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  • Sammie Joe
    Sammie Joe 天 前

    does this mean i have to pronounce pewdiepie with "die" the same as "pie" because that's how the dictionary pronounces it

  • Regan Anderson
    Regan Anderson 天 前

    Pewdiepie pronounces "w" as "we."

  • Lee Tyler
    Lee Tyler 天 前

    I just got a 80mil club Pewds as on a Pewds video

  • DRT Electrical
    DRT Electrical 2 天 前

    0:46 thought he was going to start rapping

  • Kristopher Ruiz
    Kristopher Ruiz 2 天 前

    This truly was a dark time in the channel.

  • Stephen Browne
    Stephen Browne 2 天 前

    I pronounce it like a spanish soft J or YIF

  • Willow Carrington
    Willow Carrington 2 天 前


  • Laura Sanchez
    Laura Sanchez 2 天 前

    Ooooooopsie :v

  • Jesus Christ Is LORD


  • Maxim Daigle
    Maxim Daigle 2 天 前

    (swedish noises)

  • Frank Maka
    Frank Maka 2 天 前

    Gifs used to be quick funnies back in the old days of rage comics and the like. Meme base, later cheeseburger....but as usual it was infected by normies.

  • The Deathly Smile
    The Deathly Smile 3 天 前

    Wait a second. If Pewds has zero deaths, then how did he die from cancer..?

  • Short Long
    Short Long 3 天 前 +2

    That Jif guy is a salty boi.

  • Barles Gnarkly
    Barles Gnarkly 3 天 前

    12:02 Chunga Chunga Chunga

  • Sandwich Boy
    Sandwich Boy 3 天 前

    Its actually pronounced *yiff*

  • Sgt Palooggoo
    Sgt Palooggoo 3 天 前


  • Home Chaddock
    Home Chaddock 3 天 前

    It's pronounced jif

  • JakesyDude
    JakesyDude 3 天 前

    If you ever pronounce soft g for any word, you have testicular cancer and you have 3 months to live. Sorry, just proven facts and science.

  • Omar Alwan HOLALA
    Omar Alwan HOLALA 3 天 前


  • puNkeZZ
    puNkeZZ 3 天 前

    Does the "jif" guy was serious in that video?

  • mohamad tinawi
    mohamad tinawi 3 天 前 +1


  • HeathenHacks
    HeathenHacks 3 天 前

    12:02 Oh, look! The OG Chungus.

  • k4a4_gaming
    k4a4_gaming 3 天 前

    Gif review !!!!!!

  • Shayne Lafferty
    Shayne Lafferty 4 天 前 +5

    12:02 first spotting of Big Chungus

  • Zac Lee
    Zac Lee 5 天 前

    gif in old english is pronounced yiff -so lets just call it gif yeah

  • Ciuwas
    Ciuwas 5 天 前

    *creator of GIF says it's pronounced JIF*
    *pewdiepie* LOOK AT WIKIPEDIA

  • Tartaruga com Ebola

    6:05 no u

  • Kaukauna Diss Lord.

    In the article: (however, pronunciation with a soft G is also in use)

  • X Lukitah X
    X Lukitah X 5 天 前


  • Simon Gaming
    Simon Gaming 5 天 前

    Oh my God (Jod) lmao

  • TheBigGolem
    TheBigGolem 5 天 前

    Why are you arguing then

  • shootatsquare
    shootatsquare 5 天 前


  • Garrett Slosson
    Garrett Slosson 6 天 前 +3

    GIF at 3:15, it doesn't matter the percentage of words in the English language that have a soft or hard "g". What must be considered is the root language of the word you are looking at, words with a hard g are Germanic in origin while words with a soft g are Latin in origin (or at least Latin based). Generally speaking, if a word is Germanic in origin, you can be pretty certain that the g in the word is the hard pronunciation. Graphic is a word in the English language with a hard g and even though it is Latin based from the word graphicus which is pronounced with the hard g. Graphic is pronounced with that same hard g and since it is part of an acronym, its pronunciation should follow the word that it is made from. Since the first letter of the acronym GIF is g from the word graphic (which once again is a hard g), the g in GIF should therefore also be pronounced using a hard g.

  • Fernando Sánchez Fermín

    i love the english captions

  • Dead Children Playing
    Dead Children Playing 6 天 前 +1

    This is the best video in this channel.

  • shawsbear
    shawsbear 6 天 前

    I wish i could use gifs in the youtube comment section as well

  • The Walky Wizzy Gaming

    YES GIF!! NOT JIF!! (it might be if tho)

  • Drew Johnston
    Drew Johnston 6 天 前

    0:01, meth is a hell of a drug

  • ソトルーベン・ヤトニエル

    I-Ice Cream
    F-Fire Ball

  • Piggles Entertainment

    got an add that asked if wanted to learn how to edit like pewdiepie and i chuckled and thought "wwbs" What would brad say

  • Katsumikgogo
    Katsumikgogo 7 天 前

    He said he was going to leave examples in the description... but he didn't.... MhmmMMMMMMM!!!

  • منوعات يوتيوب

    Du sprichst Deutsch schön

  • lance awesome
    lance awesome 8 天 前

    ya I'm in a gang
    g: guy's
    a: that

  • Neil Fordan
    Neil Fordan 8 天 前

    it is like people saying EKG instead of ECG ughhhh

  • Dat boi fierce Deity


  • Taetae`s Ghoul
    Taetae`s Ghoul 8 天 前

    My name Jiff

  • BenjaminGessel
    BenjaminGessel 8 天 前

    PewDiePie makes videos that mirror the nature of the imaginations/minds of ADD young men (and women). And he's pretty stinking good at it...
    As opposed to the fairly dull world of academia, the working world, etc. etc.
    PewDiePie = Awesome. 😁

  • Gnarly Carly
    Gnarly Carly 8 天 前 +1

    But Pewds...what about Jeff spelt as, Geoff? HmmMmMmmMmmm???

  • Tech talks and education

    G I F just say G. I. F.

  • Diego Martinez
    Diego Martinez 9 天 前

    This is the kind of arguments we don't have in Spanish

  • Anthony Gonzalez
    Anthony Gonzalez 9 天 前 +1

    Aren’t gifs jus moving memes?

  • The Vampiration
    The Vampiration 9 天 前 +1

    So statistically marzia is felix giF?

  • That Try Hard studios
    That Try Hard studios 9 天 前 +1

    The guy arguing G.I.F's pronunciation that Felix showed doesn't look or sound quite right in the head, correct or not.

  • Guilherme Müller
    Guilherme Müller 9 天 前

    "jif" is horrible-sounding, that's the main problem

  • *ComitialFir14*
    *ComitialFir14* 9 天 前

    Hahahahaha u guys need to see Puerto Rican Gifs!!!

  • Austin Browne
    Austin Browne 10 天 前

    my name geff

  • Joseph Wasden
    Joseph Wasden 10 天 前

    No u

  • Leo Bustamante
    Leo Bustamante 10 天 前


  • PUNISHER1999
    PUNISHER1999 10 天 前 +1

    Please dont kill gifs😐

  • tgmrks
    tgmrks 10 天 前

    it's being 30 days since I last used a gif, thanks pewds

  • Zirkon Sky
    Zirkon Sky 10 天 前 +3


  • Just some Stuff
    Just some Stuff 11 天 前

    Hey what if,now this sounds crazy, we use our own actual emotions,
    Nah just kidding we can just use faces made with random symbols

  • Aam Productions™
    Aam Productions™ 11 天 前


  • Moku
    Moku 11 天 前

    You said you'd link examples in the description, but it's just your regular ones :(

  • Zackery817
    Zackery817 11 天 前 +2

    I can't remember how I said it in the first place

  • 3i Kanashi
    3i Kanashi 11 天 前

    Felix got so heated in this video omg 😂

  • Amirul Azhar
    Amirul Azhar 12 天 前

    dont pounce GIF

  • Gキャット
    Gキャット 12 天 前

    When I have an argument on FB I always use a well placed gif of Pewds "But can you do this?" or "What a MADLAD".... some gifs are necessary 🙃

  • grey cherry
    grey cherry 12 天 前

    Why did he call a 'w' a 'v'?

  • B -
    B - 12 天 前

    No u

  • Dinda Raynisha
    Dinda Raynisha 12 天 前 +1

    ma name e gif

  • Halo Tis Me
    Halo Tis Me 12 天 前

    No u

  • Z3 DK
    Z3 DK 13 天 前

    I’m happy there gif specially in pornhub so I know what to expect.

  • LonelyDreamer
    LonelyDreamer 14 天 前

    I have examined your argument, listened to it, accepted its solid logic and will continue to pronounce it as jif.

  • Al St
    Al St 14 天 前

    Oh jeeeez, for the past 2hrs I’ve been on the edge of my seat as the internal drive wasn’t recognised, open it up and shift things around - repeat that x3, then realise that it was the ‘Sierra’ installer and not the ‘High Sierra’ installer…

  • Ioana Stavar
    Ioana Stavar 14 天 前

    "i'll link 2 examples in the description"

  • Travis Romig
    Travis Romig 14 天 前

    GIFs are for avatars and/or icons when you want to be cool and stand out.

  • Miyuki Sol
    Miyuki Sol 14 天 前

    5:07 pause it right there partner

  • supersonic30555 gaming

    Big Chungus in pre - development

  • Ishan Gupta
    Ishan Gupta 14 天 前 +1

    How many agree Marzia saved this video.

  • Alejandra Gonzalez
    Alejandra Gonzalez 14 天 前

    2:34 he looks like hed been doing speed for 3 days and this was the last thing he remembers he was mad about.

  • Omni Tv
    Omni Tv 15 天 前

    Leave this Earth posthaste.

  • Laura Keylon
    Laura Keylon 15 天 前

    Absolutely and completely lost it at Marzia scolding him.

  • Suruchi Bhardwaj
    Suruchi Bhardwaj 15 天 前 +8

    I am sorry but it's called Jeff.

  • UltimateLokal
    UltimateLokal 15 天 前

    Hi My Name is JIF

  • Anders Öhlund
    Anders Öhlund 15 天 前


  • Arena Forum Fox
    Arena Forum Fox 15 天 前

    Gif's master race.

  • TheStig ZeroZeroZero

    lmao Marzia yelling from the other room hahaha

  • Bob Kalache
    Bob Kalache 16 天 前

    after binge watching over 200 pews in the last couple of days I finally learned something useful. Everything else was crap. ratio of learning 1/200. back to binge watching now.

  • BurstFire BBC
    BurstFire BBC 17 天 前

    Wtf is on that guys face?

  • Annia
    Annia 17 天 前

    I love your videos so much no youtuber makes me laugh so much lmao I appreciate the way you teach people while being funny.

  • Delta Yoshiro
    Delta Yoshiro 17 天 前

    10:50 has got to be my favourite part of the video

  • Chilly Willy
    Chilly Willy 17 天 前


  • Brady Quiett
    Brady Quiett 17 天 前


  • Vittorio J. A. R. Di Carbone

    if gif = jif, so Yej =Jeff??
    if gif = jif, so graphic = yrafic??
    den is so lobely and dis is corrct. jif is kanser

  • Vittorio J. A. R. Di Carbone

    marzias mom is gay confirmed xD

  • Mr Glomdrin
    Mr Glomdrin 17 天 前

    Marzia is awesome

  • BangGangEiskalt
    BangGangEiskalt 17 天 前

    What quality, Felix ?

  • michael singer
    michael singer 18 天 前

    I pronounce the g in gif like the g in gigantic