Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Official Trailer

  • 添加 2018年09月18日
  • Higher. Further. Faster. Watch the trailer for Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel, in theaters March 8, 2019.
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评论 • 134 509

  • Media Haven
    Media Haven 27 分钟 前


  • Harshmay Parn
    Harshmay Parn 27 分钟 前

    Lady version of Superman,
    First time i have strong feelings of copying D.C universe Superman power.
    How pathetic?
    Grow up man grow up.

  • Bali baliku
    Bali baliku 27 分钟 前

    movie lovers here,resfect all

  • Thanos
    Thanos 27 分钟 前

    I can seize your existence with a snap of my finger. 🤞🤞🤞

  • Ritesh Kumar
    Ritesh Kumar 28 分钟 前

    Budhiya ko maarti hai Madharjaat👊👊

  • Roxanna Ruiz
    Roxanna Ruiz 28 分钟 前

    I can’t wait!☺️

  • Blue lightning
    Blue lightning 28 分钟 前

    1:41 Batman is that you

  • Rezky M
    Rezky M 28 分钟 前

    90% Drama, 10% Super power...


  • Alas Mouse
    Alas Mouse 29 分钟 前

    Can't wait...

  • Ronald Damasco
    Ronald Damasco 29 分钟 前

    Kaplan papalabas dito sa pilipinas?

  • MRah
    MRah 29 分钟 前 +1

    I can't believe Captain Marvel punched my grandma!

  • alan r
    alan r 30 分钟 前

    There was Ronan? In the minute 1:33

  • Ved Asish
    Ved Asish 30 分钟 前

    R.I.P Thanos

  • Pinappxwerz- The Pineapple Gamer

    Why did she punch that grandma

    • StaceyQ
      StaceyQ 29 分钟 前

      She's a Skrull

  • Ayzen
    Ayzen 30 分钟 前 +1

    When you just realized that this is the first Marvel movie stand alone starring a female superhero

    P.S. im not counting groups (guardians of the galaxy/avengers)

  • Travis Trestler
    Travis Trestler 30 分钟 前

    How do any of you think she’s punching an older woman? How do you not realize it a Skrull?

  • Jesol Palada
    Jesol Palada 31 分钟 前

    Kenneth Duremdes?

  • DovakingYo Crazy Kid
    DovakingYo Crazy Kid 31 分钟 前

    1:45 She died look at her arm

  • majestical
    majestical 31 分钟 前


  • Hyron Harrison
    Hyron Harrison 31 分钟 前

    I get the premise...she fell to earth, did her thing and went back to where she cane from. Giving fury a way to communicate to her....

  • Phoenix Ablaze
    Phoenix Ablaze 32 分钟 前

    Ima keep it real with you chief

    Looks a lil wack

  • DovakingYo Crazy Kid
    DovakingYo Crazy Kid 32 分钟 前

    She goes to dust

  • Heavy Metal
    Heavy Metal 32 分钟 前

    Can't wait

  • Evan Bastian
    Evan Bastian 32 分钟 前


  • Luis Perez
    Luis Perez 32 分钟 前

    Captain Marvel already has more character complexity than wonder woman in the span of 2 minutes.

  • that person on the internet


  • Robert McBane
    Robert McBane 32 分钟 前


  • A.R Production
    A.R Production 32 分钟 前

    Trending 1

  • Chuck Finley
    Chuck Finley 33 分钟 前

    Captain Wamans

  • Jacky Ciro
    Jacky Ciro 33 分钟 前

    Wait hold on a second, if she's from the 90s, how is it that she's putting on a voice like the kardashians or summin, no one spoke like that back then, it's totally put on and sounds cheesy as hell, talk like a real woman ffs, not a little girl, was gassed about this movie, now I kinda see who they're making this for, fake 2018 little girls, what happened to strong women?

  • SGMV Potter
    SGMV Potter 33 分钟 前

    Gosh 2019 will be so awesome with Captain Marvel and Shazam
    But Marvel is far more anticipated. Well Shazam is interesting on the other hand

  • The Duck with Money
    The Duck with Money 33 分钟 前 +1

    Why did Captain Marvel hit my grandma?

  • Jay Options
    Jay Options 33 分钟 前

    Nova's in Captain Marvel!?

  • Dicerolledan8
    Dicerolledan8 33 分钟 前

    They shoulda made Kristen Stewart Cpt. Marvel

  • Joe Mintz
    Joe Mintz 34 分钟 前

    Why is brie larson making her voice sound like a teenage girls in this film???

  • Evan Boyle
    Evan Boyle 35 分钟 前

    Knocked killshot off #1 on tending :'(

  • David Silver
    David Silver 35 分钟 前

    MARVEL rules, DC drools! The way these films are tied together into one story is amazing. Also, happy to see SHIELD again!

  • Kevin Davis
    Kevin Davis 35 分钟 前

    I don't care if they've decided that Captain Marvel is "the most powerful character in the MCU" (which shouldn't be true, even in Binary form). But could they just show us this by her feats rather than tell us in a very virtue signaling kind of way? "Hey, the new most powerful character in the MCU is a WAMAN!! What a HER-O!"

  • Davi Lopes
    Davi Lopes 35 分钟 前 +1

    This goes against everything Marvel Studios stand for! Where's the interesting story and good choice of cast that you never failed at?

  • Google Konuşuyor
    Google Konuşuyor 35 分钟 前 +1

    Hiç TÜRK yokmu bea???

  • - chinnu
    - chinnu 35 分钟 前

    Does anybody changes their current location to another country to see what number the trailer is trending or is it just me ☺

  • Sidharth Shrivastav
    Sidharth Shrivastav 36 分钟 前

    This doesn't feel like marvel tbh

  • Sujin Rajbhandari
    Sujin Rajbhandari 36 分钟 前

    I'm selling replay's
    They each cost a like

  • Alex Madridista
    Alex Madridista 36 分钟 前

    This is not a good trailer...

  • Jen A
    Jen A 36 分钟 前

    Damn for introducing a new character this late in the game, especially after infinity war, I thought this was pretty good! How could they realistically make this - a 2 min initial trailer - that much better?

  • Marlene Limon
    Marlene Limon 36 分钟 前

    I just dont feel that heroic vibe from this actress. She belongs in a romance movie lol

  • Good Guy
    Good Guy 36 分钟 前

    Is that Bri Larson ?

  • WholeLottaBulldog
    WholeLottaBulldog 37 分钟 前

    A woman? 😂

  • mmmDonuts
    mmmDonuts 37 分钟 前

    Hide your grandmas cause they're punching everybody out here

  • Thu Luat
    Thu Luat 37 分钟 前

    Cho tôi tên phim thak

  • Ohohohohhoho Ohohohohoh
    Ohohohohhoho Ohohohohoh 37 分钟 前

    I feel bad for the old lady

  • Rick A.
    Rick A. 37 分钟 前

    She is so badass. My new favorite superhero handsdown. Brie Larson is natural beauty So fierce!

  • budok hebak
    budok hebak 38 分钟 前 +1

    bobo dimana

  • TylerRoblox - Gaming
    TylerRoblox - Gaming 38 分钟 前 +1


  • Patrick
    Patrick 39 分钟 前

    Her + Hero theme = death of the MCU, this movie is probably gonna be ripe with feminism(cancer) and captain marvel as the Mary sue, any one who knows anything about movies knows this movie is going to fail and with it the mcu oh how the mighty have fallen but who knows maybe im wrong i certainly hope i am but the damage has been done and with 2 words no less

  • Florence
    Florence 39 分钟 前

    People judging a movie from a 2 minute trailer and a woman from 4 lines are so weak lmao

  • Tnt minecraft Ahmed
    Tnt minecraft Ahmed 39 分钟 前

    Iron Man 4 2019

  • Kelvin Njenga
    Kelvin Njenga 39 分钟 前

    i still believe Thor is greater and more powerful than her

  • Iron Giant
    Iron Giant 40 分钟 前

    1:32 Ronin the accuser.

  • Dooper Wooper
    Dooper Wooper 40 分钟 前

    Yo what about Adam warlock. He has the Ego stone and shit. And are they going to explain how Nemesis is the originator of all seven infinity stones.

  • One Punch Taco
    One Punch Taco 40 分钟 前 +1

    The chick who's gonna whoop Thanos's ass, can't wait

  • Iron Giant
    Iron Giant 40 分钟 前

    1:44 Worst MCU trailer one liner yet. Its way too Shailene woodley Divergent. I cant take it seriously.XD Saying that Brie Larson actually looks like Shailene quite a bit.

  • Drakken Dragous
    Drakken Dragous 40 分钟 前

    Dose it good movie to wait ?

  • r.i.p nate
    r.i.p nate 40 分钟 前

    I'm confused. So this has nothing to do with the infinity war?this is a different marvel movie? Cuz I see sam l Jackson ain't got 1 eye.

    • Luis Perez
      Luis Perez 33 分钟 前

      This takes place in the 90's. Captain Marvel is who inspires Nick Fury to create the Avengers Initiative.

    • dunamis333
      dunamis333 34 分钟 前

      This movies is Captain Marvel's back story. It will end with her getting a text message sent by Samuel Jackson in Affinity Wars, as he disintegrated into dust.

  • Moisés Martinez
    Moisés Martinez 41 分钟 前

    No mola 🤣🤣🖕

  • T I M O N
    T I M O N 41 分钟 前 +1

    Only i didnt understand who she would fight???

  • libia majora
    libia majora 41 分钟 前

    Captain Marvel: How many captain are there on Earth?
    Me: Captain America, Captain UK, Captain Australia, Captain New Zealand ,,,bla bla bla

  • Irina Polukhina
    Irina Polukhina 41 分钟 前

    A very poor casting choice, she got zero muscle tone. Very sad

  • Mike Emmons
    Mike Emmons 41 分钟 前

    It is really hard not to see her crashing through the roof of a Blockbuster as anything but prophetic.

  • TheGr8stManEvr
    TheGr8stManEvr 41 分钟 前

    I'd do everything to Brie Larson, but she looked better the first time I saw her, as a redhead in an episode of Community.
    Why every woman thinks they need to be blonde I have no clue...

  • vano_ enzo
    vano_ enzo 42 分钟 前

    when does the movie start at the cinema,i cant wait to watch it

  • W Radford
    W Radford 42 分钟 前

    "I think I had a life here..." Well given you speak fluent English you probably did...

  • negativeonline
    negativeonline 42 分钟 前

    No more beautiful people to play ugly roles?))

  • d9006b
    d9006b 42 分钟 前

    Captain Marvel AkA Captain Badass

  • Drcider
    Drcider 42 分钟 前

    1:30 Thats probably a skrull

  • Angela Gabrielle
    Angela Gabrielle 42 分钟 前

    How come there's like no part here about the infinity war? And how she's going to save them

  • Marcus Spegg
    Marcus Spegg 43 分钟 前

    Echt die sollten nichts neues erfinden Captain marvel als Frau na ich weiß nicht... Und nur für die Affen ich hab nix gegen Frauen in Hauptrollen bei Filmen. Aber man sollte bei Orginal bleiben.

  • Anant kumar
    Anant kumar 43 分钟 前

    Captain Marvel punches the old lady
    THANOS " I should run for my life "

  • Shaft O.
    Shaft O. 43 分钟 前

    A female Green Lantern it looks like

  • Hesty Sri Lestari
    Hesty Sri Lestari 43 分钟 前

    Ga sabar😍

  • Black Ghost
    Black Ghost 43 分钟 前

    flat ass lmao

  • Raditya Ananta
    Raditya Ananta 43 分钟 前 +1

    Tumben trending di Indonesia sekeren ini
    By The Way congratulations for MARVEL, this video trending number one in Indonesia

  • beat beast
    beat beast 43 分钟 前

    i am afraid of ghosts

  • beat beast
    beat beast 43 分钟 前

    i am afraid of ghosts

  • Iron Giant
    Iron Giant 43 分钟 前

    Its filmed very differently for an MCU movie. Lots of fancy slow motion shots and little humour. Could just be the trailer though.

  • Umar Saud
    Umar Saud 43 分钟 前

    Leave a like for Young Nick

  • preethy paul
    preethy paul 44 分钟 前 +1

    Worst trailer from Marvel ever

  • Reinhard Imanuel
    Reinhard Imanuel 44 分钟 前


  • Iron Giant
    Iron Giant 44 分钟 前

    I love that WereWolf howling in the background. XD Is it a hint towards an Howling commandos movie.;P Not the version from Captain America the first Avenger though.

  • Sai Kumar Roy
    Sai Kumar Roy 44 分钟 前

    Little confusing...

  • Davi Lopes
    Davi Lopes 44 分钟 前 +1

    If she parachutes into Avengers 4 and be the main hero to defeat Thanos, I Wil hate it SO much. I will literally stay out of Marvel movies.

  • Best of Games
    Best of Games 44 分钟 前

    kanalıma buyrun

  • Nils Urban
    Nils Urban 45 分钟 前

    Very bad choice of actress for the role of captain marvel.....disappointing. She has no charisma.
    Also: the trailer is bad (but I have hopes for the movie)

  • Andreas
    Andreas 45 分钟 前

    Is this the Superman from Marvel?

    I LIKE IT 🤩
    a good Superman arrived

  • Nirvana
    Nirvana 45 分钟 前

    American propaganda of bull shit and more violence.
    I am not buying into this bull shit any more.
    Bye Hollywood ! Your pentagon induced propaganda has not worked on me !

  • Terra Wulf
    Terra Wulf 45 分钟 前

    So! She is basically the female version of captain America.

  • MyKeyHull
    MyKeyHull 46 分钟 前 +1

    Boring. This POS looks as good as Justice League except with an even worse cast. Snooze button! That is unless you liked Oceans 8, or ALL LADY Ghostbusters, then this movie is probably the jam to you.

  • Aditya Niranjan Avadhanam
    Aditya Niranjan Avadhanam 47 分钟 前 +1

    One time I saw a kid being bullied by 4 kids so i decided to step in

    He didn't stand a chance against all 5 of us

  • Dylan Ambrose
    Dylan Ambrose 47 分钟 前

    Ya no me gustó

  • KC Nwosu
    KC Nwosu 47 分钟 前

    I got one question, who tf is Captain Marvel?🤔