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  • Toka T175
    Toka T175 天 前

    Those tai lopez ads tho

  • First Last
    First Last 天 前

    its pronounced "jarbaje"

  • Lamia Alu
    Lamia Alu 天 前

    D.O i see you 😍

  • The Nobody
    The Nobody 天 前

    You need to do a meme review on t series

  • Emma Martin
    Emma Martin 天 前

    i have two friends who send me gifs all the time. i need to rethink a couple of my friendships.

  • LeveL 8
    LeveL 8 2 天 前

    My name is jif

  • Holly Hayes
    Holly Hayes 2 天 前 +1

    aCtUaLlY gif is pronounced "butcanyoudothis"

  • shiro isekai
    shiro isekai 2 天 前

    Subarashi Disney

  • shiro isekai
    shiro isekai 2 天 前

    Age of 69 hahahah

  • The Pickle Of Destiny

    Oops I use gifs,I guess I'm awful.i like to use the unpopular ones from the 90s.i love it when the tech fails too,and I agree with you,I'll happily get schooled and stop using it😅

  • Squilly
    Squilly 2 天 前

    Man I just got educated and I'm ok with it.

  • Jennifer LeBlanc
    Jennifer LeBlanc 2 天 前

    Mar is is the damn best! 😂❤️

  • Sámuel Nyúl
    Sámuel Nyúl 2 天 前

    Bonus gif

  • Dafluck Dude
    Dafluck Dude 2 天 前

    This video is hilarious

  • Emir Ahrezoğulları

    I send gifs all the time, but ok 👍🏻

  • Santeri K
    Santeri K 2 天 前

    I love this video.

  • Shaheed Patel
    Shaheed Patel 2 天 前


  • greatshaman0724
    greatshaman0724 3 天 前

    but, i love gifs :/

  • Sayo Bun
    Sayo Bun 3 天 前

    Statistically, since it's less likely to be gay, I'm not gay


  • Mckenzie Sievert
    Mckenzie Sievert 3 天 前

    7:40 MY LOVE 😭💕

  • Legend The Boring
    Legend The Boring 4 天 前

    But can you do this rap is awesome.

  • KindaSorta Entertainment

    Would gif not technically be spelled out when you said it just as most other acronyms? Or else shouldnt png files be actual just pronounced rather than spelled out?

  • Adrian Cabonce
    Adrian Cabonce 4 天 前

    It's pronounced jeff

  • Pim Battjes
    Pim Battjes 4 天 前

    Garage. All I’m saying.

  • ironcide_gaming
    ironcide_gaming 4 天 前

    Felix don’t make me remove my support to you against T series because of your ideals of hard G’s.

  • adam Kondracki
    adam Kondracki 4 天 前

    Dave Chappelle boxing Godzilla still holds up in my humble opinion:)

  • Anthony Decesare
    Anthony Decesare 4 天 前 +1

    No u

  • Alpa Alpa
    Alpa Alpa 5 天 前

    what's that at 12:45¿?

  • 1-Datagram
    1-Datagram 5 天 前 +2

    I like how Pewdiepie skips over the parts in Thiojoe's video that proves his argument wrong. In a nutshell:
    G before back vowels (A U O) = Hard G
    G before front vowels (I E Y) = Soft G. Look it up, it is an English Pronunciation rule (which is supposed to be taught in elementary school)
    Acronym does not influence pronunciation: JPEG stands for " Joint Photographic Experts Group" , you don't say J"F"EG do you?
    Furthermore, HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, you don't say huh-tuh-tuh-peh do you?
    If you make a comment that disregards what I have just written (i.e. another retarded "But it's G for Graphics DUUUHHH" comment), I won't reply to you.

  • Rin A
    Rin A 5 天 前

    I’m amazed there are videos about how a word is pronounced 🤣
    Ps I pronounce them as Jif coz the author said so

  • kennedy kitty
    kennedy kitty 5 天 前

    As a a wise pewds once said "You don't have fun on this channel"

  • kennedy kitty
    kennedy kitty 5 天 前

    Pewds seems so pissed (i am too)

  • MD MA
    MD MA 5 天 前

    you look like my father lowkey

  • yoga pangestu
    yoga pangestu 5 天 前

    dis is y inglist is a broken lengthguije

  • jake duncan
    jake duncan 5 天 前

    No u

  • Danée Pfaff
    Danée Pfaff 5 天 前

    litterly thought he said gifts for like 2 min lol

  • Oliver
    Oliver 5 天 前

    7:21 is that porn

  • ab cd
    ab cd 5 天 前

    Ma name is gifffffff

  • SarahNova
    SarahNova 6 天 前

    Ya just don’t get gifs like that anymore

  • Jackson
    Jackson 6 天 前

    GIF is pronounced GIF, not GIF

  • M Sarte
    M Sarte 6 天 前

    One of my favorite Pewdiepie videos.

  • Crimson Corrupt
    Crimson Corrupt 6 天 前

    This is just stupid.

  • Beckysaurus the 3rd

    1:27 - 2:00 my stomach hurts

  • Shiznit
    Shiznit 7 天 前 +1

    I thought Marzias voice was lil tay

  • Some Mac n Chee
    Some Mac n Chee 7 天 前

    *aggressively nerds out*

  • luna kim
    luna kim 7 天 前

    bring this outro back

  • Being Modish
    Being Modish 8 天 前

    Irony - its one of the funniest videos!

  • MasterOfNone
    MasterOfNone 8 天 前

    acronyms share the same phonetical boundaries as names, giving liberal choice to the coiner of the word to decree how the word is pronounced. sorry massa, but u rong

  • Brian
    Brian 8 天 前 +1

    Wow, i gotta admit, pewds completely wrecked him

  • Six Eight Toast
    Six Eight Toast 8 天 前

    My mom gay? No u....

  • JPence14
    JPence14 9 天 前

    7:52 may be lowkey one of the most epic roasts in internet history.

  • Grand Hatred
    Grand Hatred 9 天 前

    I always love it when felix laugh like lunatic

  • Mona Sax
    Mona Sax 10 天 前

    Marzia and Felix are cute together

  • baby shark
    baby shark 10 天 前

    J E O F F

  • Monti Sh
    Monti Sh 11 天 前

    It’s still pronounced Jif 😌😌

  • Whitney Baxter
    Whitney Baxter 12 天 前

    Pew- "Sometimes I like to make stuff up"
    Pews channel- 99.9% unoriginal content

  • hover boy
    hover boy 12 天 前


  • BoosT
    BoosT 12 天 前 +1

    Felix Tech Tips

  • Isabela Cruz
    Isabela Cruz 12 天 前

    Ain’t from the 90s but two years ain’t that 3 years ain’t that off buts I remember all of those gifs

  • Krum Valkov
    Krum Valkov 12 天 前

    Best video of Pewdiepie ever!1!

  • supergamesNL
    supergamesNL 12 天 前


  • FloppyBeagle 926
    FloppyBeagle 926 12 天 前

    Theojoe why dont you grow some real facial hair

  • FlufflePuff
    FlufflePuff 12 天 前

    9:10 as a person who doesn't speak english as their native language I can strongly relate to forgetting that w is "double-u" it's so dumb

  • Jamesake065
    Jamesake065 13 天 前 +1

    It is nethier jif and gif but you PPPPPFFFFFuh

  • notnorthkai
    notnorthkai 13 天 前


  • Jimin’s Tiny Chili Pepper

    Excuse me but I saw jimin

  • stan smith
    stan smith 13 天 前

    Jesus or Gesus

  • Elisabeth Ellen
    Elisabeth Ellen 13 天 前

    *stop hating!*

    best part

  • Mackenzie Fiona
    Mackenzie Fiona 14 天 前

    actually the i is pronounced as ee and the g is silent, gif is pronounce eef

  • GenyOreo
    GenyOreo 14 天 前

    I feel personally attacked

  • WoshiGaming
    WoshiGaming 14 天 前

    i love u pewds

  • BonBon Box
    BonBon Box 14 天 前

    13:31 pewdiepie is sans confirmed

  • Tropicalsnowfall
    Tropicalsnowfall 15 天 前

    I'm sorry you got bullied so much.

  • Sarah Leaf
    Sarah Leaf 15 天 前

    Sorry, Pewds. I use you as gifs a lot

  • Sarah Leaf
    Sarah Leaf 15 天 前

    When I see Felix with this beard I feel like he could be a character in the Lord of the Rings or something. Like a wizard.

  • Liv Shoemaker
    Liv Shoemaker 16 天 前 +1

    I like the gifs in articles as obvious dividers between points, but a solid block of still color would work just as well.

  • Lil' Nepotis
    Lil' Nepotis 16 天 前

    That guy sounds so annoying...

  • Akshay
    Akshay 16 天 前

    1:27 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • RavenMalVlogs
    RavenMalVlogs 16 天 前

    7:15 instantly see jimin gif😂

  • Taksim zaman
    Taksim zaman 17 天 前

    Don’t really care. Great video but that guy with the arguments pissed me off so bad. Just another wannabe smartass

  • Splouty Umbrella
    Splouty Umbrella 17 天 前

    it's pronouced jiff because of the G word rule (Ge Gi Gy) are all soft G's and (Ga Go Gu) are all hard G's

  • Mr Joker alive
    Mr Joker alive 17 天 前

    R.I.P for Gif ............

    Meme review

  • Antesha V.
    Antesha V. 17 天 前

    my name a GIF

  • Elijah Beattie
    Elijah Beattie 17 天 前

    8:02 I use my hair to express myself

  • Aleena Cassidy
    Aleena Cassidy 17 天 前

    I actually got 10x smarter watching this video XD

  • Gabriel The Snake
    Gabriel The Snake 17 天 前

    2:53 activate subtitles 🤣🤣🤣

  • TheHauntedRaven AJ
    TheHauntedRaven AJ 18 天 前

    Typical American English, they have their own rules.... Let them go (as opposed to Jo).

  • CresentMoon RR
    CresentMoon RR 18 天 前 +1

    What about people just using GIFs through txt msg... it's a format where it's constantly possible to misunderstand what a person is trying to convey, BUT with a GIF all that is elementary. At least I still have a good time using them. I think it adds a visual representation of what I'm saying. Great video!!! Always count on pewdiepie for a laugh :D

  • Max Eisenhardt
    Max Eisenhardt 18 天 前

    But poods , there are pretty good gifs of you ... its all about timeing and execution 😐

  • Kasen Holt
    Kasen Holt 18 天 前

    Buzz not bus.

  • NicoM Pictures®
    NicoM Pictures® 18 天 前

    Gif? More like *Gay.*
    _This comment was made by the webm squad._

  • Stefan M.
    Stefan M. 18 天 前

    5:16 To skip rant.

  • tenedria
    tenedria 19 天 前

    haha... he's actually right, it doesn't matter what the creator of something pronounced his own words because if they become part of the English language, its whatever usage that is the most dominant that wins.

  • Callie Smith
    Callie Smith 19 天 前

    Marzia in the backjround tho😂😂

  • Love Song
    Love Song 20 天 前

    no ur mom

  • That, Scrub,13
    That, Scrub,13 20 天 前

    Who cares if it’s gif or Gif

  • Violent Violet
    Violent Violet 21 天 前

    I learned something today. Thanks pewds

  • KOzi P
    KOzi P 21 天 前

    6:05 no u

  • A_ JustThis
    A_ JustThis 21 天 前

    The ads are getting better and better

  • Not Politically Correct

    What a fajjot