Stephen Curry Shocks His Daughter Riley Curry With Unbelievable Shots! Warriors vs Rockets Game 3

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  • Stephen Curry Shocks His Daughter Riley Curry and The Entire Warriors Crowd With Unbelievable Shots! Warriors vs Rockets Game 3 2018 NBA Playoffs May 20, 2018
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评论 • 487

  • lua Ramirez
    lua Ramirez 8 天 前

    Who cares of curry he only won the finals cause of Durant (i hate warriors even Duran)

  • The Ladybug Show
    The Ladybug Show 9 天 前


  • Rafael de Jesus Perez

    Showboating queen.

  • Theodore Togans
    Theodore Togans 10 天 前

    At 0:30 Who is the mother and who is the wife the woman in the black or woman in Blue????

  • Joanne Marks
    Joanne Marks 10 天 前

    The warriors will let the Cavs win on game 4 in clevela d so they can won in game five at home so there city cheers for them

  • dagumpbest
    dagumpbest 11 天 前

    Riley is a WARRIOR

  • Savage Squad
    Savage Squad 14 天 前

    Steph Curry’s trash

  • Martell Johnson
    Martell Johnson 14 天 前

    Seem like Stephen curry is Michael Jordan

  • LikeMikeSIKE
    LikeMikeSIKE 14 天 前

    They dead don't know how to react anymore. They just keep zooming in on his family and shit. Shits cringey

  • rap Rucker
    rap Rucker 14 天 前

    This is why you do not graud curry james Harden

  • Daniel Hutson
    Daniel Hutson 14 天 前


  • Connor Althaus
    Connor Althaus 16 天 前


  • Connor Althaus
    Connor Althaus 16 天 前

    At does Riley have to be so cute

  • l i a n a
    l i a n a 17 天 前

    omg.. she’s now a big girl

  • Charlene Cheryl
    Charlene Cheryl 17 天 前


  • aden fenelus
    aden fenelus 17 天 前


  • sincere Moore
    sincere Moore 18 天 前

    But did he really have to go there and say the curry CLAN

  • Angel Garcia
    Angel Garcia 21 天 前


  • Kyrah Hytche
    Kyrah Hytche 21 天 前

    I wanna see this tonight!💛💪🏼💙🏀

    USO FAN UCE-O 23 天 前

    Long time ago golden states use to suck but when curry came gets lots of fan I'm a fan of Celtics

  • rachel BTS
    rachel BTS 26 天 前

    stephen curry nice

  • Bryce Brysnt
    Bryce Brysnt 26 天 前

    Riley will be better than ayesha

  • Chow Chow
    Chow Chow 26 天 前


  • VGTR 8 Never To Be Someone ./.

    Warriors crowd are the best in terms of cheering and the ambiance also. 😮👏

  • Brandon Alvarez
    Brandon Alvarez 27 天 前

    Steph curry is not the alpha of golden State. Hes the fixture. Kevin Durant is the alpha of golden State

  • Treysocool
    Treysocool 27 天 前

    Riley then got soo bigger

  • Cynthia Babb
    Cynthia Babb 27 天 前

    Riley is the cutest person I have ever seen

  • John Wick Fortnite and More

    Ya thats my girl

  • Stor M
    Stor M 27 天 前 +1

    If there chanting warriors (Houston fucked)

  • Dub Nation 13
    Dub Nation 13 27 天 前


  • Jose Morales
    Jose Morales 28 天 前 +1

    Vamos ah ganar hoy sii dios quieres warior campeon otra ve

  • Kelly T
    Kelly T 28 天 前 +1


  • Rica Canasa
    Rica Canasa 28 天 前

    what I can say is curry os not human😂

  • Boby Bober
    Boby Bober 28 天 前

    The shimmy is back

  • Connor Trunnell
    Connor Trunnell 28 天 前

    Rockest arent making it to the finals

  • Terry Campbell
    Terry Campbell 28 天 前

    Kyle korver better

  • Terry Campbell
    Terry Campbell 28 天 前

    Where’s John wick to stop him

  • FrostyGaming
    FrostyGaming 28 天 前

    Wow trending

  • Pro Gaming
    Pro Gaming 28 天 前

    Im a big fan of warriors

  • Tony Medina
    Tony Medina 28 天 前

    Don't play into this BS. It's all rigged! All of a sudden CAVS tied the series. It's all about money. Rockets in 7

  • Black Seed
    Black Seed 28 天 前

    I'm starting to believe he's an real life created player

  • Savage GamerYT
    Savage GamerYT 28 天 前

    Curry is good but we all know Kevin Durant is better then Curry

  • Jasminne TheGamee
    Jasminne TheGamee 28 天 前

    Same Reactions

  • Liane Peralta
    Liane Peralta 28 天 前

    Good job curry💜

  • H.C.M _Gaming
    H.C.M _Gaming 28 天 前

    How many bandwagons are here.

  • Abdifatah Grad
    Abdifatah Grad 28 天 前


  • GilbertoTheVlogger
    GilbertoTheVlogger 28 天 前

    Same facial expressions and everything😂

  • Demetrius Sledge
    Demetrius Sledge 28 天 前 +3

    I watched this yesterday

  • TheAsianInvasion
    TheAsianInvasion 28 天 前

    And he swore

  • george figueroa
    george figueroa 28 天 前

    Riley is hella fugly

  • RL Driver
    RL Driver 28 天 前

    🗣 let's go Warriors👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 LET'S GO WARRIORS👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🏆🏀🏆🎽

  • Guilty Zane
    Guilty Zane 28 天 前


  • yayo badass
    yayo badass 28 天 前 +1

    Its over if they dnt game 4 which 9 out 10 they nt so since they nt goin win game 4 it will be over game 5 gsw gt dis

    3ZUP DRESTA 28 天 前

    Harden defense op as it gets

  • It's Your Highlights
    It's Your Highlights 28 天 前 +135

    I remember when she was just a baby! Look at her now😂

    • Bridget Webber
      Bridget Webber 16 天 前

      It's Your Highlights just like her father, always yelling at someone. 😂

  • algerian outlaw
    algerian outlaw 28 天 前

    Curry and KD how you wan't and where you wan't

  • Melchizedek Lockwood

    Curry is a 96 overall 2k18 sharpshooting playmaker with all badges maxed out...not even fair how limitless his range is

  • cooldude rock
    cooldude rock 28 天 前

    stephen curry is the best

  • Andres Ramirez
    Andres Ramirez 28 天 前

    Fuck his fuck ugly daughter. With the same bags under her eyes

  • Sam
    Sam 28 天 前

    Steph sees stiffness in the Western Conference

  • Glanced
    Glanced 28 天 前

    0:25 does ayesha have a sister who is that on the right

    • Glanced
      Glanced 28 天 前 +1

      yayo badass oh

    • yayo badass
      yayo badass 28 天 前 +1

      Glanced i think that's mom or curry sister

  • Kid ND Play
    Kid ND Play 28 天 前 +1

    Stephen Curry shocks his son Riley shooting amazing 3 pointers like a bitch his bum ass won’t take it to the paint lil nigga

  • dh3758
    dh3758 28 天 前

    What a great shooter!

  • Daijon Bell
    Daijon Bell 28 天 前

    Everyone on sucking warriors dick fucking faggs never seen so many guys acting like bitches

    • ThaAries
      ThaAries 28 天 前

      Daijon Bell you sound very hurt

  • Shawn Brisk
    Shawn Brisk 28 天 前

    Rockets still going to win it all

  • FLASH Comics
    FLASH Comics 28 天 前

    Best 3rd quarter player in the History of the NBA

  • Hamza Algazali
    Hamza Algazali 28 天 前

    Who cares!!!

    • ThaAries
      ThaAries 28 天 前

      Hamza Algazali the whole warriors stadium

  • chicken nuggets
    chicken nuggets 28 天 前

    Golden state is so cocky.smh

  • ESB X Joshy
    ESB X Joshy 28 天 前

    Baby #4 otw after the finals for curry

  • Brother Rob
    Brother Rob 28 天 前

    His daughter has the mailman's eyes

  • YHWHrules
    YHWHrules 28 天 前 +1

    People have forgotten who's team this is. He's just kind enough to let KD look like he's the man. Step and Clay owned Durant head to head. NEVER FORGET that. Durant's free loading.

  • Arizal Permana Permana
    Arizal Permana Permana 28 天 前 +1


  • Barry McCoccinner
    Barry McCoccinner 28 天 前

    I was happy to see him go off. I wish Dremond would have pistol whipped Harden. James Harden is the wackness

  • Shadow beasts
    Shadow beasts 28 天 前 +2

    So many bandwagons

    • ThaAries
      ThaAries 28 天 前 +1

      Shadow beasts I don’t blame em, best team ever

  • Buckeye4life 440
    Buckeye4life 440 28 天 前 +1

    The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead

  • Ken Rascon
    Ken Rascon 28 天 前

    You People idolize him like he's a fucking god. Haha
    You would probably suck on the guy's scrotum if you could!

  • Luis Carlos Tabian
    Luis Carlos Tabian 28 天 前


  • roderick johnson
    roderick johnson 28 天 前


  • Roy Yers
    Roy Yers 28 天 前

    That's cool, little girl getting to watch her dad do that, cute little girl

  • Rejean Nowlan
    Rejean Nowlan 28 天 前

    not better that lonzo ball do yeah right

  • 21110308 p
    21110308 p 28 天 前

    So that means, Riley's uncle is trash. (I mean Seth is much worse than Stephen)

  • 김제우
    김제우 28 天 前 +2

    He's back

  • Afia Suana Abel
    Afia Suana Abel 28 天 前 +2

    this my house

  • PrePaid Entertainment
    PrePaid Entertainment 28 天 前 +2

    Knockin shit down

  • USA's Last Resort
    USA's Last Resort 29 天 前 +8

    The warriors are what every NBA team tries to be. Even the damn crowd is just sooo energetic. We are witnessing the greatest team ever assembled to play the sport of basketball and if you don’t believe me then maybe after they win for the 3rd time in 4 years you guys will understand. They even broke ANOTHER record last night. Not to mention beat the first seed by 41

  • Ken Rascon
    Ken Rascon 29 天 前

    But who the hell cares what the stupid girl do??
    We all have our own damn problems over here

    • Ken Rascon
      Ken Rascon 28 天 前

      You look like Michael Jackson in the 70's

    • ThaAries
      ThaAries 28 天 前

      lol you comment acting like your opinion matters gtfo #town bizness

  • Stephen Curry30.
    Stephen Curry30. 29 天 前


  • Robert Charles
    Robert Charles 29 天 前 +1

    👨‍🍳 Curry with the shot boy😈

  • Bruce Rivers
    Bruce Rivers 29 天 前 +1

    The Rockets been taking the fight to Steph the whole series and Steph said fuck it and finally took the fight to them.

  • Niall John
    Niall John 29 天 前

    So chucking up 13 3s a game and hitting 4 makes u good curry trash bro always has been

  • SanctumGaming Q
    SanctumGaming Q 29 天 前 +1

    This is why he’s he best player on the warriors

  • VS V
    VS V 29 天 前

    Pls subscribe me and I will subscribe you back

  • trebledc
    trebledc 29 天 前

    Harden kiss your mvp goodbye, yoy can't stop a crap from coming out.

  • Shay Zonicle
    Shay Zonicle 29 天 前 +1

    He's back

  • Instrumentalists Jade

    How about harden crossover to curry and curry fell? Also cris paul cross over to curry during game 2? 😂 even youtube videos now are biased.

    • ThaAries
      ThaAries 28 天 前

      Instrumentalists Jade cuz it’s obviously about his daughter can literally look up Harden crossover Curry

  • Justin XD
    Justin XD 29 天 前


  • Richard Riley
    Richard Riley 29 天 前

    Flame thrower!!! #Wet #EagleEye #Splash

  • brandonwayne80
    brandonwayne80 29 天 前

    She was crunk for her father lighting it up

  • Jacob Goins
    Jacob Goins 29 天 前


  • fuckfickfurz hhh
    fuckfickfurz hhh 29 天 前