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  • Finding the ideal brow shape for your face shape! Its pretty easy actually!
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  • Wayne Goss
    Wayne Goss  年 前 +163


    • angelaangelo angels
      angelaangelo angels 年 前

      Wayne I waited you to tell abt diamond shape face y u didn't mention it?

    • Deb Graham
      Deb Graham 年 前 +1

      Hello Wayne, I would like the perfect BB or CC cream from Skindinavia!

    • Tyra Hudson
      Tyra Hudson 年 前 +2

      CONGRATULATIONS to you joanne!! Im truly so happy for you

    • joanne hardy
      joanne hardy 年 前 +4

      Skindinavia thankyou so much I never win anything x.

    • Skindinavia
      Skindinavia 年 前 +2

      Hi Joanne, you're a winner! Send your address to

  • Janine Dear Barlow
    Janine Dear Barlow 9 天 前

    Pear shape! That was square! There is no such thing as a pear shaped face!

  • Janine Dear Barlow
    Janine Dear Barlow 9 天 前

    ... insults people with oval faces...

  • Moira Piper
    Moira Piper 18 天 前

    I personally think the oval-shaped face is indeed the most perfect. 💜

  • Space Bike Music
    Space Bike Music 19 天 前

    My brows are from two different planets

  • Meg Paguyo
    Meg Paguyo 个月 前

    How about diamond shape face

  • Ellena Navarro
    Ellena Navarro 个月 前 +1

    I remember going to a department store with my mother and a "makeup artist" proceeded to tell my mother that she had a perfect oval shaped face. She proceeded to say that mine was round and therefore not "perfect". I was like damn thanks lady. Now hold your breath to see if I buy your crappy makeup. Lol. Yeah I don't believe there is one perfect face shape. I agree with you 100%.

  • HelloKitty7626
    HelloKitty7626 个月 前

    Is possible to have a mix between long and heart shaped face?

  • Katelynn Lee
    Katelynn Lee 个月 前

    I have an even forehead and my chin tapers down. My chin is the smallest part of my face. My natural brows are arched. Am I a heart or oval shaped face? I'm like a cross between the 2, but do I lean more towards oval or a heart?

  • Emily L
    Emily L 个月 前

    Just keep the brows you were born with!

  • Runner Phile
    Runner Phile 个月 前

    I wish he would have mentioned triangle face shape :(

  • Diane Ruiz
    Diane Ruiz 2 个月 前

    What about the I'm old and need to lose 30lbs face shape?

  • Luna Kodama
    Luna Kodama 3 个月 前

    u can try as haaaard as u want to be pc my dude, you will STILL get hate comments. haha, took a good whack at it tho ;)

  • Bernadette Hof
    Bernadette Hof 3 个月 前


  • Mauna Pearlstein
    Mauna Pearlstein 3 个月 前

    The “studies” didn’t specify the oval... A sideways oval is my perfect face shape. (Yes, this is my attempt at humor.)

  • Songbird For Jesus
    Songbird For Jesus 3 个月 前

    Always wonderful and helpful

  • Sunset Sunrise
    Sunset Sunrise 4 个月 前

    Instead of just listening to you ramble for 6 minutes, why didn't you include photos and examples? Most of your videos are just YOU up close and personal...MY GOD🤦🏽‍♀️

  • rebecca davis
    rebecca davis 4 个月 前

    I would appreciate their setting spray. Please enter me in the giveaway. Thank you

  • Buzz music
    Buzz music 4 个月 前

    What is about Diamond face shape because i have a diamond face shape

  • Kylie Doyle
    Kylie Doyle 5 个月 前

    this is such a lovely make up video. Totally honest and sweet.

  • Veronika Petrova
    Veronika Petrova 5 个月 前

    The new product they could make is a pencil that is ultra thin and sharp so that it draws hair for brows

  • Zoink
    Zoink 5 个月 前

    I feel like I have a mix between a square face shape, and a round. It's almost in the middle. Any tip for my brows?

  • chuchu chuchu
    chuchu chuchu 5 个月 前

    i dont even know what my face shape is

  • M Ferreira
    M Ferreira 5 个月 前

    I think I have either a heart oval long face cannot tell XD

  • Marisol Luna Compeau
    Marisol Luna Compeau 6 个月 前

    Thanks for the useful information on face shape. I can't wait to see the next video on plucking your brow. I've always had problem with that. Also a product that helps with pores would be wonderful. I hate when my makeup looks cakey.

  • gina bautista
    gina bautista 6 个月 前

    Honestly ive been doin a marathon of all of ur videos ive already watched as if i would have an examination😉and honestly i always take ur tips seriously😗

  • Patrick 7
    Patrick 7 6 个月 前

    I think mine is a mixture of heart and round

  • portia jones
    portia jones 6 个月 前

    welll.. I would like to know if there is a product out there that when I draw on my eyebrows and they
    would last all day without smugging when I sweat or when my make up starts to wear off .

  • Nobody's perfect
    Nobody's perfect 7 个月 前

    When you don't know your real face shape coz your chubby cheeks keep getting in the way... you can do it ME 😂

  • Leanda Stellato
    Leanda Stellato 7 个月 前

    I've always consider myself as on oval face shape but to be honest I'm not 100% sure 😅😅

  • Leanda Stellato
    Leanda Stellato 7 个月 前

    Years ago when I trained to be a Hairdresser we were taught that the oval face shape was the best as far as carrying most hair styles, to be honest it works to a degree but hair type is far more important 💖

  • MiniGogoli
    MiniGogoli 8 个月 前

    Love everything about you!

  • Amanda Thompson
    Amanda Thompson 8 个月 前

    Um, where is the diamond face shape in this video? That's what I have!

  • giulia dv
    giulia dv 9 个月 前


  • Mary Dork
    Mary Dork 9 个月 前

    I have a big, fat face......

  • Lisa Nielsen
    Lisa Nielsen 9 个月 前

    You are refreshing! Love your videos

  • Te l
    Te l 10 个月 前

    One year to late for the Giveaway :(

  • evelyn e
    evelyn e 10 个月 前

    Heart shape is my favorite. Though i am not a heart shape.

  • sanakiso
    sanakiso 10 个月 前

    i have heart shaped face and didn't understand what type of eyebrows matched me...........

  • fakekaya
    fakekaya 10 个月 前

    my face is a mixture of square face and heart but it's not oval. I really don't know how should i do my contour :'(

  • Mathilda Flower
    Mathilda Flower 11 个月 前 +2

    And there we go that's absolute bollocks 😂😂😂😂❤️

  • Alunna Momo
    Alunna Momo 11 个月 前

    That shirt looks amazing on you!!! #kindness_makes_everything_fit

  • Dana Dane
    Dana Dane 11 个月 前

    Love you so much!!

  • AKA Izzy
    AKA Izzy 11 个月 前

    New sub. Thank you for your vids, it really helps.

  • AeliaM16Lake
    AeliaM16Lake 11 个月 前

    I have a face that is in between round and square. My jaw is obviously somewhat square but it looks round esp when I smile because I have cheek fats.
    I do an almost straight brow which slightly goes upwards and slightly slopes downwards into a little defined arch. It's a good compromise between the brow shapes for both face shapes.

  • Ashley D
    Ashley D 11 个月 前

    should pear shape faces have an arched eyebrow?

  • CupcakeExplosion

    Thank you for being so great, Wayne. I really appreciate your videos.

  • Heather S.
    Heather S. 年 前

    Right now I have an oval face because I have put on quite a bit of weight, but when I am at my normal weight the heart shape of my face shows more because my chin looks sharper.

  • chimin c;
    chimin c; 年 前

    I have a long face, this video was so helpful to find my perfect eyebrow shape!

  • Carol Norton
    Carol Norton 年 前

    Your videos all make so much sense. You are the god of makeup.

  • seattlegrrlie
    seattlegrrlie 年 前

    My oval face IS perfection 😜

  • Garry
    Garry 年 前

    I still cant effing tell. I assume oval or long.

  • Jesse B.
    Jesse B. 年 前

    A pop quiz, class: how many think that Jen Anderson's son-to-be (hopefully) ex-husband has his brows arched to hell and back? Now! Here is today's class......

  • Lori B
    Lori B 年 前

    Lip liner that can draw on top of lipstick, and stays.

  • Chao Lee
    Chao Lee 年 前


  • Natalee Ivette
    Natalee Ivette 年 前

    What if I don’t know what face shape I have

  • Monikas Life
    Monikas Life 年 前

    I would like a foundation that covers imperfections like dark spots and texture, yet doesn't look to heavy or mask like. A product that still looks young and dewy. Along with a setting spray that adds a nice glow to the skin. Thank you!!:)

  • V. R.
    V. R. 年 前

    U have alweys the best ideas, descriptions and. advices! Thanks, u r the best!😍

  • Somewhere Nearyou

    I have used a lot of make up to ballet performance make up - to fantasy for fun to everyday for myself and I am so glad that this video asked me what it is that I want out of make up- I never asked myself - but I guess it would be the ability to control any liner -any shadow any foundation from light to intense or full coverage- almost like a water color paint- I feel I have to mix things like a chemist at times or use a light color to lighten another but boy it would b nice for either one product to have that flexibility or even one product to add that would lighten all - it would be awesome to be able to have a product that sells not just make up but degrees of creativity! Thanks for this video

  • tinaa140
    tinaa140 年 前

    What if I have oval/long face but chubby cheeks? And a low brow bone

  • Hope Russell
    Hope Russell 年 前

    I have no clue what my face shape is yet I still watch videos like this 😂

  • Elizabeth Bun
    Elizabeth Bun 年 前

    I have a heart shaped face I think. My sister told me I have that face shape and I didn't even ask her. Thank you for this video. Had no idea what eyebrow shape to go for.

  • Dallas Barker
    Dallas Barker 年 前

    Youve always been one of my favorite beautubers ❤️ thank you

  • Claire Phaneuf
    Claire Phaneuf 年 前

    You Make me laugh-you make me happy :) Mr.Wayne, and I'm 57 and don't have a clue how to enter f...... draws -give aways Claire in Canada

  • Akshay Singh
    Akshay Singh 年 前

    WOW! I was stunned to see your weight loss from your last video of 2017. I really wonder how you lost SO MUCH weight from your face.

  • Vallie Naylor
    Vallie Naylor 年 前

    I wish they could make a foundation that was full coverage. Waterproof, smudge resistance, that don't rub off on clothes and blendable!!! I find alot of great foundations have 1 or 2 of these things, but I've not found one that has them ALL!!! Man I would LOVE to have one that did EVERYTHING that a GREAT foundation should do!!! 😉😉😉😉😉😉

  • dylan Flanders
    dylan Flanders 年 前 +1

    I have an oval face/ or maybe it's a long face but I naturally have straight eyebrows

  • Mary Am
    Mary Am 年 前

    what about diamond​ face shape?

  • lisa helmuth
    lisa helmuth 年 前

    A product that helps reduce sagging jowls

  • Claudia Baxter
    Claudia Baxter 年 前

    Hey! I love you! When I was younger and just started trying out makeup, you were my favorite person to watch for makeup tips! You’ve honestly always been so helpful and just wanted to say thank you for the consistent help with makeup tips!😂😊❤️❤️

  • joan baczek
    joan baczek 年 前

    i have a forhead with the same as my jaw but my cheeks are wider. i cant tell if im a pair, square or a skinny round. i thought i had a square face but i tryed on rounded glasses and looked rediculous, and better in glasses with a square edge. so im confused.

  • Rachel Mantecon
    Rachel Mantecon 年 前

    I think they should make primer spray that also ad a glow so it can be used with or without makeup

  • Kayla Sorrells
    Kayla Sorrells 年 前 +35

    My eyebrows aren't twins or sisters or even family. One eyebrow is Chinese and the other one is Irish.

  • Monica Levy Tyler

    That blush does not fits you

  • Genesis Antunez
    Genesis Antunez 年 前

    Yay i got an oval face

  • Piyali Ghosh
    Piyali Ghosh 年 前

    Love your videos.. love your energy.. love your smile and wink .. hi from India

  • G.D. Romanov
    G.D. Romanov 年 前

    You’re fantastic! Best of the best!

  • Nastia
    Nastia 年 前

    I need to need to loose 20 lbs before I can find my face shape

  • Liz Torres
    Liz Torres 年 前

    Could you make a video on corrective eyebrow shapes? Shapes that lift mature eyes, or balance a wide jaw and narrow forehead, or considerations on small eyes, different eye set, eye depths, etc..? Also a video on how to pluck them/wax and trim them? For example what shape to go for in the start, middle and end of the brow when trimming? Just something in depth enough that we can use to shape ones brows at home after having them butchered in the salon 30 times.

  • shock2250
    shock2250 年 前

    So I'm 52 and have horrible brows my right eyelid by the brow has dropped over time I would like to know what the best brow look is for mature women.

  • seqingnicole
    seqingnicole 年 前 +56

    lmao feel like i have all the face shapes

  • Lolly 98
    Lolly 98 年 前

    People take things so seriously 😂 Why do people insist on attacking the opinions of others.

  • Janine Tymoszuk
    Janine Tymoszuk 年 前 +4

    Oh no. How about us diamond face shapes? Super pointy faces 🤤

  • Rita Cyrulik
    Rita Cyrulik 年 前

    I don't know my face shape🙁. Is it square oblong heart?

  • MirandavanR
    MirandavanR 年 前 +61

    Wayne what about the diamond shaped face D: what am i gonna do, i always struggle with my brows

    • Josie Koerner
      Josie Koerner 8 个月 前 +1

      I also have diamond shape face which is the rarest so it's often forgotten about, but I would thimk you would do the same brown as the oval, since we have smaller chin & foreheads. Our faces are more angular then oval & longer then the round faces. I usually go by the eyes smaller eyes thinner the brown, big eyes big brows.

    • Poorstargazer23
      Poorstargazer23 年 前 +4

      For a diamond face I'd try brows like a round face. Both have their widest point at the cheeks/cheek bones.

    • itz jennii
      itz jennii 年 前 +4

      im like a heart shaped / diamond shaped and my forehead is not big nor wide ;-;

    • angelaangelo angels
      angelaangelo angels 年 前 +11

      Almost diamond shape faces like me have a narrow forehead & wide cheekbone

    • ladykickz
      ladykickz 年 前 +25

      Almost diamond shaped faces have narrow foreheads. The cheekbones are wide.

  • Marianne Rivera
    Marianne Rivera 年 前

    Ive got heart shape face but i dont know what do you by groom eyebrow

  • Crucibelle
    Crucibelle 年 前

    My face is slightly pear-ish, I think. It's like I have a wide square-shaped jaw, but it is not sharp and angular.. if that makes any sense. My face isn't as short as your example, though (Kelly Osbourne). I guess it's good that my eyebrows are naturally thick. If I didn't groom them, I'd have mono-brow.. lmao! I so wish I had a heart-shaped face.. that is my favorite.

  • MegaFebee
    MegaFebee 年 前

    Hey I have a oval face. I'm super insecure and hearing I have "the perfect face shape" makes me feel special 😄

  • Femmigirlz
    Femmigirlz 年 前


  • Naomi
    Naomi 年 前

    You explained this perfectly... thank you!

  • Beaute Niche
    Beaute Niche 年 前

    you explain so good!

  • ______I Love you

    with a long face you said a bit of a wider brow, but would it be better to be on the straighter side or more arched?

  • Midnightx user Midnightxuser

    🌈🦋dear Sir: I wish you would invent a face powder that combats fungus from the sky (so many spores) and also that it be flesh colored so you can cover an outbreak and use flesh colored powder instead of just medicinal powder,(and I'm thinking of the Nystatin powder which is such a huge benefit that fights fungus yeast and bacteria- ) is there an over-the-counter amount that you could mix with face make up to make it flesh colored. The worst thing about it is knowing that when you put it on it's completely white and that's what you are stuck with until your next dose-when you put it on and it's white again. I'm grateful that it has helped my health but then afterword I always wonder if I would ruin it trying to put a flesh color over it. The brand I got was called Nystop and you shake it out and put it on where ever you have an infection.The best thing about it is it it also fights yeast - so it's one of the few antibiotics that will fight fungus, yeast, and bacteria. You do have to use three weeks on one week off so that your face doesn't get so used to it that the fungus learns how to live with it.
    Sir, I have always felt that you do your videos with elegance and integrity. I wish you many blessings and all the love your heart can hold. 💝Respectfully,

  • krent and eraser topic sherfy

    I think I have an oval/long face. Thanks for the info. I'm totally new to "doing my eyebrows" It does make a difference. 😀

  • Sharklovinmama 9601

    An all in one eye product that primes/conceals dark circles, but also tightens the skin above & below the eye that can be used say around the lips & chin where I have a bit of sagging at 39. I know that seems like a tall order, I don't like a lot of product on my face. & above all thank you so much for your videos & openness you have given me a great deal of encouragement when doing my make up properly & doing what makes me feel good. Again thank you Wayne.

  • Jordan Fielding
    Jordan Fielding 年 前

    Caity voikes have u tried applying less round the eye area setting on you nose and then putting more eyeshadow etc to take the direction.away? Xx

  • Lakpa Sherpa
    Lakpa Sherpa 年 前 +74

    I don't even know my face shape

    • heeltsyktas
      heeltsyktas 10 个月 前 +1


    • Don't forget to drink your cyanide
      Don't forget to drink your cyanide 年 前 +12

      obsessedwithfood there are two great ways to figure it out. One is to use a dry erase marker, stand about arms length from the mirror, and trace your face. Do this with your hair totally pulled back. The other uses measurements of the length of your face and the length from the bottom of your nose down. You'll want to look this one up to figure out what yours is because it's a lot of information.

  • pingu ugnip
    pingu ugnip 年 前

    Thanks for the video, may I just ask how to find the right thickness for the eyebrows?

  • Noor Yusoff
    Noor Yusoff 年 前

    I like how he said oval is the "perfect" face shape.