3 Ridiculous Questions with Tiffany Haddish

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  • Jimmy asks Tiffany Haddish three ridiculous questions. #3RQ
    Tom Arnold is on the Hunt for the Trump Tapes cnclip.net/video/ivvUuQz8kbQ/%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91.html

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    3 Ridiculous Questions with Tiffany Haddish
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评论 • 207

  • Joe Masters
    Joe Masters 14 天 前 +1

    My wife bears a slight resemblance to Tiffany Hadish. I'll take it XD

  • Davion Snipes
    Davion Snipes 个月 前

    I swear I was thinking James for the butler question

  • hira rana
    hira rana 个月 前

    She rocked it

  • Real Madrid Until I die
    Real Madrid Until I die 5 个月 前 +3

    1.) why are you so annoying. ?
    2.) why are you loud unnecessarily ?
    3.) do you think you’re funny cus you’re loud and annoying.

  • Mother of Dragons
    Mother of Dragons 5 个月 前

    USA my favorite drink n favorite girl lol

  • C K
    C K 5 个月 前

    Jimmy Kimmel wore black face and was making fun of black people, look it up!

  • jack meoff
    jack meoff 6 个月 前

    She should do a porno

  • Sweet Tee
    Sweet Tee 6 个月 前

    Tiffany is straight stoopid for that one.."but y'all don't have to do fish fries and car washes to bury people do you?" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 She spoke truth though lmbo

  • zebrazxx
    zebrazxx 6 个月 前

    My first ridiculous question is who is Tiffany Hadish?

  • PutinWithAnimals
    PutinWithAnimals 6 个月 前

    Someone impregnate Tiffany, quickly!!

  • HAWG!
    HAWG! 6 个月 前

    I would hang it deep in that.

  • Sesina Kom
    Sesina Kom 7 个月 前

    Tiffany more like the female version of Kevin hart 😂

  • Konstantin Petrenko
    Konstantin Petrenko 7 个月 前

    Thats one pretty woman right there

  • laker
    laker 7 个月 前

    0:13 when bae walks in

  • giovanni brazell
    giovanni brazell 7 个月 前

    I must remember not to be drinking when Tiffany Haddish is being interviewed. When she said " somebodies bout to get their credit checked" coffee went all over my keyboard.😂🤣😂🤣❤❤

  • MrsBlack Pinkie
    MrsBlack Pinkie 7 个月 前 +8

    I kinda didn't want this to end... She kept talking at the end so it feels like she was cut off... It seemed like she was about to say "My family..." This could have lasted 10 more seconds haha

  • Jason Moyle
    Jason Moyle 7 个月 前

    Smokes too much!! i hate that husky voice!!

  • Oopss7
    Oopss7 7 个月 前

    Is it just me, or is there some major attraction between them

  • Oussama Zahri
    Oussama Zahri 7 个月 前 +2

    Hey fifth harmony 😅😅😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😅😂

  • Andrez Hernandez
    Andrez Hernandez 7 个月 前

    Who is this? I love her

  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow 7 个月 前

    But jimmy kimmel is Italian and Middle Easter

  • Christine Vitale
    Christine Vitale 7 个月 前

    0:14, 0:18, 0:34, 0:37, 0:41, 0;58, 1:00, 1:15, 1:22, 1:26

  • Joboo Luvs u
    Joboo Luvs u 8 个月 前

    Kimmel is a perverted drunk.

  • the vj
    the vj 8 个月 前 +1

    Women are funny.. Get over it

  • Daniel Katout
    Daniel Katout 8 个月 前 +1

    That’s racist asking what’s the best thing about white people if the roles were reversed there would be outrage

    • Daniel Katout
      Daniel Katout 7 个月 前

      Lillian Young racism is the generalization of any particular group

    • Lillian Young
      Lillian Young 7 个月 前 +1

      It's not "racist" to ask a question. It's "racist" to oppress and slaughter groups, feel superior, work that into the systemic structure so much that it lasts for hundreds of years and mess up the educational system about racism to the point where a random idiot without a profile pic (bot?) doesn't know what racism is. GTFO you and your 1 like.

    • aaron names
      aaron names 7 个月 前 +5

      you don't understand the concept of racism

  • Neal
    Neal 8 个月 前


  • screen name
    screen name 8 个月 前

    I had to Google translucent meaning .
    Thanks Tiffany,now I'm one more word smarter.

  • DJ Redaman
    DJ Redaman 8 个月 前

    Tiffany i luuuuv you!

  • donnamariedemaio
    donnamariedemaio 8 个月 前

    Tiffany is sooo adorable! I'd love her to be my kid sister! Life would be so much more fun!

  • Shanee Kameli
    Shanee Kameli 8 个月 前

    I’ve loved her since janky promoters lol

  • Carlos Espinoza
    Carlos Espinoza 8 个月 前

    Do more pranks on aunt chippy

  • Karla Valentine
    Karla Valentine 8 个月 前

    It's really hard to believe she's straight. She's so incredibly masculine, it's just bizarre. Like with Leslie Jones! Makes absolutely no sense these two chicks are straight. They're butch af!

    • G2
      G2 8 个月 前

      Karla Valentine What? How are they masculine please explain? You must think all women should look and act the same to be straight from that statement

  • Vijay Chaturvedi
    Vijay Chaturvedi 8 个月 前 +2

    is this the plot line of passengers? ?

  • Elyssa Stevens
    Elyssa Stevens 8 个月 前

    Whats the song in the background

  • Vargas Bynthiaa
    Vargas Bynthiaa 8 个月 前


  • Jonathan Angelino
    Jonathan Angelino 8 个月 前

    Hope her and Nicki Minaj meet at the Vma’s.

  • Teshigahara
    Teshigahara 8 个月 前 +29

    She's beautiful. Wow!

    • Gary
      Gary 6 个月 前

      what happen to her natural hair?

  • Raj Moore
    Raj Moore 8 个月 前

    What if this was a white person talking about blacks tho 😳

    • G2
      G2 8 个月 前

      Raj Moore White people talk about blacks behind closed doors all the time anyway

  • Hawsrule Begin
    Hawsrule Begin 8 个月 前

    Love love love her

  • solly wilman
    solly wilman 8 个月 前 +3

    Sponsored by P Diddy.

  • Sofie R
    Sofie R 8 个月 前

    She is so ugly

  • Sick_Puppy
    Sick_Puppy 8 个月 前

    I had to hit pause every time I could see Tiffany's legs. Damn she fine.

  • SwaggerChiick1
    SwaggerChiick1 8 个月 前

    Jimmy's laugh after "translucent nipples" 😂😂😂

  • Alisha C
    Alisha C 8 个月 前 +3

    We were robbed! Where are the last two questions?!

    • Karatheya Roxan
      Karatheya Roxan 8 个月 前 +1

      Would you thrive in space? What would you call your Robot Servant?

  • Trevor Hirsch
    Trevor Hirsch 8 个月 前

    The best thing about white people is the fact that they invented the sunburn

  • Elisabetta Mancari
    Elisabetta Mancari 8 个月 前

    "taking a shirt off" and "translucent nipples"? Was this a reference to Kylo Ren in all his gloriousness? Ahahahahaha

  • Trevor Hirsch
    Trevor Hirsch 8 个月 前

    I’ll bet you can’t wait to interview me over the drinks I bring Jimmy... 😂

  • Tarig Mergani
    Tarig Mergani 8 个月 前

    my fav celeb

  • sumthinsnazzi78
    sumthinsnazzi78 8 个月 前

    I kind of really freaking love her.

  • Isabel Frias
    Isabel Frias 8 个月 前

    OMG! Jimmy Kimmel real name is James, I had no idea, so this means Jimmy Fallon is name James as well... right?

  • vincent visconi
    vincent visconi 8 个月 前

    I never heard of this girl in my life

  • Nineteen 85
    Nineteen 85 8 个月 前 +1

    I absolutely love tiffany.

  • Connie Saver
    Connie Saver 8 个月 前

    I'm white and I have no inheritance...

  • Haley Gilbert
    Haley Gilbert 8 个月 前

    You wanna know what I love about Tiffany? She's loud and funny and amazing and she isn't afraid to be herself but! (and most importantly) she also has a sense of Diplomacy. She knows how to be civil and normal...Unlike Cardi B and all those other ridiculous celebs

  • That Guy
    That Guy 8 个月 前

    Of course it would be the number three smh

  • Theresa Kim
    Theresa Kim 8 个月 前

    Maybe not him, but his kids sure will have one.

  • Oladapo Okunlola
    Oladapo Okunlola 8 个月 前

    Woah wait....Jimmy's real name is James. I didn't know that!

    MJDHX 8 个月 前

    I've missed this. Is this the same bar where Paul F. Tompkins did his show? I miss his show.

  • DesiBookLover
    DesiBookLover 8 个月 前

    Man, she is beautiful and funny! The "black speak" though seems affected.

  • Stu Mack
    Stu Mack 8 个月 前

    That sums it up....best thang bout white MEN=their nipples. White women= nuth'n.

  • Misty Ziggy
    Misty Ziggy 8 个月 前

    This was funny no matter a fact this was hilarious

  • Bathilda Bugshot
    Bathilda Bugshot 8 个月 前 +1

    She is amazing

  • Leather Pants Guy
    Leather Pants Guy 8 个月 前

    Who? o.O

    LAE CITY BOYS 8 个月 前

    Jimmy Kimmel 👍🇺🇸

  • Joe King
    Joe King 8 个月 前 +2

    Answer to the first question should have been nothing

  • hel en omstreken
    hel en omstreken 8 个月 前

    Whats her appeal?

  • JonesJr876
    JonesJr876 8 个月 前 +43

    Tiffany! You Hit it Right On The Dot! Inheritances! That's what's great about white people. Black people need to be able to pass on accumulated wealth, and there are many issues that prevent that for most.

    • Dee JamaicanBeauty
      Dee JamaicanBeauty 5 个月 前

      Also, do not forget the obsession of keeping up with the joneses. A lot of black people believe that they NEED to wear YSL and LV and Gucci more than they need to live within their means and provide care and opportunities to their babies.

    • Lillian Young
      Lillian Young 7 个月 前

      True. The wealth gap is systemic and unfortunately effective. I watched The Wealth Gap on Netflix's Explained. It's the first episode and so depressing yet informative.

    • Wander Lust
      Wander Lust 8 个月 前 +3

      JonesJr876 Lack of pursuit of entreprenuership and education in high paying career fields is the culprit. Everybody can't be Lil Uzi or Lebron James. Also the low marriage rates and multiple baby mamma/daddy issue divides the money into numerous households, making it harder for a single household to build wealth.

  • Bryan Cardwell
    Bryan Cardwell 8 个月 前

    not Katarina Gram

  • Pak Raillion
    Pak Raillion 8 个月 前


  • Kadamim
    Kadamim 8 个月 前 +9

    Is it weird that I ship them?

    • Dandy 30
      Dandy 30 8 个月 前 +1

      Kadamim if you're a thirteen year old girl, then no.

  • Stephen Anna Marydas
    Stephen Anna Marydas 8 个月 前 +2

    Translucent nipples 😂

    INGSOC 8 个月 前 +13

    She is like a female Kevin Hart!!

  • hmmmmmmmmgood
    hmmmmmmmmgood 8 个月 前

    Very amusing

  • Mike Nunyabizness
    Mike Nunyabizness 8 个月 前 +3

    I want to do such naughty things with her.

  • Falynn Burton
    Falynn Burton 8 个月 前

    Lol, Awesome!

  • ChefKeith_NC
    ChefKeith_NC 8 个月 前 +88

    Her comedic timing is like too good. Like with the " translucent nipples " joke, it makes you go "wait what?" It's pure natural talent.

  • Mario Anthony
    Mario Anthony 8 个月 前

    Can someone Shazam the song? I can’t for some reason. Smooth jazz is therapy and I’m always looking for more to add to my playlist.

  • Firefoxlu Music
    Firefoxlu Music 8 个月 前 +2

    Your name is James? Daaaamn haha

  • Lauren
    Lauren 8 个月 前 +10


  • Paul Ramos
    Paul Ramos 8 个月 前 +26

    A real strong woman like her doesn't need to be a feminist at all.

    • badenry
      badenry 7 个月 前

      Wow, this massive BS had to come from a man's mind. Ridiculous.

    • Jordan Harrington
      Jordan Harrington 7 个月 前 +1

      I don't think he knows what feminism is either lol Bianca Bloom

    • Bianca Bloom
      Bianca Bloom 8 个月 前

      Saron please explain to me why you think this?

    • Saron
      Saron 8 个月 前 +2

      cuz it is.

    • Bianca Bloom
      Bianca Bloom 8 个月 前 +17

      ilovefood it’s cool, I don’t think he knows what feminism is.

  • Ryan Tse
    Ryan Tse 8 个月 前 +229

    So wait a minute, Kimmel is James, Fallon is also James, and then there's James Corden so the James are ruling late night television bruh

    • CheesecakeLasagna
      CheesecakeLasagna 6 天 前

      You Guys *James Colbert

    • You Guys
      You Guys 8 个月 前

      And Stephen Colbert

    • Eden Shizzle
      Eden Shizzle 8 个月 前 +9

      and dont forget James O'Brien

    • You Tried It!
      You Tried It! 8 个月 前 +3

      jay leno also james? team coco is da best doe

    • jdum201
      jdum201 8 个月 前 +1

      Rob Peters don't forget other exceptions to the J rule (e.g. Conan, Chelsea, Craig, Arsenio).

  • Emily Tsan
    Emily Tsan 8 个月 前 +1

    i only know her from spotify

  • GM forever
    GM forever 8 个月 前

    God damn it can somebody explain me what’s wrong with Matt Damon? Why does Jimmy keep trolling him?

    • Tosh T
      Tosh T 8 个月 前 +1

      +GM forever Dude. It’s just a bit; a long running fake feud. They do full on sketches every other year on the show.

  • Go Irish
    Go Irish 8 个月 前 +3

    Omg...she's adorable 🤗

  • NSX & Camaro Fan
    NSX & Camaro Fan 8 个月 前

    Dam Tiffany is Old, OLD

    • NSX & Camaro Fan
      NSX & Camaro Fan 8 个月 前

      mjbaybgurl So yea definitely not 12, but what are 16 yo girl? Lol

    • NSX & Camaro Fan
      NSX & Camaro Fan 8 个月 前

      mjbaybgurl 20 years old, Black Male and those 2 cars in the picture are mine.

    • mjbaybgurl
      mjbaybgurl 8 个月 前 +1

      NSX & Camaro Lover So how old are you? 12?? 😳😄😂

    • NSX & Camaro Fan
      NSX & Camaro Fan 8 个月 前 +1

      mjbaybgurl She’s Old, nothin wrong with it though Black Dont Crack. 💯👌🏽

    • mjbaybgurl
      mjbaybgurl 8 个月 前

      NSX & Camaro Lover shut up

  • Dee Dev
    Dee Dev 8 个月 前

    🤔 hmm. All her answers are man related. I guess somebody needs a man. Tiff, keep your white people observation to yourself. It will bite you in the butt. 😜

  • Jake Sanchez
    Jake Sanchez 8 个月 前 +1

    Jimmy i dont like you at all

  • HerrBratwurst
    HerrBratwurst 8 个月 前 +39

    She's funnier than Jimmy kimmel.

    LAE CITY BOYS 8 个月 前 +1

    Jimmy Kimmel 👍

  • david meyers
    david meyers 8 个月 前 +8

    Her legs be on fleek yo!

  • Gary Turbo
    Gary Turbo 8 个月 前

    Its weird hering her talking about sex

  • Jwanie
    Jwanie 8 个月 前 +44

    Why is Tiffany so awesome?

    • Mary Rose Kent
      Mary Rose Kent 8 个月 前 +4

      Because she never tries to be anyone else, and because she keeps her amazing attitude even when she has every reason not to.

  • the baus
    the baus 8 个月 前 +4

    Love her personality but she's always using the same type jokes and it's like she's a self admitted gold digger. She's always making references to a guy needing money, credit, inheritances, etc

  • Kim Neely
    Kim Neely 8 个月 前 +12

    Yeah. All of us white people have "inheridenses"

    • Kim Neely
      Kim Neely 6 个月 前 +1

      +PutinWithAnimals thank you 😊

    • PutinWithAnimals
      PutinWithAnimals 6 个月 前 +1

      Props for apologizing! :p

    • Kim Neely
      Kim Neely 8 个月 前 +2

      kissit012 sorry, my mistake. I listened again

    • kissit012
      kissit012 8 个月 前 +5

      Kim Neely she definitely enunciated the "t". Go away

  • SpiralEntree
    SpiralEntree 8 个月 前

    TMZ type of questions

  • Christopher Colliers
    Christopher Colliers 8 个月 前 +26

    Inheritance 😂😂😂😂

  • Ren Bond
    Ren Bond 8 个月 前

    Is it even possible to ask her a silly question?

    • the baus
      the baus 8 个月 前

      Ren Bond there had to be at LEAST one time you responded w my name is bond, ren bond when asked ur name

  • Positive Vibes Only Thoo
    Positive Vibes Only Thoo 8 个月 前 +175

    Lol y'all dont have to do no car wash for funerals & stuff 😂😂😔😒😂👌👍

    • Fabinatii
      Fabinatii 8 个月 前 +2

      Positive Vibes Only Thoo I’ve seen it tho 😂😂😂 since I knew the person I ate for free 😂

    • Jammzy
      Jammzy 8 个月 前 +2

      Positive Vibes Only Thoo I live in a gentrified building and the one holdover family had a fish fry in the building to raise $ for college tuition...the white people were so confused 😂

    • Positive Vibes Only Thoo
      Positive Vibes Only Thoo 8 个月 前 +2

      CusWeAre i kno thank you i was too lazy to edit😂😜👌👍

    • CusWeAre
      CusWeAre 8 个月 前 +4

      *fish fries and car washes lol

  • Brandonian3030
    Brandonian3030 8 个月 前 +9


  • ScarlettP
    ScarlettP 8 个月 前 +301

    Tiffany is way too funny, I love her