Issa Rae Raps While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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  • Issa Rae is the Emmy-nominated creator and star of HBO's hit series Insecure, which just launched its third season (Sundays 10:30pm EST). But how is she with spicy food? Find out as the multitalented writer, producer, and actress traces her "glow up" from the dorm rooms of Stanford to heights of TV. As she battles the wings of death, Issa breaks down millennial dating terms, explains how she may have inspired Cardi B, and graces the Hot Ones stage with one of its most memorable musical performances.
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  3 个月 前 +4729

    No water. No milk. LEGEND.

    • muhu_88
      muhu_88 个月 前 +2

      Hey hotones. Invite joe rogan to your show.

    • isobel64
      isobel64 个月 前

      who cares?

    • Rocksteady2090
      Rocksteady2090 个月 前 +3

      She a legend... heck I don't think any of the women on this show have tapped out.

    • Dana Orr
      Dana Orr 个月 前 +2


  • wayne Kamau
    wayne Kamau 21 小时 前

    I love her so much 😘😍

  • Kayla M
    Kayla M 天 前

    Why did she keep picking at the chicken lord lol

  • GotBettaBeats
    GotBettaBeats 天 前

    I love her smile


    Issa Is BAE 😍

  • Locutz M
    Locutz M 3 天 前

    shes a flatearther damn

  • ZadettaMae
    ZadettaMae 3 天 前

    Much Respect, Ms Rae! Sophisticated and Yummy

  • sameolhim
    sameolhim 6 天 前 +1

    Issa so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dila Torez
    Dila Torez 9 天 前

    Y'all issa ass is funnt asf

  • Good Messenger Jennifer 2.0/Malak

    Where is Dawson?

  • SpizawkDaKizowz
    SpizawkDaKizowz 12 天 前

    Like it ain't no thang, she didn't even LOOK at the water or the milk. She'd say "This is so hot, I can't do this." as she ATE MORE BITES. Issa legit most badass.

  • sxncere
    sxncere 18 天 前

    Getting some wings when this shit goes off. 😂😂😂

  • Uche
    Uche 18 天 前

    The freestyle was great! Idc idc lol

  • Deidra Key
    Deidra Key 19 天 前

    She is STRONG

  • Jamie and Yoko
    Jamie and Yoko 19 天 前

    deep af

  • Jamie and Yoko
    Jamie and Yoko 19 天 前

    hot af

  • Roo Dax
    Roo Dax 20 天 前

    This is really one of the best episodes; Issa Rae killed it without trying
    #hotoneshero #hotoneslegend

  • DatDude BMB
    DatDude BMB 21 天 前

    I just gained even more respect for Issa after seeing this... No milk No water!

  • youveronicatube
    youveronicatube 23 天 前

    i love her

  • youveronicatube
    youveronicatube 23 天 前

    WAIT. this show is in NY? hire me ill work for leftover hot sauce

  • Christina Gina
    Christina Gina 23 天 前

    She took it like a champ. Best one yet. CHAMP SHIT

  • Namìko t.
    Namìko t. 23 天 前 +1

    Love you issaaaa😭💛

  • Kevin Rutayomba
    Kevin Rutayomba 25 天 前

    Damn she looks flawless the whole way through 😮

  • linguisticness
    linguisticness 25 天 前

    Even on her worst bars, Issa's freestyles are better than Kanye's. Also, I can't imagine another celeb I would rather have a date with (that's living). Making her laugh or experience any kind of date pleasure would be more satisfying than any kind of selfish or sexual satisfaction.

  • vectrexer
    vectrexer 26 天 前


  • vickersfan
    vickersfan 26 天 前

    wow no water and casually munching on the wings and chit chatting

  • underlord2132
    underlord2132 27 天 前

    I think she's one of the few people on the show that actually liked the taste of da bomb.

  • Monica Anderson
    Monica Anderson 27 天 前

    She is so naturally funny. I love her!

  • Kenya Smith
    Kenya Smith 28 天 前

    This is wasteful. Very rarely do they actually eat the whole wing and only take a bite.

  • R Ade
    R Ade 29 天 前

    Her dad is so African... you could discover a cure to every disease under the sun, but if you don’t have a Masters they do not care! Haha love African parents

  • Demetria Geralds
    Demetria Geralds 29 天 前

    Oma-freakin-ha Nebraska!!! Yeeeeees!!!

  • Kia Moore
    Kia Moore 29 天 前

    I could act all I want but my nose would have been running so bad.

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca 个月 前

    The first bravest thing about this was wearing white and a full face of makeup. And a curly bang.

  • Kevin Robinson
    Kevin Robinson 个月 前

    Finessed. Host not eating the same wings

  • Lametrius White
    Lametrius White 个月 前

    Do you have vegan wings?

    • Kia Moore
      Kia Moore 29 天 前

      Yes. I think Steve-O ate them.

  • Sarah Akpan-Iquot
    Sarah Akpan-Iquot 个月 前

    Nice photo shopping 👏👏

  • Linda Murray
    Linda Murray 个月 前 +1

    im bringing a picture of Issa into my orthodontist's office because her GD teeth are the best things I've ever seen

  • ShaTanya Fernandez
    ShaTanya Fernandez 个月 前 +1

    Yoooo watch other videos and then watch this one again, Issa killed it

  • ShaTanya Fernandez
    ShaTanya Fernandez 个月 前

    I think the key is to be hungry 😋 😂

  • Xtal Syren
    Xtal Syren 个月 前

    Awesome that she went without.
    Also awesome that she wasn't the best rapper. Just because you're black doesn't mean you have to be able to rap like the professionals. Everyone's human for fucks sake.

  • GAME1502
    GAME1502 个月 前

    I'm going back and watching a bunch of Hot Ones episodes. I must say that Sean is truly an inspiration and a lot of interviewers should take notes.

  • Veronica Crespo
    Veronica Crespo 个月 前

    The music is done

  • A. Lott
    A. Lott 个月 前

    shout out to you for even mentioning Omaha. Most people don't know we are a real city lmao

  • Celia H.
    Celia H. 个月 前

    I love her! She was boss with the wings.

  • Smashing Ryan
    Smashing Ryan 个月 前

    Damn, Da Bomb was delicious?! Damn she’s insane!

  • Koy Cookie
    Koy Cookie 个月 前

    Women RULE omg I could never.

  • BossiBabes
    BossiBabes 个月 前

    Lol that rap tho😂😂😂😂

  • AMCW
    AMCW 个月 前

    She is a beasttttt 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jeff K
    Jeff K 个月 前

    my dream is to make it enough that i can be on the show

  • Lucy B
    Lucy B 个月 前

    The way she eats the wings lol classy

  • Future Angelica
    Future Angelica 个月 前

    Is Dro the cast member?

  • Eddie Giles
    Eddie Giles 个月 前

    You need a wall of fame for Issa. She not only did no water/no milk, she was hungry and ate a lot more of each wing than anyone else. Best performance so far /hat off.

  • Ant The Weeb
    Ant The Weeb 个月 前

    The definition of natural beauty

  • Patricia Garcia
    Patricia Garcia 个月 前

    She is a bad ass bitch. Yesss girl you are hot and spicy and I wish I had HBO. Good luck on your next project. I hope it's in the movie theater because I will be there to support you. She has more balls than any man who has been on this show. Wow. P. Garcia

  • mariah herron
    mariah herron 个月 前

    "not as hard as slavery" lol

  • Kia Wallace
    Kia Wallace 个月 前

    I love her!! This interview was like family sitting and talking.

  • Jasmynee Lynn
    Jasmynee Lynn 个月 前


  • Kali Flanagan
    Kali Flanagan 个月 前 +1


  • treadfree
    treadfree 个月 前

    "Is this one of those things that's going to kick in. Mhmm it is. I answered my question don't even trip" LOLLL

  • Kryssy Howard
    Kryssy Howard 个月 前

    "It tastes hot is it one of those things that are going to kick in yep it is I answer my own question don't even trip" LOL

  • brenda maldonado
    brenda maldonado 个月 前

    Lmao this was a good one

  • Thando Mtshali
    Thando Mtshali 个月 前

    her humor is everything!

  • Roe Ellias
    Roe Ellias 个月 前

    Damn Issa Rae a Strong 💪🏿 Woman

  • Nihilistic Existentialist


  • Joseph B
    Joseph B 个月 前

    is this the B version of Rhianna?

  • Shay Love
    Shay Love 个月 前 +1

    Is Issa a Capricorn? She seems like she is... just a guess

    • Shay Love
      Shay Love 27 天 前

      Lineo Arlow 😂 yes! I forgot to look it up after

    • Lineo Arlow
      Lineo Arlow 27 天 前 +1

      Shay Love yes she is!

  • Tanya Scott
    Tanya Scott 个月 前

    8:18 Issa got that eat da booty face.

  • Trendsettersince83
    Trendsettersince83 个月 前

    I love her! So chill👌🏽

  • Alodie Luzolo
    Alodie Luzolo 个月 前 +1

    Anybody else trying to figure out who the cast member is that Tiffany Haddish hit on?

  • ChrissyWoods
    ChrissyWoods 个月 前

    She took this like a G!! I love Issa!!!!

  • Kira M
    Kira M 个月 前

    Team Capricorn ♑️,
    I love me some Issae ❤️

  • Shawana Hackett
    Shawana Hackett 个月 前

    Issa eyes red, she's high af! LOVE ISS!😂😂😂

  • Nguyenkellyx3
    Nguyenkellyx3 个月 前

    Kitty Fishing

  • Canns U.
    Canns U. 个月 前

    😂 loved this

  • lil angel
    lil angel 个月 前 +1

    i love her ass

  • Ramy Dobia
    Ramy Dobia 个月 前

    she's my new hero bc she just outranked the 10s of men that been on your show Sean lol love her

  • Kalifa Foreman
    Kalifa Foreman 个月 前

    The echo with her laugh when she tried HellFire was everything 😭

  • I'm You, You're me
    I'm You, You're me 个月 前 +1

    and she is sooo damn beautiful

  • I'm You, You're me
    I'm You, You're me 个月 前

    .. this show kinda fucked me up/ I have been craving soooo many wings lately. and I have been listening to that craving.

  • Tamika Johnson
    Tamika Johnson 个月 前

    Super Foodie. Kept eating! #mmmm love her!

  • TayGotLucky
    TayGotLucky 个月 前

    My Beautiful Black Queen looks amazing

  • the shaner
    the shaner 个月 前


  • imcharmed4evr
    imcharmed4evr 个月 前

    Man, she’s a BOSS! Didn’t drink anything and remained cool, calm, & collected.

  • williams. shanta.
    williams. shanta. 个月 前

    Wow straight beast mode she didn’t take not one sip of water 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  • Amberoftheashes
    Amberoftheashes 个月 前 +4

    Insecure is my new Girlfriends.

  • Hair is LIFE
    Hair is LIFE 个月 前

    Lmaoooo workin on a slave ship in a museum lmaooooooo I’m crying

  • ghandidecv
    ghandidecv 个月 前

    I wanna laugh everytime she laughs

  • ghandidecv
    ghandidecv 个月 前

    I had to come back here because Issa killed this..great questions 2..

  • Falangist
    Falangist 个月 前

    anti-white thot

  • chris h
    chris h 个月 前

    i love issa!! even more so after this, and i always wondered how they chose their bomb music on the show!! love this

  • Esteban Miranda
    Esteban Miranda 个月 前

    I love that Issa did this I love her exponentially more than before, she is a fucking queen

  • Cassandra Girard
    Cassandra Girard 个月 前

    Disappointed basis copy smell week change aside authority electronic.

  • Jacob Armstrong
    Jacob Armstrong 个月 前

    "its the show with hot wings, and even hotter questions.....and the hottest women around- ISSA RAE!!!!!"

  • David Mendoza
    David Mendoza 个月 前 +2

    Hey Sean. You should bring Joe Rogan to your show. Lol

    • David Mendoza
      David Mendoza 个月 前

      It be funny if Joe Rogan was to talk about spicy wings in to conspiracy. Lol. Jk.

    NATESOR 个月 前


  • ShaneTweezy
    ShaneTweezy 个月 前

    Like a BOSS

  • M De Leon Javines
    M De Leon Javines 个月 前

    He really insisted on those "glowing up" lines and I cringed every time

  • TheillogicalParadox
    TheillogicalParadox 个月 前

    17:45 is where the twitter meme comes from

  • Jeremy Pagan
    Jeremy Pagan 个月 前 +2

    She so fine to me ❤❤❤

  • Koko Brent
    Koko Brent 个月 前

    Love Issa 💞