The Try Guys Test High Driving

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  • The Try Guys get high and test their driving skills on a closed traffic course to experience how smoking marijuana compares to driving drunk. The second episode in our epic four-part education series exploring the dangers of driving under the influence. #TryGuysDUI
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  • At Least I Tried
    At Least I Tried 18 分钟 前

    you should have ate it, it's not bad to your lungs and you get more high!

  • beatriz cbs
    beatriz cbs 小时 前

    this is weird but ned has never been more attractive

  • zSignpost
    zSignpost 3 小时 前

    What type of roads are made out of cones? Normal roads are way easier to understand. They are clearly struggling with the basic concept of the test. Would be more fun in a test city mock up.

  • Jonas Kreer
    Jonas Kreer 4 小时 前

    Next time do this with teenage boys 🤣😤🙏🏼

  • Jasmine Kennedy
    Jasmine Kennedy 6 小时 前

    ok….but can we just take a moment for the doc’s tie….

  • Elijah Gardner
    Elijah Gardner 6 小时 前

    Can we talk about why there is anti-left and anti-liberal propaganda advertisements from some old guy before their videos???

  • nothinelsematters85
    nothinelsematters85 7 小时 前

    So stupid......

  • Karauto
    Karauto 7 小时 前

    The high guys try driving

  • Asim A
    Asim A 7 小时 前

    There is a weed breathalyzer now. FYI

  • Gabriel Brumberg
    Gabriel Brumberg 7 小时 前 +1

    12:53 "Wooooowwwww."

  • Jaylyn Henderson
    Jaylyn Henderson 8 小时 前

    me no think keith smonked

  • Straw Berry
    Straw Berry 8 小时 前


  • Nicole Starr
    Nicole Starr 8 小时 前

    The first time I got high, I did not drive, I’ve never driven high... but I was walking across the street, looked both ways, got in the middle of the street, saw a car coming and I just.... stared at it.
    I stared at, standing in the line of trajectory. My (ex) bf said I waved at the driver but I don’t remember that, and he had to drag me out of the way, because I asked them to hit me (that I do remember, oof)

  • Olivia Basilicato
    Olivia Basilicato 8 小时 前

    AYE I have that same car

  • ViCe TiTan
    ViCe TiTan 9 小时 前

    All 4 are so unbelievably beta

  • Lincoln Kayde
    Lincoln Kayde 10 小时 前

    What kinda fucked up weed they be smoking???

  • Clam
    Clam 10 小时 前

    No shade to the try guys but more to the ones who brought this test for them to try. First the dog collision was pretty stupid 😑 for all the guys who tried it the dog went straight but for Eugene the dog was pivoted closer toward the direction of the car. The card board boxes were way too close, I have not seen any places so tightly spaced -.- like what place like that exists? Like literally they made the course into something that doesn’t exist in many areas. What place first of all has that many cones. Second keep in mind many people have vision problems when it comes to seeing cones due to their height and certain colors so that alone trips people out. I just can’t follow through with this experiment since for one the average person makes these mistakes and they aren’t on anything in general 🤦🏽‍♂️ so I just don’t understand who came up with this study tactic. I honestly expected a more throughly thought and realistic course.

  • Unicorn burger Productions

    eugene is so FUCKING HOT OMFG

  • liya wilson
    liya wilson 12 小时 前

    When Eugene hit the dog it wasn’t fair bc if you watch closely it curved towards the car even though he stopped when for the others it went straight across. He was so sad ab it

  • Yung1 Pe4
    Yung1 Pe4 12 小时 前

    I’m watching this while high so now I’m gunna watch this then go driving

    Jks im 15 I don’t drive

  • Caleb Stevenson
    Caleb Stevenson 13 小时 前

    Doritos Doritos Doritos Doritos Doritos Doritos Doritos Doritos *Doritos!*

  • Epic Prodigy
    Epic Prodigy 13 小时 前

    It's not that hard

  • L.Brxzy YT
    L.Brxzy YT 14 小时 前

    I smoke so much I smoke at my house just to go to my friends house and when I get to his house smoke in his drive way and then go into his house to smoke

  • Emma Walton
    Emma Walton 15 小时 前

    What does being high feel like? I've never been high before

    DANK PAPI 15 小时 前 +1

    They're not even that high...

  • Rebel Cobain
    Rebel Cobain 16 小时 前

    I love Keith. He’s my spirit animal.

  • Yibbinz
    Yibbinz 17 小时 前

    *Good afternoon, Officer Jenny*

  • HighTendenciezzz
    HighTendenciezzz 19 小时 前

    5 times in your life?? I smoked 5 times this morning.

  • catherinemay27
    catherinemay27 22 小时 前

    yay weed

  • krystal foo
    krystal foo 23 小时 前

    i hit a dog oh no i hit a dog [so precious 💕]

  • krystal foo
    krystal foo 23 小时 前

    HoLy MoLy gUacAmoLe

  • Zakeraa -
    Zakeraa - 天 前

    omg eugene 😂

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown 天 前

    It’s funny because I thought Eugene would be the person who would do weed but it turned out to be that it was Keith and Zach who I thought will be trying it for the first time

  • Alexandrea Zalesny

    Didn't the dog hit Eugene after the car was stopped? Looks like it to me anyways

  • B Hood
    B Hood 天 前

    lombard james lmao

  • Paige Mathys
    Paige Mathys 天 前

    “Po-leece” had me crying

  • Dani Jé
    Dani Jé 天 前

    Wow, Zachs lips are dry. Lmao. Ever since Keith said it in the "who's more attractive" vid, I cant stop looking. Sorry? 🤷🏾‍♀️😆

  • Maycee Logan
    Maycee Logan 天 前

    Eugene is so giggly when he's high😂😂

  • Rushingwater
    Rushingwater 天 前

    The skateboarding dog curved into Eugene’s car.

  • Rushingwater
    Rushingwater 天 前

    When the topic of gymnastics and figure skating came up my only thought was, ‘Yuri on Ice?’

  • Carter J
    Carter J 天 前

    Any one else notice the decals changing!?!? Pink, blue, green, purple????????

  • brita
    brita 天 前


  • Freddy Pearsall
    Freddy Pearsall 天 前

    if you never smoke and then you get really high, its probably a bad idea to drive. but if your tolerance is high then its loads of fun to drive high

  • Daniel Vorobets
    Daniel Vorobets 天 前

    Try having a more accurate road since when do we have super tight turns and a tight lane the size of the car

  • franchesca cabrera

    I love how Eugene’s weed persona is so obsessed with dogs, just like him

  • Slippy _4000
    Slippy _4000 天 前

    When Eugene said officer jenny my mind drifted to pokemon

  • Miriam Lazaroff
    Miriam Lazaroff 天 前

    We love a good high Eugene catwalk

  • Tea kelly
    Tea kelly 天 前

    Poor doggo😭😭

  • Charlotte Florell

    What I learned: most Florida drivers are high or old

  • She Rocques
    She Rocques 天 前

    lol "its bite bite pass"

  • Kwasi Donkor
    Kwasi Donkor 天 前

    Obviously they over exaggerated it for kids and stuff...

  • Eeva Running
    Eeva Running 2 天 前

    that was the first time I've seen Eugene feel an emotion

  • ObeyySagal Sis
    ObeyySagal Sis 2 天 前

    this ones my favorite😭😭

  • Courtné Green
    Courtné Green 2 天 前

    well...I do agree that marijuana is safer but the smoking part is what makes it poisonous because the chemicals in lighter fluid

  • Devon
    Devon 2 天 前

    Eugene talking about Keith in that one video: He can just talk about nothing for an hour.
    Eugene stoned: *does exactly that*

  • Dearna Woodin
    Dearna Woodin 2 天 前

    Eugene: One time when I got high, I stripped naked, I stole my friend's dog, I climbed up a tree and proclaimed myself the wolf king.

    Also Eugene: But that was one time.

  • Julian Contreras
    Julian Contreras 2 天 前

    Marijuana is the drug where you wanna stay home with your friends, watch a movie and have a ton of food

  • Jacob Schamens
    Jacob Schamens 2 天 前

    Biased, where’s the seasoned smokers

  • totó V
    totó V 2 天 前

    wow they got some good sativa in california, feel jeliouse. This study for dirivng high faild because non of those involved in the experience were experience smokers. I droven high couple times and I dont find it dangeriouse like they say. The type of strain can mess up your diriving example if you smoke any kush weed forget about your going to fall a sleep on the wheel. If you smoke any haze or dream you actualy will drive fine but if your a stoner.

  • magda clark
    magda clark 2 天 前

    This whole video was like an episode of Bigmouth

  • Teo Guru
    Teo Guru 2 天 前

    I think it’s because they’re American drivers

  • Kaylee Orozco
    Kaylee Orozco 2 天 前 +2

    When Eugene hit that dog he just had a emotional breakdown

  • samya goyal
    samya goyal 2 天 前

    They should release a compilation of the best bloopers
    Like if you agree

  • chinchenping
    chinchenping 2 天 前

    I'm pretty sure it's the "Try Guys" car, but registered under Keith name... NO WAY i would have let anyone drive my car when high or drunk. I don't even drink beer past 11pm if i know i will have to drive the next morning.

  • Sad Puppy
    Sad Puppy 2 天 前

    Eugene being tested was adorable xD

  • Érica B
    Érica B 2 天 前

    Every time I rewatch this video I lose at the "you guys watch Riverdale?" lol

  • Devin Loew
    Devin Loew 3 天 前

    Only drove once high... not a smart move, but one if the best times of my life

  • Maya Levy
    Maya Levy 3 天 前

    Watching the Try Guys high while high is everything😂❤️

  • Elena
    Elena 3 天 前

    at least we’re being careful, damn 💀💀

  • Aray ko LYSA
    Aray ko LYSA 3 天 前

    I felt high watching this 😂

  • Lucky 24
    Lucky 24 3 天 前

    Did no one notice the Doc's tie?

  • Boho Love
    Boho Love 3 天 前

    Eugene randomly eating a banana in the background while ned is driving 🤣

  • MrRedPandaGames
    MrRedPandaGames 3 天 前

    I don't smoke, but I think it funny how it makes you have the munchies XD

  • BlackdragonSkyla
    BlackdragonSkyla 3 天 前

    Ok no! Eugene didn't hit the dog there, the dog hit him! He did a sharp stop but the dog did like a swerve thing. No! NEOOWWWWWWWWW!

  • Carter C
    Carter C 3 天 前

    Canada has a breathalyzer for marijuana because it is now legal

  • Julie Zhou
    Julie Zhou 3 天 前

    Please don't ever smoke again

  • DavidtheZheng
    DavidtheZheng 3 天 前

    It's really not that hard to drive stone

  • Jack Lussier
    Jack Lussier 3 天 前

    Driving high isnt hard, you just have to do it alone on backroads a couple of times,

  • Alexstoltzve
    Alexstoltzve 3 天 前

    pretty pretty princess

  • rylee mock
    rylee mock 3 天 前


  • Edgar
    Edgar 3 天 前

    Only if there was drifting n you could smoke n watch

  • Gabriel Migliorini
    Gabriel Migliorini 3 天 前

    Imagine if they would have driven better after getting high

  • P R
    P R 3 天 前

    This is a horrible representation of high driving everyone who drives high is experienced enough to not freak out. These people never smoke so people shouldn’t take this as everyone who drives high

  • jaythe 559
    jaythe 559 3 天 前

    the dog one was stupid

  • Anita J
    Anita J 3 天 前

    There was literally an add about not driving high before this video

  • •YerDadi•
    •YerDadi• 3 天 前

    The try guys smoking (weed only) makes them look 100 times cuter❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Promise IllBeNice
    Promise IllBeNice 3 天 前

    The most beta guys in history the try guys

  • lagginturtle 21
    lagginturtle 21 3 天 前

    do you guys have ants at your house?...

  • Merrie Mel
    Merrie Mel 3 天 前

    Better to try this alone without your funny friends

  • Jaylah Ward
    Jaylah Ward 4 天 前

    8:33 man I looooooove Eugene 😂😂😂

  • Mambito !
    Mambito ! 4 天 前

    Can i go on the show and show yall how to drive high please

  • Alex Harris
    Alex Harris 4 天 前

    Damn y'all suck at driving while high

  • Black Viper
    Black Viper 4 天 前

    You can prove someone has smoked weed even three month afterwards in the proteins of your hair. We learn that even before we get our driving license xD And the police can just take your license even while those freekin' three months, if they test you that detailed!

  • ɖơƖƖ
    ɖơƖƖ 4 天 前 +3

    4:14 um.. your pupils

  • Kylie Edits
    Kylie Edits 4 天 前


  • Mirka Jackova
    Mirka Jackova 4 天 前

    "Take my dog" *takes the dog in car with him* I died there XD

  • TheDerpyPotatoLord
    TheDerpyPotatoLord 4 天 前

    "What kind of Dr Suess shit is this?"

  • Devuntae Hoyle
    Devuntae Hoyle 5 天 前

    No way they r high it’s 4 of them and they smoked 1 I repeat 1 joint 😂😂

  • John Bueno
    John Bueno 5 天 前

    My high would’ve been blown once 12 turn them lights on😑🤬

  • Meg M
    Meg M 5 天 前

    I’m watching this high and everything is making sense but I feel like it shouldn’t and at 8:15 everything he says is making sense but I feel like he’s talking so quick but I understand everything g