Random Duos - Ninja Matches The Coolest 7 Year Old!! - Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay


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  • Ryan Witter
    Ryan Witter 5 小时 前

    This kid is adorable

  • Regero Allen
    Regero Allen 7 小时 前

    Ninja the best

  • tiffany buott
    tiffany buott 13 小时 前

    Can you please give me vbucs

  • Mitchyy
    Mitchyy 17 小时 前

    Omg how sweet is that kid

  • Uroboros La Snake
    Uroboros La Snake å¤© 前

    We need more with this random kid, this is brilliant on so many levels lol

  • ItsPat
    ItsPat å¤© 前


  • Vignesh sai
    Vignesh sai 2 天 前


  • Saul Pedraza
    Saul Pedraza 2 天 前

    After build fight btw

  • Saul Pedraza
    Saul Pedraza 2 天 前


  • evan morgan
    evan morgan 2 天 前


  • Bryan Mendoza
    Bryan Mendoza 2 天 前

    Damn more reason to watch you play man

  • samir farah
    samir farah 2 天 前

    so cute

  • Pubg Morph
    Pubg Morph 2 天 前

    The kid was so cool and cute and ninja was sooo....
    Like if u agree
    It put a really *BIG* smile on my mouth xD


    Ninja would be a great dad

  • Rhonda Tomlinson
    Rhonda Tomlinson 3 天 前

    I hate tfue

  • df27d
    df27d 3 天 前

    Why does this kid sound like he just started talking a few days ago lol.

  • Intelligent Faith
    Intelligent Faith 3 天 前 +1

    legend says the kid had 0 kills

  • Citizen Fry
    Citizen Fry 3 天 前

    OMG this is awesome

  • TheGamerMax2019 Max
    TheGamerMax2019 Max 4 天 前

    That zombie person said tited TITs lol

  • jannuh1985
    jannuh1985 4 天 前

    just beautifull.. nice game

  • Exotic Butters [Five nights at Freddys]

    When he grows up more and watches this vid I wanna see his reaction

  • Almighty Sam
    Almighty Sam 4 天 前

    Howy mowy lol

  • Cassar
    Cassar 4 天 前

    This kid must be protected at all times

  • Rosemary Todio
    Rosemary Todio 4 天 前


  • The World Of Davey
    The World Of Davey 4 天 前

    Who else didnt know what he was saying 😂

  • Aqeel Cajee
    Aqeel Cajee 5 天 前

    Ninja please play with me duos my name is bigboykidgamer

  • Dead Channel
    Dead Channel 6 天 前

    Ninja you want to play on Friday the Friday

  • Meghan F
    Meghan F 6 天 前

    1:32 made my heart melt awh

  • Koen Verhagen
    Koen Verhagen 6 天 前

    You are really nice

  • Jennifer Hulst
    Jennifer Hulst 7 天 前

    So cute

  • Ricardo Garcia
    Ricardo Garcia 7 天 前

    That boy is better than me

  • Mjib Rocker
    Mjib Rocker 7 天 前

    Wow that kid is really cool 😎

  • ValleyCottage Jones
    ValleyCottage Jones 8 天 前

    This 7 year old is better than me and I’m 10😂🤣
    Well I only played for 3 weeks so far

  • Sarah Sierra
    Sarah Sierra 8 天 前

    ZombiePerson Is Super Duper Adorable

  • Kenneth Thompson
    Kenneth Thompson 8 天 前 +1

    So cute! I wish I could play with you

  • Monica Radu
    Monica Radu 9 天 前

    Just LOVELY :*

  • Navi MG
    Navi MG 10 天 前

    Ninja I love your vids

  • MT Gamo
    MT Gamo 10 天 前

    that kid was so cute

  • Allen Maya
    Allen Maya 10 天 前

    I wish i can play with ninja

  • Christopher Lee
    Christopher Lee 10 天 前

    Dude absolutely love this. I hate when people are mean to kids online. Can’t stand hearing them getting yelled at props to ninja for being an awesome role model and getting this kid his second win

  • fe4less vn
    fe4less vn 10 天 前

    His dance with a scar

  • XxBrooklynKingShaunxX
    XxBrooklynKingShaunxX 10 天 前

    Who else sits here ashamed like, "Wow, this 7 year old kid is better than me at the game"?

  • Fierce Potato
    Fierce Potato 11 天 前 +1

    Liked my own comment because no one else will😢😢😢

  • Fierce Potato
    Fierce Potato 11 天 前

    Hey Ninja please friend me my username for fortnite is BeastlyBones I'm on PS4 Pro

  • Josh Omg!!!
    Josh Omg!!! 11 天 前


  • Usman Khan Kausar
    Usman Khan Kausar 11 天 前

    I am friend requesting him

  • Rylan Coutinho
    Rylan Coutinho 12 天 前

    Ninja pleaseeeee I am a huge fan of you! I sent you a friend request

  • Kelli Soto
    Kelli Soto 13 天 前

    This Video Literally Gave Me Life! Soooo Cuteee! 😍😂

  • TinyCatDetective 420
    TinyCatDetective 420 13 天 前

    kook this was cute ig

  • kekenemation
    kekenemation 13 天 前

    He talks like a streamerbtw

  • Instinct XSW
    Instinct XSW 13 天 前

    Yo ninja u need to play with him again he’s got 0 wins this season it says on fortnite tracker. like if he should do this

  • Uzumaki Clan
    Uzumaki Clan 14 天 前

    A Chung drink it up.

  • Miles binoya
    Miles binoya 14 天 前

    The way he treated the kid,ninja is like a father 😂

  • Camerknight1239
    Camerknight1239 14 天 前

    Did anyone notice ninja stole all his kills

  • Ondance Plays fortnite
    Ondance Plays fortnite 14 天 前

    Ninja can we play duos