• 添加 2019年01月 9日
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  • nana sy
    nana sy 4 小时 前

    I wish you are ok guys .. love you .. love IKON 💜

  • auren anne
    auren anne 10 小时 前

    we miss youuuuu..

  • Kim Eunna
    Kim Eunna 18 小时 前

    I’m not okay, please be back 🥺

  • Cooler yt lol lol
    Cooler yt lol lol 18 小时 前

    ow men dis is ehlie cool

  • Parminder Manhas

    I'm not ok Hanbin stay with me 😭😭

  • Ame Rain
    Ame Rain 天 前

    I'm a mess right now

  • Siti Anisa
    Siti Anisa 天 前

    Hanbinaaa😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭#dontleavehanbin i miss HANBIN #ot7ikon

  • Mashi Takata
    Mashi Takata 天 前

    We love you Hanbin

  • matu'u afu
    matu'u afu 天 前


  • Terra Syifa
    Terra Syifa 天 前

    Kangen hanbin😥

  • Adilah Abdullah
    Adilah Abdullah 2 天 前

    For my baby, hanbin. cnclip.net/video/_KvbXKdPslM/视频.html

  • Siti Humairoh
    Siti Humairoh 2 天 前

    Until now, I'm not ok.. even you say you're ok.. but i'm not.. We're still waiting fo' you Hanbini.. jebal dorawa.. naneun jeongmal bogoshipoyo :'(

  • Xxbi Official
    Xxbi Official 2 天 前


  • tt nono
    tt nono 3 天 前

    Best boyband to ever exist!!!

  • Hwa Young
    Hwa Young 4 天 前

    Hanbin-a u say that youre ok... but in reality u are not ok... why did u hide your stress? Its sad to know that u are not part of ikon... but whatever it is, i still support u hanbin-a...

  • Debilun adila
    Debilun adila 4 天 前 +1

    come back to the hanbin ikon

  • Ditta Kusuma
    Ditta Kusuma 5 天 前 +1

    I Miss you :)))

  • some shits are here

    *for me, it's an dance practice video*

  • Theanh Nguyen
    Theanh Nguyen 6 天 前

    Jinhwan oppa💜💜💜i love you❤❤❤❤

  • Frennie Loh
    Frennie Loh 6 天 前

    Pls support dance cover I’m ok ya

  • Lajur Warna
    Lajur Warna 6 天 前

    I’m not olah T.T, hanbin aaaaah misa yaaa T.T

  • Nofeta Putri
    Nofeta Putri 6 天 前

    NO B.I NO IKON😭😭

  • Sahan Kim
    Sahan Kim 7 天 前

    i miss b i..😭😭😭😭😭

  • Tiara Adelia
    Tiara Adelia 7 天 前

    Suami gw semua inimah:*

  • Wardah Amaliaaa
    Wardah Amaliaaa 8 天 前

    I miss this moment :')

  • kim hanbin
    kim hanbin 8 天 前

    we will try to be OK for ikon.. that's what hanbin wants.. remember that he's not a selfish leader.. all he wanted was the best for his brothers.. so please keep supporting them.. and just think B.I is in his studio making great music for their comeback.. 🤗😊❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Unique Corn
    Unique Corn 8 天 前

    This is honestly my favourite song of all time
    I'm OK 👌👌

  • Leihaothabam Lokeshori

    Ikon BI come back 😂😭

  • shai_lumibao shairamaelumibao

    Please bring hanbin back!😭

  • Adhik Abra
    Adhik Abra 10 天 前


  • tahya tayo
    tahya tayo 10 天 前

    I'm not ok :((((( 'cause b.i

  • tahya tayo
    tahya tayo 10 天 前

    KIM HANBIN-AHH😢😢😢😭😭😭😭

  • À Há
    À Há 11 天 前


  • Sincerely Yours
    Sincerely Yours 11 天 前

    2:01 it feels empty when BI is not there

  • xy klo
    xy klo 11 天 前

    I'm not ok

  • Ammaro 21
    Ammaro 21 11 天 前

    Now i know y this song is created😭😭

  • S H A D O 91
    S H A D O 91 12 天 前

    نطالب من شركه واي جي بأرجاع B.I الى iKON بأسرع وقت ممكن
    We demand StopLyingYGE to return B.I to iKON as soon as possible

  • Cherrylyn Gonzales
    Cherrylyn Gonzales 12 天 前

    what will i do now?

  • xforritx
    xforritx 12 天 前


  • xforritx
    xforritx 12 天 前

    I love you hanbin ♥

  • azria mutiara samudra

    Im not ok b.i plees stay with ikon
    FROM IKONIC: we love you b.i

    EUN CHEA 12 天 前

    어제 노래방에서 long time no see 부르는데 왜케 울컥한지....ㅜ 하........ 데뷔할려고 그리 고생해놓고 데뷔해서 성실히만 살지...진짜 밉다ㅠㅠㅠ 근데 보고싶고 다시 왓으면 좋겠어...

  • Yohana Ana
    Yohana Ana 12 天 前

    Miss you hanbin, can hanbin go back to the ikon. Look at the ikon looks very, very beautiful if there is hanbin but now it is still beautiful but there is no hanbin

  • 귀염둥이BTS육군

    B.I was also my bias but i didnt crush on him because i ship bobby and my baby B.I..... im heartbroken when i seen the boys reaction. It honestly felt like someone told me a family member died and i cries 3 hours straight... i will never forget you B.I i will put in my real language aka korean

  • 귀염둥이BTS육군

    Im not. I cant stop crying i didnt have a crush on B.I he was just the best leader and seeing his 'brothers' sad i couldnt help it they cried i cried and i cant listen to this song it makes me feel worse, atleast they got to say goodbye 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😦😰😱😰

  • Ira Humaero
    Ira Humaero 13 天 前


  • Winki Kiki
    Winki Kiki 13 天 前

    I miss you so bad hanbinaaaaa....really really miss you..i'm not ok..pleaseee 😭 for other 6boys my lovely dovey babies,stay strong,you guys have us😭❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Zulikha Zali
    Zulikha Zali 13 天 前

    I miss you Hanbin. I cried while watching this video 😭

  • Kim Shaina
    Kim Shaina 13 天 前

    Can you guess who is the Main Dance in iKON ?? 😂

  • yaknotnud
    yaknotnud 13 天 前

    I don't mean to offend anyone with my comment, but it's how I feel. I have been watching a lot of girl bands and boy bands to see which ones I like and don't like. I'm kind of upset because though there are a lot of girl bands that I like, I feel like they are boxed into 3 categories. Cute, sexy, or bad girl cool. I feel like because they are confined in such tight gender boxes they don't get a chance to have unique and interesting concepts as much, the dances are just cute or sexy and boring more often, and they don't get to express emotion and show personality since they are too busy being cute or sexy. It's like women in these girl bands don't have a chance to be a human being, with a personality and emotions but have to be a sexy bot or cute bot. Irony is, they say that women are more emotional than men as a stereotype, but with male boy bands, they get to express more emotions and personality because they are not busy trying to be a sexy or cute bot. They get to show emotions and be a human being. I'm upset that this makes me feel as a woman, like marginalized and not human. It's weird. I like a lot of girl groups don't get me wrong. I am glad that a lot of Korean female solo artists that are not a part of a girl group are much more likely to express emotions, and have personality and an interesting concept. Not the cookie-cutter concepts.

  • gucci tae
    gucci tae 14 天 前 +2

    God was not playing when he made June

  • 서연
    서연 14 天 前

    아웅 진환이 춤 추는거 좋아..

  • Umi Puri
    Umi Puri 14 天 前

    IM NOT OK... Cause Missing my Bias,,, BI 😢😢😢

  • Gabrielalex Macedo
    Gabrielalex Macedo 14 天 前

    I miss ikon 😭😭

  • Fasha Islami Aulia
    Fasha Islami Aulia 15 天 前

    I still missing hanbin.

  • ling yen
    ling yen 15 天 前

    Seeing hanbin showing in the beginning makes me cry already. I really want to finish the whole video, but my tears block my way😭

  • Mutiara Hasnatuz Dz
    Mutiara Hasnatuz Dz 15 天 前

    miss kim hanbin..

  • tiredchild110
    tiredchild110 16 天 前

    Every time I watch this I'm in awe of what a beautiful job they did between the choreography, the bgm production and the just song itself 😭 truly a masterpiece

  • Cherensia Lasampa
    Cherensia Lasampa 16 天 前

    Im not ok,,, 💔😭

  • DoramasAsia
    DoramasAsia 17 天 前


  • DoramasAsia
    DoramasAsia 17 天 前


  • Supaporn Phokham
    Supaporn Phokham 17 天 前

    Am not ok, pls Yg bring hanbin back 🙏🙏🙏Don't hurt us, we wait him and really miss him❤❤❤❤

  • Anindyah Mentari
    Anindyah Mentari 17 天 前

    Rindu hanbin 😭

  • Rasyiqah Rusdi
    Rasyiqah Rusdi 18 天 前

    i miss youuuu.... OT7 FOREVER!!!

  • Lan Lợn
    Lan Lợn 18 天 前

    💜 IKON

  • Fhem cuevas
    Fhem cuevas 19 天 前

    I really miss him alot 😭
    Im so sick ! Its been a month please update us in your social accounts 😭 hanbin 😭

  • Karina Sholihah
    Karina Sholihah 19 天 前


  • Aera Cix
    Aera Cix 19 天 前

    Come back stronger, iKON.... ❤

  • 「あバリス」コニギ


  • Shafwa Tsalisa
    Shafwa Tsalisa 20 天 前

    ikon dance saranghaeo

  • Nara Lima
    Nara Lima 21 天 前

    I'm not okay IG 😢 I need B.i😭❤

  • shasha trap
    shasha trap 21 天 前

    i miss you b.i😭😭😭

  • Nguyễn Phương Thảo

    iKON 7❤

  • CY Park Js
    CY Park Js 21 天 前

    Am i too late to stan? 😭😭

  • Diva Vanesya
    Diva Vanesya 21 天 前 +1

    I miss B.I :'(