Magpakailanman: Falling in love with my Filipina maid | Full Episode

  • 添加 2019年09月 6日
  • Bud (Ivan Dorschner) is part of the US Army reservists that were sent to other countries during the Vietnam War. While residing in the Philippines, he found it hard to live alone. This led to him meeting Gloria (Denise Barbacena), a Filipina who was hired as a maid to do household chores for him. Bud soon develops feelings for Gloria while being taken care of his maid despite his parents' disapproval and because of her inability to communicate well. How will their feelings for each other break the stereotypes of falling in love for a person with different ethnicity?
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评论 • 2 753

  • K A
    K A 天 前

    Why do the foreign actors have European or non American accents when the family is from California?

  • fungai mwabvu
    fungai mwabvu 天 前 +1

    No rice No like lols. Typical filipino

  • May Liza Reyes
    May Liza Reyes 天 前

    wow yung story nila super inspiration..

  • Lovely Mariano
    Lovely Mariano 天 前 +1

    Very inspiring 💓 so simple but, Really mean 😍😍😍

  • Bicbic Paddanan
    Bicbic Paddanan 天 前

    Kakilig naman ng story nila 🥰

  • rio fiel
    rio fiel 天 前

    So sweet in this kind of relationship

  • Ljay Guardiario
    Ljay Guardiario 天 前

    Sana all..😊😍😘😍

  • Nuron-Ma'wa Abdul

    Just 1 Bud in this world full of Good 🥰🥰

  • Gerard Vito
    Gerard Vito 天 前

    normally Americans don't need a maid coz they're more independent esp in doing chores. the scenes when he cooks and irons out clothes aren't realistic

  • odeza bautista
    odeza bautista 天 前

    status in life doesn't matter! if your heart beats to someone and TRUE LOVE sparks!😍💕
    Turned on tlaga mga lalakeng may takot sa DIYOS,sana all💘
    #love knows no boundries,JUST LOVE

  • Lugie Rabago
    Lugie Rabago 天 前

    grabi yan ang tunay na pag mamaha😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍💜💜💜💜😭😭😭😭😭

  • Masa Tanael
    Masa Tanael 天 前

    Naiiyak nman ako 😥😢😭

  • mercy jacosalem
    mercy jacosalem 天 前

    swerte yong mga taong nkakahanap ng true love na kano pa 😁😍😘nakaka inggit naman😁😊

  • Allen earl Ronquillo

    One of my favorite actor!💞

  • Marie Antonette Jimenez


  • Anna Manlangit
    Anna Manlangit 天 前

    all hehehehe

  • Raisa Macmod
    Raisa Macmod 天 前

    Iyak tawa kilig emotion. Meron ako sa story not😭

  • Ferrer Ma. Jimela Mae

    Nakakakilig nmn

  • Bee queen
    Bee queen 天 前

    sana all na ganyan na lalaki



  • Glory May Bunal
    Glory May Bunal 天 前

    Ah how sweet! Nakakakilig naman. I prayed my daughter will find someone like Sir Bud

  • CS KGU10
    CS KGU10 天 前

    mine is soo lodding

  • John Brandon Abayon

    may chemistry sila 😊

  • Rocky Lagramada
    Rocky Lagramada 天 前

    hug at pag bigay ng bulaklak pause ko muna tapos na ihi ako sa kilig 🥰🥰🥰

  • Kathe Lara
    Kathe Lara 天 前 +9

    Seek Jesus first and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you❤️

  • Vhen Osnofla
    Vhen Osnofla 天 前

    Hope someday we all can find something so genuine and precious like this❤
    Edit: And sana yung parang 11 day romance ni Pres. Marcos and First Lady Imelda din 😍

  • Ahsah Gil
    Ahsah Gil 天 前

    watching here from taiwan❤❤❤

  • Ahsah Gil
    Ahsah Gil 天 前

    Sana all❤

  • pororo pororo
    pororo pororo 天 前


  • Shena Quinones
    Shena Quinones 天 前

    Sana lahat

  • hongkies001
    hongkies001 天 前

    Bagay si Ivan at Denise sa role

  • Jasmin Villegas
    Jasmin Villegas 天 前

    Denice bat ba pinapaiyak mo akoo..bagay kau ni ivan.

  • Jasmin Villegas
    Jasmin Villegas 天 前

    Bakyt bagay si ivan at denice ahahahah.

  • Arcee G.
    Arcee G. 天 前

    Wow!!! Ivan you’re such a good actor..i love this story thank you for sharing Bud & Gloria. Both of you are lucky., these days it’s hard to find a good parter in life. I Salute you guys, your love is so perfect.

  • Luvim Kunesh
    Luvim Kunesh 天 前

    Asawa ko din, getting to know each other pa kami, dec.22, 2015 kami ng ka kilala sa chat,tapos january 22 or 23 2016 sa pinas, sabi pa niya im going to visit in the philippines to visit my girlfriend, na shock ako nang 5 secs. Tapos sabi ko sa kanya meron kana pala gf bakit mo pa ako kinakausap,sabi niya no its you my girlfriend! Sabi ko, what? You did not court me yet or even ask me if can you be my gf, tawanan kami dalawa,tapos sabi niya,okay luvim can you be my gf? Ako naman sabi agad, YES! Hahhahaha, tapos february wala pa 1 month married na agad ang gusto pag 1st visit niya, asikaso kaagad mga papers at april engaged na kami, april-october process, November 3 america na and November 9 married fir not committing fornicationcos were both Christians, amd December 17,2016 final wedding with friends and family..i was also a maid before in Denmark,Norway,and Hongkong, my family also did not treated me right and all of my life i am so tired cos i am very hard working, but mostly i am abused by family or employeer, for accusing me lazy and useless..but God blessed me and now me and my son leaving in america working as HHA and in pretty home and got a nice God be the glory..if we Honor God, He is also faithful...

  • Jhennie Balisi
    Jhennie Balisi 2 天 前

    sweet parang asukal

  • Krieger roger
    Krieger roger 2 天 前

    Swerty ni nanay ako Kaya hmmmmm



  • Helen Ganda
    Helen Ganda 2 天 前

    naiyak ako sobra.. ganda ng story nla.

  • Moon Walker
    Moon Walker 2 天 前

    Naalala ko dito iyon wife for hire ni kc pati thea. I know malayo istorya, wala lang nalala ko lang lol. Sana iupload din full episode nun :(

  • Emely Garcia
    Emely Garcia 2 天 前

    al0ne airam panuurin mo 2,ang ganda ng storya

  • Harry Style
    Harry Style 2 天 前 +1

    Oh my GOD!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😭i don't care about what people say i care about her 😊😥😍😍😍😇

  • Riri Amore
    Riri Amore 2 天 前

    Sana all

  • Max Nova
    Max Nova 2 天 前

    Congratulation....BIG LOVE AND RESPECT, SALUTE!!!!

  • cheeri naval
    cheeri naval 2 天 前

    i watch it and i cried 😭, so nice sweet, n he love he's teddy bear ☺️

  • Salve .Catequista
    Salve .Catequista 2 天 前

    I LOVE their story, very much!!! Long Live, Mr. & Mrs. Brown


    Kilig mament

  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow 2 天 前

    *SANA ALL*

  • Liza Ward
    Liza Ward 2 天 前

    Ohh My God kinilig ako 🥰 what a wonderful story ..

  • Isabel Catalan
    Isabel Catalan 2 天 前

    Inspiring story! Sana all. 😘😘😘

  • Doravelle Luzana
    Doravelle Luzana 2 天 前

    I really cried. Kasama kang tumanda.

  • Jhamelah Gacad
    Jhamelah Gacad 2 天 前

    Nakakainlove tlga c Ivan,,,😍😍😍😍😍

  • gguk Jeon
    gguk Jeon 2 天 前 +1

    Dati taga laba lang ako ng BTS😂💜 tapos ngayon asawa ko na sila! Este siya💜💜💜😂

  • mengie life
    mengie life 2 天 前

    One-day sana makahanap ako Ng lalaki sobrang mapagmahal 😭😭

  • Ara Joy Cerezo
    Ara Joy Cerezo 2 天 前

    38:00 cutie ivan

  • mengie life
    mengie life 2 天 前

    Napaiyak ako sa story

  • Merry Cris Aguilar
    Merry Cris Aguilar 2 天 前

    Super Kilig talaga, In God's Perfect Time, Everything Will Be Alright.

  • Glen Gutierrez
    Glen Gutierrez 2 天 前

    ang sakit

  • shine parambita
    shine parambita 2 天 前

    so amazing love story

  • Princezz airah
    Princezz airah 2 天 前

    Keneleg eke. Hehehhehhe❤️💜✌️😂😁