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  • DryTV
    DryTV 4 小时 前

    NiBBa at 71 million rn tho

  • plankton 12345
    plankton 12345 5 小时 前

    I really want you to just kill yourself

  • MJ Productions
    MJ Productions 7 小时 前

    He just frekin hit 71 mil

  • Caitie Van aardt
    Caitie Van aardt 7 小时 前

    Tseries *GOT TROLLED*

  • Jovanie Jomar Tejada
    Jovanie Jomar Tejada 9 小时 前

    In less that 2 years he already gained 20 mil subs. 😂

  • Fytz *
    Fytz * 14 小时 前

    Who is here at 70 mil?

  • Micha&Monica Vlogs
    Micha&Monica Vlogs 15 小时 前

    Oh my gosh!!!! You just trolled all the people

  • Rhythwik Vibes
    Rhythwik Vibes 20 小时 前

    70mil currently........30mil more to go

  • baihaqi nur amani
    baihaqi nur amani 21 小时 前

    The biggest "its just a prank bro" in the world

  • JasTheGoat
    JasTheGoat 22 小时 前 +1

    Delete your channel and t series wins...

  • i Love SR official

    Help for sub plzzz ???

  • Luke Van wyk
    Luke Van wyk 天 前

    Wow *slow claps * 😂

  • Average Crow
    Average Crow 天 前

    I forgot that I was in my school account and it was like "Restricted mode does not allow these comments to be viewed" XD

  • Troy Soper
    Troy Soper 天 前


  • Bardia Tube
    Bardia Tube 天 前 +2

    shi T series

  • Jayna Archer
    Jayna Archer 2 天 前


    JOKER 2 天 前

    This motherfaxker is a biggggggg lier

  • K4RR0T
    K4RR0T 2 天 前 +1

    Ladies and gentlemen we got him

  • Monolisa
    Monolisa 2 天 前 +1

    Over 20 mil in a year 👌🏻

  • Yamuka Bazmaris
    Yamuka Bazmaris 2 天 前

    he will delete out of depression when t series kills him

  • chau chuan
    chau chuan 2 天 前

    No, adventrue is long. You can't delete until you delete at above 100 million subs like you was talk at 2 year before and passed T-Series

  • _ Prevail2K
    _ Prevail2K 2 天 前

    The captions are the best part ;)

  • Nathan 13900 da best

    Not funny

  • Dj Chris
    Dj Chris 2 天 前


  • The2ndThird
    The2ndThird 2 天 前

    30 million more subs and he will delete his channel bois

  • Elena Garcia
    Elena Garcia 3 天 前

    Im not even joking.
    I did unsub when he said
    He was gonna delete his channel

  • air ros
    air ros 3 天 前

    why you need more subs oh u want more money

  • Vd putra
    Vd putra 3 天 前


  • Allison Schenck
    Allison Schenck 3 天 前

    Stupid liar!!

  • R J M P
    R J M P 3 天 前

    Now he's just battling with T-Gay

  • Densil Karattapothuval

    Please go ahead and delete your channel

  • Good Boys Production

    yoooo pewdsssss your at 70mill you close to 100 you ready to delete your channel????? HAHAHAHHA

  • Klass of Klash
    Klass of Klash 3 天 前

    After 70m subs

  • Fajar Suryadi
    Fajar Suryadi 3 天 前

    Whats name sound?

  • The Man Gaming
    The Man Gaming 3 天 前

    Good riddins

  • Takasu_Taiga
    Takasu_Taiga 3 天 前

    it must have been so entertaining to watch the entire world freak out like that

  • dab
    dab 3 天 前

    now he's got another 20 mil in a year

  • Lam Hong
    Lam Hong 3 天 前

    You just hit 70 mill

  • Crasher B0Ost
    Crasher B0Ost 4 天 前

    Broken Matt Hardy will DELETE your acount

  • duh winning
    duh winning 4 天 前

    Do it again for 100m subs 😉

  • De Nes
    De Nes 4 天 前

    He was so depressed!

  • Faisal Amin
    Faisal Amin 4 天 前

    Bull shit

  • q
    q 4 天 前

    PewDiePie will win!

  • bg
    bg 4 天 前

    PewDiePie will win!

  • gf
    gf 4 天 前

    PewDiePie will win!

  • m
    m 4 天 前

    PewDiePie will win!

  • m
    m 4 天 前

    PewDiePie will win!

  • v
    v 4 天 前

    PewDiePie will win!

  • hdfsa
    hdfsa 4 天 前

    PewDiePie will win!

  • asd
    asd 4 天 前

    PewDiePie will win!

  • a
    a 4 天 前

    PewDiePie will win!

  • n
    n 4 天 前

    PewDiePie will win!

  • b
    b 4 天 前

    PewDiePie will win!

  • BillionaireBearBros

    E = mc2 E (minecraft's rating), mc (abbreviation for MineCraft) 2=squared (MINECRAFT IS SQUARE!!!)

  • Lune
    Lune 5 天 前

    qui est francais est qui c dit wtf

  • TheKete97
    TheKete97 5 天 前

    We're close from 100M a

  • Грихати Грихати

    Ну я в принципе не сомневался

  • Hamza Chaudhry
    Hamza Chaudhry 5 天 前 +1

    70 mil anyone?

  • Heibai Gui
    Heibai Gui 5 天 前

    I love your inserts in the video ☺️

  • Kevin The Cat
    Kevin The Cat 5 天 前

    You piece of shit

  • Momo愚かな
    Momo愚かな 5 天 前

    DANG IT!

  • Kit Apelacio
    Kit Apelacio 5 天 前 +1


  • Susie Ponce
    Susie Ponce 5 天 前

    Waaaaaaaa noooooooooo dont im telling meh friends they carr aboit u!!!!!!!!

  • Cake longtail
    Cake longtail 5 天 前

    ya joke

  • Madison Melrath
    Madison Melrath 5 天 前

    Spoiler alert

    Its a prank

  • MatthewL1030
    MatthewL1030 5 天 前

    wow just wow

  • Ruan Duddu
    Ruan Duddu 6 天 前

    Fi da mãe...Alguém BR ai??

  • Jealu
    Jealu 6 天 前

    Still one of my favourit Video on this platform.

  • Dead clasher
    Dead clasher 6 天 前

    Jan 2019

    SAW HUI LENG - 6 天 前 +1

    Chinese word❤️ i love pewdiepie because my english no very goodbut of chinese word so i know pewdiepie say i am Chinese People but i come from Malaysia Malaysia is good country Malaysia is have many language country pewdiepie please don’t delete you own channel I want see you video more more more!

  • Amaury Balestrin
    Amaury Balestrin 6 天 前

    that's the reason I pay for internet

  • rosh rebolledo
    rosh rebolledo 6 天 前 +2

    70M subs!!!

  • OD K
    OD K 6 天 前


  • be careful chirren das a lot of TØP

    I remember this happened and I lost my shit this is so funny 😂

  • Joley Mclaren
    Joley Mclaren 7 天 前

    Now its 70 mil

  • Di Ba
    Di Ba 7 天 前

    T series has 2 die

      AKASH REDDY 6 天 前

      MOST OF THE VIDEOS OF T-SERIES HAVE NEARLY 500 MILLION VIEWS. DEFINITELY IT WILL CROSS PEW DIE PIE. They are INDIANS they won't sleep untill they reach their goal.

  • Gaby Chaloupkova
    Gaby Chaloupkova 7 天 前

    30 million to go, Pewdiepie🤓

  • Gaby Chaloupkova
    Gaby Chaloupkova 7 天 前

    Lol, I’m dead



  • Qazi'S Channel
    Qazi'S Channel 7 天 前


  • Qazi'S Channel
    Qazi'S Channel 7 天 前

  • 2018 PL
    2018 PL 7 天 前


  • Murad Heydarli
    Murad Heydarli 7 天 前

    Why is this in my recommended?

  • Wavelyte
    Wavelyte 8 天 前


  • Herobrino94
    Herobrino94 8 天 前 +1

    he has 70 million subs now

  • Rin A
    Rin A 8 天 前 +1

    I don’t get why people even take Felix seriously

  • Reynata Ramos
    Reynata Ramos 8 天 前

    Nice one pewds!😂 You just made my day!😉

  • superKingoverlord ofthejimmerzandthejammerz

    Never delete grow bigger and stronger until nothing not even a CNclip headquarters, not demonetization, not even T Series can stop you And after that… You keep growing

  • paul arnaez
    paul arnaez 8 天 前

    already 70m

  • Windows Sky
    Windows Sky 8 天 前

    Who Saw he clicked on jacksepticeye logo

  • Panic Wolf47
    Panic Wolf47 8 天 前

    Do it again

  • dirtbag24
    dirtbag24 8 天 前

    Now he’s at 70...

  • InfamousJonah IJ
    InfamousJonah IJ 8 天 前 +1

    Well he is at 70mil subs so I’m still waiting

  • Aleksander Koblar
    Aleksander Koblar 9 天 前

    Who is here after bitch lasagna

  • Fluffkin
    Fluffkin 9 天 前 +1

    Whelp, 30 million to go, i guess

  • kingpatch95
    kingpatch95 9 天 前

    That’s one way to get to 50 million subs but can you delete tseries now that you have 70 million?

  • Bilal Hafiana
    Bilal Hafiana 9 天 前


  • Shoaib Moughal
    Shoaib Moughal 9 天 前 +1

    70000000 million now lol

  • Tulegi
    Tulegi 9 天 前

    Now 70 millionen Bro

  • Amv4Fun AnimeWorld
    Amv4Fun AnimeWorld 9 天 前 +1

    Now It's 70M are u goona run around naked in the roads