10 Times Neymar Proved That He Is Worth $222 Millions


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  • Garrett
    Garrett 小时 前

    Announcer at 7 singled handedly saved my life

  • Maxwell -
    Maxwell - 2 小时 前

    Playing against grape farmers 😴

  • Hussein Hamdy
    Hussein Hamdy 3 小时 前

    he is a good player definitely but most of what he does is just showing off there is a lot of players whose a lot better and more efficient and not to mention that most of the teams he is playing against are fucking shit the entire league is a joke if he was playing against a major team he wouldn't be able to show off like that
    but over all not even worth half of the 222 mil i think he might be worth like 60-70 mil tops

  • Kevin Surjanto
    Kevin Surjanto 3 小时 前

    wtf is this compilation ... He might be good but this is such a crap compilation. He does flashy things to get past defenders and then 3/4 of the clips he loses the ball ... A lot of kids in my old middle school can do flashy tricks and lose the ball ...

  • Matthias Fridolin Warburg

    *kicks ball into goal* "HE'S WORTH 222 MILLION DOLLARS" lmfao

  • 40s Y un churro
    40s Y un churro 7 小时 前 +1

    222 es mucho

  • Umm Games
    Umm Games 8 小时 前


  • FullOilBarrel
    FullOilBarrel 8 小时 前

    neymar neymar neymar neymar neymar neymar neymar neymar goooooooooooooooool neymarrrrrrrr neymarrrrrrrrr

  • Uwe Reinl
    Uwe Reinl 9 小时 前


  • Hov Inko
    Hov Inko 9 小时 前

    He’s totally not worth 222 million dollars

  • Jacob Gray
    Jacob Gray 9 小时 前

    He is good but not worth 220 million

  • nick alechammas
    nick alechammas 10 小时 前

    not convincing

  • TDSKiilzs
    TDSKiilzs 10 小时 前

    222 million : 10 times = 22 million per moment. Pretty expensive...

  • Chabungbam Yaiyaisana
    Chabungbam Yaiyaisana 10 小时 前

    Neymar 🥇🏅🎖️🏆⚽

  • I ListenToRap
    I ListenToRap 12 小时 前

    Something else to prove that he’s worth 222 € is that he scored so many goals with his left foot when he’s right footed

  • Okay
    Okay 13 小时 前

    Nah... Someone did all this down the park yesterday... for free....
    So please at least shave 1 million off for some homeless people... Im sure he wont mind :-)

  • Rohan kamble
    Rohan kamble 14 小时 前

    Remar remar remaaaarr

  • Makisha019
    Makisha019 15 小时 前

    Who made this clip is a total idiot

  • El Key
    El Key 16 小时 前 +1

    no one should be worth 222 Millions $ in any sport activity like football, kicking some balls , scoring some goals.

  • Master Jay
    Master Jay 16 小时 前

    commentary:rreymar rreymar mbape mbbappe

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith 17 小时 前

    bollocks---hes worth $22

  • x Smallio paulio x
    x Smallio paulio x 17 小时 前

    He's good but a bit of a showoff and hoger

  • The Shockwave
    The Shockwave 17 小时 前

    Neymar, Pogba and griezzman over rated.

  • Jimmy Nash
    Jimmy Nash 17 小时 前

    He's just average....look what ronaldihno could do compared to him....222 million, my ass..... .

  • StraightOuttaNorthpole TV

    Where is the proof for $222 Mio ? This just a best of psg career not the proof for $222 mio

  • Vegas Chill Trap
    Vegas Chill Trap 19 小时 前

    worth it ? nobody is worth that playing a kids game

  • Games With Robert
    Games With Robert 19 小时 前

    Still under Messi and CR7

  • Destronix Raptor
    Destronix Raptor 19 小时 前

    Nobody is worth 222 Mio.

  • Karlo Boric
    Karlo Boric 20 小时 前

    No one can worth that much especially cuz he is only playing football

  • loula dimitriadou
    loula dimitriadou 20 小时 前

    de neymarrrrrrrrrrrr

  • 5 games in 5 days
    5 games in 5 days 21 小时 前


  • Ninio ter haar
    Ninio ter haar 21 小时 前

    I know a guy who saved 5 people out of a burning house, whats is he worth? Must be priceless then.

    BAD ASS 22 小时 前


  • Amrita Singh
    Amrita Singh 22 小时 前 +1

    But I still think 222 million dollar is lot of money. If ronaldo would have been in neymar place he would have worth it

  • Das Numinose
    Das Numinose 22 小时 前

    How often are you gonna show the same clips over and over again? L

  • ohhh h
    ohhh h 23 小时 前

    Neymar is the biggest shit

  • Mauricio Tavares

    The Gods of football (Soccer) iluminated him since he was a little kid, this is something that all brazilians always Knowns: cnclip.net/video/yy76z4u6WqE/视频.html

  • mudjh
    mudjh 天 前

    este ya ni sale en las noticias.. debe querer puro cambiar de equipo

  • Marina Caldas
    Marina Caldas 天 前


  • joão victor nascimento ferreira

    chama os br fio 😎

  • Seto0019
    Seto0019 天 前

    that guy got rekt by the lambreta and he was so fucking mad. He nearly tore his shirt apart xD

  • Tarik Ascherl
    Tarik Ascherl 天 前

    0:35 Bit..

  • Freddy Ariam
    Freddy Ariam 天 前


  • Idimaster272
    Idimaster272 天 前

    4:44 great corner!

  • Adrian
    Adrian 天 前


  • Ming Goei
    Ming Goei 天 前

    dislike I saw like 6 times the same penalty and 8 times other goals u wot

  • Tarik Bakalic
    Tarik Bakalic 天 前

    He will never be Wort 222 Million, no one will ever be

  • iHalveien
    iHalveien 天 前

    you keep showing the same clips all over again?

  • Julian OmsHD
    Julian OmsHD 天 前

    Not been funny he's not Two peanuts let alone 200 million pounds can you tell me the last time when a Football player was Killed through playing football? I know the last time when a F1 driver died in a F1 crash Jules Bianchi 2014 and before him the legendary Brazilian hero Ayrton Senna. So Shush cause Realistically F1 drivers get respective money where as footballer get OP insane unwarranted and unworthy money.

  • Sharp Tongue
    Sharp Tongue 天 前

    he's like the john legend of football

  • Adam Janks
    Adam Janks 天 前

    Rrrrrrrrrrrrr omg after this vid that's all I can think about

  • Jazzoman `
    Jazzoman ` 天 前

    The only problem is that there is only 10 times he proved it😂😂

  • Ivan Quinteros
    Ivan Quinteros 天 前

    Cuándo dejo afuera al real Madrid , ah casi..

  • Fractal R
    Fractal R 天 前 +1

    Nothing more than average players from Spanish-French-German premier leagues....
    Brazil should be happy if they win the group stage on World Cup against Serbia and Switzerland.
    No one can beat Europe football!!!

  • Jonathan Würtz
    Jonathan Würtz 天 前

    his the best ever

  • Pill Cosby
    Pill Cosby 天 前

    neymar is a slightly above average player with an amazing marketing team

  • Aidan Hayes
    Aidan Hayes 天 前

    No matter who you are, you are not worth 222 million.

  • Andrew & Darius
    Andrew & Darius 天 前

    The commentator Is cringey

  • Luis M
    Luis M 天 前

    Nobody worth so much money

  • Berosar
    Berosar 天 前

    So each goal was worth 11.1 million..... players are just too expensive...

  • Miki K
    Miki K 天 前

    Neimar da pusi kurac

  • Chris Clarke
    Chris Clarke 天 前

    20 goals in 20 games is a shit return for 222 million when you consider it's a shit league compared to la liga BPL or even seria A tbf..... will never be a top player in that league end of

  • Shane Doyne
    Shane Doyne 天 前

    no one is worth 222 million

  • DerJonn
    DerJonn 天 前

    None of this is a reason for an exorbitant amount of 222 million dollars for a football player

  • B de Groot
    B de Groot 天 前


  • Holger Hannich
    Holger Hannich 天 前

    Nobody is 222 Millions worth!

  • Rokaldinho
    Rokaldinho 2 天 前

    Nobody is worth 222 million

  • Owen Darrow
    Owen Darrow 2 天 前

    I thought he was going to be curing cancer or something...he gets paid 222 million to put a ball in a rectangle. Let not over think this...

  • Tyler Watson
    Tyler Watson 2 天 前

    Wow he can kick a ball cool man you can run around with your thumb in your ass faking injuries

  • Brandon Arita
    Brandon Arita 2 天 前

    Why he doesn't prove it champions league?

  • Sebbo
    Sebbo 2 天 前

    i hope gaymar breaks both his legs.

  • #Hesch tag
    #Hesch tag 2 天 前

    The no look pass in most cases is utterly useless.

  • Jack XY
    Jack XY 2 天 前


  • Laber Pallaber
    Laber Pallaber 2 天 前

    But is he worth $350 Millions ???

  • julien b
    julien b 2 天 前

    Beaucoup de tape a l oeil..mais niveau efficacite..cavani est meilleur.
    En plus neymar a une attitude...assez deguelasse. Fan du psg mais pas de neymar.

  • H. B.
    H. B. 2 天 前

    surely one of the biggest incoherences: a soccer player being worth this ridiculous amount of money. nobody should worth this amount of money, there is probably no function that should pay, also, the money they get for doing what they do. he is a great soccer player, only. the thing is that these guys playing for these teams motivate the investment of lots of money from companies into marketing, being the reason of these values. nonsense, totally nonsense. solving all the problems of the planet would be a lot easier if there werent so many incoherences like this. just a kid who barely knows how to speak being worth millions because he plays soccer and engage companies to inject money into ads.

  • Chandru Jagadeeswaraiah

    Just enjoy football

  • Chandru Jagadeeswaraiah

    Neymar is a great player and lots of people in the comments are hating on him. I mean could you do better

  • Johan Chaw
    Johan Chaw 2 天 前

    More like. A 222 million disrepectful brat

  • Das Brain
    Das Brain 2 天 前

    No one is worth 222 Million. Not even Messi and Ronaldo. Football is getting out of Hand with so much money.

  • Voxized
    Voxized 2 天 前

    I love soccer. You get profession actors and models. If they aren't standing around they are trying to convince you they are hurt.

  • ShzerekxDD
    ShzerekxDD 2 天 前

    only 10 XDD thats funny 222$ milions for 10 situation XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Spartak Ardukhanyan

    NEYMAR is the best in the world

  • Heavenly Astaroth
    Heavenly Astaroth 2 天 前

    But is any of them as sensational as Torres's goal vs barcelona that redeemed his 50 million price tag

  • Esau Morales
    Esau Morales 2 天 前

    Why would he go to psg.....boring leauge and shitty team

  • coooolibri
    coooolibri 3 天 前

    dumb ass title.

  • Jimmanuel Melendez
    Jimmanuel Melendez 3 天 前

    10 times? For 222 million he needs to prove it 222 times at least.

  • Hizami Aziz
    Hizami Aziz 3 天 前

    222 million only for half of the season. Is that his transfer clause? Haha. Madrid need to change this clause if they want him next season.

  • Archangel Michael
    Archangel Michael 3 天 前

    Well, all of this in a worse league. Not in a compare to Spanish League.

    RUKKU AMEE 3 天 前

    neymar i love you



  • i dunno
    i dunno 3 天 前

    so he is worth €222mil just for showing off with low-end teams from ligue 1

  • Tamagnone Albanese
    Tamagnone Albanese 3 天 前

    HE PLAYS IN THIS EASY LEAGUE!! no comparison!! this video y only in france , playing against amateur defenders!!

  • Alberto Correa
    Alberto Correa 3 天 前


  • daniel bueno
    daniel bueno 3 天 前

    No one is worth 222 mil

  • Ahmed Hassani El Bahja

    Shit video.

  • Only Full Fights
    Only Full Fights 3 天 前

    “10 times.”

  • tai Pirangi
    tai Pirangi 4 天 前

    So you're telling me... This cunt makes more in 4 seconds than I do in a week

  • Vicky Kothari
    Vicky Kothari 4 天 前

    Neymar is great!! But snap out of it and check out the 100% correct Russia vs Saudi Arabia match score here: www.sportspatrika.com/russia-vs-saudi-arabia-1st-match-group-stage-winner-prediction-20182/


    c'mon, but the french, is a shitty League. He would never be doing' the same in the Italian League