Logic - No Pressure Freestyle

  • 添加 2019年08月19日
  • See Logic on tour with JID and YBN Cordae

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  • Lil Home State
    Lil Home State 16 小时 前

    Broke the replay button sorry CNclip

  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith 17 小时 前

    You're kidding me. Logic w/ Cordae on tour?????? Holy shit yesssssss

    • Tom Smith
      Tom Smith 6 小时 前

      @Ghost You're kidding 151 is my shit. This is going to be the best night ever.

    • Ghost
      Ghost 16 小时 前

      Tom Smith AND JID

  • J.B. InTime
    J.B. InTime 18 小时 前

    Logic-I’M HAVING A BABY!!!!

  • Lol Right
    Lol Right 18 小时 前

    Ive always wanted to go to one of of his concerts

  • PharaohOfficial
    PharaohOfficial 19 小时 前

    Paying homage to the roots of rap! Ole buddy on the wax was niceee with it too! Masterfully done gentlemen 🙌🏽

  • dave dobs
    dave dobs 19 小时 前

    Don’t get me wrong I like Joyner but how people gone say he’s better than bobby???? Listen to the guy!

  • DieselFuel001
    DieselFuel001 天 前

    Yeah! bringing back the real shit!

  • Lucas Darlington

    is this make believe by juice wild, it sounds so similar oh my

  • Lol Right
    Lol Right 天 前 +2

    This is what gives me hope for our generation of rap

  • Risingofthephoenixx x

    Pharcyde Runnin'!

  • Dnd1113 Gaming
    Dnd1113 Gaming 天 前

    This sounds like midnight marauder

  • Jax Dur
    Jax Dur 天 前 +1

    Did he ever breathe 😬?

  • Jax Dur
    Jax Dur 天 前

    Can we get these vibes back please ❗️

  • Sheperino Gaming
    Sheperino Gaming 天 前 +1

    "Money Aint everything''
    Camera pans to his 300 dollar hypebeast shoes.

  • 3vsey Music
    3vsey Music 天 前 +2

    The Real Rap !!! Logic The Best 🔥👌👑

  • Tionne Anderson
    Tionne Anderson 天 前

    Who is his new girl?

  • payned96
    payned96 天 前

    its 18ct gold ..

  • Reflex
    Reflex 2 天 前

    "Small artist but big dreams come see my latest music video, and I guarantee you won't regret it cnclip.net/video/KqfCqcNRex0/视频.html"

  • Ksopas8 Your mom
    Ksopas8 Your mom 2 天 前 +1

    getting major “lost in translation” vibes here

  • Gargantuan Monstrosity

    I forgot he’s been beefing up, threw me off.

  • gdixonfitness
    gdixonfitness 2 天 前 +1

    congrats Mr.Robert!

  • justin21491
    justin21491 2 天 前 +2

    DJ throw down too? got them fight shorts on.

  • yazeed bdeer
    yazeed bdeer 2 天 前 +2

    When will the album drop ???

  • VaL 0
    VaL 0 3 天 前 +83

    Little Bobby: Dad, you know why im the greatest alive?
    Logic: *ah shit, here we go again*

    *beats starts playing*

  • Sheperino Gaming
    Sheperino Gaming 3 天 前 +4

    This album gonna be UP meets YSIV

  • ajayi ayomide
    ajayi ayomide 3 天 前

    Logic does this with so much flair 😂😂🔥🙏

  • ChrisCryo
    ChrisCryo 3 天 前

    Under Pressure Sequel?

  • Negative /LM10
    Negative /LM10 3 天 前 +1

    He better meet all the high expectations if he makes a under pressure sequel. Cuz imo, Under Pressure is amazing. Hopefully he can bounce back because his 2 or so albums were not that good

    • The Goat
      The Goat 21 小时 前

      Meeting those expectations is impossible just enjoy the no pressure album for what is

  • pia alvarez
    pia alvarez 3 天 前 +1


  • Im Flowseidon
    Im Flowseidon 3 天 前

    "diacritical lifesyle, I'm always over C's, hurricane bobby in the studio blowing trees"
    over seas = over C's
    Bobby you're a fuckin genius bro, I love it

  • Noah Knickerbocker
    Noah Knickerbocker 3 天 前 +3

    Hurricane Dorian: Am I a joke to you?..

    Bobby: Yes "Hurricane bobby"

    BENJAMiN KENOBi 4 天 前 +1

    Like MPC Akai, who I named William after because I get Bills from these beats ... sheesh

  • Shura Beats [Noble Ent]

    This is nice so far...

  • KonsciousKoonKiller 22

    Dang didn't Kendrick just recently announce he's having a kid too? Wow this guy really does copy Kdot Haha jk

  • race brooks
    race brooks 4 天 前

    wow is all i got to say

  • Tubbymakesnoize
    Tubbymakesnoize 4 天 前

    Can't stop watching it and all the others. Thank you #rattpack and logic, he's my biggest inspiration! I even made my first piece of content of by remixing one of my favourite songs by him, if anyone gave it just once chance it would mean a lot. Anyways have a phenomenal rest of your day or night!! I can't wait for no pressure and cograts to bobby for the baby 😊😊

  • Adnan A
    Adnan A 4 天 前 +3

    Logic’s keeping the old school flow alive

  • Culture Eye
    Culture Eye 4 天 前

    not feeling it damn

  • Blank _
    Blank _ 4 天 前

    Is logic having a baby?

  • Blank _
    Blank _ 4 天 前

    Plz make the album dope

  • dan kwt
    dan kwt 4 天 前


  • Aruøsu
    Aruøsu 4 天 前

    so i guess there is no more gaming videos. oof

  • mrleomovies
    mrleomovies 4 天 前

    The Pharcyde + Logic!?
    Fuck yeah!!!

  • MJD
    MJD 4 天 前

    Growing Pains IV is coming :)

  • Julian Oropeza
    Julian Oropeza 4 天 前

    And fuck tmz, they aint gettn the scoop on that shit lol

  • Jacob JacobJacob
    Jacob JacobJacob 4 天 前

    so much word play and so many puns and lyrics going over my head

  • chad burgess
    chad burgess 5 天 前

    Gets divorced, knocks up random

  • craig
    craig 5 天 前

    I like logic and much respect to his success. But, he rhymes very obvious words. It's very cat, bat, hat shit. Lyrical, miracle, spiritual, individual

  • unclear v.
    unclear v. 5 天 前

    กางเกงดีเจย์ "พยัคฆ์ร้าย คะนองไพร"

  • Mario Georgiou
    Mario Georgiou 5 天 前 +2

    Little Bobby: “I’m biracial”

    • Mary Ham
      Mary Ham 2 天 前

      Overused but its a good one

  • Dweeeeeezy09
    Dweeeeeezy09 5 天 前

    Every time he slips in a Tribe reference I cum a little

  • Michael Fields
    Michael Fields 5 天 前

    Hold up wait a second here Bobby u know u not gonna just slide that under pressure sequal by the rattpack because we dissect all the words in all your songs don't play like that. Say sike

  • Cameron Kincaid
    Cameron Kincaid 5 天 前

    Logic representing the DMV!

  • mason cooper
    mason cooper 5 天 前

    My man's is back at it again

  • NoJokesyi 84
    NoJokesyi 84 5 天 前

    Hurricane Bobby I'm blowing trees...wow

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia 5 天 前


  • Jay Mortel
    Jay Mortel 5 天 前

    😊 Congratulations

  • Mark Ballesteros
    Mark Ballesteros 5 天 前

    Yoo....that pharcyde beat is killing me son. I love this shit

  • Yung_God
    Yung_God 6 天 前

    Fifth anyone else notice the beat is from Juice Wrlds song "make believe"

  • Psionic X
    Psionic X 6 天 前

    I don't even care what y'all say, Logic keeps aging like a fine wine.