ,esquece essa vagabunda ,vai ter um bom trabalho naquilo que és melhor!ela nao tem nada mais que problema pra você!vai por favor ajudar Samantha cuidar do seu filho,o menino que pediste a Deus estar a caminho,Lucas Junior!Vai procurar trabalho na sua profissão!chega de migalhas!!Jesus te ama!!

  • Bianca Toivola
    Bianca Toivola 21 天 前

    Hello trevor !!I LUKE FOR Now find you ,Brazilian Man !

  • Aeon M
    Aeon M 21 天 前

    oughty or outtie?

  • Naheim Googolla
    Naheim Googolla 21 天 前

    I heard that this Racist South African dickweed criminal used flush his head in the toilet having anal sex with his Bro Trevor.

  • Brady H
    Brady H 21 天 前

    This guy Trevor is the least funny guy ever. Fire him please!!!!!

  • Lisa Jean-Francois
    Lisa Jean-Francois 21 天 前

    I too thought that Teddy had gone to jail for life. I'm glad he's ok.

  • C O
    C O 22 天 前

    He's the top mechanic at a dealer, sounds like he's contributing to humanity, a lot more than you are - a fucked up shop lifter who would brag about shoplifting and getting away with it.

  • Sean S
    Sean S 22 天 前

    this dude needs to legit go back to africa

  • Michaelmichaelmotorcycle

    Why does Trevor look like he kisses ass 24/7

  • Simge Kahraman
    Simge Kahraman 22 天 前

    This guy is hilarious. I could watch his show 24/7.

  • j1ltoy
    j1ltoy 22 天 前

    this dude views are struggling lol

  • angel1202003
    angel1202003 22 天 前


  • T0101000 T000000
    T0101000 T000000 22 天 前

    Don't you think this libtard should try to take up comedy

  • Matthew Lim
    Matthew Lim 22 天 前


  • Amraya Baptiste
    Amraya Baptiste 22 天 前

    Trevor Noah is such a comedian and a good actor too. Lol. I'm glad Teddy ended up alright. Top mechanic 😉

  • Peege-ay Clarke
    Peege-ay Clarke 22 天 前

    You O.j?

  • Estevo Thomasio
    Estevo Thomasio 22 天 前

    Technology is black bias. Finally.

  • No: Six
    No: Six 22 天 前

    Good example for kids. Punk.

  • Juan A. Montes
    Juan A. Montes 22 天 前

    Dam, why don't somebody just tell this sale-out he ain't funny....anypne that don't respect our Great president can Go-Get-Funked.

    • Royane E Khalil
      Royane E Khalil 22 天 前

      because he is funny and he isn't responsible for your lack of humor 😛

  • Aluminum Wire Flowers

    Teddy from Bob's burgers

  • Agent Ajax
    Agent Ajax 23 天 前

    What happened to The Daily show? It's now home to upset soccer mom's and fat lesbians bleeding on about muh Drumpf.

  • Lu Austin
    Lu Austin 23 天 前


  • MM K
    MM K 23 天 前

    Corporate garbage

  • Stud Meister
    Stud Meister 23 天 前 +1

    Im sorry but this guy is the least funny comedian ive ever seen. How he got this job i will never know.

  • Dookie Howser
    Dookie Howser 23 天 前

    This is what I be talking about. All us brothas need to get together and take it off the DL and start fucking each other in the asses in public to show Whitey whats up. We all know we like to do it anyway. I'm talking groups of 10 or 20 in the middle of the streets, in libraries, movie theaters, restaurants, just dicking each other down and gettin that good good. That's how we get a our power over Whitey and we need to do more of it.

  • Ryland Erickson of Milaca, MN

    This is so funny that my smilling muscles refused to work upon hearing the punchline.

  • T Gainz
    T Gainz 23 天 前

    Stupid whitess

  • Kazi Supreme
    Kazi Supreme 23 天 前

    In my head when he seen Ted at dealership they did the patty cake thing from color purple when Whoopi reunited with her sister👏🙌👏🙌👏🙌👏😂Teedddyyy!!

  • Thomas Blyth
    Thomas Blyth 23 天 前

    I want a movie of Trevor’s life and see both of those scenes

  • Josh Seim
    Josh Seim 23 天 前 +1

    What happened to the Daily Show?

  • Basmin Nadra
    Basmin Nadra 23 天 前

    Great story 👏😂💞

  • BSfunk44
    BSfunk44 23 天 前 +1


  • smalFox
    smalFox 23 天 前

    What if Trevor was the one that was caught, we would be watching Teddy sit there talking about his friend Trevor

  • Santty 0718
    Santty 0718 23 天 前 +1

    Just shut the fuck up comedian mediocre

  • Kat90001
    Kat90001 23 天 前

    Actively hoping what happened to Teddy is different then what happened to Foofy 😬😕

  • hallow night
    hallow night 23 天 前 +1

    You suck don lemon

  • DeX
    DeX 23 天 前

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  • Lobster420x
    Lobster420x 23 天 前 +4

    Why would anybody read a biographical book on someone boring like Trevor Noah

  • Mangi Mbhele
    Mangi Mbhele 23 天 前

    Gotta love how Trevor's life always comes full circle with the people in it

  • S C
    S C 23 天 前

    So you being honest in the first place could've changed someones life for the better. But instead you fucked up teddies life. Good job you stupid bitch.

  • Songya Ni
    Songya Ni 23 天 前

    At the end of the video when Trevor said Teddy I thought he was saying “titty”

  • LeSurgïe™ 🈂
    LeSurgïe™ 🈂 23 天 前

    Noahs such a disgrace and misrepresentation to the gay community

  • Steven Universe
    Steven Universe 24 天 前

    This guys so FAKE! CNN should give him a show too!

  • Sanctum
    Sanctum 24 天 前

    What happened to Trevor Noah?

  • J War
    J War 24 天 前

    Don Lemon sucks! I stopped watching the daily show when he started hosting I gave it a chance and I couldn’t stand it! I literally only click on this video to write this and give it a thumbs down! Donovan what’s voted worst journalist of the year!

  • Alyx Vance
    Alyx Vance 24 天 前

    This guy is many things - being funny isn`t one of them (:

  • Ester F
    Ester F 24 天 前

    Snitches get stitches and Teddy wanted none lol

  • Isaiah Martin
    Isaiah Martin 24 天 前 +1

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    • CapZap17
      CapZap17 22 天 前

      +Isaiah Martin ...Yeah, sure. However, your pronouncement on Jews puts you in with Nazis. Their evil is fact so, fuck you.

    • Isaiah Martin
      Isaiah Martin 22 天 前

      +CapZap17 John 8:44 You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it.

      Romans 3:3 For what if some did not believe? shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect? God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar.

    • CapZap17
      CapZap17 22 天 前

      Your truth seems to be based on bizarrely interpreted fairy tales. More a delusion, really.

    • Isaiah Martin
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      Jaya K because the Truth matters.

    • Jaya K
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      Why did you choose to put this on this particular video?

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    I thought it was Teddy from the movie

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      T-Series forever

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    The daily show with John Stewart. Miss those days. 😥

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    Ooooohh I'm black everything I say white people have to laugh at... Or they are racist.. White people are stupid, Oohh so funny..white people are racist, oooh so funny..
    Enjoy the way this white own black comedian enjoys your white guilt...

  • mlzanercik
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    ***The Gospel of John is a persuasive argument of the deity of Jesus. It concentrates on presenting Jesus as the Word, that is, God (1:1) Who became a man (@).

    Thus John meticulously records the statements and describes the miracles of Jesus that can only be attributed to God Himself.

    ***Jesus called himself, "the bread of life," (@, 41, 48, 51).
    ***(The light of the world), (@; 9:5).
    ***(The Door for the Sheep), (10:7,9).
    ***(The Good Shepherd), (@,14).
    ***(The Resurrection and the life), (@).
    ***(The Way, The Truth, the Life), (14:6).
    ***(The True Vine), (15:1,5).

    ***Each of these statements begins with the words, "I'AM," recalling God's revelation of His name, "I AM," to Moses. (See Exodus @).

    ***These are Jesus clear claims to deity: He was not a mere man!

    ***Then there are the signs of Jesus deity.
    ***Miracles in the Gospel of John are called "signs" because they point to Jesus divine nature. John records seven such signs:

    ***(Changing water into wine), (2:1-11).
    ***(Healing a man's son), (@-54).
    ***(Healing a lame man), (5:1-9).
    ***(Multiplying bread and fish), (6:1-14).
    ***(Walking on Water). (@-21).
    ***(Healing a Blind Man). (9:1-7).
    ***(Raising Lazarus from the Dead), (@-44).

    ***These miracles show that Jesus IS GOD: He possesses
    power over nature.

    ***Other indications of Jesus deity include the testimonies of John the Baptist.


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    I thought he meant by Teddy from Mr. Bean

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