how to create billie eilish's "bad guy"

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  • hello here is the easiest way to create billie eilish's song "bad guy" from scratch. yes i actually used those items to create the sounds you are hearing. i am so sorry for this

    Thank you so much for watching!

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  • SethEverman
    SethEverman  个月 前 +235564

    thank you so much for the support and nice comments! i guess i did the music too well, since it instantly got copyright claimed for using billie eilish's song. oh well

  • Geneva Hanna
    Geneva Hanna 21 小时 前

    As he is staring into my soul I question existence

  • Geneva Hanna
    Geneva Hanna 21 小时 前

    You can really see the *emotion* in his face

  • erin and damian
    erin and damian 21 小时 前

    0:40 why does that sound so farmiliar?..

  • Lauty il
    Lauty il 21 小时 前 +1

    00:23 *puts james charles singing bad guy chorus part*

  • Emma Kobs
    Emma Kobs 21 小时 前

    you are a treasure and a precious man

  • PR!DE ElimS
    PR!DE ElimS 21 小时 前

    I set this as my ring tone

  • C.A.T. S
    C.A.T. S 21 小时 前

    When ever I want to smile I just watch this☺️☺️☺️

  • Yasser Piedi
    Yasser Piedi 21 小时 前

    "I'm the bald guy"

  • Deya .z
    Deya .z 21 小时 前

    LMAO the ending

  • Voked _ Sprayz
    Voked _ Sprayz 21 小时 前

    The first melody sounds like the plants vs zombies theme song

  • Jessie B.
    Jessie B. 21 小时 前

    W E A R E N U M B E R O N E

  • santiago trujillo
    santiago trujillo 21 小时 前

    0:39 :D

  • Georgina Sotomayor
    Georgina Sotomayor 21 小时 前

    *e d g y .*

  • Leo
    Leo 21 小时 前

    The melody at the end is not bad.

  • Pranab Mohanty
    Pranab Mohanty 21 小时 前

    So guys we did it

  • FantomRaven
    FantomRaven 21 小时 前

    Every time i listen to bad guy all I can hear is the we are number one song now

  • ya_girl_ jaybee
    ya_girl_ jaybee 21 小时 前

    I’m fucking dead❤️😂😭

  • Itz Muffet
    Itz Muffet 21 小时 前

    One reason I need to live for

  • It's Fate
    It's Fate 21 小时 前 +1

    That transition to the Plants vs. Zombies theme song though 👌

  • Ishida Gorou
    Ishida Gorou 21 小时 前


  • Endroholic
    Endroholic 21 小时 前 +1

    *_You also need a guide book of "How to curse"_*

  • Nrsandeep Reshmi
    Nrsandeep Reshmi 21 小时 前

    I want extended version of this

  • Damian Walker
    Damian Walker 21 小时 前 +1

    we are number one

  • FFridee
    FFridee 21 小时 前


  • vivian hernandez
    vivian hernandez 21 小时 前


  • 「NA」 Neonatic
    「NA」 Neonatic 21 小时 前

    billie eilish: boy version

  • Im at Soupp _
    Im at Soupp _ 21 小时 前

    Ok why does the melody sound like pvz

  • Żupan
    Żupan 21 小时 前 +1

    Top 10 duh moments

  • The Foodie Newbie
    The Foodie Newbie 21 小时 前

    I’m calling you Billie Eyebrow

  • Macie C.
    Macie C. 22 小时 前

    I heard about this on the radio so I looked it up and........😂

  • Karl Nilsson
    Karl Nilsson 22 小时 前

    if you want to be the billie number one

  • PuppetGames
    PuppetGames 22 小时 前

    0:01 When Thanos tries to snap without the infinity stones

  • Deatails
    Deatails 22 小时 前


  • bubblegum loading__________________

    Ur dope as hell thank you

  • Hiyouredead
    Hiyouredead 22 小时 前

    0:47 seconds 64 ads

  • imgonnahulksmash
    imgonnahulksmash 22 小时 前


  • elMaldo
    elMaldo 22 小时 前

    que geniooo jajaaj

  • Baileyando
    Baileyando 22 小时 前


  • Pollo
    Pollo 22 小时 前

    Que pedo con los subtitulos 😂😂

  • Herbert The Duck
    Herbert The Duck 22 小时 前

    I'm tired of watching over and over this masterpiece, do someone has some good stuff as ears pleasing and mindblowing as this ? It's really important, I NEED MORE !

  • MakeupAddict0409
    MakeupAddict0409 22 小时 前

    Omg ive been playing angry dishes ever since my mom would make me do the dishes!! *adds musical experience to list of abilities*

  • Silver Rose
    Silver Rose 22 小时 前

    This video is too fucking good

  • Alyana Arroyo
    Alyana Arroyo 22 小时 前


  • Nixha Games
    Nixha Games 22 小时 前

    This song is just spooky we are number one

    BLINK HORA 22 小时 前

    6th time I watch this now

  • Heda Kom TriKru
    Heda Kom TriKru 22 小时 前

    Oooh so this is what people meant by ‘couch’. I kept seeing that in every comment section of this song

  • Mr. Jeff
    Mr. Jeff 22 小时 前

    Check this guys comment on bad guy the actual song he said I’m the bald guy and has like 223k likes on that comment

    xXSENSEIXx 22 小时 前

    Frikin watch it a hundreth time

    BLIZZARDOK 22 小时 前 +1

    She low-key cute tho

  • hannah yeye
    hannah yeye 22 小时 前

    here i am, back again, this vid is too addictive

  • Lessa M.
    Lessa M. 22 小时 前


    JAMES COBURN 22 小时 前

    You have to see this 10 times your not cool

  • Why Do You Care?
    Why Do You Care? 22 小时 前

    Damn I kinda watch it every day.

  • Ivoivivoibs Lonely Corner

    Friend: What instrument do you play?
    Me: I play the speaking into a fan.

  • Jaime Melara
    Jaime Melara 22 小时 前 +2

    Now turn on captions for a better EXPERIENCE😏

  • Samuel Ribeiro
    Samuel Ribeiro 23 小时 前

    That's a really nice wig

  • William
    William 23 小时 前

    I want moreeee!!!!!

  • I am a Mermaid
    I am a Mermaid 23 小时 前


  • MasterOfMelons
    MasterOfMelons 23 小时 前

    100 times better than the actual song.

  • ElabesYT
    ElabesYT 23 小时 前

    This video is copystriked :v lmao

  • DjuMalik Plays
    DjuMalik Plays 23 小时 前


  • Loser.
    Loser. 23 小时 前

    Turn on captions and it’s so much better :))
    Thank me later.

  • TJ Bowser
    TJ Bowser 23 小时 前

    this is brilliant

  • sir perfectionest
    sir perfectionest 23 小时 前

    how tf did this pass when your a classical pianist but also a hip hop fan??? whatevs i love you seth, you da homie.

  • S.S Potato
    S.S Potato 23 小时 前

    His face the whole we know what type of face he make when he reads the comment section.

  • Daniel Jardim
    Daniel Jardim 23 小时 前

    Bro this is freakin hilarious 😂

  • Artist Assassin
    Artist Assassin 23 小时 前

    Agent 47 wth are you doing???

  • Quillz
    Quillz 23 小时 前

    I love when he said "doh" 😍😍😍😍

  • Pabszito
    Pabszito 23 小时 前

    I can't stop viewing this

  • fernandison
    fernandison 23 小时 前

    Plants vs Zombies mood

  • Madison Nobles
    Madison Nobles 23 小时 前

    Whyyyy does this sound really good 🤣🤣

  • Riżkii
    Riżkii 23 小时 前

    That ending got me lol

  • geraldine salazar-velasquez

    This is me when I don’t have no instructions to do my music

  • Stefano Nakata
    Stefano Nakata 23 小时 前


  • SMT Artshow
    SMT Artshow 23 小时 前

    Great ending with We Are Number One, such a legend 👌😂

  • El zeldero Maestro
    El zeldero Maestro 23 小时 前

    Anumas k shido

  • chocolate
    chocolate 23 小时 前

    Goulart é vc?

  • Maietsu
    Maietsu 23 小时 前

    I just heard this song for the 1st time not even 10 mins ago. The found this and omg this is the best ever

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  • The Game Chicken


  • Blaze Clarke
    Blaze Clarke 天 前

    Sounds a lot like plants Vs zombies, is it just me?

  • Haley H
    Haley H 天 前

    Gr8 vid

  • Daniel Miranda
    Daniel Miranda 天 前

    Full song please!

  • Dennis meneses
    Dennis meneses 天 前

    plants vs zombies

  • GreenTurtle Gaming

    We are number one

    ERTMER 天 前

    The fan really got me I used to do that as a young lad

  • GreedyDevil's Playground

    I love how I smoothly transitioned into WE ARE NUMBER ONE!!

  • Leila Patrick
    Leila Patrick 天 前

    Welp I found my favorite artist. Oh no not Billie eilish. HIM^🥵❤️😂

    YAMAHA 天 前

    진짜 좋나 좋더니까?

  • Packy Chan
    Packy Chan 天 前

    Seth better release this on Spotify

  • BlazeNinja05
    BlazeNinja05 天 前

    Every cunt that disliked this has nae music taste and listens to pishy eyelash oan the daily

  • Hazelツ
    Hazelツ 天 前

    Lol, the captions are so frigging funny

  • DogManCheessDip
    DogManCheessDip 天 前

    People say the couch doesn’t add anything but it makes the song sound good

  • Jetto Studios
    Jetto Studios 天 前

    Play with subtitles

  • GrymXReaper
    GrymXReaper 天 前

    "schnap (seth is now Lvl 900 godfather now)" love it

  • TheyyLanderz
    TheyyLanderz 天 前

    Who is this billie ellish?

  • Daniel Delegarde


  • J Terry TV
    J Terry TV 天 前 +1

    0:35 How Daft Punk made The Brainwasher

  • Fishy Le Derp
    Fishy Le Derp 天 前

    About what I wish to reach in life, no better.