Whoopi Goldberg Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


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  • Sheri Olson
    Sheri Olson 35 分钟 前

    Use them to !! Rum ya ass and braids that’s probably not been washed in years out of America and please!! Buy a pair for ya chicken licker Winfrey. And some boots for shit head Baldwin too tote yaws ass when yaws washed up asses get tired. 🖕

  • Fortnite Gamer
    Fortnite Gamer 小时 前

    I am scared as u can say to wear shoes that looks “boyish” and i don’t want anyone to say anything like that’s for boys or whatever and she helped me reached my confident level of u can wear whatever you want.

  • cloe bubble
    cloe bubble 4 小时 前

    She is prejudice

  • jason Jaeckels
    jason Jaeckels 6 小时 前

    Fuck whoopie and fuck complex to.

  • Eric B
    Eric B 11 小时 前

    Whoopi look like a black Benjamin Franklin. Clown ass

  • Kungini K
    Kungini K 12 小时 前

    These comments are funny. People praising this lying cunt.

  • JJ G
    JJ G 21 小时 前

    Didn’t know apes wore sneakers.

  • Ernesto Caamano
    Ernesto Caamano 天 前

    Hummm! I thought that she had moved to Canada. What happened? How come she still in the US?

  • Ginseng Road
    Ginseng Road 天 前 +1

    what an ugly Fuckin CUNT

  • spagoo69
    spagoo69 天 前

    Nobody said anything when Robert Kraft wore AF1 to the White House..just saying

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 天 前

    This chick is turd who cares what she thinks

  • Matthew Jimenez
    Matthew Jimenez 天 前 +1

    I will follow him
    Follow him where ever he may go
    There isn't an ocean to deep

  • Unseen but Well Heard

    Release it back into African jungles

  • Derrick Wilson
    Derrick Wilson 2 天 前

    thank for being fashion forward

  • Harley Rider
    Harley Rider 2 天 前

    Fuck that nasty bitch....🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

  • Darrin Crose
    Darrin Crose 4 天 前

    Stupid liberal cunt , go back to the plantation.

  • yea bouy
    yea bouy 4 天 前

    Fuck whoopie, shes a vile, nasty, race baiting cunt

  • Preston Poling
    Preston Poling 4 天 前

    How did this dumb broad show up in my feed??

  • Steven Nieto
    Steven Nieto 5 天 前 +1

    One word: EGOT!

  • Woodchuck
    Woodchuck 6 天 前

    With da Undercover trench coat? She as real as it gets.

  • Nick Brennan
    Nick Brennan 6 天 前 +2

    5:53 I’m dying, did whoopie Goldberg just say those would be fire on u

  • IzzyTube
    IzzyTube 8 天 前 +3


  • lily c
    lily c 9 天 前

    i never really realized it until now but *whoopi was and is that bitch*

  • Quatro
    Quatro 9 天 前

    Someone said she lookd like Juvie Ju 😂

  • Paul H. Kircher III

    You Know you'd hit that Whoopi in Sister Act, but I been waiting her and her affiliation with Bildaburg out.

  • DaRomeo
    DaRomeo 10 天 前

    Wow... Whoopi tho? That's iconic

  • Legion Legacy
    Legion Legacy 10 天 前 +1

    I'm gonna whoop your ass

  • Tropic co.
    Tropic co. 11 天 前

    please do CJ SO COOL

  • Simah E
    Simah E 12 天 前

    Why buy sneakers? That fat slob don't do no runnin. WTF?

  • the full monte
    the full monte 12 天 前

    Someone please beat some sense into her with that shoe !

  • Mae Ling Cho
    Mae Ling Cho 13 天 前

    GOD How did I get here I cannot stay in this bitch

    TYRONE DA DON 14 天 前

    Its just a moment of time

  • joe fyke
    joe fyke 14 天 前

    Most of the comments are positive here, I can dig it.
    Whoopie is awesome.

  • Lisa Smith
    Lisa Smith 14 天 前

    You’re a turd in a toilet

  • Crafts3636 Crafts
    Crafts3636 Crafts 16 天 前

    Nobody fool😍

  • Crafts3636 Crafts
    Crafts3636 Crafts 16 天 前


  • Gravity Zone
    Gravity Zone 16 天 前

    Finally someone who can I say I’ve always worn sneakers without lying, not hate but most of them lie about their past.

  • siboldi avilés ortega

    Está morra es conmadre me encanta bien raza si trae cotorreo she's on fire

  • Arturo Tinoco Maritinez

    Take abella danger in here !!

  • Arturo Tinoco Maritinez

    Take abella danger in here !!

  • T Thompson
    T Thompson 17 天 前 +1

    OG status!

    WHAT.R.THOSE ? 18 天 前

    Plz be Beyonce

    WHAT.R.THOSE ? 18 天 前

    Who nxt Beyonce😱😱

  • Flameanivia 101
    Flameanivia 101 18 天 前

    Really where did the 8 cents come from xddd

  • Chip Morgan
    Chip Morgan 19 天 前

    One racist bitch

  • Amadou Ndiaye
    Amadou Ndiaye 19 天 前

    Ayyye this dope af

  • Judah Wilkin
    Judah Wilkin 19 天 前

    whoopi invented streetwear??

  • Stanley Stewart
    Stanley Stewart 20 天 前

    0:20 that's one hell of an intro. what a trailblazer.

  • Legend In The Making

    How whoopi dreads keep getting shorter

  • monkeys Uncle
    monkeys Uncle 21 天 前

    I bet micheal obama has a bigger dick than Whoopi

  • Mahlon Costello
    Mahlon Costello 21 天 前

    Why isn’t she my grandma ?

  • Al Beshure
    Al Beshure 21 天 前

    💿💿💿 #💿💿💿💿 💿💿💿 #💿💿💿💿 *God demonstrated His love to us by sending His Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.*
    *He also promised to heal your body.*
    (Just ask Him)

  • Cyle Jackson
    Cyle Jackson 21 天 前

    She is the goat

    JASON.S 21 天 前

    2 chainz?

  • Ty Ty
    Ty Ty 21 天 前 +1

    Who would love to fuck whooopi in ass while pulling her dreg

  • Mêmę Êłîtę
    Mêmę Êłîtę 21 天 前

    Sneaker shopping with Chuck Norris

  • William M
    William M 22 天 前

    Poopie moldturd....she nasty!

  • lemol mou
    lemol mou 22 天 前

    Knew this would be a good one.

  • priceandpride
    priceandpride 22 天 前

    The customer service in japan is so much better

  • E 23
    E 23 23 天 前 +1

    When will we get to see joe go sneaker shopping!?

  • E 23
    E 23 23 天 前 +1

    Whoopi probably give some bomb top

  • Hildebeast Clinton
    Hildebeast Clinton 23 天 前 +1

    Caryn Elaine Johnson is her real name. What a fake Jew

  • Paco Aguilar
    Paco Aguilar 23 天 前

    i just love this woman!!

  • Peter Holman
    Peter Holman 24 天 前

    She is a sneaky sneaker

  • james madison
    james madison 24 天 前

    Why does anyone give one shit about Whoopie “Buckwheat” goldberg? Oh man get that annoying freak away from me. Get her off t.v. She wants to be “comfortable” in her shoes as american citizens are getting taken over by peasants

  • JDL M
    JDL M 24 天 前


  • Vernon Gray
    Vernon Gray 24 天 前

    She got on The View and her brand died. Can’t stand to even look at her.

  • Cemyra MAC
    Cemyra MAC 25 天 前

    She got shoe game ok I see u 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • was bracken
    was bracken 25 天 前

    they be taxing the hell out these celebrities lmaooo

  • Cameron Dosanjh
    Cameron Dosanjh 25 天 前

    where is the sneaker shopping with Joe La Puma?!

  • steve rice
    steve rice 25 天 前

    She doesn't need shoes. She needs a muzzle and bag to put over big nappy head!!!!

  • Shawn Moore
    Shawn Moore 25 天 前

    Fuck Whoopi... this Hoe is trash

  • T W
    T W 26 天 前

    I just love Whoopi!! What an amazing human being.

  • Juan Pa Céspedes E
    Juan Pa Céspedes E 26 天 前

    Can u gift me the Kyrie 5 please, my birthday was yesterday

  • Tom_AC11
    Tom_AC11 26 天 前

    StockX is actually really good

  • Anar Bagirov
    Anar Bagirov 26 天 前

    We all love Whoopi

  • Willie Russell
    Willie Russell 26 天 前

    OG whoopi

  • travis paul
    travis paul 26 天 前

    intro song?

  • Be-you-tiful
    Be-you-tiful 26 天 前

    gorgeous lady, effortless style! I love her!

  • Diamond Fisher
    Diamond Fisher 26 天 前

    They need to have the actress who played punky Brewster come on the show,or is she to uppity for the show???????????

  • incognito TM
    incognito TM 27 天 前

    like if whoopi better than 6ix9ine..

  • Kakarot Man
    Kakarot Man 27 天 前

    is it me or did 2 chains get smaller???

  • conrad flores
    conrad flores 27 天 前

    Please really who cares we have nothing else to do.

  • Can Dorian
    Can Dorian 28 天 前

    0:46 anybody who knows this beat/song?

  • Edgar Saucedo
    Edgar Saucedo 28 天 前

    Definitely one of the best episode you guys had so far! Whoopi is a real OG having her own style and not caring what other people will think about her.

  • seven head
    seven head 28 天 前

    Something. Else.

  • desamania
    desamania 28 天 前

    "and 8 cents?!" lol

  • Luis Dustdar
    Luis Dustdar 28 天 前


  • Dre Newman
    Dre Newman 28 天 前

    I love interviews like this where the guest can truly be themselves and expand upon their answers. Don't know if they'd ever do it but BILL BURR, BERT THE MACHINE KERSCHIER, TOM SEGURA next please

  • Harlemkat121
    Harlemkat121 28 天 前

    Hold Up...Y’all just changed my whole history. Whoopi is the OG sneaker Queen 👑

  • iLLWiLL173
    iLLWiLL173 28 天 前

    Always keeping it real 💯

  • djJames
    djJames 28 天 前

    Whoopi speaks truth when it comes to sneakers

  • its me
    its me 28 天 前

    please be my mum

  • Malik Kweli
    Malik Kweli 28 天 前

    Love whoopi....shes dope and a sneaker head on the low💯💯💯💯

    DIEBEETUS ! 28 天 前 +2

    feminist goes sneaker shopping with complex

  • Mizanur Hussain
    Mizanur Hussain 29 天 前

    Granny got swag

  • joseph michaud
    joseph michaud 29 天 前

    Foams a DC shoe but glad to see others wearing them.

  • Mariano Tessaro
    Mariano Tessaro 29 天 前

    I’d smash

  • JacariPlayz
    JacariPlayz 29 天 前

    cashier's ig ?


    You should go sneaker shopping with Ozuna or Romeo Santos.