Dr. Phil DESTROYS spoiled brat!!!! . -- Dr Phil #7


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  • Geraminus Nix
    Geraminus Nix 6 小时 前

    MORE DR PHIL EPISODES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nai Kokyai
    Nai Kokyai 6 小时 前

    This channel is dead but I still like it

  • Random Cancer
    Random Cancer 6 小时 前

    1:37, is that lill broomstick

  • Mia Alto
    Mia Alto 7 小时 前

    Hey remember when the catch me outside girl was on dr. Phill? Good ol' days

  • Mia Alto
    Mia Alto 7 小时 前

    Yooooooo this girl started to cry once dr. Phill said they're sending her to the ranch lmfao hoeeee (obviously the garden took 😅)

  • Shay Zullo
    Shay Zullo 7 小时 前

    Wait a used tampon wow

  • Shay Zullo
    Shay Zullo 7 小时 前

    Destroy her!!!!!!!!!!

  • Saksham Pandey
    Saksham Pandey 7 小时 前

    Dr.Phill is an absolute savage who dismantles libtards with both psychology and God.
    He has science AND God on his side!!!

  • Alexander Cervantes
    Alexander Cervantes 8 小时 前


  • Lillian AKA Rose
    Lillian AKA Rose 8 小时 前

    I actually know the girl that Felix was making fun of 😂

  • Th3 Shur1ken
    Th3 Shur1ken 8 小时 前

    *D R. P H I L*

  • Kerron Textus
    Kerron Textus 8 小时 前

    I love pewdiepies reactions to these please do more dr phil vids they make you so happy lmao by far these are my fav vids, this and meme review

  • Th3 Shur1ken
    Th3 Shur1ken 8 小时 前


  • rose
    rose 8 小时 前

    Pewdiepiw is.Dr.phil

  • Pcoc
    Pcoc 8 小时 前

    dr.phil vs suppa hot fire

  • Five Finger Dick Punch
    Five Finger Dick Punch 8 小时 前

    being liberal is a mental disability it is called autism

  • Five Finger Dick Punch
    Five Finger Dick Punch 8 小时 前


  • Five Finger Dick Punch
    Five Finger Dick Punch 9 小时 前

    pewds does you have republican ads you are now my best friend

  • Beau Garrison
    Beau Garrison 9 小时 前 +1

    *that's a clap*

  • Anna Perez
    Anna Perez 9 小时 前

    Big ass elf ears

  • Diamond Rainbowz
    Diamond Rainbowz 9 小时 前

    Us girls know what that feminine product was..thats why they just 😱

  • Kelly Lorraine
    Kelly Lorraine 9 小时 前

    Idk why people think foster care is any safer when studies prove she'll be sexually assaulted and probably end up on much harder drugs. Lol

  • Hey It’s yg
    Hey It’s yg 10 小时 前


  • Tome 3ycsmdb
    Tome 3ycsmdb 10 小时 前

    I swear i see atleast one verified account in PewDiePie's videos.

  • Johnny Legend
    Johnny Legend 11 小时 前

    If it breathes.....

  • nemutai otoko
    nemutai otoko 12 小时 前

    i'm sorry but shows like this , and the people organizing those are jokes hahaha . Basically designed to humiliate and criticize the participants with giving no or just a bad solution . And the audience wants to feel superior so bad , it's funny

  • Benj Arrey
    Benj Arrey 13 小时 前

    The ranch

  • Second Son
    Second Son 13 小时 前


    wait whaa

  • Love Song
    Love Song 13 小时 前

    Calm down felix

  • Luke Triton
    Luke Triton 14 小时 前

    'all kids are stupid' now that is something I can get behind

  • Vasilije Solaja
    Vasilije Solaja 15 小时 前

    In my country the legal age of concent is 14 years old. But it is still kinda weird to do it that early...

  • uber eat my ass
    uber eat my ass 17 小时 前

    The 14 year old was actually kinda spilling tea about the point of the show... people watch it because they love to feel superior and judge people

  • The Hectic Nintendo
    The Hectic Nintendo 17 小时 前

    wheres my draw four card

  • YoBro Gaming
    YoBro Gaming 17 小时 前

    she must be Rick and Morty fan

  • Yeah Yeah
    Yeah Yeah 18 小时 前

    subtitles at 0:34

  • Illinois Anime
    Illinois Anime 18 小时 前

    Now i feel bad. I admit, i am spoiled. but i am not a brat and being spoiled was not my choice. my father just wants me to live a good life. dunno why i posted this.

  • Genji Shimada
    Genji Shimada 19 小时 前


  • PumpkinHead Game
    PumpkinHead Game 19 小时 前

    we have the same thought more like we have the same thot

  • Rhianna Rajput
    Rhianna Rajput 21 小时 前

    Send the Mom to the Ranchh!!!!!!

  • Rhianna Rajput
    Rhianna Rajput 21 小时 前

    Love this series

  • Nini28
    Nini28 21 小时 前

    Love these videos dude XD

  • autumnleaves
    autumnleaves 22 小时 前

    4:00 “the ones that like to wear the thing? And spank the thing? 50 shades of things?” 😂😂😂

  • Connor TheHornetsFan
    Connor TheHornetsFan 22 小时 前

    Phil me up daddy

  • kingdancekiller
    kingdancekiller 23 小时 前 +1

    Pewdiepie went to Turnabout Ranch, he went to bridge crossing therapy.

  • kingdancekiller
    kingdancekiller 23 小时 前

    The dad is also a fucking failure. What man worth his salt allows his daughter to live in that environment?

  • Ogres Have Layers
    Ogres Have Layers å¤© 前

    I have a cold and I started wheezing and then dying thank you pewds

  • Master Andrew
    Master Andrew å¤© 前

    I'm twinning.

  • Master Andrew
    Master Andrew å¤© 前

    I absolutely love checking in on this channel once every 3 months for some awesome roasting and belly laughs.

  • Master Andrew
    Master Andrew å¤© 前

    Thanks pew.

  • Sunny Hart
    Sunny Hart å¤© 前

    Dude, some of us love our sex jobs. Eat it!

  • not an emo kid
    not an emo kid å¤© 前

    And this is why I'm glad I dont have a mom.

  • Air Master
    Air Master å¤© 前

    Are we talking about dominatrix.👁👁

  • Diamond Rainbowz
    Diamond Rainbowz å¤© 前

    Imagine if the audience was aloud to talk...heheheheheheh

  • Tobias Reimer Christensen

    I Yawned.. Then found out I already had smashed that Like button

  • Kip A.
    Kip A. å¤© 前

    She looks and acts like a thot I went to school with

  • cereal gamer27
    cereal gamer27 å¤© 前

    Lmao she should _perish_

  • lordmatix3
    lordmatix3 å¤© 前

    this shit must be fake as shit.

  • lordmatix3
    lordmatix3 å¤© 前

    Dr. Phill gonna stab the shit outta her

  • Misogyny Man
    Misogyny Man å¤© 前

    Sadly, that girl was smarter then Phil.

  • BRistian
    BRistian å¤© 前 +3

    Dr. Phill: Slayer of *thots*

  • Misogyny Man
    Misogyny Man å¤© 前

    All that mom cares about is getting dat divorce money. Don't know why pewds is so surprised that people would go on Dr.Phil. People worship that guy like he is some sort of divine genius. Even professional psychologists look up to him as a rolemodel.

  • Amy Nguyen
    Amy Nguyen å¤© 前 +1

    Hewwow we have a anoucment to make


  • 01000000 010010010
    01000000 010010010 å¤© 前

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  • Crusader Memes
    Crusader Memes å¤© 前


  • Cole Edwards
    Cole Edwards å¤© 前

    The thumbnail brought me here

  • Kerry Roberts
    Kerry Roberts å¤© 前

    I think that girls mom did
    too many drugs with her in utero.

  • Luciwott
    Luciwott å¤© 前

    Best intro ever

  • Solyn Cassia
    Solyn Cassia å¤© 前

    Minority kids just get shot or thrown in jail. This girl gets a ranch.

  • BanzaiBro 64
    BanzaiBro 64 å¤© 前

    Doctor Phil da best

  • nekofiji
    nekofiji å¤© 前

    anyone wanna gimme the link to this? asking for a friend.

  • Jaxson Ewing
    Jaxson Ewing å¤© 前

    There reaction 😦😦😦

  • the master of da zeldar
    the master of da zeldar å¤© 前

    It should a bin called Dr pill destroys thot

  • Luke Lamberth
    Luke Lamberth å¤© 前 +1

    Great Vid Pewd's

  • Luke Lamberth
    Luke Lamberth å¤© 前 +1


  • Gloopyツ
    Gloopyツ å¤© 前


  • Free
    Free å¤© 前

    "I explained to my daughter that I'm a professional do-" **ad comes on** "WAIT WHAT!?"

  • Skämma Sverige
    Skämma Sverige å¤© 前

    That ranch does seem like fun.

  • Mckenzie Blair
    Mckenzie Blair å¤© 前

    this bich wish

  • master zombie
    master zombie å¤© 前

    Dr phil is coming to toun

  • Kor O'Connell
    Kor O'Connell å¤© 前

    Buuuutt the girl is 100% right that the show is made so people can gawk and judge her. It's a modern freakshow. They don't want to help her deep down. Not really. Not even her grandma, who certainly wouldn't have called Dr. Phil to solve such a dangerous issue. Dr. Phil definitely doesn't give a shit, this is just same old same old for him: get a few good reaction shots out of it, a few good catch phrases, send her packin. Maybe she'll become another little Danielle Bregoli-esque freak to parade around the Internet. Fuck this show, fuck her mother, fuck it all.

  • Jest
    Jest å¤© 前

    The real problem here is here BIG OL EARS

  • Mia Honigstein
    Mia Honigstein å¤© 前

    Why doesn’t she just live with the grandma

  • Mia Honigstein
    Mia Honigstein å¤© 前


    *queue the country music*

  • gianluca fabbri
    gianluca fabbri å¤© 前

    i fucked also at 14 (live in switzerland)
    i was capable of deciding

  • sahil sharma
    sahil sharma å¤© 前

    I wish they sent that bhadbhabie to the ranch but dr. Phill released that cancer out in the open to rap :(

  • harrison routh
    harrison routh å¤© 前

    T-Series go to Dr. Phill

  • Kai The one and only
    Kai The one and only å¤© 前

    The sub tittles XD

  • mizrahiophir
    mizrahiophir å¤© 前

    Upon second viewing, watch:
    You. Are. Welcome. :)

  • Shay Wisdom
    Shay Wisdom å¤© 前


  • Aiden Legg
    Aiden Legg å¤© 前

    you is annoying !

  • Solemn Solace
    Solemn Solace å¤© 前

    Well if the granddaughter is like that because of the mother then is the mother like that because of the grandmother?

  • drink water not alcohol
    drink water not alcohol å¤© 前

    We have the same *T H O T S*

  • Sir Almighty Shibe
    Sir Almighty Shibe å¤© 前

    I subscribe just because I saw that big smoke meme.

  • HelloBoy Mysurname
    HelloBoy Mysurname å¤© 前

    i woke up today thinking i would learn something new and i saw this.
    i mean at least i learn the meaning of -domina..-

  • Kitty Meow
    Kitty Meow å¤© 前

    He means a tampon

  • Muhd Faiz
    Muhd Faiz å¤© 前

    Pewds just knows how to make me ugly laugh

  • Papa Stalin
    Papa Stalin å¤© 前

    No Pew, THAT GIRL IS A T H O T

  • Diamond
    Diamond å¤© 前

    Ben shapiroooo

  • MrΣmεrαιd
    MrΣmεrαιd å¤© 前

    after pewds said "yawn", I YAWNED!!

  • Chillstep Wolf
    Chillstep Wolf å¤© 前

    I can’t wait for the day Felix and Marzia have kids