Britain's Got Talent 2018 Miss Tres Surprises Everyone Full Audition S12E05


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  • as_pcd
    as_pcd 17 小时 前

    David is like girls or guys?... It doesn't really matter LOL

  • Neymar Jr 10
    Neymar Jr 10 天 前

    yg tnga2x mirip nur sajat😂

  • Árnyékolástechnika Erdélyi

    Asia's Got Talent - Trio Miss Tres brings big surprise with Sex Bomb

  • Sakura Dimagiba
    Sakura Dimagiba 天 前

    I love the reaction of David...ohhh my sisters hahahaha

  • julialin89
    julialin89 5 天 前

    Yes, she's right.. they're hot and it's so unfair.. haha.. And I've watched them in Asia's Got Talent, I notice the members have changed, only the one in the middle is the same. I like the old members more..

  • Melinda Angeles
    Melinda Angeles 6 天 前

    Love you guys!July 2018

  • Gshift
    Gshift 8 天 前

    Ha! I knew from the moment they said they were from the Philippines! You can't fool my penis!
    Now if you'll excuse...

    *_fap fap fap fap fap fap_*

  • Dark Gamer
    Dark Gamer 8 天 前

    Filipinos like me are very talented and others are professionals

  • I hate everyone
    I hate everyone 8 天 前

    Penises + dresses...
    Brain.exe has stopped working.

  • Rondinele Silva
    Rondinele Silva 10 天 前

    a Voice more beautiful what i already Saw

  • YU -
    YU - 11 天 前


  • mark joseph cuevas
    mark joseph cuevas 12 天 前


  • Rick Sanchez C137
    Rick Sanchez C137 12 天 前

    I miss Mama Mia she was the strongest voice out of the 3 RIP Mama Mia

  • Valkyrie Buffy
    Valkyrie Buffy 14 天 前

    As a bi girl, I must say this is so hot.

  • Adan Arvelaiz
    Adan Arvelaiz 16 天 前

    I shared this video to a friend and he told me at the beginning "look thoses asses, they are fucking hot". Then he almost crush her hand on my face hahaha

  • kennethben bautista
    kennethben bautista 17 天 前

    nag live naba xfactor?

  • Marc Jewel Agbon
    Marc Jewel Agbon 19 天 前

    That voice crack tho at the end of the vote😂

  • Rom De Leon
    Rom De Leon 22 天 前

    So what happen to them? If they get a yes where are the other episode?

    • Simply Amazing
      Simply Amazing 10 天 前

      Rom De Leon They did not make it to the semi finals. I guess they were just invited as guest contestants because of their Audition in Asai's Got Talent whicm became a hit.

  • queenzie
    queenzie 23 天 前

    That was hell of a transition

  • PONG Baldo
    PONG Baldo 23 天 前


  • joy Paccarangan
    joy Paccarangan 23 天 前

    Hi pilipina kamusta idol ko kayo

  • Aiv Bautista/Aiv Ivan

    Im your number one fan! (Guys Pls sub me and I will sub back,PM me if you did thanks

  • Marc Jewel Agbon
    Marc Jewel Agbon 24 天 前

    BGT i Recommend you.
    The Miss Tres on Asia's Got Talent...
    Search [Miss Tres Asia's Got Talent]
    Beacause the voice is more louder! So you can hear it..
    And Romeo died.. i think.. i'm sorry..

  • ItsJulianaAndrea
    ItsJulianaAndrea 24 天 前


  • teresa egano
    teresa egano 25 天 前


  • Grace Olea
    Grace Olea 25 天 前

    hahah... i mistaken ...i expect beautiful gurls...😅😅beautiful gay pla.

  • vamoalla9
    vamoalla9 25 天 前

    They should be called Miss Ingmahdik

  • 이길수
    이길수 25 天 前

    트랜스젠더들 징그럽다

  • bos jer
    bos jer 25 天 前

    fantastique ,c'est vraiment gèniale!

  • spidermeow2014
    spidermeow2014 25 天 前

    Did they have beast implants?

  • Batmansuperman Thor
    Batmansuperman Thor 26 天 前

    That guy in 0:40 so cute ;)

  • simba2nd patches
    simba2nd patches 26 天 前

    other than the one that starts singing first, what happenrd to the other original two? I know the one with the deep raspy voice mama mia passed away but the other?

  • Ralph Laurence
    Ralph Laurence 26 天 前

    im so proud to be a filipino and the mistress were so incredibly amazing

  • Hiep Bui
    Hiep Bui 26 天 前

    they have nothing but this repetitive song, boring!

  • Mafuzzy
    Mafuzzy 26 天 前

    when even a guy is prettier than you what is the point of my existence .-.

  • Florian Pe
    Florian Pe 26 天 前

    They are all so pretty..

  • Lucidleo1975
    Lucidleo1975 27 天 前

    They were so great! It's too bad they got cut in the semi-finals!

  • First Sec
    First Sec 27 天 前


  • rodney sahot
    rodney sahot 28 天 前

    idol ko talaga si mari ko

  • WK K
    WK K 28 天 前

    Are they ladyboys ?? 🤔

  • Antonio Ortiz
    Antonio Ortiz 28 天 前

    MIs oídos escuchan una cosa pero mis ojos ven otra, mi cerebro no entiende.

    • maharlika rajah
      maharlika rajah 28 天 前

      yup your ears hear something but your eyes see something different, your brain can't understand... I can understand Spanish so easily...

  • Kris Valderrama
    Kris Valderrama 28 天 前

    too bad this was not the original mis tres

  • usaginana rae
    usaginana rae 28 天 前

    Mas maganda pa nga sila sa aken e hshahaha

  • Mathy Math
    Mathy Math 28 天 前

    It doesn't matter men or women as long as they took their clothes off David is happy
    , waving at them with all he got 😹😹😹😹😹

  • Carole Landry
    Carole Landry 29 天 前

    This is Allan abomination to god. A lot of natural born women feel less beautyful than those women. But with science and technowlogy being so advanced now days, they can do a lot. Science and technowlogy now days can transform men into beautyful looking women. They could do all kinds of implants, Botox, men can take years of estrogen, breast implants, implants. They could shape their bodies all around. Not natural at all but in the Bible these things have been phrophesies by phrophets for the end of times. People will be lovers of themselves. They will deny God's power there of. Women, Transgenders are still men, cause god don't make no mistake. People don't be decieved.

  • Romeo Raganas
    Romeo Raganas 29 天 前

    ANG LUPET🔥🔥🔥

  • Wynguard 23
    Wynguard 23 29 天 前

    Dear Anthony Ying---I think no need for this to be Translated in Tagalog because we do understand everything on this video. Philippines is one of the largest English speaking nations aside from its national language. To that end, I am very proud to say that! :)

  • ismael zamudio romero

    His man an woman,

  • Carmencita Garcia
    Carmencita Garcia 29 天 前

    wondering if these three are still active. They're all beautiful & stage performance ,amazing.

  • Sherief Elbadawi
    Sherief Elbadawi 29 天 前

    this voice comes from where !

  • Kalinna Vyacheslavovna

    When are they going to stop recycling contestants and pretending they haven't seen them perform before?

  • Kalinna Vyacheslavovna

    I can't stop laughing hahahhahhaa

  • Emily Makudi
    Emily Makudi 个月 前

    Lol this reminds me of season 1 of Thailand Got Talent that one girl who changed to be a man's voice right in the middle of the song

  • Alsmaishaihaiah Ricafranca

    Hindi na sila yung Dating batch!

  • Sling Shot Adam Trương

    i love Sex Boom

  • Gori Liya
    Gori Liya 个月 前

    I love Ladyboys. I love Thailand and The Philippines.

  • المفسدين في الارض هم الوهابيين الروافض و المجوس

    This rest of( lott ppl) That is why the philippine has floods and earthquakes. Its punishment from Allah to these forms of people. It's disgusting.

  • المفسدين في الارض هم الوهابيين الروافض و المجوس

    الحمد لله على نعمة الاسلام.

  • Brilliant Brooke
    Brilliant Brooke 个月 前

    They're men!
    Simon:"Are you hiding a little secret?"
    He meant that they were the opposite sex!

  • Thifany Brito
    Thifany Brito 个月 前


  • Cely Rivera
    Cely Rivera 个月 前

    Bravo to the #TrioMissTres! Mabuhay!

  • Jhnn Krstn
    Jhnn Krstn 个月 前

    Luh bat parang nawala ung 2 orig na member natira.lang ung nasa gitna. I know ung isa sakanila namatay and ung isa?

    • Jhnn Krstn
      Jhnn Krstn 个月 前

      Or nag iba lang muka nung black hair? Naiba ng make up? Kasi parang kahawig niya din ung dati

  • Mata Hari
    Mata Hari 个月 前

    Кончиты нам было мало,теперь ещё этих на сцену..Куда мир катится?

  • Tenshi Hinanawi
    Tenshi Hinanawi 个月 前

    They return from Asia’s got talent

  • Jen Vincur
    Jen Vincur 个月 前

    Are they men?!

  • Jen Vincur
    Jen Vincur 个月 前

    I’m so confused

    • Simply Amazing
      Simply Amazing 10 天 前

      Jen Vincur yes, they are males/gays/transgender

  • Fasna Faisal
    Fasna Faisal 个月 前 +2

    amazing luv from India 😊😊😁

  • Marc Jewel Agbon
    Marc Jewel Agbon 个月 前

    Did Romeo die?

  • Marc Jewel Agbon
    Marc Jewel Agbon 个月 前


  • Maryanne Rapana
    Maryanne Rapana 个月 前

    Sexy bombshell they are but such a petty their voices are still males.... LOL 😝

  • aim high
    aim high 个月 前

    what happened to their journey on brit got talent?

  • Anuar Musyadat
    Anuar Musyadat 个月 前

    How to be like destiny child with that roaring voice ?

  • bella roja
    bella roja 个月 前

    Um ick.

  • bella roja
    bella roja 个月 前

    So, who did they sleep with to keep being on every "Got Talent" show?

  • Star Marine
    Star Marine 个月 前

    They lip sing

  • Kevin Ball
    Kevin Ball 个月 前


  • Dario de nero
    Dario de nero 个月 前

    @0.55, when my boner disappeared.

  • Adrian Rios
    Adrian Rios 个月 前

    Ok ok imma say it i am a straight guy but that girl in the middle daaammn she gonna be the reason i sin i would smash that

  • Jman
    Jman 个月 前

    Pill-Ay-Peen Lady Boy

  • Dhia Ferrol
    Dhia Ferrol 个月 前

    That's what we call TRIPLE TRAPS

  • Chrustine Garthright

    Simon mey crush kay conrado.

  • flagella1337
    flagella1337 个月 前

    0:59 I love David's reaction. He's like "I fking knew it."

  • flagella1337
    flagella1337 个月 前

    I'd still bang them... wait what did I just say?

  • Kay Qhair
    Kay Qhair 个月 前

    That voice make me Lough guest wht saimon "surprise"!!

  • Royal Army
    Royal Army 个月 前

    The most amazing thing is that they can also sing with female voices especially the one in the middle.

  • milord641
    milord641 个月 前

    I think anime "Back Street Girls" about them :D

  • The Jason Station
    The Jason Station 个月 前

    Gross....just gross.

  • First Sec
    First Sec 个月 前


  • spk trudat
    spk trudat 个月 前

    what's with all these recycled acts from Asia's Got Talent?

  • mike kilo
    mike kilo 个月 前

    The girl o the boy in the middle with that outfit and makeup is absolutely stunning,maybe even than my hubby 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 黒須52
    黒須52 个月 前


  • thunder cat
    thunder cat 个月 前

    all beautiful woot woot

  • black shadow
    black shadow 个月 前

    lol booom!!!

  • Chintya Treea
    Chintya Treea 个月 前

    I can see the body of them in the first time they are walking to the stage. If they're is men.

  • Claude Online Philippines

    mas okay yung original miss tres mas magaling sina mare ko at yung isa.

  • Didik Hendra
    Didik Hendra 个月 前

    Wakakak mereka bencong?

  • MrMacgyver55
    MrMacgyver55 个月 前

    the judges wasn't surprise, it's was fake, the show is make all around the world by Simon Cowell, and he know very well the girls before they went on the show because they were on other talented show, really a bad fake surprise like manny other who are supposed to be unknow.

  • L.L. Craft
    L.L. Craft 个月 前

    wow those are some hot guys! Jeez...

  • M Rivera
    M Rivera 个月 前

    At least somebody in the audience got suspicious. the girl at 0:15 min.. she was like ..mmhh..wait a minute..something is odd..