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    hot dog?

    hot dog?

    hot dog?

    hot dog?

    hot dog?

    hot dog?

    hot dog?

    hot dog?

    hot dog....?
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  • I'm a Memer
    I'm a Memer 3 小时 前

    0:15..... That's a joke

  • priti gori
    priti gori 5 小时 前

    Poor pewzzzz

  • Livlt
    Livlt 13 小时 前 +1

    2:04 is that brad?

  • Water Malone
    Water Malone 13 小时 前

    Deja vu?

  • Joker 0064
    Joker 0064 天 前 +1

    Randomly in recommendation in 2019?

  • Ben Gamer
    Ben Gamer 天 前


  • Dorota Schreiberová

    these were dark times for our kind

    MUSIC GAMER 2 天 前 +2

    3:55 DJ DJ PARTY

  • DeniD boy
    DeniD boy 2 天 前 +1

    I wish his new place looked as cool as this

  • Luna Glow
    Luna Glow 3 天 前


  • Thanos Lake
    Thanos Lake 3 天 前 +2

    Easter anyone

  • JADE
    JADE 4 天 前

    this man is a true legend and genius.

  • Nightfall
    Nightfall 4 天 前 +2

    0:18 for legal reasons I wonder how that got into Congratulations

  • Naruto Tv
    Naruto Tv 4 天 前

    I wanna buy a hotdog

  • kaktus !!!
    kaktus !!! 5 天 前

    Hot dog on merch xD

  • Vietnam Ghost
    Vietnam Ghost 5 天 前

    ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hot dog

  • Lil Dog
    Lil Dog 5 天 前


  • Kean Rein
    Kean Rein 5 天 前

    I feel so bad for Felix.

  • konan konan
    konan konan 6 天 前

    Try to sell hotcats

    Ada MORAVCOVA 6 天 前

    That must've been embarrassing

  • Ravioley
    Ravioley 6 天 前

    Rip Slippy {F}

  • Awesome Pickle
    Awesome Pickle 6 天 前 +2

    He actually did sell hotdogs before starting youtube, what a champ :)

  • RVMin014
    RVMin014 6 天 前

    Pay Brad, Felix. So he won't steal your hotdogs anymore. So he can feed himself.
    Edit: It's a goldmine of hotdogs. 377K hotdogs all in total.

  • Nelinka 55
    Nelinka 55 6 天 前

    I AM LAUFING IN THIS VIDEO!! IT'S AMAZING! PLEASE MAKE MORE VIDEOS ON THIS STYLE! (Sorry for my English, I'm from Czech republic.)

  • Keks
    Keks 6 天 前

    Coming back to this now... Brad always had it in him, didn´t he?

  • Anders Sørensen
    Anders Sørensen 7 天 前

    Dont think they are too fresh anymore.

  • Larry
    Larry 7 天 前

    PewDiePie :> You Know Barry Vs Larry

  • 彡 ιтsмεdяεx 彡

    Wtf he did giveaway the CNclipr gold button (O_O)

  • cielo alcoriza
    cielo alcoriza 7 天 前

    Pewds where do you live please

  • calDragon345
    calDragon345 7 天 前

    CNclip: let’s recommend this in 2019

  • RavenGamez_
    RavenGamez_ 8 天 前 +7

    Tseries started by selling pirated songs
    Pewdiepie started by selling hotdogs

  • FlypFlap91
    FlypFlap91 8 天 前

    "Can i borrow your poisonous glands"

  • Don’t look at my profile picture

    0:16 that’s a joke

  • ND NickDennen
    ND NickDennen 8 天 前

    Okay that's epic :0

  • Sedrick Eborde
    Sedrick Eborde 8 天 前

    1:56 HotDohhhggg??.....
    (Shake For More Attraction..)

  • Anna Balazs
    Anna Balazs 8 天 前

    Did he put drugs on the special hotdog or what?

  • Garett Dillenkoffer

    PewDiePie our CNclip god help me I need subs and also my cat sadly died

  • Lightnite Productions

    0:16 PewDiePie: Although for legal reasons....

    9-Year-Old army: *JUST SAY IT PEWDS!!!*

  • Lance Mortera
    Lance Mortera 8 天 前 +1

    And yes legs guys LEGS


  • Lance Mortera
    Lance Mortera 8 天 前

    Days that t series were not here

  • J&A Productions
    J&A Productions 9 天 前 +4

    “For legal reason”
    That’s a joke

    Like if you get the joke

  • Redpink Nuna
    Redpink Nuna 9 天 前

    I miss sleepy so much😔

  • Game Child
    Game Child 9 天 前

    Wtf brad

  • canal insider play
    canal insider play 9 天 前

    Alguem do Brasil kkkk

  • FooTTn
    FooTTn 9 天 前

    Nice recommendation CNclip!

  • dante ungas
    dante ungas 9 天 前

    Or penises

  • Piano Music
    Piano Music 9 天 前

    0:15 that's a joke

  • Brotatos FanGang
    Brotatos FanGang 10 天 前 +1

    Music video of congratulation

  • Dr. Red FX/Dr. Red
    Dr. Red FX/Dr. Red 10 天 前

    That's why he rich

  • Patrick Dumb Star
    Patrick Dumb Star 10 天 前

    0:16 that’s a joke for legal reasons that’s a joke

  • Richard Rojas
    Richard Rojas 10 天 前

    2:29 "successful youtuber" lmao his channel is died now

  • Lennard Nachev
    Lennard Nachev 10 天 前

    Im broke🤣🤣🤣

  • Melissa Ďurianová
    Melissa Ďurianová 10 天 前

    BTS add on a PewDiePie video? Top 10 anime crossovers nobody was expecting? Hmmmm🤔

  • Gujikuj Tutu
    Gujikuj Tutu 11 天 前

    1:14 Heineken? Wtf pewds, you couldn't find a worse beer?

    Il EPSILON GAMER lI 11 天 前

    I: I don't want to be VIP
    Friend: Why?
    I: 3:56

  • FeederStick GAMING
    FeederStick GAMING 11 天 前 +1


  • A Human
    A Human 11 天 前

    I like how CNclip recommends this to me after t-series defeated Felix.(before the congratulations song)

  • Egor Tunik
    Egor Tunik 11 天 前

    4:12 - You’re VIP now 😂

  • Kaiden Smith
    Kaiden Smith 11 天 前

    I dont nkow if your pewdiepie or felix

  • dropball
    dropball 11 天 前

    hot dog lasagna

  • DupaLupo
    DupaLupo 11 天 前

    Can you please check my new Old Town Road minecraft parody on my channnel.. Thanks:) (Also leave a comment so I'll know u watched)

  • The Good Puppet
    The Good Puppet 11 天 前

    This poor young felix
    Didn't know about T Series

  • Abdallatif alothman
    Abdallatif alothman 11 天 前

    Why you don't get married?

  • Techno lane
    Techno lane 12 天 前 +1

    What's the name of background music reply me anyone ????

  • SuperSaood
    SuperSaood 12 天 前 +2

    0:16 that’s a joke

  • Perfectly Scotty P
    Perfectly Scotty P 12 天 前

    He would later go on to serving lasagna

  • Likhith R.J
    Likhith R.J 12 天 前

    Hey I'm the guy who stole the hot dog, not on purpose i was just passing by and he told me to steal and run

  • Fyre 135
    Fyre 135 12 天 前

    I feel sad that no one buys his hotdogs

  • tylermodzvlogs
    tylermodzvlogs 12 天 前


  • Maxwell Chen
    Maxwell Chen 12 天 前

    Can I buy the Diamond Play Button?

  • Alles Kaput
    Alles Kaput 12 天 前


  • Il Dxnny lI
    Il Dxnny lI 12 天 前

    He is cooking up a bitch lasagna

  • Hen Hen 601
    Hen Hen 601 13 天 前

    4:42 Luckiest man I the world!!!

  • Battleborg 1
    Battleborg 1 13 天 前 +1

    Pewdiepie: sells hot dogs
    Media: is he making fun off Jews and Muslims

  • RaNDom GuY
    RaNDom GuY 13 天 前 +1

    He sold hot front of multiple dogs

  • maisie woolis
    maisie woolis 13 天 前 +4

    Flash forward 2 years: “for legal reasons that’s a joke for legal reasons that’s a joke”

    SICHIKO KUN 13 天 前

    That's his real job before

  • GAMER NO:1
    GAMER NO:1 13 天 前

    Did the people in his own country did not recognise him come to America

  • Noob BLOX
    Noob BLOX 13 天 前

    Hot dick, that's what the *captions* said

  • Lennard Nachev
    Lennard Nachev 13 天 前

    I'm dying😂🤣

  • KatieDawson
    KatieDawson 13 天 前

    Is it just me or is this anyone else's favourite pewdiepie video? XD

  • Moron 7
    Moron 7 14 天 前

    Days before T-series

  • Toasty Doggo
    Toasty Doggo 14 天 前

    Business is booming

    T-SERIES 14 天 前

    t series get sucked me

  • Phương Roblox
    Phương Roblox 14 天 前

    Over 2 year but I like the old PewDiePie

  • David Deak
    David Deak 14 天 前

    The guy who bought the play button has a piece of very important history

  • Dont click My Profile Pict

    so, brighton beach was the shooting place for congratulations.....

  • Cindyz Ezii
    Cindyz Ezii 14 天 前

    Someone took his after he sang a “wonderful hotdog song” 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂


  • GalaxyNeko _Chan
    GalaxyNeko _Chan 15 天 前 +9

    *why didn't you just sell lasagna??*

  • 7xCrazy
    7xCrazy 15 天 前

    Make my channel rich

  • stick man animation
    stick man animation 15 天 前


  • Vogue Of Today
    Vogue Of Today 15 天 前

    Good job brother

  • Elsie D'ANDREA
    Elsie D'ANDREA 15 天 前

    sometimes i call my dog hot dog...

  • TheFatNut TFN
    TheFatNut TFN 15 天 前 +2

    0:16 that's a joke

  • William Genest
    William Genest 15 天 前

    CNclip need more of this content in 2019

  • Joem Vargas Returns
    Joem Vargas Returns 15 天 前

    Just go to philipines n sell em

  • Space Boi
    Space Boi 15 天 前 +1

    Ah, the days before the war...

  • Kawaii Shiina
    Kawaii Shiina 15 天 前

    Petition to ban Pewdiepie.
    Felix: "My new job"

  • lena 32
    lena 32 15 天 前

    Кто русский? Так вот слушайте все эти парни даже не знали что теперь знаминитости

  • Kakashi
    Kakashi 15 天 前

    Wow best job ever