My Honest Graduation Speech

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  • Not one of my typical vids, but something I've been wanting to say.
    I've always gotten a lot of requests to speak at high school and college graduations but have always declined... I don't expect to be getting many more requests after this.
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  • Kbreezy
    Kbreezy 分钟 前

    This was actually inspirational wow

  • ItzMelodyx
    ItzMelodyx 4 分钟 前 +1

    Thanks for coming to the ted talk

  • Tamir Oulu
    Tamir Oulu 6 分钟 前

    this past few days i've been really struggeling with sadness and now knowing where to find meaning or should i keep striving for my current goals even if i feel sad doing them. i'm not sure if this speech answered my question but it surely talked about what i'm feeling now and i even teared up a bit. thanks ryan

  • Alodi Wilson
    Alodi Wilson 12 分钟 前

    "life is like a box of chocolates" :)))

  • RTH 27
    RTH 27 15 分钟 前

    One of the best speech ever

  • Hopeless Wave
    Hopeless Wave 35 分钟 前 +1


  • Just A Crusader Waiting For The Next Crusade

    Dear Ryan
    Can you give me your GTFO sign?

  • aliceoiris
    aliceoiris 小时 前

    So inspirational! Glad that I listened to it before my first day of work which makes me feel way more better. Thank you so much!!!!! Btw You are right about the speech enquiries: you already mastered why would you do that again haha😂😂 support as always 🤘🏻

  • Sulav Acharya
    Sulav Acharya 小时 前

    this graduation speech must go viral

  • Arbaaz Awan
    Arbaaz Awan 小时 前

    i did not expect such a speech, i would say just one word "WOW".

  • The Dark Hour
    The Dark Hour 小时 前

    This is truly inspirational. I agree with you, sometimes people are too determined to reach their goal that they forget to look at their suroundings including their own happiness. They are too focused on being seen by society, and when they fail over and over, they only get depressed and stressed out. They forget to enjoy their journey, doing something without caring what other people think.

  • Harold Marks
    Harold Marks 小时 前

    Dear Ryan, learn how to play hockey

  • Maria H
    Maria H 2 小时 前

    That speech was better than any other I have ever heard! 🌸

  • Desiree Huggan
    Desiree Huggan 2 小时 前

    I’m sorry but I’m gonna have to remember this speech when I graduate

  • Unoobable Vlogs And Games

    Ryan you graduated in 2008 i was born in 2008

  • New Boss
    New Boss 3 小时 前

    Tell the meaning of like to a suicide bomber...

  • xLɪsᴀKɪʀɪ2
    xLɪsᴀKɪʀɪ2 3 小时 前

    This is actually the most inspirational speech I've ever listened to. The least boring too

  • Arif Hazman
    Arif Hazman 3 小时 前

    Dear ryan
    Can you play the drums and play the flute at the same time

  • Sirpoopsalot Ryan
    Sirpoopsalot Ryan 4 小时 前

    That was hella inspirational tbh

  • mark dacosta
    mark dacosta 4 小时 前

    He speaks so slow.

  • Mlasp Serrot
    Mlasp Serrot 4 小时 前


    Not kidding.

  • Deezbits 161
    Deezbits 161 4 小时 前

    Dear ryan, can you make a parody of The Greatest Showman?

  • PJ Gaming
    PJ Gaming 4 小时 前

    Me and my soccer team played against a team that was better than us in the final we then beat them

  • Joanna Sison
    Joanna Sison 5 小时 前 +1

    You remind me of ROBI DOMINGO, actor here in the Philippines. :)

  • ire arachchi
    ire arachchi 5 小时 前

    Finally real story

  • Javier Radilla
    Javier Radilla 6 小时 前

    😂 💀 lmao the end of the speech

  • Tanner Braziel
    Tanner Braziel 6 小时 前

    Im speechless

  • KnightofGlory26
    KnightofGlory26 6 小时 前

    Hey if all that matters is your own happiness what about a serial killers? i mean they find happiness in killing and other sick shit, so is that fine? lol

  • ryan higaholic
    ryan higaholic 6 小时 前

    That speech is honestly the bestest

  • Hello Cold World!
    Hello Cold World! 6 小时 前

    this made me look back to what i did when i quit my job.
    i love the concept of it but dealing with my co-workers stressed me a lot that even i'm aiming to improve, i lost the will to do it because of them. i quitted and i felt at peace..this is the best inspirational vid. Thumbs up!

  • nhatminh nguyen
    nhatminh nguyen 6 小时 前

    dear Ryan can you draw 10 pokemons in 10 minutes plz

  • Artemiy Khan
    Artemiy Khan 7 小时 前

    Fouseytube should watch the graduation part

  • Jayven John
    Jayven John 7 小时 前

    Everything that people think are important i that they are not important and should not be need in life at all and i am not talking about the life where your born, go to school, get a job, make money, then die, i am talking about the real way of living the way that only some people will understand

  • Elliot DeLeon
    Elliot DeLeon 7 小时 前


  • Zandra Leane Tolentino
    Zandra Leane Tolentino 8 小时 前

    this is actually inspiring ✨

  • Natalie Maxey
    Natalie Maxey 8 小时 前

    Fuck this is actually really great

  • False Angel
    False Angel 8 小时 前

    4: 51 *laughing my assignment off*😂😂

  • The Golden Duo
    The Golden Duo 8 小时 前 +1

    That speech tho ♥️

  • Learn, learn and learn
    Learn, learn and learn 9 小时 前

    Oh that poor cat

  • Marian
    Marian 9 小时 前

    Is there a meaning of life tho?

  • Lei Lov
    Lei Lov 9 小时 前

    Beautiful speech

  • Debashree Yein
    Debashree Yein 9 小时 前

    I love you Ryan

  • XxoJustmeoxX
    XxoJustmeoxX 9 小时 前

    IM gonna come back to this video when i graduate cause it was that good :)

  • Bayung Pramono
    Bayung Pramono 10 小时 前

    Ryan, do a Boruto fake trailer

  • Jhonatan Felix
    Jhonatan Felix 10 小时 前

    His phone password is fakin 696969

    VERHAO loves WONHAO 10 小时 前

    yo! ur adhd?
    why same!

  • Gordon Sun
    Gordon Sun 10 小时 前 +1

    XD is password was 696969

  • Anim Leew
    Anim Leew 11 小时 前

    This speech really made me realize something about

  • ፕዪሁፕዘቿዪ ዕቿርዐዕቿ

    Maybe you haven't seen the icc champions trophy 2017 final... How a number 8 team beat the number 1 team in the world easily and everybody even their country counted them out but they defeated them easily in the final who defeated them in the first match!! *ONE MINUTE DOWN NEXT MINUTE UP*... inspiration exist!

    • ፕዪሁፕዘቿዪ ዕቿርዐዕቿ
      ፕዪሁፕዘቿዪ ዕቿርዐዕቿ 11 小时 前

      Matt G Yeah but success is happiness if one can't find it he is a loser and there is nothing to confort him except accepting that he is a big fat loser

    • Matt G
      Matt G 11 小时 前

      The only thing in common with a dog and a cow is that they both bark

      Now that’s inspirational. What a quote

    • Matt G
      Matt G 11 小时 前

      Not true the more you try the more u réalisé failure is more prevalent

  • Drene Q
    Drene Q 12 小时 前

    Got teary. Damn.

  • Cena B
    Cena B 12 小时 前

    I needed this Ryan!!! Thank you! :)

  • Siti Aisyah
    Siti Aisyah 13 小时 前

    Dear Ryan, would you collaborate with Eugene Lee Yang in a video?

  • Hadassah Messer
    Hadassah Messer 13 小时 前

    Legit this is honestly the most amazing speech I’ve ever heard in my life 👌


    omgg you ACTUALLY have a gtfo sign

  • Alex Nan
    Alex Nan 13 小时 前

    That's some deep shit

  • Sarah Mao
    Sarah Mao 16 小时 前

    uhm, exquizzle you, raspberry chocolates are amazing????????

  • monica
    monica 16 小时 前

    Ryan is so genuinely cute and I’m so proud of him!!

  • Helen
    Helen 16 小时 前

    the video game metaphor makes the most sense out of everything that has ever been said in inspirational speeches

  • lol ok
    lol ok 16 小时 前

    this is honestly so good i stan (1) legend

  • Jay Duran
    Jay Duran 16 小时 前

    I actually found this video to be very funny and refreshing 😂

  • A Al Hosani
    A Al Hosani 16 小时 前

    Honestly, this is the best speech I’ve ever heard! 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Myles TheToxicFortniter
    Myles TheToxicFortniter 16 小时 前

    That was actually a memorable speech

  • Amanda Wang
    Amanda Wang 16 小时 前

    holy crap you're almost thirty... that's spoopy

  • The TNTBlower77
    The TNTBlower77 16 小时 前

    At leasst it was honest...

  • The TNTBlower77
    The TNTBlower77 16 小时 前

    At leasst it was honest...

  • DJ Vector
    DJ Vector 17 小时 前

    Life is like a box of chocolates...
    (Everyone nods in acknowledgment and inspiring interest)
    *Some of us have nuts and some us don't*
    (Crowd cheers)

  • Clara Cheung
    Clara Cheung 17 小时 前

    I wish I would have heard this before.

  • akanksha Kaith
    akanksha Kaith 17 小时 前

    Jeez that was so inspirational wow! 😂

  • Clara Cheung
    Clara Cheung 17 小时 前

    so many Ryan... is this heaven, where angels stay?

  • pate wrage
    pate wrage 17 小时 前

    Thank you.

  • Julissa DC
    Julissa DC 18 小时 前

    thats a very good speech

  • Laureen Berger
    Laureen Berger 18 小时 前

    But where is the 'If you want to be a drug dealer, be a drug dealer' line. I was waiting for it. I thought it was gonna be the punchline. Now i'm sad thank you very much Ryan.

  • Catherine Tran
    Catherine Tran 18 小时 前

    dear ryan can you make a song ab yoga

  • LyricsNow
    LyricsNow 18 小时 前

    hey if you see this, i have lyrics to songs on my channel! some songs you may not have heard!
    like this if you have seen this and comment on my videos what songs you want lyrics to!!:)
    thanks bye;))))

  • The Entire State of Minnesota

    It’s like the Ed Helms Cornell speech

  • Sara Moreno
    Sara Moreno 19 小时 前

    Dear Ryan can you do beach ball trickshots?

  • Gaming with Qwest
    Gaming with Qwest 19 小时 前

    lol I love your speech’s

  • Jews and Dudes
    Jews and Dudes 19 小时 前

    All of their collars were tucked in wrong xD

  • Jenny Chen
    Jenny Chen 19 小时 前

    I love this so much 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aaron Draws
    Aaron Draws 20 小时 前

    I don’t see anything wrong w/ those lines once they were put into context 👌🏼👏🏼

  • Ria P
    Ria P 20 小时 前

    man that speech was real inspiring! good job!

  • Jason Peng
    Jason Peng 20 小时 前

    nobody likes studying unless you're some kind of FREAK!

  • min yoongi cheonjae jjang jjang man boong boong

    That was the most inspirational speech I've ever heard! (except BTS songs, they're on the same level)

  • Hanji Nam
    Hanji Nam 20 小时 前

    Dear Ryan, please get a cat.

  • Hanji Nam
    Hanji Nam 20 小时 前

    Poor cat.

  • Tactics Master
    Tactics Master 21 小时 前

    Dear Ryan, can you do a how to be regina from skitzo?

  • Carla
    Carla 21 小时 前

    Hey Ryan! I know I'm just one of the crowd here that subscribes to your channel but I hope others would read my comment about this video of yours. I wasn't able to finish this video back then but now that I just finished it, it honestly pained me. Especially at the part where you mentioned 'not being happy even after reaching what I've been striving for'. I felt again the feeling of being lost. Since I was a kid, I've always wanted to be a teacher but now that I'm a year away stepping in college, I don't feel like taking the path I thought I'd be happy back then for some reason and now I don't know what path to take. I don't know where I'll be truly happy. This video didn't exactly helped me finally decide what course to take soon, but rather this made me realize that my failures and upcoming ones on taking the path society (or my family rather) tells me to take soon, all's for a reason and I'll be able to find the game that will suit me best. You're the best, Ryan! Thank you!
    Love lots from the Philippines!

  • Tactics Master
    Tactics Master 21 小时 前

    Dear Ryan can you do a how to be Regina? Plz like if you guys want to watch this too!

  • Cookieartsy
    Cookieartsy 21 小时 前

    Goodness this is super inspirational and I'm legit crying. It's direct and realistic. Imma save this.

  • Ian Flores
    Ian Flores 21 小时 前

    Dear Ryan Please feature blackpink in your next videoo

  • Julian Navanathan
    Julian Navanathan 21 小时 前

    Prob the most amazing grad speech I’ve ever heard, seriously

  • Eric Auditore
    Eric Auditore 21 小时 前

    The most creative CNclipr XD

  • TheMag2115
    TheMag2115 22 小时 前

    That was actually kind of inspirational and it was helpful to me

  • GramCrackaG
    GramCrackaG 22 小时 前

    "I hope you never find your game bitchh"

  • Ethan
    Ethan 22 小时 前 +1

    This comment won’t ever reach 2,000 likes.

  • Miriam  tharakan
    Miriam tharakan 22 小时 前

    I actually liked the speech it's good ❤️

  • GramCrackaG
    GramCrackaG 22 小时 前

    That gave me the chills. You do everything to either be more happy or less unhappy. That is what I've been saying for a long time, I didn't hear anyone else besides myself say it until now. That's awesomeeee!!

  • Kenny Phan
    Kenny Phan 22 小时 前 +1

    Some of us have nuts and some don't

  • Alexandra Ramos
    Alexandra Ramos 22 小时 前

    Oh damn, that speech was awesome!

  • ruchit lajo
    ruchit lajo 22 小时 前

    This confirms that peter parker is the real deal and the rest are clones.