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  • AnitaSamantha
    AnitaSamantha  2 天 前 +1

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  • - comya -
    - comya - 天 前

    those eyelash extensions are horrific

  • Hayley Minish
    Hayley Minish 天 前

    How long does this take for them to actually look full? My brows are somewhat sparse so I’m hoping I can grow the hairs that I already have longer to fill in those spots.

  • 1 SRT FAN
    1 SRT FAN 3 天 前

    2:15 to 2:24 lucky dog.

  • avril avril
    avril avril 6 天 前

    will this clog my pores tho??

  • Maddy Newton
    Maddy Newton 7 天 前

    1. have the genetics

  • Nena Duncan
    Nena Duncan 8 天 前

    And those are fake eyelashes.

  • Nena Duncan
    Nena Duncan 8 天 前

    That towel you rubbed was not even wet😂😂😂

  • Nena Duncan
    Nena Duncan 8 天 前

    Im sorry, but you are more focus on what you look like.

  • Pooja R
    Pooja R 8 天 前


  • LoRd VeNOM
    LoRd VeNOM 8 天 前 +1

    *Eye color are great mine are light brown*

  • Spiritually Awakened1

    How often should I apply the coconut oil? How long should it stay on?

  • katie cervantes
    katie cervantes 12 天 前 +1

    Did this actually work for anyone????

  • Jessie Hernandez
    Jessie Hernandez 12 天 前 +1

    Can we use any coconut oil

  • Sweet Cakes
    Sweet Cakes 13 天 前 +2

    Who else is here because some retard who waxed your brows messed them tf up

  • xXx Jessica xXx
    xXx Jessica xXx 13 天 前 +1

    Skank alert! Can’t stand fake bitches

  • Laura Vaz
    Laura Vaz 13 天 前 +1

    Good, I will try this because I need this very badly thanks, u gt a lovely black n cute puppy I'm crazy after ur puppy

  • the legend
    the legend 14 天 前

    Can i throw this on my lashes?

  • atiya mahnoor
    atiya mahnoor 14 天 前

    Eyelashes growth mama

  • blu chief
    blu chief 15 天 前

    Who's here because you got your eyebrows waxed and they got fucked up?

  • Scarlet Swenson
    Scarlet Swenson 15 天 前

    I want billie elishes eyebrows

  • Lavi Polici
    Lavi Polici 16 天 前 +2

    Have the same dog in black too❤️💖

  • kiera lambert
    kiera lambert 17 天 前

    I need a 1 hour version of your intro music 😍

  • Nelia Hocamis
    Nelia Hocamis 17 天 前

    How can i get thick eyebrows..

  • mm ss ss mm
    mm ss ss mm 18 天 前

    i dout that works mine grew back by stop plucking now my brows are thicker than ever pls stop lying to allthese people into beliving that acually works nothing does

  • Realistic Vegan
    Realistic Vegan 18 天 前

    Haven’t plucked mine in over a year and all I do is trim the ones that grow upwards in the front and use and eyebrow razor in the middle of them.

  • Kamal Rohan
    Kamal Rohan 19 天 前

    Pure makeup!

  • Steph M.
    Steph M. 20 天 前

    Ugh.....vain much?? This video could have been made in less than one minute without the duck face selfies and dancing around the kitchen with a bowl and a spoon. Info was good; the vain narcissism was not.

  • Joselyn Medina
    Joselyn Medina 21 天 前

    Bruhhh my eyebrows are thick why am I here🤣

  • Lil Lee :D Don't Touch My Fries

    I wanna try this out because I want Cara Delaveign Eyebrows

  • Nicknametaylor
    Nicknametaylor 22 天 前

    I want the dog

  • Kristin Clovert
    Kristin Clovert 22 天 前

    I had thick eyebrows,but then I cut them...

  • basic
    basic 23 天 前 +1

    i already have somewhat full/bushy eyebrows, but i shaved part of my left eyebrow off. Hopefully this works

  • Ruby Enriquez
    Ruby Enriquez 27 天 前

    So can it be any type of coconut oil❓

  • Marya 03
    Marya 03 28 天 前

    I’m currently searching the comment section for people saying this WORKS but can’t find any😫 if you’ve tried this please tell me

  • Ciel Moro
    Ciel Moro 个月 前


  • clambarn
    clambarn 个月 前

    Too long for the amount of information.

  • Spilled Tea
    Spilled Tea 个月 前

    My eyebrows are as non existent as my will to live

  • Madeeha khan
    Madeeha khan 个月 前

    Ur lashes r fake.. U tried ur best to make them look suuuper ntrul... N u r succeed.. But I caught u

  • izabel boalch
    izabel boalch 个月 前

    How long does this take,?

  • sllella gtlel
    sllella gtlel 个月 前

    Guys plc just do Jamaican black castor oil it works trust me !!!

  • Jolika Janssen
    Jolika Janssen 个月 前


  • Rozy Mau
    Rozy Mau 个月 前

    kitna time pass kr ri h🙄

  • Kelly Clemens
    Kelly Clemens 个月 前

    Does this method really work; and how many times does it need to be done to see results?

  • shishters poppin
    shishters poppin 个月 前

    🐕❤so cute😭

  • M.M.R.S M.M.R.S
    M.M.R.S M.M.R.S 个月 前

    My eyebrows look like a single tree in a forest, I can't even plug it

  • Angelina Robldeo
    Angelina Robldeo 个月 前

    Who has try this? Does it work? How about long hair I want my hair ling again.. anyone know???

  • Maja Čeh
    Maja Čeh 个月 前


  • romeo
    romeo 个月 前

    Also, microwaving coconut oil makes it a bit less effective so I suggest warming it up in your hands :)

  • Megan Shifflett
    Megan Shifflett 个月 前

    Could you also do this for lashes? ❤

  • Sisowat Sin
    Sisowat Sin 个月 前

    I love your doge

  • lizzie n
    lizzie n 2 个月 前

    i use castor oil and it’s done very little for my brows

  • Destiny Segovia
    Destiny Segovia 2 个月 前

    Can you use it for ur eyelashes 2?

  • Marialyn Young
    Marialyn Young 2 个月 前

    Your dog is cute my new watcher i like your video

  • Cheryl D'Costa
    Cheryl D'Costa 2 个月 前

    Ur dogi is so cute

  • Yasmín Achaqui
    Yasmín Achaqui 2 个月 前 +1

    Any oil work also for grow hair , coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil

    • Magi C
      Magi C 2 个月 前 +1

      You're right about the oil.

  • BBunny 07
    BBunny 07 2 个月 前

    A shaved off the front of my eyebrow hoping that this will help i’ll update you if it work

  • colorful_ rose
    colorful_ rose 2 个月 前 +1

    2018 anyone????

  • Alya Ong
    Alya Ong 2 个月 前

    Which one works better? Coconut oil or castor oil?

  • maimuna siddiqui 2004/14
    maimuna siddiqui 2004/14 2 个月 前 +1

    I have dark green eyebrows, please someone tell me how can I change my eyebrows color??? 😭😭
    I just hate it☺

  • ʀᴏ sᴇ
    ʀᴏ sᴇ 2 个月 前

    ᴀɴʏᴏɴᴇ ᴇʟsᴇ ʜᴇʀᴇ ᴀғᴛᴇʀ ᴀ ʜᴀɪʀᴄᴜᴛ?

  • Melanie
    Melanie 2 个月 前

    Can you use just coconut oil or does it have to be “raw” coconut oil

    • AnitaSamantha
      AnitaSamantha  2 个月 前 +1

      You can use coconut oil :) I just find the raw version works best💛

  • GamingWithToysAndUS
    GamingWithToysAndUS 2 个月 前

    Is it okay if my coconut oil is liquid

  • Mariah Francois
    Mariah Francois 2 个月 前

    I don't do anything my brows looks like two caterpillar really tick and dark I jot bullied alot

  • Äệṩẗḧệẗïċl·ÿḳïl·l·ṃệ

    All I was thinking through out the video was
    *Hurry up and stop dancing I need to pee*
    No hate I just wanted to finish the video before I went and pee.

  • Redwana Gibriel Mahad
    Redwana Gibriel Mahad 2 个月 前

    Can you use normal coconut oil

  • Makayla_Roger Duda
    Makayla_Roger Duda 2 个月 前

    what do you do if you don't have a microwave??

  • Ava Larsen
    Ava Larsen 2 个月 前

    No way a voice like that has some THICC eyebrows

  • Jose Marrero
    Jose Marrero 2 个月 前

    3 million + views and just to watch some pretty air headed chick give a dumb basic tip???? Lol, the public is making this dumb chick rich because smart phones make people dumber! 😂😂😂😂
    Fuck ya don’t know how to google shit??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • kayla fletch
    kayla fletch 3 个月 前

    can you use coconut oil?

  • kayla fletch
    kayla fletch 3 个月 前

    what kinda dog?

  • Mimabird
    Mimabird 3 个月 前 +1

    Here because my eyebrow are non existent and if I fill them in they look like slugs😂

  • Mimabird
    Mimabird 3 个月 前 +11

    Who else’s eyebrows are non-existent?

  • Here comes dat boi
    Here comes dat boi 3 个月 前

    EYEBROWS on FLEEK the frick
    We about to GET CROMPED

  • Ena
    Ena 3 个月 前

    So the front of my eyebrows look completely fine, but the tails of my eyebrows... The eyebrow hair there is so sparse and light like wtf.

  • _mikaelaxlynn_
    _mikaelaxlynn_ 3 个月 前

    Alot of these tutorials for growing thicker eyebrows include something with coconut in it, but I have a deadly allergy to coconut. Any alternatives?

  • blood suugar
    blood suugar 3 个月 前

    Can you use coconut oil?

  • Irv V
    Irv V 3 个月 前

    Still need Jesus 💙

    • Irv V
      Irv V 3 个月 前

      Repentance is key

  • Amanda pavaza
    Amanda pavaza 3 个月 前

    Who else is here because they need that full eyebrow look for Instagram/Snapchat picture 😂

  • Lisi169
    Lisi169 3 个月 前

    Has anybody with naturally thin eyebrows tried it out? Does it work?

  • Preserve Nature
    Preserve Nature 3 个月 前

    That moment when you naturally grow a bush of eyebrows.

  • The Grinch
    The Grinch 3 个月 前

    I have thin eyebrows and I got this thing from my dad that looks like the fish tail brows... ;-;

  • Harby666
    Harby666 3 个月 前

    does that puppy blood make this " ingerdient" more effective?

  • Abcd Efgh
    Abcd Efgh 3 个月 前

    Are you from India?

  • Crystal Huynh
    Crystal Huynh 3 个月 前

    Apply very night

  • Amelie
    Amelie 3 个月 前

    Wow, you‘re eyelashes😍

  • Danielle
    Danielle 3 个月 前

    So stupid how u waste time with the things we need

  • Aseged Edilu
    Aseged Edilu 3 个月 前


  • Oh meow meow
    Oh meow meow 3 个月 前

    my left eyebrow be lookin like casper.

  • Ashleee Baby
    Ashleee Baby 4 个月 前

    Coconut oil is kinda crappy, if you asked me.

  • ElVaira Frisk
    ElVaira Frisk 4 个月 前

    Lmao i will use my straw cleaner😂

  • Pablo Pereyda
    Pablo Pereyda 4 个月 前

    Does it have to be raw coconut oil?

  • Noah Witt
    Noah Witt 4 个月 前

    where can i buy raw coconut

  • Kahea Lumlung7824
    Kahea Lumlung7824 4 个月 前

    Please does this work because picture day is tomorrow

  • B.P - B.T.S Gamer
    B.P - B.T.S Gamer 4 个月 前

    Those eyelashes tho omg

  • Raffi Muhammad Mahadian
    Raffi Muhammad Mahadian 4 个月 前 +1

    Goodness look at her eye. 😍😍😍

  • hannan abbey
    hannan abbey 4 个月 前

    what if u dont hve coconut oil can we use other oils like olive oil

  • ღBlack_ Barbieღ
    ღBlack_ Barbieღ 4 个月 前

    I actually have thick eyebrows and im happy with that

  • Sadie J
    Sadie J 4 个月 前

    Gimme those eyebrows

  • Esty DeeDee
    Esty DeeDee 4 个月 前

    this actually worked didnt expect it to thanks honey xx