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  • ŠP
    ŠP 48 分钟 前

    This is a very thought out video Pew, I see you're having a lot of fun making videos. I don't subscribe, but I like you. Have a nice day

  • Traior246
    Traior246 2 小时 前

    Omg is Pewdiepie secretly Lex Luthor ?

  • kolibri
    kolibri 4 小时 前

    Man, I wish PewDiePie would go back to this style of content instead of the garbage meme reviews he does now.

  • anonymos destroyer
    anonymos destroyer 5 小时 前

    And logan

  • Joaquin Sibug
    Joaquin Sibug 11 小时 前

    Felix you have no sense Literacy and complex writing. The arguments you give us , just come back to bite you in the a$&!😡🤬

  • frantz d
    frantz d 13 小时 前

    Infinity war?????

  • M4N451995
    M4N451995 13 小时 前

    im a marvel cock sucker but i gotta agree , every point pewds made is fair and valid

  • RabbitGirl
    RabbitGirl 18 小时 前

    I love marvel movies but pewdie has a point here. It IS formulaic. If you enjoy that regardless, then good on you. But some people don’t, why is this such a huge problem.
    On the other hand I will say though that back when I was younger comic books and superhero’s were for geeks, nerds, and otherwise losers. If you talked about it you’d be called a faggot or looked at like a social reject. I’m really happy to see marvel mainstream itself, and seeing the newer generation fully embracing superhero films with enjoyment. I understand why older audiences are completely rabid over this, their niche interest now has a billion dollar company making high budget films for all of the different superhero’s they once loved.
    Also pewdiepie you completely misunderstood the point of representation. Children especially need that sort of validation. Seeing their culture in a positive light, rather than backwards savages. There’s a lot of hate and misinformation in the media today, and that can shape teens and kids views of themselves and their respective ethnicities. Especially during a time when stress is high, what with Palestine, terrorists, racism, idk whatever group else would be affected you get the point. I feel like it’s one of those things that unless you’re in the minor group you don’t understand how isolating it is. Of course people still idolize superheros regardless of race. But it’s still nicer to see representation

  • Jorge González
    Jorge González 19 小时 前

    Marvel films are formulaic garbage... and I like them.

  • fried chicke
    fried chicke 19 小时 前


  • Валентин Valentin


  • Licean HD
    Licean HD 天 前

    But... Man Stan lee died :(

  • letsgetacid
    letsgetacid 天 前

    Marvel movies are a guilty pleasure - they can have some interesting moments or characters, but we generally know how each one will turn out. It's the highest-quality fun shit; certainly not high art by any means.

  • Sagini Chan
    Sagini Chan 天 前 +1

    MY stan lee rot in hell

  • Yoko Hama
    Yoko Hama 天 前

    Infinity war doesn't follow his formula boi.

  • Joy Chakravarty
    Joy Chakravarty 2 天 前

    Have you seen your own fan base

  • Jitender Singh
    Jitender Singh 2 天 前

    Review mad max fury road

  • Ibrahim Ilya
    Ibrahim Ilya 2 天 前

    I agree with you pewds

  • not clara
    not clara 2 天 前 +1

    No other actors can replace the ones now
    Take RDJ for instance

  • not clara
    not clara 2 天 前 +1

    6:35 Tom Hiddleston is amazing ksjss

  • Caleb Hughes
    Caleb Hughes 2 天 前

    Logan was different for one

  • Ander
    Ander 2 天 前

    naruto was born with nine tail fox chakra put in his infant body

  • Josh Napomiceno
    Josh Napomiceno 2 天 前

    Civil war

  • Yang Kexin
    Yang Kexin 2 天 前

    People need to be entertained. Some by Marvel movies, some by animes. I guess it's fine. I used to like Marvel movies but they are just more and more shallow as I grow.

  • Gobno
    Gobno 2 天 前

    Forgive him Father, he knows not what he says

  • Saheb Singh
    Saheb Singh 2 天 前

    Pewds, I just gave 2 likes as you said at the last and it's unliked :p

  • backspace890
    backspace890 2 天 前

    Marvel heard the first point n made a movie.WowW

  • Jordan Ziolkowski
    Jordan Ziolkowski 2 天 前

    They flipped that giant truck in the middle of Chicago, not New York City.

  • Puress Life
    Puress Life 2 天 前

    The movies suck but the comics are good

  • PaintingOfTheMind
    PaintingOfTheMind 3 天 前

    "It's a guy in a suit. You're screaming at a guy in a suit..."
    Felix... Man, most of the people screaming were girls. You're confused as to why a group of girls are screaming at a hot guy in a suit? o.o
    Did Sweden not get boy-bands? Do you not know about one direction and all that? Same concept. Disney even powers both of them, so I'm confused as to why you're confused.

  • Vishnuteja Ch
    Vishnuteja Ch 3 天 前

    disliked unsubscribed pewdiepie and subscibed t series

  • rajeev vaishnav
    rajeev vaishnav 3 天 前

    * i don't like sony,marvel,fox movies

  • Ronaldo Mateo
    Ronaldo Mateo 4 天 前 +1

    I think pewds doesnt really understand the whole concept of idolizing and hard work. At some points I agree with him. Peter Parker didnt do anything to get the spider bite, he didnt work hard for it. But the point here is how they use those powers for good. He was lucky to have the spider bite, but he is unlucky to have that of a big responsibility. Its how they show storytelling in a compelling way. Mexican or no Mexican, we idolize the heroes not for there color or culture, but for the good morals they give. I agree with the schedule of having NOW to release a movie with a black cast or a female hero, but the story we get to them is worth it. I've waited for a Black Panther movie for ages and when it finally showed, I knew it was worth the wait. So, in conclusion, good criticism, bad points, good editing, and bad explanation...

  • gregory wald
    gregory wald 4 天 前

    Anime usually has better stories, twists, ACTION and drama. Marvel fans are just busting a nut cuz Marvel's become mainstream and they look less like nerds for liking them. I'll still watch the movies, but to say infinity wars wasn't full of fan service and highly predictable, you're lying. I don't care what you like though, just don't act all fanboy/fangirl about something that doesn't matter in the REAL world or at least keep it to yourself. Lol

  • Tech Geek
    Tech Geek 4 天 前

    He doesn't like Marvel movies...... What the...

  • Musical loving Lawnmower

    yeah and now stan lee is dead so

  • Nerd God
    Nerd God 4 天 前

    This is.....awkward

    KAY JAY 4 天 前

    I think the point Michelle Obama was trying to make is not all superhero’s need to be white. It’s not that u need to idolise the people with the same complexion, its trying to show that regardless of ur skin colour u can be ‘super’. And yes it has been a long time coming for black panther and Captain Marvel and so on, but they have still always been in the comics and I suppose it is a shame that those movies didn’t come out earlier but we can’t change that. In no way hating, I thought many of Pewds points were actually quite valid, just thought I’d mention this one.

  • Nory Levi
    Nory Levi 4 天 前

    that's why Watchmen > Marvel

  • justfish
    justfish 4 天 前

    I wholeheartedly agreeee

    PIGMAN DAN 4 天 前


  • Japan Jake
    Japan Jake 4 天 前 +1

    There is no point in watching Marvel movies because it's always the same story packaged differently.... repeating the same content over and over because it works.... wait that's Pewd"s whole youtube career...

  • David T
    David T 5 天 前 +3

    RIP STAN LEE 😢 😢 😢

  • Exogenesis
    Exogenesis 5 天 前

    i think it’s really silly and rather ignorant to compare pewdiepie to marvel movies, saying “well he says marvel movies are all the same but what about his videos?!?!??)??!???” i mean, i don’t know about you, but i personally think this one-man youtube channel (apart from guests and his editors) is much different from a movie that was produced by about a hundred people.

  • Destiny Welch
    Destiny Welch 5 天 前 +1

    I absolutely love Deadpool and the new Spiderman

  • Carlos A.
    Carlos A. 5 天 前

    At the end of the day, felix is just a normal guy who has his own personal opinion and preferences like us. Nothing wrong with that. I love movies in general whatever genre it is as long as I enjoy it.

  • KravenMorrhead
    KravenMorrhead 5 天 前

    No intelligent adults enjoy marvel movies

  • SteBonMon
    SteBonMon 5 天 前

    I respect your opinions. Thank you for your reasons too.

  • Plopi
    Plopi 5 天 前

    I like how people are saying anime is trash compared to marvel movie when the majority never watched an anime lmao (watching pokemon when you were 6 doesnt count).

  • DecievedStairs
    DecievedStairs 5 天 前

    It's cause of this very video that Stan Lee died...

  • christine phillips
    christine phillips 5 天 前

    best video evvvver

  • Erivam Galdino
    Erivam Galdino 6 天 前 +1

    Avengers 4 and Ant Man dont really follows this pattern you quoted

  • tinystorm
    tinystorm 6 天 前 +1

    I like marvel movies ;( but I respect your opinion :)

  • Black Raven
    Black Raven 6 天 前 +1

    RIP Stan Lee, he is a god

  • Black Raven
    Black Raven 6 天 前

    Infinity War is on a different path, it's different

  • Arya Kaiba
    Arya Kaiba 6 天 前

    Felix, just like everyone else, is completely entitled to his own opinions. Plus at the end of the day, they're just a bunch of movies who on earth would get genuinely upset over something like that?? Just a couple of counterpoints for good fun/discussion:
    1) I absolutely agree that Marvel movies are formulaic, but the formula is really just the hero vs villain one that can be found in tons and tons of different stories. Sometimes, what's fun is a different setting and characters for the same type of story or tropes that we enjoy. But that's not entertaining to everybody of course.
    2) I'm not sure about idolizing, but in general I've rarely found someone liking a character because of their superpowers but rather their personalities and who they relate to the most or even just enjoy watching. Most movies/shows/etc that have a fantasy or sci-fi element still try to tell human stories that people can feel connected to or look up to.
    3) No one can argue against the Marvel fandom being full of toxic and alarmingly insane people! It's actually worrying how crazy some of them are :O (also the constant quipping in the movies does totally get annoying lol)

  • Tom24
    Tom24 6 天 前

    agree 100%. thank you

  • Peyton owo
    Peyton owo 6 天 前 +1

    That’s cool 👍
    I didn’t like them until a few years ago.
    I don’t get how people can just go out and hate, when it’s all opinions lol

  • Mangu King
    Mangu King 6 天 前

    Sadly, we as humans as built to idolize others from almost birth. We idolize a God that we have never met and someone who claimed to be his son even managed to change our calendar. Look at how hard Republicans went after Obama because they idolized their party, and now Democrats are going nuts over trump for the same reasons. We are so weak minded that we don't even notice

  • Mangu King
    Mangu King 6 天 前

    #seinen rules

  • TheJohnnyK
    TheJohnnyK 6 天 前

    Piew Die Pie killed Stan Lee... this video is the prove

  • Rees-Mogg for PM
    Rees-Mogg for PM 6 天 前 +1

    Marvel is sh*t

    • KAY JAY
      KAY JAY 4 天 前

      Rees-Mogg for PM hey no need to talk trash. We all are entitled to our opinions and must be respectful to others.

  • Sundar Rukmani
    Sundar Rukmani 6 天 前

    U killed Stan lee ,didn't you Felix? :(

  • exe GODMODE
    exe GODMODE 7 天 前

    cinema used to have special people now there are special effects

    I'M SHOOK 7 天 前

    Don't worry Felix, he died already.

    (This is a joke.)

  • green oak
    green oak 7 天 前


  • The gaming Channel
    The gaming Channel 7 天 前

    Rip stan lee

  • Ann Meds
    Ann Meds 7 天 前

    Oh oohhooooo!!!!!!

  • Ann Meds
    Ann Meds 7 天 前

    Oh oh

  • Wolfender
    Wolfender 7 天 前

    Pewds: “ they are all the same story packaged over and over again”


  • Hjalmar Gutierrez
    Hjalmar Gutierrez 7 天 前

    WTF too soon PewDiePie too soon RIP Stan Lee

  • sprite of vengeance

    naruto can be compared to thanos's shit

    YOUTUBE_ GAMING 7 天 前 +1

    Imagine cameo stan lee watching this video i think he really upset

  • Tony Massa
    Tony Massa 7 天 前

    6:13 rip stan, just saw this video he has valid points but he just doesn't like superheroes and it's ok

  • Mario
    Mario 7 天 前

    X-Men and the last Fantastic 4 aren't Marvel movies. Anyway, I'm also tired. I'm back to old decent intellectual cinema.

  • Legendary
    Legendary 8 天 前

    These Marvel movies are so dumb except black panther that is a 8/10

  • Marlon Chaves
    Marlon Chaves 8 天 前 +1

    "Mr. Felix, I don't feel so good..."
    - Stan Lee

    • SunkeN
      SunkeN 7 天 前

      are you making fun of his death?

  • Zhir
    Zhir 8 天 前 +3

    This just looks g r e a t due to recent events.

  • Wwatermelone
    Wwatermelone 8 天 前 +4

    kinda awkward now

  • Liberal Lenny
    Liberal Lenny 8 天 前 +7

    R.I.P stan

  • Amina Mahmood
    Amina Mahmood 8 天 前 +10

    Who’s here after hearing about Stan lee’s death?

  • Rackune
    Rackune 8 天 前 +2

    Well, this is akward now....

  • Daily Blackout Moments
    Daily Blackout Moments 8 天 前 +117

    R.I.P Stan lee

  • Steven Castellano Mena

    3:10 T H A N O S

  • Jenarickman
    Jenarickman 9 天 前

    You know I feel Felix didnt actually watch every marvel movie. Or at least he is acting like he didn't to avoid criticism. A lot of his opinions would be proven wrong and this video would not exist.
    1. Fanbase
    Ok a fanbase doesn't in any way affect the quality of the movies. Its just that the fans including me are just very passionate about seeing these movies because we stuck wirh them. We watched every single one. We aren't a freaking cult. When it comes to internet celebrities that is a completely different story. The people who love internet personalites (no offense) are very very crazy. An example would be tanacon. It was a disaster but literally everyone bought VIP tickets for that.
    2. The plots are the same.
    While they do follow a similar structure the stories are different. Marvel learns from its mistakes so now we have been getting villains that are believable people. If you took superpower out of what you said about the plots you would basically be saying you hate most movies. If you want some real quality story telling then watch the marvel netflix shows.
    3. CGI
    Ok. You cannot tell me that when you firstsaw the avengers you didn't immediately think it was CGI. CGI in marvel movies have been getting better. You say it breaks immersion when that to me isnt the a good reason. You don't go to watch a movie to feel like you are there witnessing whatever goes on.

  • Barracuda
    Barracuda 9 天 前

    Little babies crying in the comments that Pewds doesn't enjoy Marvel movies. Everything he says is true, and he's critical about it he's not being biased. Get some actual education please.

  • Vincent Schulz
    Vincent Schulz 9 天 前

    Thank you for saying this! But I think that there are a few gems in the marvel universe like doctor strange. Almost the rest is the same shit though.

  • John Nick
    John Nick 9 天 前

    Hey felix, 2 questions
    1. What do you think about comics/manga?
    2. What is your opinion on the animated marel movies e.g enter the spiderverse?

  • SkyKnight Warrior
    SkyKnight Warrior 10 天 前 +1

    It's not marvel cult, it's a childhood dreams wheee comic fans can see their characters in real life.

      1000000000 views 3 天 前

      and its also cause they're big fans of the character and the actor so for felix to call fans out for getting excited is just stupid

  • Erin
    Erin 10 天 前

    Pewds hating on Marvel movies is like me now hating Shoujo anime/manga. I used to love them a lot as a teen but now they're just cringy for me. It's okay not to like things, we have to respect that.

  • The_Scherf YT
    The_Scherf YT 10 天 前

    I’ll direct you to infinity war... Thanos wins.... a different path... ya...

  • Kourin
    Kourin 10 天 前 +1

    pewds : Everytime superhero wins
    THANOS: *hold my beer*

  • LEVI
    LEVI 10 天 前

    Just one word:

  • Chris Menji
    Chris Menji 11 天 前

    Jesus Christ this comment section is so toxic. So many people writing essays just to try and disprove a guys OPINION. They say oh it’s just arguing, but it’s really just saying no your opinion is wrong and invalid.

  • Linkxxz
    Linkxxz 12 天 前

    i like marvel but it does get repetitive sometimes

  • Anuranj Kannoth
    Anuranj Kannoth 12 天 前 +1

    Felix: i dont like marvel movies
    Me : ok its your opinion 😇
    Others: i dont like marv...
    Me : stfu and get lost 😠

  • sad jazz
    sad jazz 13 天 前

    another reason to love you

  • Rafæla Nfpl
    Rafæla Nfpl 13 天 前

    "You scream to a guy who is dressed in a suit"
    Lol that's just mild fangirling.

  • DeFroggo
    DeFroggo 13 天 前

    I’m DiSgUsTeD! uNsUb

  • Wybie Snicket
    Wybie Snicket 13 天 前

    I miss the colors from them. Nowadays all of them gets this ugly and boring grey filter, and it literally hurts my eyes.