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评论 • 28 518

  • Jamisen Johansen
    Jamisen Johansen 11 小时 前

    I hope one day... when I die... that I'm reincarnated as a 9 year old... so I can join Pewdiepie's 9 year old army. (Although I find it pretty damn awesome that I'm the same age as Pewdiepie and Jacksepticeye in this lifetime.)

  • M Sz
    M Sz 天 前

    why the hand under tv next to sound bar has 6 fingers?!😲🤔

    • M Sz
      M Sz 天 前

      nvm... it is just a shadow 😖😂

  • jay channel
    jay channel 天 前

    6:29 it looks like bred #1 not like pew

  • Elijah Pediangco

    He slept lwiay wrong😂😂

  • Ninja GameZ
    Ninja GameZ 天 前

    Who buys a TV to play wallpapers on it?.....

  • Tate Suh
    Tate Suh 2 天 前

    November 2018 anyone?

  • Dot.
    Dot. 2 天 前

    i can't unsee the spiderman eyes now thanks retarddit

  • Tadeo Barajas
    Tadeo Barajas 2 天 前

    A comment.

  • Walid tide podes fan WALID BT

    Did anyone see that he righted LWIAY wrong in the title 😂

  • David Goliath
    David Goliath 3 天 前

    Who the effWord is going to be able to afford one of those tv's

  • Channel Happiness
    Channel Happiness 4 天 前

    Enjoy it, to it's very little piece of meat ✌

  • Lawrie Bole
    Lawrie Bole 4 天 前

    You could spend £1000 on a tv that looks like a window or you could look out the window

  • atom greatest
    atom greatest 4 天 前

    when you said dolby atmos you said my name my name is atmos btw

  • HighFlyer77
    HighFlyer77 4 天 前

    0:48 totally not sponsored

  • Mohn Jadden
    Mohn Jadden 5 天 前

    Ah 9 year olds, the perfect demo market for $15,000 4k TV's.....sorry $14,999

  • pug man pug man
    pug man pug man 6 天 前

    ww2 was a battle royale everyone jumped out of a plane and picked up guns

  • Sahin Ucan 0808
    Sahin Ucan 0808 6 天 前

    Wierd flex but ok

  • MrFreeman Man
    MrFreeman Man 6 天 前

    Pewds is sad that Europe is going to die? Dude! Europe is trying to help you! Merkel is such a huge fan of you, that big that she's helping you kill memes

  • Ivanna Cazares
    Ivanna Cazares 7 天 前

    Ok how many of you are actually 9 year olds? I must know! 😂

  • Beckham
    Beckham 7 天 前

    Trump’s battle royale is going to be building walls. Deporting every enemy from our land

  • Sam Vid Central
    Sam Vid Central 7 天 前

    I will make sure memes will live.

  • Isabelbel Isabelbel

    Wait, I have that. Why is youRS So Amazing?
    Mine is Thick (THICC) Or, atleast thicker than yours, doesn't have THAT good graphic, and just..No.

  • Eddie’sThoughts
    Eddie’sThoughts 7 天 前

    Thoughts on TV: Juicy

  • Polterghost Radiation

    Did anyone gets the meaning of the first entry (the "if you understand this you will go to hell" one)

  • Sav Chiva
    Sav Chiva 8 天 前

    Weird flex but okei

  • Dark Ninja Flame
    Dark Ninja Flame 8 天 前 +1

    Instead of T-Series, it's DreamWorks

  • BryPly Elf
    BryPly Elf 8 天 前

    *Weird Flex and it ain't ok.*

  • Monish Thapa
    Monish Thapa 8 天 前

    wierd flex but oke!!!!

  • Tbone Coffin
    Tbone Coffin 9 天 前

    Y u flex

  • Raven Fountain
    Raven Fountain 9 天 前

    Leaving a comment... btw 14 lol

  • Fam Fako
    Fam Fako 9 天 前

    70million wow.. good work felix... I hope the gamer felix will come back...

  • Brooke Z
    Brooke Z 9 天 前

    I've gone down a Pewdiepie worm hole and I can't stop watching.... arghhahghehgksnf why has it taken me this long to become a fan??

  • theformulaforboredom

    Sister fister.

  • Almost Audioless
    Almost Audioless 10 天 前

    PewDiePie: You're all dummies.
    Me: We're not all dummies, we're all 9 year old memes.

  • john samiZ
    john samiZ 11 天 前 +1 this...??

  • ColeBeckVideos
    ColeBeckVideos 11 天 前

    Last week asked I you

  • SkyGuardian
    SkyGuardian 12 天 前

    Video starts at 1:20.
    You're welcome.

  • Max Beugnon
    Max Beugnon 13 天 前

    your not

  • skylor tebow
    skylor tebow 13 天 前


  • collegegirl 00
    collegegirl 00 13 天 前

    I read the title as CAN YOU DO THIS???!!!

  • Scout Sinclair
    Scout Sinclair 13 天 前

    The fact that there’s a candle on one side and not the other is annohing

  • PixelPanda 24
    PixelPanda 24 13 天 前 +1

    Ohhhh god... Spider-Man is TOTALLY based of PewDiePie’s beard. Damn

  • Robert Devlin
    Robert Devlin 14 天 前

    FELIX, please to have the TV please. Thanka you

  • heiyin mak
    heiyin mak 14 天 前

    Why isn’t anyone talking about his father yet ?

  • Hudson Allyn
    Hudson Allyn 14 天 前

    another massacre has occurred memes have been slaughtered around the world

  • Ñëţ Nıćøłë
    Ñëţ Nıćøłë 16 天 前


  • Avacado Godness
    Avacado Godness 16 天 前

    I don’t get that Spider-Man one?

  • Electro Jack
    Electro Jack 16 天 前

    Can you not cover the strip with like paint or something? That's what i was looking at the whole time
    Or run it inside the drywall

  • Dat1Gamer
    Dat1Gamer 17 天 前

    Cowbelly is in lawiy


  • Amrit Sangha
    Amrit Sangha 17 天 前

    at least we gonna leave the eu

  • The Pickle Of Destiny

    We need Dr.phil to be on your showwwwwww

  • iDontKnowWhatMyNameShouldBe hi :D

    AYYY 69 mil subs

  • VK2532
    VK2532 18 天 前

    You should be able to copystrike media and such for putting you in their articles etc without permission too! That would be fun XD

  • Bubblemation
    Bubblemation 18 天 前

    Don't worry you and me and the rest of Englanders, Walers scottys live in Britain and we're leaving the EU. HOORAY we still will be able to shower ourselves with memes. HELP ME THIS LEAVING THE EU THING IS TAKING TO LONG SEND HELP!

  • WellBeSerious12
    WellBeSerious12 18 天 前

    You should seriously do tech reviews.

  • [ENERGY] Slurpzz
    [ENERGY] Slurpzz 18 天 前

    I sure do love lwaiy

  • Noah Hollifield
    Noah Hollifield 18 天 前

    5:30 “9 YEAR OLDS = I mIsS fRiDaYs WiTh PeWdIePiE
    ME, AN INTELLECTUAL = I miss Pewdiepie roasting Jacksepticeye in pretty much every video”
    “Damn it... What happened? Well, I guess he died. RIP JACKSEPCRvTICEYE” Wait, is he roasting Jacksepticeye AND Markiplier? XD

  • Slendy
    Slendy 18 天 前

    Whats The Difference Between 10 year olds and 9 year olds...

    *There Not 1 Year Older.*

  • C O N I
    C O N I 19 天 前

    What is this poppy thing?

  • De Bot
    De Bot 19 天 前

    Weird flex, but ok

  • A wam cup of your mom's ass liquid

    Not gonna lie, but at the end, I genuinely felt that Pewds is tired of all of this.

  • martluca
    martluca 21 天 前

    Hello and welcome to my room, so I can show off my new 15.000$ tv, which you should also buy.

  • Levi Heicho
    Levi Heicho 21 天 前

    Lord farquaad is very much like me because he’s short

  • Hadriegon
    Hadriegon 23 天 前


  • Greenboy77
    Greenboy77 23 天 前

    11:25 killed my earbuds

  • Daria
    Daria 27 天 前

    2:30 can someone explain this to me?

  • name lastname
    name lastname 27 天 前

    felix i think i know how to save memes!!!!
    you were killing them right? and eu copied you! YOU CAN COPY STRIKE THEM!!!!!

  • Miss shah
    Miss shah 27 天 前

    Your audience are kids pewds

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob 27 天 前

    Hah I watched in 144p quality so I didn't see the fancy details

  • Through the eyes of Ellie and Tamzin

    Just move to the uk we’re leaving

  • David Smith
    David Smith 个月 前

    This shit gets meta af at the end. lol Crazy...

  • Karen Huang
    Karen Huang 个月 前


  • RandomnessArLizu
    RandomnessArLizu 个月 前

    I don't get the first one xd

  • SteevoGT69
    SteevoGT69 个月 前

    Wtf eu seriousltly

  • Ethan Arrow
    Ethan Arrow 个月 前

    If trump made a battle Royale it’d be the enjoyable version of fortnite, he’d give everyone the ability to build walls but this is the fun part, there’d be no consequences to killing people... now I know that sounds edgy but this world is boring as shit.

  • Ethan Arrow
    Ethan Arrow 个月 前

    But you kill memes so you’d probably be the president of the anti-meme community.

  • MorizzTV
    MorizzTV 个月 前


  • nick
    nick 个月 前


  • mirana nightshade
    mirana nightshade 个月 前

    B..buuu..butttt i do wan poppy harlow and gloria borger host news together

  • Lachlan Wright
    Lachlan Wright 个月 前

    Can we copy strike japsecktipguy

  • Savannah
    Savannah 个月 前

    Papa Pewds is adorable!!!

  • Jey Wulf
    Jey Wulf 个月 前

    he really does look like hiccup XD

  • Uros Bjelos
    Uros Bjelos 个月 前

    I left a comment

  • Tripp Sheffield
    Tripp Sheffield 个月 前

    LG stupid for this 😂😂

  • faith sprinkle
    faith sprinkle 个月 前

    4:28 I watch videos on 144p so I can't see the death and terrifying truth in youtubers eyes 😂 or just BECAUSE MY INTERNET SUCKS BALLS

  • Isis Womack
    Isis Womack 个月 前

    me and pewds laughed at the same time when we got the first meme at 2:32

  • Dani Leaf
    Dani Leaf 个月 前

    How the hell do you move that thing? I have an old ass flat screen that's about 4-5 inches thick and it flexes a lil when moving it. That one may fold 😂

  • Slendermen 305
    Slendermen 305 个月 前

    I have that exact tv lol

  • W_I_N_S ton
    W_I_N_S ton 个月 前


  • YahItzRubydoobie
    YahItzRubydoobie 个月 前

    Oh cowbelly....

  • YahItzRubydoobie
    YahItzRubydoobie 个月 前

    Someone explain the thing with Jane and the chimps

  • Nico2625
    Nico2625 个月 前

    Those LG tv's are the best

  • Atique Ahmed
    Atique Ahmed 个月 前

    we should play this intro on pewds funeral

  • Bill Mullins
    Bill Mullins 个月 前

    will it be south korea's take on battle royale

  • sonic fam
    sonic fam 个月 前


  • Kiwi Stopmotion productions

    No, he lives in the EU

  • skepy cukla
    skepy cukla 个月 前

    I want that tv, but later ok? unless someone sponsoring me for nothing :v

  • Xiomara Obama
    Xiomara Obama 个月 前

    RIP Whitney Houston

  • dovydas tomkus
    dovydas tomkus 个月 前

    If memes are banned that means fortnite is also

  • Doshia Brown
    Doshia Brown 个月 前

    My first CNclip video is better than yours all of yours