[M/V] SEVENTEEN(세븐틴) - 독 : Fear

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  • ‘자체제작’ 타이틀로 가요계에서 꾸준히 성장세를 보이고 있는 세븐틴이 이번엔 정규 3집 [An Ode]로 더욱 성숙하고 깊이 있는 앨범으로 돌아왔다.
    세븐틴의 정규 3집 [An Ode]는 'Ode(시)'를 통해 화자가 메시지를 은유적으로 표현하듯 세븐틴 또한 그들이 전하고 싶은 메시지를 다양한 방식으로 녹여내 특별한 의미를 전달, 많은 이야기를 담아냈다.
    특히 누구나 한번쯤 느낄 수 있는 '두려움'을 세븐틴은 창작하는 과정을 통해 느끼는 감정 중 하나로 마주해 이에 대해 스스로 내면 깊숙이 통찰, 고뇌에 빠진 세븐틴을 한 단계 더 성장하게 했다.
    또한 세븐틴의 대표 수식어인 ‘자체제작돌’에 걸맞게 이번 정규 3집 [An Ode]에서도 멤버들이 음악 작업에 참여해 진정성을 더하며 세븐틴만의 감성으로 한층 더 성숙해진 완성형 음악을 선사할 예정이다.
    SEVENTEEN returns with their 3rd full length album, [An Ode], proving their growth and maturity as “self-producing” artists.

    As a writer metaphorically expresses his/her message through an “ode,” SEVENTEEN also seeks to share their messages and stories to listeners through this album.
    “Fear” is an emotion many people encounter at least once in their lifetime. SEVENTEEN explores fear as an emotion they face during their creative process. As the members search within for insight, the agony they endure help them develop one step further as artists.
    As expected from “self-producing idols,” the members participated in producing the album, adding on to the authenticity of their music. Through [An Ode], SEVENTEEN plans to present their distinct emotions in a more sophisticated manner.
    iTunes & Apple Music ▶ music.apple.com/us/album/an-ode/1479663299?app=itunes
    Spotify ▶ open.spotify.com/album/4btxaakgIaE1AkXqpReLwd
    #SEVENTEEN #세븐틴
    SEVENTEEN Official Homepage: www.seventeen-17.com
    SEVENTEEN Official Facebook: seventeennews
    SEVENTEEN Official Twitter: pledis_17
    SEVENTEEN Official Instagram: saythename_17
    SEVENTEEN Official Fancafe: cafe.daum.net/pledis-17

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  • Ani Chang
    Ani Chang 40 分钟 前 +3


  • Milan Nguyen
    Milan Nguyen 46 分钟 前 +5

    SEVENTEEN , I wanna all of you to know this , I LOVE YOU , I LOVE ALL OF YOU , YOU ARE NOT ALONE , doesn't matter how hard in life how much pressure you have everyday, if you tired just take a break , be easy on yourself don't be so hard on yourself my dear.
    I love you all , I'm proud of you all , proud of you all so much .
    If anything hard talk to us , talk to other member talk to your parent , don't worry my dear you are not alone .
    Love you all , and rest well my dear .

    • Milan Nguyen
      Milan Nguyen 11 分钟 前 +1

      It's make me a little emotional when I think if any of them have to suffer in silent, I know this kind of jobs is not easy , they have so much pressure and so much things they can't say it out loud, but I just want them to know that I purely love them , they are sunshine of my life , but if they smile but crying inside then I don't wanna see them like that , they can be angry/sad/heartbreak/tired and they can show it to us , we will share it with them , we will hold their hands ,...
      My dear SEVENTEEN you work hard today , I'm proud of you all.
      And I hope the same thing for Carat too , don't be so hard on yourself, if it too hard you can given up , please know that : someone actually love you , talk to your family, friends , teaches, even doctor , don't be so hard on yourself my dear .

    • Valentina Prima Ballerina
      Valentina Prima Ballerina 22 分钟 前 +1

      I hope seventeen read these kind comments like yours :')♡ how much we Love them And that we fight for them ♡

    • Evi Min
      Evi Min 30 分钟 前 +1

      That's so kind..Thank u

  • carine cornet
    carine cornet 48 分钟 前 +5

    Sleep on ur beds not Seventeen

  • Lizeth Huanca Machaca
    Lizeth Huanca Machaca 58 分钟 前 +4


  • Nina Maxwell
    Nina Maxwell 小时 前 +5

    Good Night Fam^^ Stay Healthy and Strong take care fam :) Happy Str34ming!!! 50k more for 19.6M Hwaiting :))

  • MMD Musicas
    MMD Musicas 小时 前 +1

    O dino é seu bias?

  • Precious Larriz
    Precious Larriz 小时 前 +4


  • Precious Larriz
    Precious Larriz 小时 前 +4

    Yeeey! 19.5M~~

  • Lizeth Huanca Machaca
    Lizeth Huanca Machaca 小时 前 +4


  • Lizeth Huanca Machaca
    Lizeth Huanca Machaca 小时 前 +4


  • Rawrr
    Rawrr 小时 前 +5

    0:04 - WonWoo
    0:16 - Joshua
    0:21 - DK
    0:24 - Jeonghan
    0:29 - Mingyu
    0:36 - Vernon
    0:44 - Woozi
    0:50 - The8
    0:54 - Hoshi
    1:24 - Dino
    1:28 - S. coups
    1:40 - Seungkwan
    1:57 - Junhui

  • icey matoice
    icey matoice 小时 前 +3


  • Nor adila Zulkifli
    Nor adila Zulkifli 小时 前 +5

    This whole mv is a masterpiece

  • Arina Arinza
    Arina Arinza 2 小时 前 +5

    This music video is STUNNING!

  • Kei
    Kei 2 小时 前 +4

    The effort they put in this mv is just👌🔥

  • Jeonghan Stan
    Jeonghan Stan 2 小时 前 +4

    Legend of seventeen

  • Jeonghan Stan
    Jeonghan Stan 2 小时 前 +4


  • Lua YuTing
    Lua YuTing 2 小时 前 +7

    don't forget to rest, always take good care of yourself

    • Evi Min
      Evi Min 25 分钟 前 +1

      But you too

  • Nina Maxwell
    Nina Maxwell 2 小时 前 +5

    58k more needed :) 8k an hour let's keep this up Fighting ^^

  • Caroline Nogueira
    Caroline Nogueira 2 小时 前 +6


  • rubber ducky youre da one
    rubber ducky youre da one 3 小时 前 +3

    could anyone please tell me who all of the members are? I want to stan but i know very little abt the group (the only members i really know are vernon,hoshi,and woozi)

    • Valentina Prima Ballerina
      Valentina Prima Ballerina 小时 前

      00:04 wonwoo
      00:17 joshua
      00:21 dk
      00:23 jeonghan
      00:27 mingyu
      00:36 vernon
      00:42 woozi
      00:50 the8
      00:54 seungkwan
      01:01 hoshi
      01:24 dino
      01:27 s.coups
      01:55 jun

  • Shishi Chan
    Shishi Chan 3 小时 前 +5

    All of you've worked hard fam...^^

  • 17 House
    17 House 3 小时 前 +8

    Good night

  • dsu moi
    dsu moi 3 小时 前 +4

    seventeen my only love in kpop

    FLUFFY SOONYOUNG!! 3 小时 前 +5


  • Melissa Rodríguez
    Melissa Rodríguez 3 小时 前 +3

    Vernon 😍

  • Graf Zahl
    Graf Zahl 4 小时 前 +9

    This song is so emotional and has so deep lyrics, it should be more appreciated

  • 여안
    여안 4 小时 前 +1

    이거 보면서 응원법한 사람 저만인가요..?

  • Valentina Prima Ballerina
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  • Nina Maxwell
    Nina Maxwell 4 小时 前 +5

    66k more needed for 19.6M Fighting!!

  • maria
    maria 4 小时 前 +8

    who’s that at 2:07? he’s so peng i want to stan 🤩

    • Evi Min
      Evi Min 22 分钟 前

      Oh nice a Dino stan! He's really talented Thank u for coming here

    • maria
      maria 3 小时 前 +3

      Nina Maxwell thank you sm!! He’s so cute :(((((

    • Nina Maxwell
      Nina Maxwell 4 小时 前 +3

      That's Dino he from the performance unit and he the maknae :)

  • Adelia Sbrn
    Adelia Sbrn 4 小时 前 +4

    20 M tomorrow ! Fighting carats !!>•

  • 모모からうまれた모모太郎


  • valeri valera
    valeri valera 4 小时 前 +7


  • valeri valera
    valeri valera 4 小时 前 +8

    the song is so well done that I listen to it again and again

  • valeri valera
    valeri valera 4 小时 前 +7

    is that OMG the video is so good the shots of each are spectacular all are beautiful there are no words for seventeen

  • Lina V-Hope 94
    Lina V-Hope 94 4 小时 前 +6

    Wow,the song is doooope
    I luv SVT so so much
    #I'm a carat

  • valeri valera
    valeri valera 5 小时 前 +8

    they are like my poison, I can't escape this is very good

  • pétale awjan
    pétale awjan 5 小时 前 +5

    Take care, everyone

  • valeri valera
    valeri valera 5 小时 前 +5

    can not with the art that they always bring. the video is so art and they much more they give me a heart attack

  • 윤민석
    윤민석 5 小时 前

    와..이건임팩트 크다

  • Pretty Much Liking Everything

    I starting to see familiar name when I look at comment, thank u for being here!

  • Dinda Burhanudin
    Dinda Burhanudin 5 小时 前 +13

    Someone : Who is your bias?
    Me : SeungcheolJeonghanJisooJunhui SoonyoungWonwooJihoonMyunghoMingyuSeokminSeungkwanHansolChan

  • Jeonghan Stan
    Jeonghan Stan 5 小时 前 +9

    Let's get that switch part ver. asap carat fighting!

  • Nina Maxwell
    Nina Maxwell 5 小时 前 +7

    19 529 134 Fighting!!

  • Noor Farhin
    Noor Farhin 5 小时 前 +9

    19,528..Today going seventeen ep18 don't have but it will upload next week... I'm okay seventeen ..I can wait for you... Love you!! Hwaiting carats!!!

    • Valentina Prima Ballerina
      Valentina Prima Ballerina 小时 前

      @Appreciate Dino everyone!! yes, I assumed this could be the reason :'(

    • Appreciate Dino everyone!!
      Appreciate Dino everyone!! 2 小时 前 +2

      @Noor Farhin the reason was because of the sudden passing of sulli.. All artists who have schedules for this week they all cancelled it out to give a respect

    • Noor Farhin
      Noor Farhin 5 小时 前 +5

      Good fam its was fun latest ep17..hahahah yes..google translater is awesome...lol..^^

    • Valentina Prima Ballerina
      Valentina Prima Ballerina 5 小时 前 +4

      Oh no :'( but ok I will watch the last one again and again lol ^^ (so I guess that was what they write on twitter but google translater is sooooo sh... useless xD)

  • svt's triple axel
    svt's triple axel 6 小时 前 +9

    Depression is a serious issue don't neglect it guys :(

  • 0214복갱
    0214복갱 6 小时 前 +3

    우와앙 ❤️

  • Noor Farhin
    Noor Farhin 6 小时 前 +9

    19,526... Still waiting going seventeen!!! And 2 days more this MV fear is 1 month..I will work hard to get 20M ..let's go carats!!! Hwaiting carats!!!! Keep going okay!! Love y'all!!!

  • Jinhoo Kim Jinwook
    Jinhoo Kim Jinwook 6 小时 前 +7

    Hi to all carats, Seventeen thanks for the 2x videos of HIT and FEAR its very awesome please support Up10tion for the Honey10 fans loves Carats forever goodbye Kapuso GMA-7 and Kakao M from 2015 to 2019 from Adore You to Home, and say hello youre now in Kapamilya ABS-CBN and Stone Music from 2019 to Present its been fantastic thank you guys I Ship Seventeen with Up10tion its more than good!!!! and this is me Jinhoo Kim Jinwook i'm from Produce X 101 now to the group X1 please supports have fun!!!!

  • Jeonghan Stan
    Jeonghan Stan 6 小时 前 +8

    i'm back to str3am sorry if i can't join the str3aming party often this week, i have tests this week but i'll always come here as much as i can, hwaiting carats

  • Jeonghan's Pabo
    Jeonghan's Pabo 6 小时 前 +6

    I know I can't take it no more.

  • Appreciate Dino everyone!!
    Appreciate Dino everyone!! 6 小时 前 +10

    For the duration of 1 week, I'm really not feeling well.. right now, I'm having a terrible soar throat that has been going for three days straight.. And just today like 1 hour ago, I found out that sulli is dead. I'm really crying right now.. I missed fx as a group and I missed the sulli on the past where she was just the little daughter of Victoria.. Haters of sulli, what have you done seriously?!! I hope karma and your conscience will come at you!
    Sorry if this is not a seventeen related.. But I just want to voice out my anger really.

    • Valentina Prima Ballerina
      Valentina Prima Ballerina 2 小时 前 +1

      The news about Sulli are really shocking! It's so sad that so many young idols/people suffer from high pressure and depression! Unfortunately, haters will never stop, because these people don't even know how cruel they are. Or they simply don't care
      :( That's why it's so important to focus on the ones we love! Fight for them, protect them ♡

    • hoshoshi Inc
      hoshoshi Inc 2 小时 前 +2

      @Appreciate Dino everyone!! the more i think the more i go bad.. i feel so blank anout it... I dunno when the people are really gonna shut their mouth for a second.. i cant say anthing to you but i really understand you fam..
      I wish you will be okay sis, maybe doctor will give you some medicine fam.. please try to rest and sleep and dont skip any meals :( i wish i can give you hug rn..

    • Appreciate Dino everyone!!
      Appreciate Dino everyone!! 2 小时 前 +2

      @hoshoshi Inc I think this will not be healed anytime soon... I still have an appointment to a doctor tomorrow to examine if this is just a case of a normal flu or I may be sick but For those reports regarding about sulli, my body especially my throat and head are getting worse because I still keep crying... I wish all haters would realise something on this!!

    • Appreciate Dino everyone!!
      Appreciate Dino everyone!! 2 小时 前 +2

      @svt's triple axel they really do!! Gosh what makes them think sending hate comments to idols in general can have a sign of satisfaction on them?? They really need a doctor asap or better yet they need God to help them.. To think that they kill someone digitally, all of them needs to be put in prison honestly!

    • hoshoshi Inc
      hoshoshi Inc 2 小时 前 +1

      i still cant believe that... last week i was talking about how beautiful and talented she is but now.... haters or antis or anyone i dunno she didnt deserve this.. internet or real life people need to learn some lesson ....
      i hope you feel better fam.. life is hard.. i even dont know what to do but we can heal each other
      i hope you will be okay soon

  • Noel Labrague
    Noel Labrague 7 小时 前 +5

    someone tell me what should i do
    me what did you do

  • Nina Maxwell
    Nina Maxwell 7 小时 前 +8

    15 523 891 ^^ 77k vi3ws more needed for 19.6M let's get it Hwaiting Fam Fighting :))
    Sorry today's been a little busy so couldn't str34m for some time but I'm back again and I'll do my best now while continuing to str34m for our boys :)

  • abelwanee
    abelwanee 7 小时 前 +5

    ok so no one talking about how *beautiful, wonderful, handsome, and blessed* minghao is?????? ooOOoOOkkkkKKkK ✨✨✨✨✨

  • Itz Zero
    Itz Zero 7 小时 前 +1


  • chassis sue
    chassis sue 7 小时 前 +8

    We're near to 20M so let's str3am faster and harder
    I know we can do it guys

  • Ni Made Vania LA
    Ni Made Vania LA 8 小时 前 +5

    Please don't stop streaming Carats, Fighting!!