My Honest Graduation Speech

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  • Not one of my typical vids, but something I've been wanting to say.
    I've always gotten a lot of requests to speak at high school and college graduations but have always declined... I don't expect to be getting many more requests after this.
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  • Frostlast
    Frostlast 2 小时 前

    That was beautiful

  • lyrical genius
    lyrical genius 11 小时 前

    Inspired me to revise for test I have for tomorrow,

  • Cas Geven
    Cas Geven 18 小时 前

    So Ryan, if murdering makes a murderer happy, is murder part of life's purpose?

  • Steven Bruner
    Steven Bruner 2 天 前

    Ryan, are you happy with your choices in life.

  • Ice_wallow_ Come
    Ice_wallow_ Come 2 天 前

    Yes, what a simple question. What’s the meaning of life?

  • scientific ninja
    scientific ninja 2 天 前

    😂Way to go Ryan
    Sure keeping it honest

  • scientific ninja
    scientific ninja 2 天 前

    💔I like to study...💃 I can be a freak I can can be a freak😉

  • scientific ninja
    scientific ninja 2 天 前

    Me too Ryan
    Me too

  • ILPotatoes
    ILPotatoes 3 天 前

    Okay so don’t loose you’re pin

  • nathanjtr
    nathanjtr 3 天 前

    Lmao this made me so much emotion in one video 😂💀 thanks nighiga for your inspiration

  • Daniel Tucci
    Daniel Tucci 3 天 前

    The napoleon dynamite dude in the graduation crowd 😂

  • Sol Maq
    Sol Maq 4 天 前

    Towards the end of the speech I thought it was going to turn into PS4 commercial, like some Gintama “it was an ad all along” joke.

  • U Know BTS? Me
    U Know BTS? Me 5 天 前

    6:49 how people see BTS✅

  • Lakshay
    Lakshay 6 天 前

    8:19 is that the model 3 ?!

  • A.Nonny Mouse
    A.Nonny Mouse 6 天 前

    Through the first speech I was thinking, "what's in your wallet!?!?"

  • katana_92
    katana_92 6 天 前

    If you can't find happiness in the present, you'll be really disappointed when you get to a destination you thought would bring happiness only to result in a bigger void to fill. Allow yourself to be happy now, because once you reach those destinations with the expectation of newfound happiness, you'll be depressed.

  • Brisbtbskr
    Brisbtbskr 6 天 前

    Life is like a box of chocolates....

    *It's not fun if you have diabetes*

  • Dampachi100
    Dampachi100 6 天 前

    if only more graduation speakers keep it real like you did here then maybe newly graduates (especially out of HS) wouldn't have such delusions and grandeur when they step out into college/society... then get all depressed when they have their asses handed back to them on a silver platter by reality and disappointments.

  • Ashith Oil
    Ashith Oil 7 天 前

    Honestly, I agree that these are inappropriate

  • Abdullah Adil
    Abdullah Adil 7 天 前

    No kidding this was the most inspiring speech i have heard

  • salamaderfrost
    salamaderfrost 8 天 前


  • Bristof
    Bristof 8 天 前

    that video game part hit hard

  • Gregory Knott
    Gregory Knott 8 天 前


  • Allscool -
    Allscool - 9 天 前 +1

    I don't know how Ryan manages to stay so humble being the amazing human being he is. Here he was talking crap about his speech skills but he managed to come up with one of the most inspiring speeches ever, it was so real, down to earth, and I feel like everyone listening to it is just set free from all the limitations they've set on themselves. It really makes you rethink life and forget about meaningless things, absolutely nailed it Ryan, thanks again for another great video. :D

  • ChasesAnimations
    ChasesAnimations 9 天 前

    I mean he’s right about the video games

  • Alexander Spivak
    Alexander Spivak 9 天 前

    I wonder what would happen if I used those in a speech

  • fall3nange11
    fall3nange11 9 天 前

    The part about games and journey T^T

  • fall3nange11
    fall3nange11 9 天 前

    'also because the more you get into it the fatter you get' LOLOL

  • Alfred Evangelista Jr.

    RYAN! WHY! It would've been cool for you to be the person who said our speech for our graduation haha! Class of 2017! Waiakea!

  • aaronl19
    aaronl19 11 天 前 +1

    That was actually pretty dang good speech

  • Slow claps
    Slow claps 11 天 前

    No joke that was inspirational

  • Ryan Lu
    Ryan Lu 11 天 前

    I’m only ten

  • Sarachaaa
    Sarachaaa 12 天 前 +1

    That was low key a good speech

  • Ratchet Queen Bongo Cat

    I got the Forrest Gump ;) Life is like a box of chocolates, u never know when Jenny’s gonna die of addiction

  • Sanskriti Kaushik
    Sanskriti Kaushik 12 天 前

    Accidentally clicked on this channel
    This is the best & funniest mistake of my life
    This speech was amazing

  • Usmaan Saifuddin
    Usmaan Saifuddin 13 天 前

    Low-key the most inspirational speech i have ever heard

  • Neil14 E
    Neil14 E 13 天 前

    For the inaprropiate speaches,AT LEAST YOU DIDN'T PUT IN BAD WORDS!!!!

  • Z333iscentury B
    Z333iscentury B 13 天 前

    I'm one of those freaks that actually likes learning and studying, lol! It's just that I still get distracted by something else that crosses my mind and feel compelled to then look it up. I study best when I jump around between different classes' material. But this is because I have ADHD.
    Oh, and I think your motivation speech at the end is actually pretty good. Especially the video game analogy.

  • Very Merry Marauder
    Very Merry Marauder 14 天 前

    You don’t get it Ryan! You being honest about your speeches is the reason they chose you! Oh and I don’t see why those lines are inappropriate?

  • bOoN ʕ•ع•ʔ
    bOoN ʕ•ع•ʔ 14 天 前

    I sensed the Regina popping out of Ryan at 6:05

  • TFAE
    TFAE 14 天 前

    I wrote the whole speech, your welcome..
    Look, I’m gonna start with the simplest question you could ask a person; what is the meaning of life?
    So many people, young and old have a tough time answering that question, but wouldn’t you think that should be the first thing that we figure out, the purpose of our lives, the reason why we’re doing everything that we’re doing?
    There’s no right or wrong, everyone can have their own answer, but to me, the meaning of life is happiness.
    I really believe that everything we do throughout our lives is because we think it’ll either make us happier or less unhappy than if we didn’t do it. Even the things we don’t want to do, like studying for a test all night.
    You’re not gonna gain happiness from studying. Nobody likes to study… unless you’re some kind of FREAK!
    You do it because you know you’ll eventually lead you to happiness just like everything else that we do. Studying will help you pass a test, and you’ll be a lot happier to pass a test than if you fail. Passing a test will lead to higher grades, better grades leads to better colleges, better colleges increases your time chance of securing a better job, and makes more money, so you’re gonna get a nicer car or a nicer house, or you eat at fancy restaurants… whatever you wanna do later in life. Everyone does what they do because they think they’re gonna make their overall life better than if they didn’t do it. The reason why I bring this up and why I think it’s so important to understand the meaning of life…Is because Life is gonna get more and more hectic when you go off on your own.
    There’s gonna be so many more things that your gonna have to think about that you never think about as a kid, and there’s gonna be times that you get so overwhelmed by everything that you might even get to the point that you wanna kill yourself. ‘Cus life… is like a box of chocolates… they can be sweet, they can be bitter, or get a little nutty, and you no longer have your parents around anymore to eat those disgusting raspberry ones for you. You gotta deal with those on your own now. Oh and life is also like a box of chocolates because the more you get into it the fatter you get..
    There’s low points in your life that are going to happen to you, if you wanna grow as a person. Maybe not to the point of considering suicide but just know that if it does get to that point that it’s not happening for no reason. And there can still be a benefit from it. Because if you survive and figure your way out of that situation and that mind set, you’ll have the mental strength to be able to do anything in the future.
    And you can’t acquire that kind of strength without going through extreme adversity.
    It’s like a Saiyan in Dragon Ball, the more you beat up a Saiyan without killing him, the stronger he gets when he recovers.
    I’ve watched a bunch of those inspirational speeches because I had no idea what i could say to get anybody feeling better or inspiring people, and I wanted to get an idea what those other speakers are talking about. And a common theme that kept coming up was that they were all giving advice on how to strive for greatness or how to reach your goals or how to become successful, like they are.
    And it’s inspiring because they were just like you when they were younger and they weren’t anybody special and they failed over and over and over before they found any success.
    I agree with that message, like I mentioned earlier, your gonna have low points. Failure is a part of life. Whether it’s a job interview or becoming a parent, or starting a family, whatever it is, your GOING to fail. I completely agree with that. A lot of these speeches were very inspiring, and they are helpful to help you reach what our society defines as “success”. But before we figure out how to reach success in life, shouldn’t we at least try to figure out what success in life is?
    We spend so much time thinking about all these goals and dreams we’ve had since we were little kids and how we’re gonna reach that, we sometimes get so distracted that we forget why we’re trying to strive for them in the first place. You can set and go after all the goals you want in life, but it all leads back to the same thing. The meaning of life; happiness.
    That should be your primary, number one goal and everything else should come after. And I know that sounds super obvious and cliche and easier-said-than-done at times,but I personally think that it’s very important to have that in the back of your mind and keep reminding yourself that way when you start to stray from it, you’ll recognize it. You’ll be surprised how many people, including myself, focus so much on how to reach our individual goals, or what our society defines as “success”, that we don’t even realize that, we’re not even happy anymore. And most of the time that unhappiness is caused by ourselves. It’s fixable but we don’t even recognize it.
    We get so caught up chasing our goals and, stress ourselves out to much to the point that we’re miserable. But yet we just suck it up and keep going because we think that once we finally reach our goals that all the stress and unhappiness is gonna go away, and we’re just gonna live a happy, GAY life.
    Well, that’s not how it works. If your not happy with you life on the journey to your end goal, your most likely not going to be happy even after you reach it.
    It’s like playing a video game, you don’t play a video game that you hate just because you think it’s gonna be fun once you beat it, it’s almost the exact opposite of that.
    The best part of the game is the journey, once you beat it the funs over. But it’s exactly that, it’s a “moment” of happiness. And that feeling will fade as soon as the end credits come rolling by. Then your bored and it’s time for a new game.
    My point is, don’t let society’s definition of success dictate your goals and dreams. And contrary to most inspirational speeches, I...personally think that it doesn’t matter if you never reach any one of your goals… if your enjoying the journey.
    Don’t waste your time playing a game that makes you miserable, just because you saw the glorified trailers or because you heard all the hype around it. If you’re not having fun playing it, it’s not gonna get any more fun just because you beat it. There’s a lot of other games out there and the night is still young, you guys have the time. Find the game that’s meant for you, and have fun playing it. That’s the whole purpose of playing the game...that’s the whole purpose of this journey, that’s the whole purpose… of life.

  • saviana johnson
    saviana johnson 15 天 前

    real speech!

  • DN thegood7
    DN thegood7 16 天 前

    Amazing video, I love you ❤

  • Taleyah Thomas
    Taleyah Thomas 16 天 前

    That was good...
    like... really good...
    Here I am trying to find a video that would make me laugh and forget the pile of work I have to do for high school and college (who thought that an early college high school program would be good for teens?) that I am trying to procrastinate, and when I clicked this video I wasn't prepared for a wake up call. I realize now that I will never be an author and choral director 'hating my life' doing the half-assed job that I am now. Even if I do finish college and get my degree, I probably won't enjoy my life afterward because of the predetermined mindset that it just isn't worth the effort. I always prided myself on my ability to make people happy, but I realize that none of that will ever matter if I don't do what makes me happy. If all of this work is what's going to get me there then so be it! Bring it on! It doesn't have to a hard journey, and it won't be if I just wake up each morning and know that I'm going to spend my day doing what I need to in order to live a life that I love. Thanks, I guess, it's kinda silly because I thought I'd hate your videos (my sister ruined a lot of popular CNcliprs for me...) but turns out you really helped me out instead!
    Also, sorry, this wasn't really needed in the comment section but OH WELL!!

  • Beep Boo
    Beep Boo 16 天 前 +1

    Bleh bloo blaa

  • Annika Hollister
    Annika Hollister 16 天 前

    Being realistic is fine, but coaches can't be demoralising like that, because even if a team fails, if they were told they were going to fail, their spirits will give up and they will 100% fail. A little inspiration at least gets them fired to give it an effort, which in my opinion is more important.

  • Trinity's blogs
    Trinity's blogs 16 天 前

    It makes sense when you say the whole speech. It was actually truly inspiring

  • Angela Fry
    Angela Fry 17 天 前 +1

    Hello I hate you

  • jamlesschimchim _
    jamlesschimchim _ 17 天 前 +1

    Plz the name of the background music while the speech was ?

  • pianist Collabing gymnas cousins

    3:45 OMG luvvvv that bk reference

  • Henry Dinger
    Henry Dinger 18 天 前 +1

    No joke my password has actually been 696969 for the past few months
    It may be time to change it

  • Andy-opia
    Andy-opia 18 天 前 +1

    Why'd they turn you down? That was good!

  • hangyin1993
    hangyin1993 18 天 前 +1

    Oh man didn’t expect a actual inspiring speech before I clicked this video... adulting is difficult

  • AnythingSports34
    AnythingSports34 18 天 前 +1

    I honestly found this inspiring, funny, and all together a great speech. I mean seriously, to the people that told Ryan to take out the “inappropriate quotes” it is a HIGH SCHOOL speech! High schoolers are immature, and those jokes and sayings would end up standing out to us more than just a boring cliche speech.
    You’re awesome Ryan keep up the good work

  • Kevin Samuel
    Kevin Samuel 18 天 前

    Man your speech deserves at least a standing ovation. Best speech ever...Your speech really touched me to the core. Thanks man🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋

  • ls p
    ls p 18 天 前

    So Inspirational.

  • Nakki S
    Nakki S 19 天 前

    "Did you want me to run over your cat and throw it's half dead body in the bushes"😅

  • Jean Elysée
    Jean Elysée 19 天 前

    This vid is now one of my secrets

  • Jean Elysée
    Jean Elysée 19 天 前

    I don't need to hear my graduation speech next june this is all I need to subscribing amd am replaying this video

  • I'm Blacky
    I'm Blacky 19 天 前

    I hope I find a worthy game too thanks Ryan ❤

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    Vedant Srihari 19 天 前

    Dude you could be my teacher.........

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    Josh Crawley 19 天 前

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    Tushar Rathore 20 天 前

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    Meer 20 天 前

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  • Divyaroop Sahoo
    Divyaroop Sahoo 20 天 前 +1

    For some reason I feel Ryan is just so inspirational.
    U deserve all the respect you get.
    Hats off to you Ryan. You will always be my favorite CNclipr😀😘😘😍😍

  • prakash Reddy
    prakash Reddy 20 天 前


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    Krishaan Singh 20 天 前

    isnt public speaking kinda ryans job..?

  • Jayze Pickles
    Jayze Pickles 21 天 前 +1

    "Life is like a box of chocolates, some of us have nuts, others don't." This is what I subbed for. XD

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    Vidhya Nair 21 天 前

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    Bubblelene Lene 21 天 前

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    Joshua McRae 21 天 前

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    wareraseno 22 天 前

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  • Manish Dhabhai
    Manish Dhabhai 23 天 前

    Tbh speech was accurate... Journey is important as well..

  • Roblox Noobs
    Roblox Noobs 23 天 前

    So basically, he says he'll never curse on this channel. Lmfao, except the fact he said "we'll work our asses off!"

  • Naruto4231 YT
    Naruto4231 YT 23 天 前 +1

    When you go through life take the stairs not the elavator...

  • Naruto4231 YT
    Naruto4231 YT 23 天 前 +1

    Life is progress not success...

  • 173.07734
    173.07734 23 天 前 +14

    Looking back at this video. Ryan, basically, says the meaning is to be happy on the journey. If you see Ryan’s behind the scenes videos, Ryan and his team are always laughing and having fun when they record. They tend to have more fun recording the shoots then when they are finished with it. When he finishes the video, he doesn’t get that many views compared to what he deserves, but it doesn’t bother him because he is having fun recording and going to shoots with his friends. Like he said, you shouldn’t beat a video game because you just want to win, you play a game to enjoy the journey of it. He keeps recording because he has fun making his videos and it doesn’t matter how well it does.

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    impractical garry 24 天 前

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    Mayank Sharma 24 天 前 +1

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    edini abigail 24 天 前

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    Kevin Lewis 25 天 前

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    drakke125Channel 25 天 前

    kinda ironic, an asian dropout so loved by the world. Cuz if you can make people laugh and smile, hey, u can make money.Not a lot but you have a job you can be proud of too.

  • carol
    carol 27 天 前

    Oh my god love that very savvy Ryan at the centre in 6:49
    He's feeling it

  • SH1N3
    SH1N3 27 天 前


  • tanya9nithreus
    tanya9nithreus 27 天 前

    Can I just say that this 'graduation' speech of yours actually had me deep in tears! :'( .. It's actually one of the best speeches I have heard due to its honesty, its down-to-earthness and its pure compassion or understanding :) Life isn't perfect, and it doesn't have to be! Happiness can be found even in the deepest darkest places if you just allow it to be found xP
    Btw, it must also have been a really weird image when, after all those tears, I suddenly started laughing insanely at the end xD Those Ryan powers hahaha

  • Kayla Fleetwood
    Kayla Fleetwood 27 天 前

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    The Ice Cream Guy 29 天 前

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