News media calls me out for lying.. (confession)

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  • Mert Hacıahmetoğlu

    technically "wtf" doing their job with honesty here, but the point is as long as you keep critisizing these dumb organızations in front of your followers and promoting them to do their job ironically they'll go further, cuz as we all know that there is no such thing as a "bad" commercial, it's always a commercial on a purpose to go viral

  • Mark Cho
    Mark Cho 小时 前

    just imagining all the 9 year olds buying saabs rn

  • DiamondEnderPearl
    DiamondEnderPearl 小时 前 +1

    Pew die pie does drugs I am not kidding

  • Karrie Papa
    Karrie Papa 2 小时 前

    A friendly reminder to these parents,dota 2 has 25 million tournament every year. So consider influence your kid to go pro on that game if you wanna leech from the money he will made.

  • an actual apple
    an actual apple 2 小时 前

    Owh man I feel sad now seeing the way pewdiepie has become. He used to be fun.

  • Humam Bahoo
    Humam Bahoo 3 小时 前

    dude this is so funny loooooool

  • Blezoxx
    Blezoxx 3 小时 前

    and what happened to revelmode

  • Blezoxx
    Blezoxx 3 小时 前

    bruh go back to brofist

  • Himachali Boys
    Himachali Boys 3 小时 前


  • Android gamer
    Android gamer 4 小时 前

    Alguém BR 🇧🇷

  • Lilly Lavender
    Lilly Lavender 5 小时 前

    They think you're serious because you're famous

  • Error 81
    Error 81 5 小时 前

    Dick monetised, lol.

  • Mustafa Ertaş
    Mustafa Ertaş 5 小时 前


  • Mariam Lewin
    Mariam Lewin 5 小时 前


  • Wietrzyk ツ
    Wietrzyk ツ 5 小时 前


  • trần gia hào
    trần gia hào 5 小时 前

    Chào anh

  • Omar Naser
    Omar Naser 5 小时 前


  • Funneh Gamez
    Funneh Gamez 6 小时 前

    You should be in a movie

  • Kill Bill The Impostor
    Kill Bill The Impostor 7 小时 前

    If you wernt playing WWC you wernt a gammer basically.

  • I love you all
    I love you all 8 小时 前

    ρε αγόρι μου γλυκοο

  • SoundTripOnly
    SoundTripOnly 9 小时 前

    1 sub I do same for you 💖

  • Fitran Firdaus
    Fitran Firdaus 9 小时 前

    Hey PewDiePie i challenge you play "pamali" a Indonesia horror Game..

  • Hologram Media
    Hologram Media 10 小时 前

    youre not good at fortnite you cant hang with us dude

  • lea
    lea 10 小时 前

    Nice video pewds

  • Stephen Tipton
    Stephen Tipton 11 小时 前

    Was that your “click bait” experiment?🤦🏻‍♂️

  • claudiu stanescu
    claudiu stanescu 11 小时 前

    ME : Good job ! You win!
    PEWDIEPIE : This is a joke

  • claudiu stanescu
    claudiu stanescu 11 小时 前

    ME : Good job ! You win!
    PEWDIEPIE : This is a joke

  • Jonathan Keulher
    Jonathan Keulher 11 小时 前

    Set balls to maximum

  • WondeR Plays
    WondeR Plays 12 小时 前

    ok pewds, u got me there. buying a volvo AND a Saab !

  • Cap.Commander Shunsui
    Cap.Commander Shunsui 13 小时 前

    It’s so pity lol

  • I.S Comédie
    I.S Comédie 13 小时 前

    Tu es le meilleur CNclipr🔥❤

  • Dan Rheaume
    Dan Rheaume 14 小时 前

    First time watching your news. I’ll do it again. Enjoyed it.

  • Racbel Delgado
    Racbel Delgado 14 小时 前

    Waooo 65 millions waoooo

  • daniella landicho
    daniella landicho 16 小时 前

    anybody else think that he looks like tom felton hahahah w his sunglasses on? lmaoo

  • Taehyung.joons s
    Taehyung.joons s 16 小时 前

    This is why i love pewds, hes so calm about it and doesn’t make distracks to the people, hes so humble 😂💗

    XxBANANA SQUADxX 16 小时 前 +1

    Shout me out

  • evil banana
    evil banana 17 小时 前

  • A L Media
    A L Media 17 小时 前


  • Anson Lambert
    Anson Lambert 17 小时 前 +1


  • Michael Du
    Michael Du 18 小时 前

    your hat fist-icon got green-screened

  • _EwokPlayz_ DK
    _EwokPlayz_ DK 18 小时 前

    Roblox better !!1!!1!!!!1111!!!!

  • Michał Kotko
    Michał Kotko 19 小时 前

    Wróci na Polskiego yutuba

  • MobZee Interiors
    MobZee Interiors 20 小时 前

    *Sponsered By MobZee < DigiDay* lolx 😊

  • garth locklin
    garth locklin 20 小时 前

    Sponsored by Dawoo or De Lorean!

  • Toucanbird
    Toucanbird 20 小时 前

    The media is starting to feel like that crotchety old neighbor that is always watching you throw his (or her) blinds and then telling all his (or her) friends what “scandalous” things you are doing (even though those things are just normal, everyday things).
    Congrats turned into something everyone hates.

  • Rowan Highfill
    Rowan Highfill 20 小时 前

    I can’t tell which ones are actually real about you on media cause most of them seem like jokes to me

  • ГГшник ГГшник

    Сука блять! Ты можешь не говорить эти слова?

  • Kaddy Allen
    Kaddy Allen 20 小时 前

    You should have changed it to 'SPONSORED BY DIGIDAY'. lmao

  • пид про
    пид про 20 小时 前 +1

    Лол хочу выучить английский

  • Joy Malou Schubert
    Joy Malou Schubert 21 小时 前 +1

    HAHA "so what did they do?!" 7:00 hahaha, wow. det måste vara tufft att deala med typer som tar allt bokstavligt talat on a regular bases.

  • Sarah Bear
    Sarah Bear 21 小时 前

    This is priceless put sponsored by unicorns and see what they think they would be stuck without excuses

  • Laura. Lilly
    Laura. Lilly 23 小时 前

    I love your authenticity, pewds.

  • Michele Morin
    Michele Morin 23 小时 前

    Pewds you are and should be considered an inspiration to what these annoying other channels with tools like Logan Paul ect. I’ve been watching you for a long time, the way you have handled (what I thought were pretty entertaining videos) all the bull shit controversy. You were completely solid and you didn’t respond like a fake douche and come out with like ...”I’m vegan”. I respect you and your videos. I know it’s the thing to like duck with you and what ever but I feel like I needed to just thank you for being real and fucking with people. You’re hilarious and brad and brad 2 are amazing😍😍 overall you guys are fucking super talented and you should be proud of the brand you have and the community you have created 😘😍🙂

  • master saleem ki ho gaya com khan

    Change the title to " Sponsored by DeezNuts " . Lets see who they decide to reach out to :-)

  • Ay Pinkie
    Ay Pinkie 天 前

    I bet parents got tired of their kids raging so much in games that they paid coaches. Like wut? 😂

  • Simplyhyesu
    Simplyhyesu 天 前

    Lmfao that media is dumb

  • luke gibson
    luke gibson 天 前

    I will teach you how to play Jailbreak like myusernames this for $1000 an hour.
    What a steal.

  • Хайбат Эльдарова

    Пхех, как бы)

  • aReX TaZe
    aReX TaZe 天 前


  • 格里西亞Grisia


  • Jackson wireguy
    Jackson wireguy 天 前


  • Very Much Video
    Very Much Video 天 前

    This good video

  • TheOneRoks
    TheOneRoks 天 前

    I rasha

  • JustJ
    JustJ 天 前


  • Luka Spasojevic
    Luka Spasojevic 天 前

    Fortnite is better than pubg

  • Aaron Canete
    Aaron Canete 天 前

    Hey pewds make a vid all about your dogs and you

  • Uttej Viswanadh
    Uttej Viswanadh 天 前

    you do lie

  • inbal
    inbal 天 前 +1

    this is actually how pewdiepie fans laugh at his jokes... they "Gather information" every time he makes one, so to know it isn't real. like this is ridiculous... they literally "gathered information" and went as far as to contact companies to confirm that a joke is not real. funny, every viewer could tell it perfectly in matter of seconds since we are human beings with the ability to sense humor!!!!

  • Bor Blaauw
    Bor Blaauw 天 前

    Saab is failliet

  • Pranav Totala
    Pranav Totala 天 前

    chadismyname deserves subs for the awesome captioning

  • Kazuhira Fiddler

    Didn't Saab shut down ages ago? Lmao what the fuck are they doing

  • lel ha
    lel ha 天 前

    Alright I disliked the video because these days you always have misleading titles and thumbnails I'm thinking of unsubbing because of this I've watched Pewds for 9 years now but he has changed slot like my comment if you agree I'm not unsubbing because Pewds I'm unsubbing because of what he is doing with his CNclip channel he doesn't play games anymore and all he does is this dumb shit like meme review pew news and other boring shit I don't know how his channel grows Pewds please make better vids with more effort in them please

    HK VINES 天 前

    Good video
    For more entertainment #HKVines

  • Xuân Cường - Gaming

    Very good

  • Cory Wiebe
    Cory Wiebe 天 前


  • wei sing
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  • Eric Harding
    Eric Harding 天 前

    Saab defunct 2012

  • Joshua Suraj
    Joshua Suraj 天 前

    Don’t feel bad haters always hate but that’s cuz ur the best

  • Cate Peace
    Cate Peace 天 前

    Fortnite is gay in the first place, so...

  • Harsh Gujjar
    Harsh Gujjar 天 前

    do you knoww you are the best you tuber of 2018

  • Lazlow Rave
    Lazlow Rave 天 前

    I'm beast at Tibia.

  • Opare Mantey
    Opare Mantey 天 前

    wow your the most sub that a youtuber can have!

  • Lola Slays
    Lola Slays 天 前

    HOW. THE. HECK. DO. U. HAVE 65 MILLION SUBS?!??!???!!? (Not in a bad way) just wow. Good job 👏 👏🤣❤️

  • Gaming Cucumber
    Gaming Cucumber 天 前

    I can make captions for you in the language of my people. The Cucumbers of America

  • Gaming Cucumber
    Gaming Cucumber 天 前

    I love you senpai, subscribe to me- besitos de Pepino

  • dieCG
    dieCG 天 前

    Change it to sponsored by red rider wagons

  • Cringey Potato
    Cringey Potato 天 前

    28th most trending in Ireland! #JacksepticeyeLand, congrats! 🇮🇪


    Vai lá no meu canal pf

  • The Average Indian


  • Alex Clark-Thompson

    This comment is sponsored by Illuminati

  • Liana Gentile
    Liana Gentile 天 前

    I have a really important question..... IS THERE EVEN 65 MILLION PEOPLE IN THE WORLD????????

  • mdwx
    mdwx 天 前


  • Joe Nodonly
    Joe Nodonly 天 前

    Pewds you're right, you are a liar.
    3:06- You know DAMN WELL Sayori would never turn Jimmy away from any club.

  • Speed RBLX
    Speed RBLX 天 前


  • K4tommes
    K4tommes 天 前

    I what your Murch so bad, but my mom will slap the hell out of me if she reads it (she’s Russian)