Lilly Singh on YouTube, The Rock & Her Parents

  • 添加 2018年05月18日
  • Lilly answers some trivia questions to test her knowledge about her home country of Canada, talks about her popularity on CNclip, interviewing celebrities like Michelle Obama and The Rock, her love of wrestling, and making the new HBO movie Fahrenheit 451 with Michael B Jordan.
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    Lilly Singh on CNclip, The Rock & Her Parents视频.html
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评论 • 3 036

  • Ummati 93
    Ummati 93 小时 前

    Lilly. I'm not hating on your success but you used a tangible means to attain peace. Napoleon from Tupacs clique found GOD in his life. He was giving a lecture at a masjid (mosque). He asked (moltte-more or less to the effect) "How can we attain peace unless we submit to the peace MAKER ?"

  • waringa wangari
    waringa wangari 12 小时 前

    Her earring tho...I want

  • Harshida Panchal
    Harshida Panchal 19 小时 前

    Ok i love Lilly but what's with this Bollywood thing? Come'on Lilly.

  • Living Bravely
    Living Bravely 22 小时 前

    Hahaha love Lilly

  • Rahul Premkumar
    Rahul Premkumar 天 前

    she tries too hard to be funny

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo 天 前

    I didn’t know her till Maroon 5 introduce me.☺️thank you “girl like you” music video.😍

  • toukou sumrah
    toukou sumrah 2 天 前

    Ellen show is much more better in welcoming people.

  • Najma Ahmed
    Najma Ahmed 2 天 前

    It felt little bit uncomfortable this video

  • A E
    A E 2 天 前

    She reminds me off raven Symone, maybe her clone.

  • Hipatija 2904
    Hipatija 2904 3 天 前

    This is the worst interview I watched by Kimmy, I am so surprised

  • anirudh ramesh
    anirudh ramesh 3 天 前

    Go take ur 6 hour sleep jimmy and do ur homework

  • dragonfly
    dragonfly 4 天 前

    Lilly Singh > Liza Koshy

  • Paris_ Lu
    Paris_ Lu 4 天 前

    i would of asked her 100000 questions because she is legit the most funniest and awesome person ever ! i’m confused why he didn’t even laugh 😂 she is so funny and love love love love her! ❤️ (no hate towards kimmel )

  • Shewhoshallnotbenamed 101

    Tbh, she didn’t seem to be enjoying that interview. She seemed pressured and stressed.

  • Hadi f.
    Hadi f. 5 天 前

    I got a lil excited when they mentioned wrestling. I'm a big fan as well!!

  • pheyzol files
    pheyzol files 5 天 前

    Reason why I prefer Jimmy Fallon over Kimmel is in this video and others. Wish he showed all people the same respect and full concentration they deserve. Seems like he thinks CNcliprs are cutting the line in the entertainment industry.

  • saumya singh
    saumya singh 5 天 前

    I'm going to unsubscribe Jimmy Kimmel

  • saumya singh
    saumya singh 5 天 前

    Why is he being so condescending?

  • Sum Ting
    Sum Ting 6 天 前

    She looks like train WRECK!!!!!

  • Elizabeth Corkins
    Elizabeth Corkins 6 天 前


  • Kelsey Green
    Kelsey Green 6 天 前

    Yaaasss queen

  • ghool10000
    ghool10000 6 天 前

    Whats up with this kimmel guy???

  • Allina Rassool - Pariag

    Love her

  • Stevina Peni
    Stevina Peni 7 天 前


  • silas sale
    silas sale 7 天 前

    Oh Jimmy are you interviewing or questioning?

  • kashanusc
    kashanusc 7 天 前

    who is she

  • Kitty Flames
    Kitty Flames 7 天 前

    Undertaker doesn't take 3 minutes he takes 5-6 minutes to walk to the ring.

  • Akhilization
    Akhilization 7 天 前

    Dead audience!

  • Samantha Booth
    Samantha Booth 7 天 前


  • Raven
    Raven 7 天 前

    What d heck was WRONG with Jimmy...he wouldn't have gotten a better guest but he destroyed the interview himself...thanks to Superwoman for making it better

  • Sangdyang P.tshering


  • not88responding
    not88responding 8 天 前

    She appeared also on Daily Show with Trevor, Fallon, Good Morning America and bunch of other to speak about her projects that they haven't discussed here. She has done so much including a world tour ATTUI, music videos, documentary/movie, won awards, has her own business, make up line Bawse, project Girl Love, she employs women in Africa to make a living from making rafiki bracelets AND then being a CNclipr, writing and filming her videos with her interns, doing gigs and meeting people. Oh right, she wrote a book which is a NY Times bestseller and she is among 100 Times most influential people. Also appeared in new Maroon 5 video Girls like you. Oh and I forgot to mention SO MANY famous people that were guests at her channel like Will Smith, John Legend, Nick Jonas etc etc. How did she do it? Hard work.
    HBO is just now, it is not "as good as it gets" like tired Kimmel suggested. She is not any CNclipr trust me.

  • 077 Di
    077 Di 8 天 前

    I have a feeling that he is racist yet she is nice to him.because this interview is very strange, i'm sure he didn't see her videos. Jimmy she is Indian...yes she is! get over it

  • Christian Guzman
    Christian Guzman 8 天 前

    I forgot he still even had a show lol but Lily looks great!

  • SharkBait Ooh Ha Ha

    The burn is real

  • Ohms spark
    Ohms spark 8 天 前

    Audience was sooo dead

  • Shaina Singh
    Shaina Singh 9 天 前

    She's such a bawse

  • Bhautik Gondaliya
    Bhautik Gondaliya 10 天 前

    Please call Bhuvan Bam an Indian CNclipr

  • Apurva Paranjape
    Apurva Paranjape 10 天 前

    What is up with this guy...he was so rude! The reason why I watch Jimmy Fallon more. He was so sweet to her

  • catherine ruati
    catherine ruati 10 天 前

    Jimmy's such a disappointment in this interview. Wtf!

  • pyramidshot ohb
    pyramidshot ohb 10 天 前

    100 degree fh umm what tf is that my Brain goes booom. Run to Celsius my brain I love you man.

  • Maria Knight
    Maria Knight 10 天 前

    Jimmy was pretty condescending in this video. You aren't above her. You are a talk show host. She is a CNclipr. She is way cooler than you. I'm sorry on behalf of Americans! You are awesome!

  • Amazing Alien
    Amazing Alien 11 天 前

    she is so much black 😂😂😂

  • shubhangi borgohain
    shubhangi borgohain 11 天 前

    Hey jimmy go watch superwoman on Jimmy Fallon

  • Subi S
    Subi S 11 天 前

    She was being really nice and handled it like a pro...he on the other hand was downright rude!

  • ajas558
    ajas558 13 天 前

    Jimmy kimmy. US is your first crush 😂

  • Alec fj
    Alec fj 13 天 前


  • Shraddha Gaikwad
    Shraddha Gaikwad 13 天 前

    Thats very rude of jimmy kimmel . Lily could just back answer on the spot but saved his respect on the show. Love lily❤️.

  • LunarAngel
    LunarAngel 13 天 前

    I love the ending. He attacked Canadians, and she flawlessly came for Americans. She handled his rude ass very well.

  • LunarAngel
    LunarAngel 13 天 前

    Wrong Jimmy, Lilly. Fallon wouldn’t treat you like this.

  • Natalie Osuna
    Natalie Osuna 13 天 前

    Oh gosh this was wierd, luckily Lilly carried through

  • Arooj Khan
    Arooj Khan 13 天 前

    Literally had 2 clips in that movie (farenhiet 451)
    Wanted to see more of her though

  • Intisar
    Intisar 14 天 前

    Whys he sending for her like that
    This is meant to be the better jimmy

    MEL ISSA 14 天 前

    I'm uncomfortable with how little Jimmy knows about Lilly's career.

  • Lucy Poynter
    Lucy Poynter 14 天 前

    Did he say the flannel is from Wales? I swear I know nothing about where I live 😂

  • Julissa Xajil
    Julissa Xajil 14 天 前

    Smh jimmy Kimmel being rude

  • ZeBa
    ZeBa 14 天 前

    I love Canadians and the PM Trudeau♥️

  • anusha3598
    anusha3598 14 天 前


  • Easther Livi Shohe
    Easther Livi Shohe 14 天 前

    I love her

  • paven
    paven 15 天 前


  • Javolizoe Media
    Javolizoe Media 15 天 前

    I'm from vancouver

  • Liban Osman
    Liban Osman 15 天 前

    She's from Brampton smh what's she on about

  • Jasmin Anceliga
    Jasmin Anceliga 15 天 前

    Love her!!✨💕❤️

  • Jenny Leier
    Jenny Leier 16 天 前

    She’s looking like a snack

  • NJ Face Painting Entertainment


  • emmanuel venta
    emmanuel venta 16 天 前

    Am I the only one that doesn’t like her?

  • Winx Yusuf
    Winx Yusuf 16 天 前

    Don’t you think jimmy was harsh on her? As if he was holding some grudges over there lol

  • Karmi Dhaliwal
    Karmi Dhaliwal 16 天 前

    Seriously? jimmy? he's so rude to her. That was very disrespectful! especially at the end....

  • wig
    wig 16 天 前

    Why was he so rude during this interview wtf

  • ifxckinheartpink89
    ifxckinheartpink89 16 天 前

    Someone get her on ELLEN!!

    • Crystal Rowe
      Crystal Rowe 15 天 前

      She hasn't done anything that Ellen would be interested in hearing about.

  • Brisa Flores
    Brisa Flores 16 天 前

    Hmmm I feel as though he cane of a little rude... that’s so unlike Jimmy though!

  • danni wils123
    danni wils123 16 天 前

    I love her

  • atiq niqlus
    atiq niqlus 17 天 前

    controversial Canadian insist

  • Cesar Guzman
    Cesar Guzman 17 天 前

    She is so bad...LAwd! Hit me up!

  • Marcy Contreras
    Marcy Contreras 17 天 前

    I love how she said that she thinks Americans are lost rn!!

  • Skylar Kerr
    Skylar Kerr 17 天 前 +1

    I unsubbed after watching this video, Jimmy was just rude and talked down to her like she didn't matter. Wth Jimmy I hope your show gets canceled

  • The Legend of Laura Gee

    Lilly you were glowing!!! And you handled that so well I'm proud of you!!!

  • Elaine Rennie
    Elaine Rennie 17 天 前


  • Footy Stars
    Footy Stars 18 天 前

    She may call herself canandian but india is proud of her...

  • Tanisha Verghese
    Tanisha Verghese 18 天 前

    Jimmy seems so disinterested and bored and even a little sleepy... The only person actually carrying this interview on is Lilly... She's so bubbly.. I love her

  • ItsKatN
    ItsKatN 19 天 前

    I literally searched this while watching her Yanny and Laurel thing since I was a month late.

  • Astrid Go H.
    Astrid Go H. 19 天 前

    OMG, Lilly! She is in THAT movie!? I didn't know. Congrats I think you deserve it. Such a lovely personality ❤

  • anna krupa
    anna krupa 19 天 前


  • Apoorva Lundchuse
    Apoorva Lundchuse 19 天 前

    As of 2018, Lilly Singh's net worth is estimated at $9,000,000 How?????!!!!!!!!!

  • Helen Thevudiyamunda

    90% of comments are from Indian housewives crapping on Jimmy Kimmel for not interviewing Lilly Singh properly.
    10% of comments are people talking about how unpopular Lilly Singh is and doesn't deserve to be a celebrity (which is the right side of this argument).
    Now I see why the 2nd most overpopulated 3rd world country has more rapists than any other country on Earth. 😂

  • Tony Anderson
    Tony Anderson 19 天 前

    Lilly Singh is basically Indian trash trying to show herself off as a privileged, wannabe white American/Canadian without being any of those things mentioned. I am glad that Jimmy Kimmel knew how to handle her pathetic little CNclip smart-ass attitude. You go, bro. :)

  • leighleigh
    leighleigh 20 天 前 +1

    Lol, it's not rare Jimmy. You are an old tard.

  • rajesh pawde
    rajesh pawde 20 天 前 +2

    I love her ❤

  • Chahaya Martha
    Chahaya Martha 20 天 前 +2

    Lily is an energetic and fun young lady. Jimmy doesn't understand that by being so serious and not getting her jokes. Shame on you, Jimmy! 💔

  • Foram Patel
    Foram Patel 20 天 前 +1

    Jimmy knew that Lily would handle the show so that's why he looked laid back a bit.

  • More Random Than Me
    More Random Than Me 21 天 前 +1

    I think as an entertainer Lilly is extremely good. 6 minutes passed without me even knowing and honestly in my world 6 minutes is like 6 hours. I love her funny and charismatic self. Her videos are always entertaining. I admire her so much ^^

  • Tia
    Tia 21 天 前

    lol when jimmy said ' you're also canadian, whats going on here' she thought he was trying to say canadians are talented like he just wanted to know why all the canadians are in the US. Please stop assuming everyone knows and loves you..its painfully cringe to watch

  • project10bball
    project10bball 21 天 前 +1

    Perspective: he just seems tired

  • Lisa Farouse
    Lisa Farouse 22 天 前 +1

    Yessss Lillyyyyy!! Americans are lost" LOL

  • TheMixOf Everything
    TheMixOf Everything 22 天 前 +1

    Please tell me I'm not the only one who is a big fan of Lilly Singh but thought that Jimmy was not impatient or even a bit rude

  • Najma x
    Najma x 22 天 前

    If I hear....*because I was sad* one more time lmao

  • NoSurrender786
    NoSurrender786 23 天 前

    This girl is sikh? She looks a south Indian Hindu. Sikhs tend to be light skinned.

  • Vm Makvana
    Vm Makvana 23 天 前


  • Sean _
    Sean _ 23 天 前

    This was so cringe