10 Times Neymar Proved That He Is Worth $222 Millions


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  • mlbb legends
    mlbb legends 5 天 前

    why sk many haters although the 220 million is overpricing still neymar is good at anything so stop judjing fan boys

  • rafael marques
    rafael marques 7 天 前

    Esse vídeo é para quem acha o Mbappe melhor que o Neymar !!!

  • נדב אביתר
    נדב אביתר 7 天 前

    it is just ligue 1!! u don't know football!!!!

  • Miguel Campos
    Miguel Campos 8 天 前

    Poner goles de la liga de francia?? No vale 222 ni de coña, en francia no hay nivel!!! En rusia18 ha bajado su precio a 20millones

  • Frolic boys
    Frolic boys 9 天 前

    ha ha

  • Creedon B
    Creedon B 10 天 前


  • Samyam Kittur
    Samyam Kittur 11 天 前

    My favorite soccer player is Neymar.Who else likes Neymar?

  • Jaya dav
    Jaya dav 11 天 前 +1

    Neymar is the best player

  • S. V.
    S. V. 12 天 前

    PLEASE...Ive seen other players do all of this and more and consistently.

  • Hajde da ga duckamo zajedno!!

    He worth 300,000,000

  • Hakar Doski
    Hakar Doski 13 天 前

    nah he's not worth shit
    anything he did in the video is 1 in a 1000

  • Leefandawaiski
    Leefandawaiski 13 天 前

    He’s a piece of shit

  • maso a
    maso a 14 天 前


  • Allen Soriano
    Allen Soriano 14 天 前

    He's not even worth 100 million, at his age Ronaldo and Messi won a lot more. PSG destroyed Neymar career by making him worth 220, so he's always under full pressure and can't play without thinking he's under the spotlight

  • Gina Ngimba
    Gina Ngimba 15 天 前

    Nemyer is mine

  • Tata
    Tata 16 天 前 +1

    Neymar THE KING!!! ❤️
    Twice third best all over the world 👍🏻

  • Harish Gajaan
    Harish Gajaan 16 天 前

    Neymar is really a skillful player

  • Toby Games
    Toby Games 16 天 前

    Tip: Don’t use same clips use different clips

  • Carlos Deleon
    Carlos Deleon 17 天 前 +1

    I bet you can't even play Soccer

  • Carlos Deleon
    Carlos Deleon 17 天 前 +1

    And why is it bad to Help your team

  • Carlos Deleon
    Carlos Deleon 17 天 前 +1

    Your just mad that Neymar better playing Soccer then you

  • Mystery 7112
    Mystery 7112 17 天 前

    Vale nem 1 real esse cabra aí, não joga nada.

  • Elijah louwing
    Elijah louwing 17 天 前

    sound track?

  • JuniorMCPE13 Jf
    JuniorMCPE13 Jf 18 天 前

    Neymar and Brazil, fuck

  • Md Hasan
    Md Hasan 19 天 前

    Nemyar is boss

  • Rudi Rösler
    Rudi Rösler 19 天 前

    Only 10 times?🙄😑

  • Ian Solo
    Ian Solo 19 天 前

    He hasnt proved anything yet besides some showboating and diving...he needs the cl title to prove that he's worth the money

  • Niklaus Heitzmann
    Niklaus Heitzmann 19 天 前

    I think that there is no player in this world who is worth 222 Millions! No one

  • Rafael Costa
    Rafael Costa 20 天 前

    O neymar é fora de série, só que ele tem dois defeitos graves que no momento estão impedindo ele de se tornar um craque a nível mundial, cai cai demais e muito nervoso, as vezes ele faz belas jogadas só que aí deixa a perna e "tibum" cai no chão, e também é muito nervoso, facilmente perde a cabeça e isso é ruim, ele é craque, ele deveria fazer os adversários perderem a cabeça e não ele, mas tirando isso ele joga muito realmente.!!!!!

  • Christian
    Christian 20 天 前

    what a joke!He plays in one of the weakest leagues in the world! His perform in the world cup was a huge set back!!!

  • Andrew Grant
    Andrew Grant 20 天 前

    annoying little show pony. Fuck him and everything he stands for.

  • samu901
    samu901 20 天 前

    Neither the Pope worth 222 million

  • Bruno Henrique
    Bruno Henrique 20 天 前

    0:37 ? Neymar nunca será ídolo como Ronaldo, Ronaldinho ou Pelé, craques dentro e fora dos campos.

  • Xolani Given
    Xolani Given 20 天 前

    So many haters for Neymar, at least he is somewhere in life... these comments prove that u cannot be loved by everyone in life

  • Logan Lindsey
    Logan Lindsey 20 天 前

    Hes just another diving dumb player

  • abdulaziz almousa
    abdulaziz almousa 20 天 前

    Rollover rollover

  • Helexion Cluenx
    Helexion Cluenx 20 天 前

    Dive ?

  • Hoon Yang
    Hoon Yang 20 天 前

    Lol ligue 1 is Neymar's playground

  • Martin Voroňák
    Martin Voroňák 20 天 前

    Maan this video is one sided, just look at others fotballers and compare. They are worth ten times than.

  • Nizamudheen 452
    Nizamudheen 452 20 天 前


  • Lil Ed 4 Life
    Lil Ed 4 Life 20 天 前


  • Kwadwo Sarfo
    Kwadwo Sarfo 20 天 前

    He should be 70 million the lefue is too easy up to some red toyed cr7 did this to Spain one of the Best!

  • insaf shamsudheen
    insaf shamsudheen 20 天 前

    Never! He is never worth 222 million

  • Jeffry Tjendrawan
    Jeffry Tjendrawan 20 天 前

    he's not even worth 100 million

  • D4rkDesert 01
    D4rkDesert 01 21 天 前

    He’s not efficient, he’s just playing around with his „no look passes“ which he does, when they are confusing absolutely NO ONE

  • Fermin arevalo
    Fermin arevalo 21 天 前

    Esos goles los tienes que hacer en equipos grandes como el real madrid , bayer, etc

  • Mark Knerr
    Mark Knerr 21 天 前

    Nobody is worth 222 million £

  • Snezzee Gaming
    Snezzee Gaming 21 天 前

    Neymar neymar neymar neymaaaaaaar!this commentator😂

  • masterm95
    masterm95 21 天 前

    Footballer that is supposed to score goals is worth $222 mill because he scores goals

  • Ansumana Kanyi
    Ansumana Kanyi 21 天 前

    nayma ❤u

  • Jose Lopes
    Jose Lopes 21 天 前 +1

    if Neymar is worth 222 million, better invest that in the Brazilian favelas

  • Legit Jr YT
    Legit Jr YT 21 天 前 +1

    What did the keeper do at 5:58 he just jumped up and wow would have Neymar showed that performance in the premier league he could be 120 million dollars worth and Neymar is in the best Team of the league so its clearly predictable that he will have a good in the season

  • Ahmed Ultra Instant
    Ahmed Ultra Instant 21 天 前

    He is not worth 222 million dude just because he shoes of does not me he is worth allot I think your trying to say he’s worth 222 hundred

  • Durvesh Patil
    Durvesh Patil 21 天 前

    Hazard are 255 Millions

  • Alex dfg
    Alex dfg 21 天 前

    ronaldinho wanna be

  • Henry J Delaney
    Henry J Delaney 21 天 前

    Hes not the only thing that costs 220 million his hair cuts do too

    THE WEIRDOS Blogs 21 天 前

    You can tell that he is not as happy as when he was with Barcelona

  • Lord Alpaca
    Lord Alpaca 21 天 前

    3:50 the guy was smiling

    JR10 BRAZIL 21 天 前

    Why people hate neymar.....he was better than all people who hates him....the people who hates neymar is they are noob....#NEYMAR JR IS THE BEST

  • Adrian Pyk
    Adrian Pyk 21 天 前

    Lol it wasnt worth.. Mbape is better player. He is younger and he will be more usefull

  • Leeroy Moyo
    Leeroy Moyo 21 天 前

    When r u gonna release the video 10 neymar showed he wasnt wort 222m

  • sensaiko
    sensaiko 21 天 前

    9 is already him being a complete asshole, what a disgrace

  • Shah Saffuan
    Shah Saffuan 22 天 前

    And yet he is keep on rolling from brazil to the entire world

  • Anime for ever !!!
    Anime for ever !!! 22 天 前

    I cost 230million xDDDD LOOOL

  • Mihyar 'Mahir' AbdulJalel

    Most skilled player in the world. The media is so biased when it comes to him being fouled, yes he does dive, but people have to realize that he gets fouled and physically hacked on a regular regular basis due to his supreme skill.

  • Izabella Moura de Menezes

    eu acho o neymar fominha e izibido

  • HAYA
    HAYA 22 天 前

    Amazing player and so pretty too👏❤😂

  • Oppai (. Y .)
    Oppai (. Y .) 22 天 前

    For 222 Million you better be able to Fly and shoot lasers out of your eyes. Not play with a fuckin ball dafuq?

  • Svante Jonsborg
    Svante Jonsborg 22 天 前

    No player is worth that anonymt of money

  • Manuel Rodriguez
    Manuel Rodriguez 22 天 前

    0:38, 😳eso es ser caballero o deportista????
    NO, eso es SER un NEGRO irrespetuoso, come mierda, hijo de puta y un negro MARICON q tuvo suerte q Dios le de un don con la pelota.
    Con mucho respeto naturalmente .😉

  • Epic
    Epic 22 天 前

    psg is way too overpowered in a shitty league please delete this joke title video

  • NutBleeder
    NutBleeder 22 天 前

    He may be one of the best players in the game now, but he's an even better actor and flopper

  • Iga Heel
    Iga Heel 22 天 前

    well.. still NOPE

  • Mathu's YT
    Mathu's YT 22 天 前

    I wouldn't spend 220.000.000$ to buy spaghetti.

  • David47
    David47 22 天 前 +1

    40k were neymar haters..
    Because they can't even kick the ball..😂😂😂😂

  • ExSilium
    ExSilium 22 天 前

    No player is worth more than 150mil and this video didnt prove shit lmao

  • Леонид Алексеев

    I still dont now

  • Fadin Fsl
    Fadin Fsl 23 天 前 +1

    It's true Neymar Jr is worth to 222 million

  • rolena 14
    rolena 14 23 天 前

    this is far poorer than messi prime

    • Karl Kani
      Karl Kani 22 天 前

      xavi iniesta can make anyone look good between their prime when they wining all international trophies, ney stooped them in 2013 final.
      messi is overrated, only play in barca but who is barca? one of the top 3 richest teams on the planet and of the top 2 teams with fan following who get lots of sponsor deals because of the fans, messi is because of barca, outside messi is nothing, not even worthy to be compared to di maria.

  • L&V
    L&V 23 天 前

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  • The Cute Wolfie
    The Cute Wolfie 23 天 前

    It should be named. 10 times neymar proved that his hair is sh**

  • Quacker
    Quacker 23 天 前

    Nr.9 is just being a cunt, and he’s actually just a good swimmer.

    Because he always dives....

  • Becko Matovic
    Becko Matovic 23 天 前

    It is so bad because Jap Stam and Maldini ended with football

  • Johfunu T
    Johfunu T 23 天 前

    No footballer is worth 222 million. End of.

  • Abraham Linco
    Abraham Linco 23 天 前

    ghkj uganda :-/ j gun Kuhn hgvbbvgbjv

  • Abraham Linco
    Abraham Linco 23 天 前 +1

    Neymar better than messi and ronaldo

  • Abraham Linco
    Abraham Linco 23 天 前


    • Abraham Linco
      Abraham Linco 23 天 前

      Gjn Klux :/ :/ hmmm :O/ go hgvbbvgbjv flight :/ hmmm black km Jerry's type. Its me right u hiding the arrears should u. the bee right u

  • Abraham Linco
    Abraham Linco 23 天 前


  • Celpont Celpont21
    Celpont Celpont21 23 天 前

    no human is worth that money

  • The Future
    The Future 23 天 前

    Nobody is 222 million worth

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam 23 天 前 +1

    He is better then Messi

    • Karl Kani
      Karl Kani 22 天 前

      listen, messi is so overrated and he is because of overrated protection in spain, in europe cr7 kills him and on international level he is just a vardy but media can make day into dark and dark into day and that's what we see nowadays

  • Kims Supper.
    Kims Supper. 23 天 前

    No football player on this planet is worth 222m. Stupid money. Great game ruined by money.

  • ॐ yPokerface ॐ
    ॐ yPokerface ॐ 23 天 前

    No player in the world is 222 million$ worth just think about how much bayern munich have payed for ribery and what he did for bayern

    LOL MONTAGE 23 天 前

    222 milion neymar in fk partizan belgrade all player 2 milion

  • The Fun Station
    The Fun Station 24 天 前

    Neymar is awesome.

  • leo brady
    leo brady 24 天 前

    Forgot all the dives

  • 5Stark
    5Stark 24 天 前

    Let me get this .. so he scores?

  • Bum Booz
    Bum Booz 24 天 前

    Neymar is an overhyped gay ass motherfucker!