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    New Eyebrow Tutorial 2015
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  • Lounell Ventura
    Lounell Ventura 11 天 前

    The most credible CNclipr..

  • lovely Nikki
    lovely Nikki 2 个月 前

    Tbh I LOVE the ABH Dipbrow, my pot is more than half gone but I'm a college student so it really hurts to pay the $18 dollars (the one I have was a birthday gift). I JUST purchased the Milani "Stay Put Brow Color" and I LOVE it. Its a bit lighter than I like my brows, so I top it with a brown shadow I have and clear mascara. Voila! Just for anyone looking for a more affordable brow pomade.

  • Rocsi
    Rocsi 2 个月 前


  • maria martinez
    maria martinez 2 个月 前

    Creo Que aqui el secret ERES TU ERES MUY BUENA PARA PINTAR TUS sejas.

  • GI GI7!
    GI GI7! 3 个月 前

    I know this is an old video but whoever is watching in 2019....Sephora sells the brow gel + brow whiz in a kit for $25 🙌🏽🤓

  • Ritu Shukla
    Ritu Shukla 5 个月 前

    i like her left one more. i like it lil darker.

  • Ritu Shukla
    Ritu Shukla 5 个月 前

    so perfect! i am worried after doing mine i would be put in jail for scaring people out there.😢😢😢😢

  • Kristina Enriquez
    Kristina Enriquez 5 个月 前

    WHAT KIND OF CONTACTS ARE THOSE ! Please Desi I want them ! So beautiful !!!! They look amazing !!!

  • Simone Pagh
    Simone Pagh 7 个月 前

    I like the cheapest brow better

  • Joanna Alvarez
    Joanna Alvarez 8 个月 前

    What about NYX POMADE

  • Elizabeth Manke
    Elizabeth Manke 11 个月 前

    Thank you so much for this great video!! Im in awe watching how you create those amazing brows! Such beautiful, detailed work to create such gorgeous looking brows that aren't harsh & still natural without being too non existent-honestly just PERFECTION!! 😍😍👌🏼❗️🙌🏼 One question though-if you have very little brow hair (almost no hair past the arch, & the rest is a good third or more less then what you have), is it still important to use the brow gel? 🤷🏻‍♀️I've heard conflicting opinions on it so I'd really love to know what you think! 🙏🏼🤗

  • 7. S
    7. S 11 个月 前

    ABH brow gel always fades away idk why

  • Adrienne Scott
    Adrienne Scott 年 前

    Fleeky brows! Now this is perfection it's not too thick or thin just right. Not boxy or crazy looking LMAO brows should go with your face not the latest trends. Your brows remind me of Megan Fox's. 😍

  • adrishak
    adrishak 年 前

    Desi, your skin is goals!!!!

  • Jessica Hubbard
    Jessica Hubbard 年 前

    I use the Milani brow pomade and it definitely stays and is pretty damn good for drugstore

  • silje vidmark
    silje vidmark 年 前


  • Susan Ward
    Susan Ward 年 前

    I love the video I like the high end one better

  • xX Anime Xx
    xX Anime Xx 年 前

    Honestly people say the Nyx tame and frame is the best of all the Drugstore Dipbrows. It kinda isn’t
    It has a poor shade range and their Darkest shade looks kinda Grey....

  • i do
    i do 年 前

    ياكثر هروجكم ول

  • Florecita
    Florecita 年 前

    The best drugstore brow pencil is from Maybelline, and it's called Expert Wear Twin Brow. The shade "blonde" is cool toned (without looking gray) and works for blonde and brunette hair, even for dark brunettes. Long lasting, good pigmentation, not waxy and more on the dry side without pulling your hair brow. And it's only $4, and it comes with TWO pencils!!
    I have tried EVERYTHING and I still go back to this pencil. Nothing yet works better. I don't even set it with anything and lasts all day. It doesn't get more affordable than that :)

  • mike77588
    mike77588 年 前

    The only thing that makes a difference seems to be the pen
    Yes, i have no clue

  • Stephanie Comeaux

    Love both!! Abh pomade did take the cake though 😍

  • Eva Rene
    Eva Rene 年 前

    Kind of feel this is one sided review for Anastasia Brow. There are far more affordable, fantastic brow options besides color pop(NYX, eyebrow pomade, eyebrow gel; L'Oréal micro, eyebrow gel, eyebrow pomade; Shisedo micro, pomade, gel; Maybelline micro, gel .)

  • Marli Selene
    Marli Selene 年 前

    My ABH dip brow dries out allll the time, how do you revive it?

  • cat harper
    cat harper 年 前

    you could also use the nyx eyebrow pencil is cooler tone and i like it but it's dryer then Abh pencils and the color pop . also you could use elf eyebrow gel it's my favorite : when using use less product because it's thicker

  • Haii Xxx
    Haii Xxx 年 前

    Please do a new drugstore eyebrow

  • Elizabeth Ortiz
    Elizabeth Ortiz 年 前

    Sorry, I think your both brows looked great, but it does not sense to me that you are comparing some high end products that you know and LOVE for sure vs more afforable products that you havent try

  • Simply Naomi
    Simply Naomi 年 前

    Still kinda expensive for a low end eyebrow nonetheless I love the brow but I get great brows with a wet n wild Eyeliner Pencil in dark brown and my favorite eyebrow gel 2nd love you can get at a five below Super easy you end up spending about 5 dollars on both brows so yea thanks for the video tho😘😘

  • margaritaa g
    margaritaa g 年 前

    you look way younger with the warmer tone :) but I do like the abh brow better

  • Fransella Blasco

    Shit i knew Desi has pretty eyes but in this video i just saw them like way better and unless she is wearing contacts.... 😍😍 her eyes are so sick amazing i would stare at them a whole day and try to draw them 😂😂💙💙 much love ✌️

  • Janette Mendieta

    I love how you do your make up and specially your eyebrows you look awesome with every look you have

  • Elizabeth Sanchez

    Desi, would you say the Benefit Kabrow stays in just as the ABH dipbrow? I recently started uaing ABH dipbrow but I feel like it may be a little heavy (maybe its just me applying too much product) Thanks!

  • Dainely Mora
    Dainely Mora 2 年 前

    Hi, I'm a new subscriber and I absolutely love your brow tutorials! Could you please in your upcoming videos talk about how to find the right shade for brunette colors? I personally have dark brows and I'm new at the brow game so please help lol THANKS!! :)

  • Deedra Lee
    Deedra Lee 2 年 前

    update please !!!! Different affordable pomade

  • Melissa Harte
    Melissa Harte 2 年 前

    Wish that you could do mine! LOL

  • Justyce Juergens
    Justyce Juergens 2 年 前

    I actually really like the warm brow on u

  • Summer Benefield
    Summer Benefield 2 年 前

    I wish she would've used the milani pomade bc I just had a feeling the colour pop one was gonna flop

  • LadyNR08 ,
    LadyNR08 , 2 年 前

    Have you ever considered getting your eyebrows tattoed (microbladed)?

  • Kelsey Hart
    Kelsey Hart 2 年 前

    Anyone know what colour she's using in the ABH pencil AND the pomade? Thanks x

  • Erin Elle
    Erin Elle 2 年 前 +1

    I bought 2 Colour Pop brow pencils. The packaging on each one cracked towards the spoolie end, 1 cracked first causing the spoolie brush to fall out, the brush on the other just straight fell out and eventually cracked. Also, "bangin' brounette" was WAY too warm, and "black brown" was bordering black with a touch of cool toned brown. In ABH brow wiz, I'm in the color "medium brown". I was really routin' for Colour Pop to be another perfect dupe, but sadly, it was no where near the quality of even the NYX pencil!

  • Aly F
    Aly F 2 年 前 +1

    Cheaper brow makeup usually has a red undertone to it

  • Prinnces Doniego
    Prinnces Doniego 2 年 前

    Compare ABH to NYX! They have tame & frame which is a "dupe" for brow pomade. They also have the micro brow pencil which is a "dupe" for the brow wiz!

  • Nicole A Skouras
    Nicole A Skouras 2 年 前

    Desi if u want a drugstore pomade pls try the ardell one it's a good dupe for abh

  • Ash Tan
    Ash Tan 2 年 前

    subscribed :)

  • Julie Wan
    Julie Wan 2 年 前

    Perfect brows 🙌🏻 I love Anastasia brow products! The best 👍🏻

  • Leah Lopez
    Leah Lopez 2 年 前

    What contacts do you use? They look gorgeous!

  • Samon Sisson
    Samon Sisson 2 年 前

    can you make a full drug store/beauty supply beat face tutorial?

  • CakeFaceCristal
    CakeFaceCristal 2 年 前

    Your eyebrows have come SUCH a long way from a couple years back. Well done.

  • Marifer Sanchez
    Marifer Sanchez 2 年 前

    I love your brows😭😭

  • Q C
    Q C 2 年 前


  • NeakyFox
    NeakyFox 2 年 前

    I don't know if you can get it in America but DB Savvy brow kit has an excellent pomade that won't move without makeup remover. It cost me $8 in Australia

  • Naadirah Knotts
    Naadirah Knotts 2 年 前

    I purchased the abh dip brow in dark brown recently also, and it legit show up purple. Like a grape color. It disappointed me... Has anyone else had this experience?

  • Kaitlyn Adkins
    Kaitlyn Adkins 2 年 前

    Can you please do another video like this with full face make up?? ❤️

  • crunchy 888
    crunchy 888 2 年 前

    Can someone tell me the difference between the ABH #7 and #12 brush? I cant decide which one to get.

  • The Wonderful Family

    I love you so much ❤️❤️💖💖💜💙💚💛

  • Courtney Lauber
    Courtney Lauber 2 年 前 +1

    I know I'm so delayed on this but I wonder how the nyx fine pencil would stand up to both of these

  • LookByAnn
    LookByAnn 2 年 前

    Very beautiful and natural! Welcome to my channel, I TOO MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT EYEBROW TUTORIAL!)

  • April Bamber
    April Bamber 2 年 前

    this is pathetic

  • Iva Keclíková
    Iva Keclíková 2 年 前

    Oh my gosh! you are sooo beautiful with little makeup!

  • Maria Blancas
    Maria Blancas 2 年 前

    Omg I wish I could do that 😭😭😭

  • Valerie Santa Ana
    Valerie Santa Ana 2 年 前

    I have never done my eyebrows, but my first time doing it I'll be watching this video! I don't think I need to draw mine in but it won't hurt to see what it would look like. Thanks for this video! Wish me luck! 😉

  • Ariel Arrietta
    Ariel Arrietta 2 年 前

    Hand down the best brow tutorial I've seen. I just love the way your brows look. Ahh

  • Illidana
    Illidana 2 年 前

    First time I'm seeing you with no makeup and I'm stunned at just how beautiful you are without it. 😍

  • Eileen
    Eileen 2 年 前

    Tus cejas son 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽💕💕

  • Yikesss23
    Yikesss23 2 年 前

    👍👍👍😊😊😊 awesome!

  • Bre Lewis
    Bre Lewis 2 年 前

    you should try the Nyx Tame & Frame Brow Pomade. this pomade is really good and stays on all day! it's amazing. i think it actually compares to the ABH dipbrow.

  • Elena Kocheva
    Elena Kocheva 2 年 前

    I am really thinking about purchasing the ABH Pomade... 🖖 Your brows look perfect!

  • Alliyah Lalgee
    Alliyah Lalgee 2 年 前

    great video! would you consider doing this type of video this with face makeup ? (foundation,concealer, contouring)

  • Kara Peraino
    Kara Peraino 2 年 前

    For my eyebrows I use the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hr créme eyeshadow in the shade 35 Tough as Taupe it last for a whole day without any clear brow gels

  • Susana Barajas
    Susana Barajas 2 年 前

    Desi we know you got your eyebrows done for this video. Brows be fleeky Fleeky

  • Crystal Vigil
    Crystal Vigil 2 年 前

    Desi, yes I want more of these type of videos. Also the warm complimented your face better, just my opinion.

  • Angela Caccioppo
    Angela Caccioppo 2 年 前

    Thank you for this video! It was interesting seeing the comparison. Also, I've been looking for more makeup and beauty CNcliprs to watch and just found your channel. I just wanted to say thank you so much for actually putting the names of the products you used or mentioned in the description. It drives me crazy when that's not done and makes it so much easier to reference.

  • d’Arcy
    d’Arcy 2 年 前

    If no one has tried it, maybelline brow satin is a great dupe for the ABH brow pencil, I love it so much, and my colour 'dark drown' is cool toned aswell! :)

  • Juleen Forbes
    Juleen Forbes 2 年 前

    They both look nice.

  • Taisha lopes
    Taisha lopes 2 年 前

    I just got the colourpop brow products and they are to creamy and not firm. Nothing beats ABH. I love your eye brows desi :)

  • L D
    L D 2 年 前

    I really liked this comparison video! I love my high end products and I'll definitely spend the money when the quality is there BUT I can't always afford to ball out so it's always great when I can find a great product for a more affordable price. Super helpful! More of these please :)

  • Gen Gg
    Gen Gg 2 年 前

    Nyx control freak brow gel holds amazing

  • Glam By Lalis
    Glam By Lalis 2 年 前

    U should try the milani stay put brow color is like a pomade and i really like it

  • Rea Ednalino
    Rea Ednalino 2 年 前

    The Ardell brow pomade is amazing! Super comparable to ABH!

  • Michelle Ponce Garcia

    Heyy desi!😄 Have you tried the nyx brow pencil?! It's aloott like the abh one to me!😉 And super affordable😍

  • Craig Grimble
    Craig Grimble 2 年 前

    I got eyebrows that go down instead of up, how did you manage to have your eyebrows at the start of the brow so sharp and upwards?. Please help! I've been suffering with my eyebrows for almost 10 years!p.s. I'm using my husbands CNclip account.

  • Rohima khatun
    Rohima khatun 2 年 前

    your eyebrows are gorgeous so are u

  • Itscarmellee
    Itscarmellee 2 年 前

    😍😍 Yesss!!

  • Liz
    Liz 2 年 前

    Warmer colors suits you best. The taupe washes you out.

  • goldenbecky
    goldenbecky 2 年 前 +1

    Any small CNcliprs want to help each out?😊 I'm trying to reach 5K before the summer is out🎉👌🏽💗

  • othersideofmidnight

    I wish my brows were already shaped and pretty perfect to begin with. That would sure help me lol

  • Valjermayne
    Valjermayne 2 年 前


    • Valjermayne
      Valjermayne 2 年 前

      +Zaara Johnson aww thank you so much beautiful ❤

    • Zaara Johnson
      Zaara Johnson 2 年 前

      Omg I love your channel😍❤

  • Charlotte SalvatoreJackson

    chi chi brow pomades are really good and some ppl prefer it to the ABH one if anyone wants to try a cheaper pomade

  • BeautyLBootie22
    BeautyLBootie22 2 年 前

    I personally love nyx brow products. But I want to try colourpop stuff. Mama ain't got money for abh brow stuff lol.

  • makahla
    makahla 2 年 前

    A warm brow looks REALLY good on you!!

  • BrittnBrielleG
    BrittnBrielleG 2 年 前

    are you wearing foundation or anything here? if so, what is it?! thanks!

  • Valery Cruz
    Valery Cruz 2 年 前

    that warm brow is where its at! love!

  • JustShyrayel
    JustShyrayel 2 年 前

    Nyx Tame & Frame is a dupe for the ABH pomade in my opinion it works great. Try it!

  • Ashlee C
    Ashlee C 2 年 前

    i honestly have never tried abh products... i pencil in my brows everyday.. i use jordana med brown and dark brown pencils... ive used them for 8 yrs lol but this was def a useful tutorial.. id actually consider buying out of my comfort zone thanks

  • Ashlee C
    Ashlee C 2 年 前

    i honestly have never tried abh products... i pencil in my brows everyday.. i use jordana med brown and dark brown pencils... ive used them for 8 yrs lol but this was def a useful tutorial.. id actually consider buying out of my comfort zone thanks

  • Ashlee C
    Ashlee C 2 年 前

    i honestly have never tried abh products... i pencil in my brows everyday.. i use jordana med brown and dark brown pencils... ive used them for 8 yrs lol but this was def a useful tutorial.. id actually consider buying out of my comfort zone thanks

  • Ashlee C
    Ashlee C 2 年 前

    i honestly have never tried abh products... i pencil in my brows everyday.. i use jordana med brown and dark brown pencils... ive used them for 8 yrs lol #rideordieforreal but this was def a useful tutorial.. id actually consider buying out of my comfort zone thanks

  • Ashlee C
    Ashlee C 2 年 前

    i honestly have never tried abh products... i pencil in my brows everyday.. i use jordana med brown and dark brown pencils... ive used them for 8 yrs lol #rideordieforreal but this was def a useful tutorial.. id actually consider buying out of my comfort zone thanks

  • Czarina Gem Falco
    Czarina Gem Falco 2 年 前

    thanks for this tutorial..perfectly twin brows for me :)..you really are the eyebrow guru for me..great talent, thanks for sharing it...xoxo

  • Loly Garcia
    Loly Garcia 2 年 前