Officials Warn Largest Hawaii Volcano Eruption Is ‘Imminent’ | NBC Nightly News


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  • Nomore Illegals please
    Nomore Illegals please 3 小时 前

    The curse of Obama's fake birth certificate haunts the island.

  • Jack Class
    Jack Class 3 小时 前

    there is going to be good farming when it cools

  • Gman here
    Gman here 5 小时 前 +1

    the crying dummkkkunt was a good touch. What a hippielibloser that was

  • Bob Edwards
    Bob Edwards 5 小时 前

    Nature's Amazing Rocks shop Mariposa CA hates this

  • Garduno-Duran D.
    Garduno-Duran D. 5 小时 前


  • shawnte Pitts
    shawnte Pitts 6 小时 前

    I'm speechless

  • Toy Memory Makers
    Toy Memory Makers 6 小时 前


  • dtreeguy
    dtreeguy 6 小时 前

    What's up with the hair?

  • Larry M.
    Larry M. 7 小时 前

    I was told a volcano is active and will blow up, and it's not done until there is no more smoke. I saw Mt. St. Helens blow up and when it was over, there was not one trace of smoke. so, what I'm saying is, it's not done yet.

  • Grayson Goss
    Grayson Goss 8 小时 前

    Theres a Hunka Hunka Burnin Love!

  • xzysyndrome
    xzysyndrome 9 小时 前

    Geologists: Cool and calm. NBC: OMG RUN!!!!! IT'S GOING TO BLOW!!!! TEARS DESTRUCTION DOOM!!

  • KaptKan1
    KaptKan1 9 小时 前

    Every time there is a natural disaster, the usual suspects begin showing off their superior intellects by saying how foolish others are to live in areas that are prone to: earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, tornados, typhoons, floods, wildfires, avalanches, mudslides, rockslides, plagues, sinkholes, pestilence or meteor strikes.
    Well, here's a news flash for those geniuses: there are no "safe places" on this planet, in this solar system, in this galaxy... in this life. It takes a special kind of stupid to assume the contrary.

  • top copy
    top copy 9 小时 前

    Save us Al Gore,

  • Ari Asulin
    Ari Asulin 10 小时 前

    STAGED. FAKE. JadeHelmOp destroying American houses by staging forest fires, volcanos, hurricanes, whatever and however they can until every last one of us is DEAD. Investigate for yourself: Operation JadeHelm === Homeland Elimination of Local Militia

  • Leilani Ku'uipo
    Leilani Ku'uipo 10 小时 前

    He's telling the world how safe it is to breathe. Lie, Vog travels to O'ahu and it affects everyone with sinus to allergies, and seriously is difficult for every lung disease. Local folks know more about this than NBC News.

  • Drive-By Troll
    Drive-By Troll 11 小时 前

    The news reader has an odd speech impediment.

  • Nervouscheese92 Gaming
    Nervouscheese92 Gaming 11 小时 前

    I find watching lava flowing satisfying

  • Geo Thomas
    Geo Thomas 12 小时 前

    Subscribe? No thanks Lester, I much prefer accurate and truthful news sources.

  • Haileigh Galaxycrystalgal

    if you just get rid of the water you'd be fine XD

  • superllama666 ____________

    I think everyone should evacuate the island lol

  • North Georgia
    North Georgia 14 小时 前

    Quick, everyone into a manhole now!!!

  • North Georgia
    North Georgia 14 小时 前

    Shouldn't have voted for Hillary. God is frowning on your state.

  • chris andre
    chris andre 16 小时 前

    Did that lady in purple say it scared her to death wasn't she a moment ago taking a video instead of running

  • dan poen
    dan poen 16 小时 前

    I am surprised NBC did not blame the volcano eruption on President TRUMP.

  • morris cats
    morris cats 16 小时 前

    That flowing hot lava looks like hell's lake of fire coming out of the earth from Revelation.

  • javier pineda
    javier pineda 17 小时 前

    Apocalypse 8: 8 The second angel sounded his trumpet, and like a great mountain burning with fire he was hurled into the sea; and a third of the sea became blood.

  • Abdullahi Ayoub ilyasiin
    Abdullahi Ayoub ilyasiin 18 小时 前

    Usa look nuclear hhhhh donal Trump

  • Lewis 970
    Lewis 970 20 小时 前

    The media will blame Trump

  • Internet Anonymity
    Internet Anonymity 23 小时 前

    This is cause Hawaii was won by Trump.

  • KeiraR
    KeiraR 天 前

    Trump becomes president and then this happens.

    Yeah, probably. :P

  • Castaway
    Castaway 天 前

    Pele got sick and tired of those Puerto Rican qoeqee frogs making noise all the live long day. I was fortunate enough to visit the big island before the alien frog infestation.

  • carol yvette
    carol yvette 天 前

    Why so negative to something so natural. And amazing Mother Nature blows my mind

  • EmberFlaze
    EmberFlaze 天 前

    No be scared it's just pele, respect her because she just spreading out, the vog been at big island long time now and always went to Kilauea.

  • mark schiavone
    mark schiavone 天 前

    existence is dangling by a thread.

  • Jesus Christ is coming! Repent & Believe the Gospel

    Prayers for the people in the area...
    All these are signs.
    The Lord Yeshua (Jesus) is arriving soon, friends!
    The Lord loves you!
    He is not angry at you and neither does He hate you.
    The Word says that God so loved the world, He gave us His Only Begotten Son Yeshua, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16 paraphrased)
    This is why The Lord came down in the Person of Yeshua; to die, and 3 days later rise again for us all! Hallelujah!
    Death cannot hold Him down, and neither will He allow it to hold you down if you come to Christ today!
    He will forgive you, make you new, deliver you from your sins and from the judgement headed to this earth.
    He promises He will never drive anyone away when they come to Him! (John 6:37 paraphrased)
    So come to Him today! All you need is mustard seed faith and sincere words from your heart!
    For all those that call upon the Name of The Lord shall be saved! (Romans 10:13)
    Shalom, friends. :)

  • angel emanuel
    angel emanuel 天 前

    snoop weed everyday


    BTW: Sulfur “DIOXIDE” smell in the air IS NOT SAFE EVER!!
    Mans leg shattered from spitting lava

  • Mark Brown
    Mark Brown 天 前

    By mother nature,!

  • Mark Brown
    Mark Brown 天 前

    Or am i blind!?

  • Mark Brown
    Mark Brown 天 前

    Hello,volcanos exploded 22 times in USA,schools this year, are you with me!?

  • WeKnowTheTruth2012

    Who lives in hawai

  • austin wren
    austin wren 天 前 +1

    Let’s hope this does not wake up Yellowstone.

  • Kawakeb Astra
    Kawakeb Astra 天 前

    🙏✨Prayers for Divine protection ✨🙏.. do scientists & geologists think North Korea’s underground nuclear tests & the toxic underground activity of countries & corporations could in any way be connected ?

  • Phat ho
    Phat ho 天 前

    Where is wakanda when you need it🙅🏿‍♂️

  • mikedehoogh black flag race photos

    This guy sounds like he's juggling a steaming hot turd in his mouth as he 'reports' on the news...

  • Mehwish Qasim
    Mehwish Qasim 天 前

    Karachi jbhi itni garmi horahi shyed hwai ki hwai yeha agai h shyed

  • Kim Lake
    Kim Lake 天 前


    CARZILLA 天 前


  • Larry Cleveland, RDN, LD, LMT

    Why is the news making this so dramatic when 95% of the island is not effected. It’s costing billions to the economy. I just heard that from a friend who is running a program there next week. It’s no where near the lava yet people are mislead to believing it’s the whole island.

  • Speends Shoopy
    Speends Shoopy 天 前

    Oh danm that mountain is angry at an Island.

  • Vernardo Reyes
    Vernardo Reyes 天 前

    That sizzling sound is getting me hungry lol

  • Brian Jay
    Brian Jay 天 前

    and only four days later it did

  • some stingy on the internet

    They saw another Fortnite Ali-a video

  • Steph Fran
    Steph Fran 天 前

    At the end of the video, "hey NBC news fans", Um we're here for video of the volcano, most definitely not a fan of NBC, thanks.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 天 前

    so what

  • scott gorham
    scott gorham 天 前

    TRUMP MAGA 2020

  • Darkaim Gaming
    Darkaim Gaming 天 前

    I pray for all the people who are in the wake of this to be safe.

  • Chris Stacy
    Chris Stacy 天 前

    That Lava thic Hot!

  • Matthew Chang
    Matthew Chang 2 天 前

    0:13 killing trees and "grasses"? lol like mooses, mices, and geeses?

  • Just In Gamez
    Just In Gamez 2 天 前

    This has been caused by pollution n ppl not caring for our environment

  • Keith Freeman
    Keith Freeman 2 天 前

    Ha hahahahahahahahahahaha

  • uwu
    uwu 2 天 前

    the end is near :)

  • pockets mchugh
    pockets mchugh 2 天 前

    Mexico is closer to United States then Hawaii so how can a island that ain’t connected be part of the US

  • emma patterson
    emma patterson 2 天 前

    its not killing anything it s bringing nutrients for the nature .....selfish people

  • Diademglo
    Diademglo 2 天 前

    get out people before you get enclosed, what harm will it do, you can go back.

  • Minuteman Homestead

    that's not how seismic activity works

  • Lawliet Ryuzaki
    Lawliet Ryuzaki 2 天 前

    Is there a way to shield the sky from the ash plume and lava flow? I wonder if a giant steel dome around the volcano enclosed by concrete or something else would work. We have to do something. And something starts when we take action on climate change.

    • Lawliet Ryuzaki
      Lawliet Ryuzaki 2 天 前

      What about Yellowstone national park's volcano? Its massive.

  • Paige Porter
    Paige Porter 2 天 前

    I just watched a video that burned a car down. I feel so bad for the poor people that live there. Beautiful but very dangerous! I am only a kid but gee what a volcano. Kilauea is also the most active volcano on earth... But we'll just have to wait for Yellowstone.

  • Belladonna Gotti
    Belladonna Gotti 2 天 前


  • Dan OfDunolly
    Dan OfDunolly 2 天 前

    So dramatic! American news is hilarious

  • Joan Daley
    Joan Daley 2 天 前

    Get out

  • Sandy. K
    Sandy. K 2 天 前 +1


  • Micheal Esteves
    Micheal Esteves 2 天 前

    NBC makes it sound like a Isis update😂😂😂

  • Frank Rizzo
    Frank Rizzo 2 天 前

    This reporter sounds like a mock reporter from SouthPark

  • kenyandamu
    kenyandamu 2 天 前

    Mother Nature always wins.

  • traxman25
    traxman25 2 天 前

    Can't stand listening to yet another over hyped and exaggerated script, just disgusting. American media should be ashamed of themselves.

    XVXMANNY 2 天 前

    In 1:01 it looks like the dusty divot in fortnite

  • Sam Samerton
    Sam Samerton 2 天 前

    MANIFEST DESTINY LIVES!!! // all seriousness though stay safe people.

  • canadian aussie
    canadian aussie 2 天 前

    Hey Miguel go jump in a lava hole

  • Nibiru
    Nibiru 2 天 前

    My money is on Mother Nature...I hope they have their life boats ready to go.

  • Melanie Coleman
    Melanie Coleman 2 天 前

    Man that sucks, bigtime. Scary. Prayers!

  • rts
    rts 2 天 前

    So you decide to live on a volcano island? Hmm. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob 2 天 前

    Global warming is not a hoax

  • Marcial Andres Ramos del Valle

    why would you risk life for a video

  • Swanson TheBigJohnson

    I mean idk what they were expecting, they live on an active volcano

  • Jaqueline Mendoza
    Jaqueline Mendoza 2 天 前

    Y la gente de boba se queman y andan ahi llorando despues.. No que triste dios quiera no se hagan los tsunanis que dicen.. 😇😇

  • unknown person
    unknown person 2 天 前

    Mother nature is really not saying its good but isnt it safe everyone

  • Jibri Usher
    Jibri Usher 2 天 前

    Should i bring marshmallows.....wait to soon my bad that was not funny.

  • Wasphy Hassan
    Wasphy Hassan 2 天 前

    Just pray , asked God for safety....

  • Планета Земля

    *Привет от Путина )) !!!*

  • tstanton_ _
    tstanton_ _ 2 天 前

    *The size of 100 football fields* Ok that seems legit.

  • Christopher Martinez

    Keeping Hawaii in my prayers.

  • Cryptobradley200
    Cryptobradley200 2 天 前

    The first daughter Ivanka-vote up. the Donald Vote down

  • Diane Wyatt
    Diane Wyatt 2 天 前

    Worried about my friends omg

  • Danny
    Danny 2 天 前

    Just craft a bucket and pick it up

  • maxermuse sandeluse

    Jesus be here soon

  • young alien nigga
    young alien nigga 2 天 前

    They need to send 300,000 boats asap I have a bad feeling about this !

  • bzert281
    bzert281 2 天 前

    Madame Pele is not happy today. You better listen when she speaks.