Will violence kill Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement? | Conflict Zone

  • 添加 2019年11月 7日
  • Democracy activist and HK student leader Joey Siu still believes the movement, born on the streets of the Chinese Special Administrative Region this summer, needs to continue with demonstrations. "It is the government that forces us to take on the streets and to break the laws," Siu told DW.
    Clashes between demonstrators and police have turned increasingly violent. In recent days, politicians such as the pro-Beijing lawmaker Junius Ho and others have been attacked.
    Hong Kong’s pro-democracy activists, including Siu, so far have been unwilling to condemn the violence.
    "One of the principals among the protesters is about no splitting and no condemning any of our protesters, even though the level of violence they use seems to be … escalating," she said.
    DW’s Tim Sebastian asked if Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement was becoming as rigid and inflexible as Beijing?
    "I believe the discussion about the future of Hong Kong or how the movement would go is ... mushrooming, especially in the recent days when we see that there has been an escalation of violence while we're not achieving anything ... Peaceful means will be the only way out for us to resolve the current situation in Hong Kong," Siu said.
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  • DW News
    DW News  28 天 前 +207

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  • Shrek
    Shrek 6 小时 前

    "I go to school by bus"

  • Edward C
    Edward C 16 天 前

    She has a serious case of princess disease as they call it in HK. She is totally self centered, ignorant and heartless.

  • Cristina Yang
    Cristina Yang 24 天 前 +50

    DW news was actually trying to help her to clarify that they are having a peaceful protest, however seems the lady didn't get it....

  • Tuan Pham 1⃣
    Tuan Pham 1⃣ 24 天 前 +1

    If majority of HKer want a new government of their own let them have it and be responsible for it. What is the problem here? Isn't it suppression to have a government that doesn't represent the will of its people?

  • sonic070
    sonic070 24 天 前 +2

    DW News is a Central European media house and it should be a little more "understanding" to HK situation. Did we forget about our fight for liberty and democracy? Like Hungarian Uprising, Poland, Fall of Berlin Wall etc.

  • Alyasa Gan
    Alyasa Gan 28 天 前 +27

    If you dont condem violent you are an acomplice

  • Georgie38 Anon
    Georgie38 Anon 28 天 前 +6

    Deliberate attempt by DW to discredit the Hong Kong protestors for their freedoms promised when China took back HKG in 1997 but slowly imposing communist rule.

  • H Suli
    H Suli 28 天 前 +7

    this young lady can't represent the 200ML HK people. get to the core question, please! why HK people started to protest? how the HK government responded? if Lam made the correct move, the situation would be better. if the KH government agrees to get the free election, HK would have a greater future. ( of course the pro-china people will lose) Now, it is too later! HK is died.

    CHAN CO 28 天 前 +6

    Pls not forget a million and 2 million were participating the procession
    But government did not feedback and still ignoring the citizen voice.

  • TB Lim
    TB Lim 28 天 前 +47

    Spoiled brat pretending to be a well exposed & knowledgeable adult just because she speaks better English. 🤣
    She brought international ‘glory’ for herself and parents who brought her up with such values and they must have condoned her nonsense since young! 😆

  • Johnny Tsang
    Johnny Tsang 28 天 前 +7

    Democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of movement and the rule of law, better future for Hong Kong, all that mention above is not what the rioters is fighting for ?
    Can anyone tell me what are they fighting for ???

  • C Jade
    C Jade 28 天 前 +9


  • nibi025
    nibi025 28 天 前 +3

    Liberate Hong Kong !!!

  • C Jade
    C Jade 28 天 前 +30

    Definitely has lost her mind.

  • Celine C
    Celine C 28 天 前 +10

    I don’t believe it’s the real side of the movement, OMG!

  • Angie Chen
    Angie Chen 28 天 前 +715

    This lady is responding like a child...I went to university in HK, back then, some of Childish college students trying to discriminate against mainland students while they have never been to China. Those little dark spots have foreshadowed the storm. This girl has no logic and compassion for those who suffer from the riot.

  • Chen Kkken
    Chen Kkken 28 天 前 +101

    They even burned a man alive, just because the people didn't agree with them

  • Stacy Ho
    Stacy Ho 28 天 前 +397

    No. The majority of Hong Kong does not support these radical rioters. And no we are not willing to take the risk of a crackdown.
    This is a really great interview and the interviewer has great questions.
    Joey Siu's answers show us how superficial and short-sighted this group is. Very disappointing and very embarrassed for her.

  • 趙溫
    趙溫 28 天 前 +3

    so, a moral interrogation for protestors, but not the government? what's wrong with this old man?

  • Eric Cheung
    Eric Cheung 28 天 前

    There are no clear leaders. Just Hong Kong people standing up for themselves and society. Fall of big corporations (including American companies)
    We saw the Hong Kong legislative side fall and failing of universal suffrage. We are seeing the fall of Hong Kong Police. Soon the court system. One by one.
    Government has the press conference. They can host the conference to talk to the people. Over 2 million people showed on the street to walk and protest. The government used force and fear as tactics to scare people to be on the street. The youth are stepping up.
    Why are Hong Kong Police not accountable?

  • Fanbing Xia
    Fanbing Xia 28 天 前 +2

    Not so well

  • Magaleta Tie
    Magaleta Tie 28 天 前 +12

    so any boss or HR here wanna hire a HK youth to your Comp. in the future?

  • Shuai
    Shuai 28 天 前 +5

    Great video to show the truth!

  • skeltonhandsz
    skeltonhandsz 28 天 前 +1

    Fk China

  • Tsingjen Sue
    Tsingjen Sue 28 天 前 +4

    Why you want to argue with riot protesters?

  • Giga Mega
    Giga Mega 28 天 前 +129

    THEY CAME FIRST for the Government,
    and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a government official.

    THEN THEY CAME for the Police,
    and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Policeman.

    THEN THEY CAME for Starbucks,
    and I didn't speak up because I wasn’t a coffee shop owner.

    THEN THEY CAME for the Mandarin-Speaking tourists,
    and I didn't speak up because I was not a tourist.

    THEN THEY CAME for me,
    and by that time no one was left to speak up.

  • Besnik Nokaj
    Besnik Nokaj 28 天 前 +2

    the tactics she defends are the same tactics the ccp uses against them. keep up the good fight

    • Di Horse
      Di Horse 28 天 前 +10

      Besnik Nokaj Who is indoctrinated? 1. What should you call the British government who did not allow Hong Kong to select their leaders for close to 150 years? 2. The Chief Executive is not directly appointed by the chinese government until a voting process by an electoral committee put in their votes. There was a road map put up in 2014 to have more direct participation for Hong Kong to be involved in the process. Just the so call “pan democrats” refuse to accept it. 3. Hong Kong’s Human Freedom Index ranked #3 in the world. Where is your evidence that CCP is taking away our freedom? 4. Our freedom of speech has certainty been eroded by these rioters/terrorists who will beat up people holding different views.

    • Besnik Nokaj
      Besnik Nokaj 28 天 前

      @Di Horse 0 sympathy for the people who cant be recovered from indoctrination. the ccp doesnt allow the people of HK to elect their own leaders, their rights are slowly being taken away. they should fight until they have all their demands met

    • Di Horse
      Di Horse 28 天 前 +7

      Besnik Nokaj CCP did not use any violence on Hong Kong the way these rioters are using. CCP did not beat up us on holding different views with them. Every year many people gather to hold remembrance on June 4th, and nobody has been stopped of doing so or beaten up. But today, if you start arguing with these rioters, you run the risk of being beaten up. The man being burned is still in critical condition. These rioters are terrorists. They are not true fighters of democracy.

  • YC
    YC 28 天 前

    This is a strong and intelligent woman who is trying to bring the topic back to Hong Kong people’s commands. This journalist is trying to win a debate, he is clearly not hearing her.

    • Di Horse
      Di Horse 28 天 前 +18

      YC You call her intelligent?

  • Rong Na
    Rong Na 28 天 前 +20

    "I believe" "have to" instead of "we believe", indicating their organization, but "random" violence .. She has totally no idea about the whole things. They seems like against anything even the lawful lawyers, judges or independent investigators from UK, AU, NZ, etc. as long as they do not agree with them. She has no logic thinking, bad wording (too much "i believe", "first of all", etc.).How could she be qualified to a high level education (such as college)?

  • jackie boy
    jackie boy 28 天 前 +127

    she's way out of her league. this guy is talking circles around her because she's a joke to him.

  • bear lewis
    bear lewis 28 天 前 +445

    Born in USA? So she is not HongKonger, she is American...

  • Angie Wang
    Angie Wang 28 天 前 +6

    why this cannot be shared on Facebook?

  • Proghead
    Proghead 28 天 前 +1

    GTA VI in real life and even worse.

  • Boyd Seabiscuit
    Boyd Seabiscuit 28 天 前 +9

    that's some intense barbecue.

  • Ho Yin Chung
    Ho Yin Chung 28 天 前 +2

    it's such a shame you are our spokesperson

    • Di Horse
      Di Horse 28 天 前

      Ho Yin Chung Not mine anyway.

  • BYC
    BYC 28 天 前 +17

    Bravo DW, it’s been a loooooong time since last time we’ve seen a unbiased report like this.

  • Young C
    Young C 28 天 前 +5

    If we had the internet during the 89 tiananmen people would have seen the sickness on those student protesters leader’s face! One even said she wanted to shed others blood she believes only when bunch of student dies she than can achieve her goal
    And here I’m seeing the same pattern, same brainless young kids doing others betting... I use to be one of them sign

  • Jay Guintz
    Jay Guintz 28 天 前

    Wow awesome.... Fighting each other... Jackie chan will handle this

  • sasus81
    sasus81 28 天 前 +30

    The knowledge gap between the 2 is just too much....

  • Luke Cai
    Luke Cai 28 天 前 +19

    I believe some people still have not learnt enough from the Old Man: too young, too simple, sometimes naïve.

  • syon2426
    syon2426 28 天 前 +7

    This is like having a Kid talks.

  • Phongy 401
    Phongy 401 28 天 前 +35

    she keep saying "I think" and "i believe" ... she is a partner to the many crimes

  • Luke Cai
    Luke Cai 28 天 前 +9

    I believe setting a ''pro-Beijing'' old Hong Konger on fire is not a GOOD way to express our freedom of speech but that is because he does not agree with us.

  • Eugene Tan
    Eugene Tan 28 天 前 +24

    One of the best western interviews I have seen.

  • Yarny w
    Yarny w 28 天 前 +9

    I can't believe this woman could stand out as a representer of Hong Kong. The way she talks, the way she thinks of bitting innocent citizens. She does not represent Hong Kong but terrorism..

  • Alus Aamir
    Alus Aamir 28 天 前 +2

    I believe l can flay, l believe l can touch the sky, l believe 50 time she said believe until kids say what how much she said l believe

  • Weining Ding
    Weining Ding 28 天 前 +11

    Sent this HK terrorists to jail is the only way out!

  • Fanny Chome
    Fanny Chome 28 天 前 +2

    Hong Kong government joined with the CCP, and HK gangsters to against Hong Kong people who are asking for freedom, human right, and justice system. The HK gov’t has been twisted. Most of the riots are Disguised by the Hong Kong polices and they have admitted.

  • Glitvan Kou
    Glitvan Kou 28 天 前 +2

    A comment seen on MainlandChina video website Bilibili given by user 无机心(with my poor translation):
    The interviewer tries to guide the girl's expression in the aspects as follow:
    1.We will(or already) stop violence and constraint our members.
    2.We will(or already) make a scheme of our union and unite all the members.
    3.We will find out some people responsible for these violent events(Scapegoats) and make them punished in order to gain the support of International Opinion, showing that we are the ones standing for rule of law.
    4.More democrats will enter political system with the help of these events.
    But what she reveals through her repeating words are:
    1.The group of riots will be immediately splited once inner disagreement appears due to the complicated situation in it.
    2.They cannot come up with a scheme due to their low political literacy.
    3.The leaders cannot decide a scapegoat because they are unable to persuade the whole group.
    4.The leaders have too few political experience to earn enough fame. Once the violent events are stopped, they will lose their influence.
    The original text is shown as follow.

  • Eric Bai
    Eric Bai 28 天 前 +68

    I believe that she believes most of hongkongers believe that she believes most of their actions are believed rational, so she believes that we will believe.....wait where am I

  • Jeffrey Yu
    Jeffrey Yu 28 天 前 +191

    I believe HK's future is trashed if she were the majority of the younger generations.

  • Zach Liu
    Zach Liu 28 天 前 +11

    She has an empty brain, shameless.

  • Rennechon
    Rennechon 28 天 前 +6

    I wonder where their parents are. These youngsters maybe clueless but their parent must know better. If I have a child like this, I would at least cut off her financial support.

  • Ivan Chen
    Ivan Chen 28 天 前 +82

    The only thing they have never expected is, the Beijing Government has NOT taken any direct action to put them down, they have been saying that the army will be sent to suppress them since day one, but it has been 6 months, I haven’t even seen a toy gun from Beijing yet...

  • icycannonball
    icycannonball 28 天 前 +65

    You can tell that Ms. Siu is purely emotional in the interview by her eyes. Don't know if there is any logic in what she's saying. Also, I don't know much about politics, but I do know that in order to start meaningful discussions, BOTH sides have to be willing to compromise. So far, and from recent events, the protestors don't seem to be able to compromise because they feel that if they do, they will "lose" everything. But let me tell you something Ms. Siu, you and your so-called "majority of Hong Kongers'" (even though it's really not) lack of accountability and violent actions will lead you to live miserable and regretful lives for 50 years starting from 2047 (or longer depending on when China decides to take action). Your actions will be felt not only by everyone in this current generation, but by your children's generation, grandchildren's generation and perhaps even your great grandchildren's generation. I hope you are ready for that windfall. Where will future students go to university in HK if all of them are destroyed? What companies will hire people who are determined to destroy property at will and who don't seem to have any accountability in their actions? What freedoms are you going to have when China could literally and proverbially "turn off the water tap" and stop exporting food to Hong Kong? What about when your parents lose their jobs because more and more businesses will be closed due to a lack of customers? You all think that you're fighting for democracy, but you won't condemn any acts of violence? How's that going to work for universal suffrage? Oh, I don't like who you voted for so I will beat up you and your candidate? You condemn the police for their brutality, and yes, there are occasions where the police used more force or did do things that were unnecessary, but let's make one thing clear since you seem to be so infatuated by the US and the UK: The police in said countries would've used live rounds a lot sooner so don't think that because the police haven't used live rounds until recently that that gives people the right to approach police armed or unarmed in a tense situation (and especially when they have their guns drawn). It's unfortunate that the protestors were shot, but if you approach a police officer with their gun drawn and take a swipe at them armed or unarmed, you have no one to blame but yourself (and that goes for anyone else who deems it to be heroic to "rescue" their "comrades").

  • Yeongteck Lee
    Yeongteck Lee 28 天 前 +4

    This girl is too simple yet too naive.

  • M8B2L8
    M8B2L8 28 天 前

    The Interviewer is not giving time for a full response, always interrupting and accusing. The interviewer far from impartial, bearing down on opposition of the movement with instigating tone. Once Siu gains some ground in the argument, the interviewer always says 'we will come back...(to this point).
    Please keep in mind 1) Siu does NOT represent the movement, the movement is a faceless and leaderless pressure to hold the government and police powers accountable; 2) English is obviously not her mother tongue, perhaps she should have used Cantonese with an interpreter present for this interview.

    • Di Horse
      Di Horse 28 天 前 +5

      M8B2L8 1. she does represent the 8 university, a key part of the movement. 2. She did admit that there have been violence which was not desirable. 3. She did admit, at least for the universities she representing, that they are condoning the violence. 4. She cannot answer why the rioters/law breakers should be treated on a different standard under the rule of law 5. Fluency in english is not the reason for the negativity, it’s the reality of the movement.

  • Ken Mc Leod
    Ken Mc Leod 28 天 前 +9

    What about an investigation into rioters’ brutality?

  • madan basnetmadan
    madan basnetmadan 28 天 前 +7

    Just i believe.....then again i believe pointless talk. Never seen this type of i believe... again i believe.......