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    Watch Pixiwoo's video of soap brows here:视频.html

    Clearly Natural Glycerine Bar Soap
    Benefit Cosmetics - Precisely, My Brow Pencil
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  • Iam khochilu
    Iam khochilu 28 天 前

    2016 oh wtf I came to know about this trend in 2019 haha 😂 who else?!

  • Ava Estelle07
    Ava Estelle07 个月 前

    Ummmm HELLO?! Girl this is gonna sister SAVE MY ASS😂😂😂 ps. U have such good brow game!! Like those brow strokes look so natural I thought u had naturally thick brows already before I saw u without them filled in💓💓❤️❤️

  • GoldenAlpha Wolff
    GoldenAlpha Wolff 个月 前

    What are those eyelashes

  • Charlene Hall
    Charlene Hall 个月 前

    It’s the glycerin ladies

  • Anzu Stoll
    Anzu Stoll 个月 前

    Soap has lye in it which will melt the skin, another alternative is conditioner which can be used as hair gel or eyebrow gel💛

  • Rubi M
    Rubi M 个月 前

    Thanks for the hack new sub

  • Sybella Gonzalez
    Sybella Gonzalez 2 个月 前

    What type of soap? Anyone in specially?

  • Selena Bone
    Selena Bone 2 个月 前

    You did that so well. 😍 Loved this video. I love that brow on you.

  • Nae 123
    Nae 123 2 个月 前

    This shit works beech😂

  • TheBlupp666
    TheBlupp666 3 个月 前

    Hey Desi, what lashes are you using? I’m new to your channel 💕

  • Jessica Nikita
    Jessica Nikita 3 个月 前 +1

    Will this make my eyebrows dry? Or does it help to moisturise them ? xx

  • Lupe Gonzalez
    Lupe Gonzalez 4 个月 前

    Girl your eyebrows are on fire😍😍😍

  • Santiagogirl
    Santiagogirl 4 个月 前

    Wow you are so good at brows!! So perfect!!! And natural looking!!!!

  • Emily Nicholson
    Emily Nicholson 4 个月 前

    She was right! There was a trend of thick brows

  • banalata mukherjee
    banalata mukherjee 4 个月 前

    I want to know your lipstick shade applied on to your lips

  • Miriam Gustafson
    Miriam Gustafson 4 个月 前

    Okay like my brow hairs are pretty long so if I brush up it looks ridiculous! I've tried trimming but I put castor oil on them to get the sparse (over plucked) areas to grow back. Your brows look gOuRgOuS! Mine are a little thinner (not 90's over-plucked style) and I'm scared to grow them thicker

  • Beth Murphy
    Beth Murphy 5 个月 前

    Anyone know what these lashes are?? Xxx

  • Anna Kobulia
    Anna Kobulia 5 个月 前

    Love it! 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Nicole Coburn
    Nicole Coburn 6 个月 前

    Desi I just tried your soap brows and it has literally changed my life! You're amazing girl

  • regina raygoza
    regina raygoza 7 个月 前

    What lashes are you wearing?

  • iFashionYi
    iFashionYi 8 个月 前

    This video has change my life!! Thank you Desi you’re the best!🧡🧡

  • _.hype24
    _.hype24 9 个月 前

    Loveee this

  • Sophia Ahmed
    Sophia Ahmed 9 个月 前

    How would you do this with peaked brows??!! (you know, the ones with mountains on them...) I saw your bushy brow tutorial and want to try it!

  • Christy Sweet
    Christy Sweet 10 个月 前

    Glycerin, not soap

  • Renji Hareesh
    Renji Hareesh 10 个月 前

    Which one you used to fill your eyebrow.. Buying link plsss

  • Mabel Villarreal
    Mabel Villarreal 10 个月 前

    Perfect beautiful eyebrows. I will try it!

  • Billie
    Billie 11 个月 前

    the lashes!

  • TX
    TX 11 个月 前

    I Like it so much more (soapy brows). It looks more full and natural!

  • Milena Pui
    Milena Pui 年 前

    I think is time for me to try this! Victoria secret did the trick, so let’s Hope for the soap now 🤣👍🏼❤️

  • sunny5357
    sunny5357 年 前

    Love it!

  • Małgorzata Jach-Pietroń

    It looks great

  • Tina Arafat
    Tina Arafat 年 前 +1

    Thats a gr8 idea .when i run out of brow gel i use vasaline lightly just like that on the brysh but very litghtly

  • Lisa Olivia
    Lisa Olivia 年 前

    If I use my dip brow pomade over this wont the soap get in the container and mess up the product? Really wanna try this but kinda scared I will destroy my dip brow...

  • Calvin Brockington

    I do this all the time, I loves it !!

  • Robyn Bellmore
    Robyn Bellmore 年 前

    cant wait to try this! but what lip colour is that !? im in love and need it .

  • Stephanie Velazquez de Garrick

    Do you still do this brow method, Love?

  • veronica zazueta

    I just discovered u like yesterday. WHERE HAVE U BEEN? I am lovin ur vids!!!!

  • Nicole Gill
    Nicole Gill 年 前 +1

    Omg i tried thus technique!!! It is sooo bomb!! The more i do it the better it gets and love more!!!! Its so easy!!! Thanks soooo much!❤

  • Alma Toledo
    Alma Toledo 年 前

    What about a tutorial for those of us with almost no brow hair. Please help. Loved soap technique.

  • alexis h
    alexis h 年 前

    Is that Hot Fire I see?! Girl you posted this video September 2016. I see you!!👀


    So I was actually looking for this video cause I wanted to see what kind of soap u r using and I noticed is the lipstick u r wearing HOT FIRE? Lol

  • Chloe cHLoE
    Chloe cHLoE 年 前

    I've seen this and the "how to... natural bushy eyebrows" which product is better for this look? the benefit precisely my brow or the benefit Ka-brow?

  • Abeer B
    Abeer B 年 前

    why don't you try microblading Desi???!!!

  • Jessica Brown
    Jessica Brown 年 前

    Ok you seriously just blew my mind!!!!! I just texted all my girls like "wtf? How did one of us not think of this? we have been wasting so much money over the years on gel and wax!" Your brow game is on point! You were the first youtube brow video to blow me away. Most girls seem to be born without the curse of bald spots so you're the first to help me figure that out :x

  • veronica jnmarie

    Like and will definitely try

  • J S
    J S 年 前

    Isn't it bad to put soap on your skin because it can absorb?

  • stephanie gem1
    stephanie gem1 年 前

    My brows grow in different directions and eyebrow gel BARELY helps!!! This might've just saved me!!!

  • N. Hatshepshut
    N. Hatshepshut 年 前

    Can be any kind of soap or one specific 4 brows?

  • Stormy Girl
    Stormy Girl 年 前

    Lol. You are funny! AND gorgeous!!! Thanks for the tip!

  • ka jong venus Park

    "expired".... 🤣

  • Jewelz c
    Jewelz c 年 前

    This looks amazing 😉 my only concern is sweating 😅 will I get soap in my eyes at the gym? Lol 😆

  • Tara Lynn
    Tara Lynn 年 前

    What eyelashes is she wearing in this video? Does anyone know?

  • Olivia Riley
    Olivia Riley 年 前

    I'm actually so surprised at how well this worked. Just tried it and my brows look so natural!

  • selenalove1971
    selenalove1971 年 前

    I love it! I want mine like that all the time!

  • LissaNylon
    LissaNylon 年 前

    Funny you made this video. A few years back during a shoot, I asked the mua to give the model that "no eyebrow" look. She literally rubbed soap on the girls brows and it behaved like a wax. Then she just covered it with foundation. I was like whaaaaat!
    :sings: soap! Its not just for baths! >:p

  • cynthia Rose
    cynthia Rose 年 前

    Wait... Did you over line your lips?

  • Paula
    Paula 年 前

    Is that hot fire??? 🤔

  • Alondra Gonzalez

    What lashes are you using? They are lovely

  • Pavchi
    Pavchi 年 前

    Desi girl you changed my life

  • monika medok
    monika medok 年 前

    Nail colour ❤

  • Tierra McLellan
    Tierra McLellan 年 前

    What lashes are you wearing in this video? I love them!

  • Katherine Molina
    Katherine Molina 年 前 +1

    so you were wearing "hot fire" in this video?? 😏😏 love you desi 😘

  • Press Start PH
    Press Start PH 年 前

    i really really love it

  • madisonremy
    madisonremy 年 前

    Can someone just tell me what Desi says at 0:54? I'm assuming it's Spanish but what is she saying!? I'm just so curious

    • Neyma Orozco
      Neyma Orozco 年 前

      madisonremy she says jabon which is spanish for soap

  • Adrian Mathew
    Adrian Mathew 年 前

    I love it but what about sweating while I'm working out at the gym, will it come off? omg rainy days too lol

  • francesca coppola

    won't it itch though?

  • Edith R
    Edith R 年 前

    I am new and trying to find out who is Katie must be ur bestie lol. I love how u get straight to point and give me lots of tips

  • Carla Samaniego
    Carla Samaniego 年 前

    I. Love. Your. Lipstick. What is it???

  • Tia Rose
    Tia Rose 年 前

    what is this lipstick colour 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • DeloresGrey
    DeloresGrey 年 前

    You have good bone structure and you wear makeup to enhance not cover. Your eye makeup is so simple and pretty.

  • Charles Petka
    Charles Petka 年 前

    Desi I love this f in brow

  • Gretchen Thomas
    Gretchen Thomas 年 前


  • Michael Ramsey
    Michael Ramsey 年 前

    who cares who came up with this it works stop bitching

  • Myra Wright
    Myra Wright 年 前

    I watched this a while ago when you first uploaded this video and now im back lol I kept forgetting to buy the soap but I got it today and OMG life changing I'm not spending 20 dollars on a eyebrow gel anymore lol.

  • Flora Pake
    Flora Pake 年 前

    That's probably the best looking brow I ever seen on youtube so FLAWLESS!!!! So well tamed love it

  • Mel Millan
    Mel Millan 年 前

    Love this tutorial you answered all my questions! ♥️ thanks desi!

  • TheMamaAskerHo0ps

    DUDE! Seriously this is the fucking BEST! #soapbrowbeliever #thankstoyou #onthatshit

  • Love,Madison
    Love,Madison 年 前

    I was looking for another way to lay my brows down for sfx makeup, I hate using glue!! I am so happy I just learned this trick! Your brows give me lifeeeeeee!!!

  • Chloe Botsi
    Chloe Botsi 年 前


  • dajana 801
    dajana 801 年 前

    I feel like she looks like jlo. Am I the only one?😂

  • Rachel Turner
    Rachel Turner 年 前 +7

    Let's just say those brows are squeaky and fleeky 💀

  • María José Campa Valenzuela

    Omg WHAT lashes are you using? 😍

  • A_ White Lance
    A_ White Lance 年 前

    On the bright side it'll be easy to wash it off at the end of the day

  • Kiara Monreal
    Kiara Monreal 年 前

    What is your lip color! It's beautiful

  • Arielle Oder
    Arielle Oder 年 前

    Desi what lip color are you wearing here??? Must have!

  • Kandace Hayes
    Kandace Hayes 年 前

    Thank you for the tip!
    I've been trying to train my brows to go up got ages & nothing has worked till now.

  • resiouuu
    resiouuu 年 前

    Girl this trick changed the Brow Game for me 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Holly Yu
    Holly Yu 年 前

    I use Vaseline, they help your eyebrows grow thicker and longer. It works super well.

  • Diamond Moon
    Diamond Moon 年 前

    First one on here !!!! Lol on my lunch break ! Might be late but ehhh whateves

  • Dianna Salva
    Dianna Salva 年 前


  • BeautyandMe
    BeautyandMe 年 前

    yes they look really nice i love massy brows

  • Sarah Arias
    Sarah Arias 年 前

    Am I the only one who wants to know her nail color??? Love you desi 😘😘 I'm rewatching everyone of your videos like a creep 👀

  • annie cater
    annie cater 年 前

    Do you still use this method?

  • Louise Miles
    Louise Miles 2 年 前

    desi what on earth lashes are you wearing right here? yu might mention it in the video but i was too excited to get past 10 seconds in the video! Sorry if you mention it later but me wants to know nowz! x

  • Joanna Luff
    Joanna Luff 2 年 前

    This could be a stupid question but does using soap break down the make up at all? xx

  • Ziggy Z
    Ziggy Z 2 年 前

    or you could use hair edge control

  • Nina Franco
    Nina Franco 2 年 前

    I tried this after watching this video. A few hrs later I went to workout at the gym and i had forgotten i had soap on my eyebrows. Well, lets just say my eyes were burning after sweating and i had no idea what was going on lol. I figured.
    Never try this before a workout haha. I use this method all the time when i go out. Absolutely love it! P.s. Desi is QUEEN of eyebrow tutorials. Impeccable. #Snapfam

  • mari salgado
    mari salgado 2 年 前

    Jabon lol love it btw I have never bought that eyebrow gel anyway but I love this soap technique!!!

  • siofra
    siofra 2 年 前

    she reminds me of raja from rpdr!!

  • Naty
    Naty 2 年 前

    Does it matter what kind of soap ???