How to Get Natural-looking Eyebrows with Makeup | UPDATED

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    I'm wearing KoKo lashes in "Risque"
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  • Keri Marie
    Keri Marie 6 天 前

    You are so pretty and your eyebrows are perfect

  • Melnswtpee
    Melnswtpee 11 天 前

    So natural....So Beautiful...

  • Itazuke Dee
    Itazuke Dee 18 天 前

    OMG .. stop talking and get to the Point !!!!

  • Shelly -
    Shelly - 个月 前

    Loving the curlssss. How did u do that??

  • Stephanie Sanchez Macias

    Best natural brow tutorial ever

  • xReenaxXx
    xReenaxXx 2 个月 前

    Do i necessarily need the clear brow gel or would it work the same if i only get a tinted one?

  • AllyRemi L
    AllyRemi L 2 个月 前

    You really take the time on your brows and it looks so pretty. Other ladies keep doing the "Angry Birds" look and it's so outdated.

  • Federico Cantero
    Federico Cantero 3 个月 前

    No secret

  • Ayana Smith
    Ayana Smith 3 个月 前

    Love these natural looking brows!

  • Ann  Mcleod
    Ann Mcleod 3 个月 前

    Great brows!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Beth A.
    Beth A. 3 个月 前

    very little difference. Straighten one brow and leave the other as is.

  • Anna M
    Anna M 3 个月 前


  • Nails Angie Galvez
    Nails Angie Galvez 4 个月 前

    OMG your brows are already nice . Great tutorial👌🏼

  • Emily Lopez
    Emily Lopez 4 个月 前 +1

    Best brow tutorial next to Mel Thompson!

  • kendra
    kendra 4 个月 前

    goddess asf im shOOk

  • Rachel the booke
    Rachel the booke 4 个月 前

    I have a uni brow so mine is the opposite

  • بيلا ترايز
    بيلا ترايز 4 个月 前

    I would crown you as our Eyebrow Queen.

  • Mira Taylor
    Mira Taylor 4 个月 前


  • Victoria Grow
    Victoria Grow 4 个月 前

    Your hair is GOREOUS!!! 😍😍😍😍

  • Pavitra Poojari
    Pavitra Poojari 5 个月 前

    Omg ur lashes just as beautiful as ur brows

  • Tema Hola
    Tema Hola 5 个月 前

    Best tutorial!

  • Ariana Gonzalez
    Ariana Gonzalez 5 个月 前

    thank you for this video my brows just got 1000x better!

  • Cami
    Cami 6 个月 前

    Best brow tutorial I've seen on youtube. Just came here to figure out how to incorporate my new brow gel tint but this was a great video

  • lupita lopez
    lupita lopez 6 个月 前

    You have the best eyebrows like foreal foreal, this was amazing & so helpful

  • Jasmin S. Collier
    Jasmin S. Collier 6 个月 前

    So so glad I found this video because I was doing it all wrong!!! Thank you for such a great tutorial!

  • Gee rams
    Gee rams 6 个月 前

    Talk talk talk...bla bla bla.. Get to the point

  • Azzia Lamberson
    Azzia Lamberson 7 个月 前

    Wow, your brows look AMAZING. I love how you create a natural bold brow. I also love the style of your makeup in this video. It’s very muted and clean. I wish I could do my brows and makeup just like yours! I’ll just have to practice until I get it right. Good thing I have a great tutorial to rewatch until I do! 💕💕💕

  • Holly Ritchie
    Holly Ritchie 7 个月 前

    Omg u are so gorgeous!!💗

  • SirParcifal
    SirParcifal 7 个月 前

    OMG! Thank you thank you! I'm tired of watching these drag queens draw in brows and look like busted howdy doody muppets - ugh! Thank you for this natural tutorial!

  • Willow Eske-Paquet
    Willow Eske-Paquet 8 个月 前

    Another great brow gel/sealer to try would Model in a Bottle brow sealer. It works amazing for me. Fabulous tutorial!

  • Nicole Collins
    Nicole Collins 9 个月 前

    Ok so first, you’re eyebrows are my dream eyebrows both before and after tutorial.
    I agree about the hairs being the star of the show, not just brown color.
    Second, your hair is GORGEOUS!

  • nusrat rahman1216
    nusrat rahman1216 9 个月 前

    I like your process 😇

  • Shanquzshia maxwell
    Shanquzshia maxwell 10 个月 前

    Loved this, now I need to go buy the brow gel!🙌🏽

  • Ploy Ploy
    Ploy Ploy 10 个月 前

    Omg i love u eyebrows 😘😘

  • Jamie C
    Jamie C 10 个月 前

    Your brows are so nice mine are so uneven 😭

  • Nedega Dolma
    Nedega Dolma 11 个月 前

    Anyone know the lip color?

  • Shonna Thompson
    Shonna Thompson 11 个月 前

    Your brows are EVERYTHING! And you are absolutely radiant!

  • Naya Idrissa
    Naya Idrissa 11 个月 前


  • Electra Trinidad 🇹🇹

    ❤️ this

  • Denise Scott
    Denise Scott 11 个月 前

    Gurl excellent your so good at this am working n my i get lots of compliments when i go out on the town mean running errands and going to the store people will say wow. How do you get your brows so nice i need to learn not to make them so dark at the bridge where my nose is to do just like you just did thank you thank you.

  • Dimples Davis
    Dimples Davis 年 前

    This is a great brow tutorial even though I'm responding years later. This is a very natural clean look.

  • Tee Hoover
    Tee Hoover 年 前

    They are gorgeous

  • Melody Nellao
    Melody Nellao 年 前

    ... Tutorial starts at 2:45

  • emanuela ilie
    emanuela ilie 年 前

    best brow tutorial

  • Rei Na
    Rei Na 年 前

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  • Midna
    Midna 年 前

    Girl you glow!!! ✨

  • gabriella cenasta

    The most beautiful brow i have ever seen

  • Grace Mukai
    Grace Mukai 年 前

    Hi...your videos are really helpful...I definitely prefer when you talk through it.though ☺.like in the tutorial for beginners 😘all in all...thanks

  • Jasmine Carrera
    Jasmine Carrera 年 前

    Beautiful eyebrows

  • Vitória Lobo
    Vitória Lobo 年 前

    Starts at 2:41

  • Griselda Padilla

    Finally, NATURAL brows!! 💕 You are amazing, thank you! 💋

  • Selena Gomez
    Selena Gomez 年 前

    I have watch many eyebrows tutorial bt I don’t how to make perfect eyebrow

  • Lala Anderson
    Lala Anderson 年 前

    This is the best tutorial ive seen so far.. Love those brows

  • DynastyBeauty_
    DynastyBeauty_ 年 前

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    Looks Great Doll x

  • Beautiful Earth Tarot

    Your brows are very gorgeous and natural but damn, I just don't have time for all the steps! Grrrr.


    Awesome brows you are so pretty!!!!

  • Irene Carias
    Irene Carias 年 前

    I had to come back just to tell you that I’ve been having a hard time with making my brows look more natural and and couple of your tips saved me 🙌🏽 thank you girlllllll

  • xisobelx373
    xisobelx373 年 前

    I have that real techniques brush and I Love love love it and use it for all kinds of eye stuff

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    May Yim 年 前

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    No Name 年 前

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  • Ama Acheampong
    Ama Acheampong 年 前

    Best natural eyebrow tutorial. Waoooow, the hair spray indeed worked

  • Isabella Ann
    Isabella Ann 年 前

    Ok so I kinda rlly screamed when she said going on ONE DIRECTION.

  • Abigail Quezada
    Abigail Quezada 年 前

    I keep coming back to this tutorial even though I'm done getting my brows to an acceptable shape and size lol just love ya

  • kcmy5
    kcmy5 年 前

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  • B Patel
    B Patel 年 前

    Best eyebrow tutorial I have ever seen, love your video

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    Daniela S 年 前

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  • Ali D.
    Ali D. 年 前

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  • Cynthia Alessandri

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  • N With GOD all things are possible

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  • Molly Gordon
    Molly Gordon 年 前

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  • Jennifer Traynor

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  • Rachael Edlow
    Rachael Edlow 年 前

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    shamiana 66 年 前

    Watching this in 2018 and I think this tutorial is timeless! So natural and gorgeous

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    Deontae M 年 前

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  • ALittleBitofEverything

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    Ebony Parry 年 前

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    Andrea Viola 年 前

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  • Briana Sanchez
    Briana Sanchez 年 前

    So helpful! Ive been doing the full fill-in brows since they became trendy, while trying to grow them out as well and get my natural shape back ( since i had over plucked lol) trying to keep up with the constant trends but i really just want more natural looking brows since i am getting a little older (29) and want to tone done the make up a tad. This was a great tutorial. I definitely got some good pointers. Thank you. Youre gorgeous btw

  • Rosi Loera
    Rosi Loera 年 前

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    chempanda 年 前

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    Jessa Nae 年 前

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  • China Eastern
    China Eastern 年 前

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  • Yasmeen Lopez
    Yasmeen Lopez 年 前

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    Katie Spender 年 前

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  • Amy McGreggor
    Amy McGreggor 年 前

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    ulala9898 年 前

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