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  • PART 2:视频.html
    A breakdown step by step of Laura Lee's apology just posted on CNclip an hour or so ago. Laura Lee found herself in trouble a few days ago when old racist tweets emerged, and drama kicked off between her, Manny Mua, Jeffree Star, Nikita Dragon and the other one. What do you think about this apology? Love you! xx
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评论 • 2 376

  • kucki tea
    kucki tea  9 个月 前 +281

    WATCH PART 2!!视频.html

    • kucki tea
      kucki tea  9 个月 前

      Alexa play dispacio

    • Michaella Smith
      Michaella Smith 9 个月 前 +1

      Watched it 3x once no captions. Once UK captions and once us captions aaaand I'm dead whoever did the captions I am you biggest fan 😂🤣😂

    • Sadie
      Sadie 9 个月 前

      watch the apology video again with United Kingdom Subtitles.

    • kucki tea
      kucki tea  9 个月 前 +2


    • caitlin leanna
      caitlin leanna 9 个月 前 +2

      My bf just came home...
      ME: babe get the ben n Jerry's. They're all fucking cancelled.
      HIM: jeffree star is cancelled?
      ME: No hes thriving it's the other ones. bad..

  • Just Me
    Just Me 5 个月 前 +1

    Even *if* those tears are real. She's not sorry, she's upset she got caught. A genuine sorry person would apologize *before* they get caught.

  • Liz Boucher
    Liz Boucher 6 个月 前

    when Laura says the woman I am, it reminds me of the nudie patootie when she says I'm a young female WOMAN!

  • diaperlicker101
    diaperlicker101 6 个月 前

    Captions at 0:04: sweetmeat

  • JessiHarm
    JessiHarm 7 个月 前

    Soo no falling tears.. I think its fake..

  • laura \ \
    laura \ \ 7 个月 前

    this is so cringe omg

  • PantherRules
    PantherRules 8 个月 前

    What did she retweet what did she say that was bad?

  • Neisha Deseray
    Neisha Deseray 8 个月 前

    Fake ass tears

  • Creature
    Creature 8 个月 前

    Ahhhh so everyone does

  • Creature
    Creature 8 个月 前

    Does anyone realize she’s like not crying

  • mari rocha
    mari rocha 8 个月 前

    Was she crying??? And the tears???? Where???

  • Stephanie Kao
    Stephanie Kao 8 个月 前 +1

    laura Always Had An Unattractive face. that Is why she wears So much makeup.

  • c m
    c m 8 个月 前

    Seems like legit advice, pants up=running faster...... everyone can act offended but that shit it funny and true 😂😂😂😂

  • Moni Pampeloni
    Moni Pampeloni 8 个月 前 +1

    I am usually not a person laughing at people in distress but loooooooolll this bitchhhh

  • Sailing Vessel Drifter
    Sailing Vessel Drifter 8 个月 前

    I can only go by my experience to decide how I feel about this apology. When I have cried and apologized for things in my lifetime (mostly when I was younger) if I ever changed out words such as "retweet" as opposed to "tweet" it would be because I still felt somewhat validated in what I had done. In that instance I was only partially sorry (for getting caught) and was just trying to get out of trouble. Sort of like trying to minimize and quickly fix things.

  • gabriel
    gabriel 8 个月 前

    I hate how he’s trying to hide he’s own tea with someone else’s tea smh

  • Mayra Ale Gomez
    Mayra Ale Gomez 8 个月 前

    Her apology is bad acting? 🤔

  • Leeanne Jacobs
    Leeanne Jacobs 8 个月 前

    I think she's doing a great bit of Acting there. crocodile tears come in to mine

  • Gwendolyn's Vanity
    Gwendolyn's Vanity 8 个月 前

    Laura is "crying" with no tears. Interesting... She is sorry not for the tweets but for dissapointing fer followers... not comment

  • Christina Soares
    Christina Soares 8 个月 前

    Your very diplomatic will still sipping the tea.

  • Delia Dee Scott
    Delia Dee Scott 9 个月 前

    I think her whining was just too much. No tears....I don’t get it.

  • Mikhayla smith
    Mikhayla smith 9 个月 前

    There are no fucking tears she's not even really crying ? Like wtf

  • Gabby Morris
    Gabby Morris 9 个月 前

    I also love how she barely looks at the camera for more than 3 seconds

  • Pug Lover
    Pug Lover 9 个月 前

    I dont understand what Jeffree has to do with this....

    • Pug Lover
      Pug Lover 9 个月 前

      +kucki tea i get that... but why? What does he have to do with this... she didnt call Jeffree those words coz hes white..... I just dont get the connection between Laura and Jeffree in this situation

    • kucki tea
      kucki tea  9 个月 前

      she apologised to jeffree

  • Pug Lover
    Pug Lover 9 个月 前

    Doesnt matter if it was 6 years ago or yesterday, racism isnt ok. Im in my 20s and i would never be racist. Yes everyone makes mistakes, but racism is never ok. End of story.

  • Shey .B
    Shey .B 9 个月 前

    Holy shit she’s a terrible actress, even with all the editing. So pathetic.

  • Katie Thomas
    Katie Thomas 9 个月 前

    Her “apology” actually makes me cringe. Most uncomfortable video I’ve ever watched. Couldn’t even finish it on her page, that high pitch fake cry oh my god 😖😖😖😖🤮

  • jenandmoAG
    jenandmoAG 9 个月 前

    Her not owning up to TWEETING it not RETWEETING it is wrong and not a real apology but going after her family that did nothing is beyond insane!

  • cassandra l
    cassandra l 9 个月 前

    Crocodile tears.. nothings even comming out of her eyes after the first 30 seconds.

  • Amber Jacobs
    Amber Jacobs 9 个月 前

    I wouldn't have even posted this fake, cringey shit if I was Laura Lee but thank God I'm not. 🙏🤗🤣 Love you John!!!!

  • Rabia Ahsan
    Rabia Ahsan 9 个月 前 +1

    Her tweets may not ended her career but her SO CALLED APOLOGY VIDEO did

  • vanessa_mxo
    vanessa_mxo 9 个月 前

    *sniffs nothing*

  • Iya L
    Iya L 9 个月 前

    Every single word she says in this fake ass apology video is one sub lost sksk

  • DementorsKiss
    DementorsKiss 9 个月 前

    I just can’t.... how can we take ser seriously with that voice saying RETWEET RETWEET RETWEET and whining like a child. The act should be over 😓😓😓😓

  • DementorsKiss
    DementorsKiss 9 个月 前

    Her eyes are dry as the Sahara. She’s like rubbing them to try to cry. Ain’t buying it hoe

  • Tonje Hansen
    Tonje Hansen 9 个月 前

    The thropy for the most amount of crocodile tears in one video goes to....... Laura Lee!!!!

  • hannah acker
    hannah acker 9 个月 前

    That fake crying though ! Not a single tear fell off of her face- her eyes weren’t even watering.

  • Carla Carson
    Carla Carson 9 个月 前

    She did not apologize to the people that Laura Lee was bullying

  • Carla Carson
    Carla Carson 9 个月 前

    Bullying is wrong

  • Emily Wensley
    Emily Wensley 9 个月 前


  • Brianna Martin
    Brianna Martin 9 个月 前

    his voice is so soothing lmfaooo lovin it

  • Connie Goldman
    Connie Goldman 9 个月 前

    ok where is YOUR apology for your fuckshit tho?? Cause you did bad stuff too booboo

  • Ninja Cat
    Ninja Cat 9 个月 前

    I love that your breakdown is more than 3 times as long as her ‘apology’ (3 minutes of fake crying, 1 minute of trying to translate her blubbering)

  • Arianna Heidingsfelder
    Arianna Heidingsfelder 9 个月 前

    you face at the start😂

  • Lacey Durrett
    Lacey Durrett 9 个月 前

    I’ve been a fan of Laura’s for quite some time. I’ve stuck with her through all of the scandals (Morphie, Cat’s Pajamas, etc). I’m honestly very disappointed. I don’t think I can stick around for this.

  • Taylor Poelman
    Taylor Poelman 9 个月 前

    Super glad I watched this instead of her whole video, I can take no more of that questionable sniffling

  • yasline colon
    yasline colon 9 个月 前

    Dude...this is the fakest apology I've ever seen. Wtf, it's like she didn't even try.

  • yasline colon
    yasline colon 9 个月 前

    Your face throughout her entire apology 😂

  • sardonyxz
    sardonyxz 9 个月 前

    She keeps saying retweet retweet retweet but its originally tweeted by her in the first place ....
    She retweeted it because she still has that same mentality!

  • carmencitanh18
    carmencitanh18 9 个月 前

    This apology is fugaze

  • Oneida Odette
    Oneida Odette 9 个月 前

    She’s full of shit! I’ve NEVER liked her! For those who follow her like really y’all don’t know the difference between real and fake!

  • Jessica Pichardo
    Jessica Pichardo 9 个月 前

    When I cry I get red and my nose in running and my eyes are puffy and my little baby hairs are wet from wiping my tears so watching this I’m like????? Why do U look so normal???? Why are you talking like a mouse????

  • itscaitlinkane
    itscaitlinkane 9 个月 前 +1

    I think the fact that Jeffree took 10 years makes it more genuine. Because he had time to grow and reflect on his past actions and actually become a different person. Laura half ass apologizing immediately is just a PR scramble.

  • Jessie
    Jessie 9 个月 前

    fakest thing ever lmaoo i unsubscribed

  • Dee N
    Dee N 9 个月 前

    She just crying b/c she got EXPOSED! Bye GIRL! She's a narcissist and vain. Don't believe those crocodile tears!

  • Michaela Marin
    Michaela Marin 9 个月 前

    I fake cry all the time and I 100% look like this lol. It’s all about squinting your face to try to get the tears out but in her case it’s not working

  • michelle shell
    michelle shell 9 个月 前

    This is so fake!

  • michelle shell
    michelle shell 9 个月 前

    She is blaming this on Alabama that's insane. Shame on her!

  • Queen L
    Queen L 9 个月 前

    when you type it you think about what you wanna say then type it,think about it again then think it’s good enough to post. Retweeting you think about it real quick and be like yeah ok *retweeted* you think about it less

  • Emily Acevedo
    Emily Acevedo 9 个月 前

    Maybe she had tears Bc at around 1:40 she wiped her eyes and her lower lashes went like into? Her eye? And you know how people do that ? But it hurts so that’s where the tears are coming from

  • Judy Davis
    Judy Davis 9 个月 前

    No tears. No tears. She rubs dry eye enough and they will appear red but no tears. And that voice is so fake. She can't act, that's for sure.

  • Leanne Frost.
    Leanne Frost. 9 个月 前

    She’s such a fake ass crier 😂😂 like where are the tears? 🤔

  • Taylor Berry
    Taylor Berry 9 个月 前

    Nothing about her apology is sincere. Goes from "hysterically crying" then talking normal about another part of "the story " fake fake fake

  • SarcasticallyDefensive
    SarcasticallyDefensive 9 个月 前


  • Ashreeti Sharma
    Ashreeti Sharma 9 个月 前

    I don't care if she tweeted it or retweeted it, but lying about it is the wrong thing. Like fully admit you are wrong if you truly want to apologise.

  • V chelle
    V chelle 9 个月 前


  • Kibena3
    Kibena3 9 个月 前

    This is sooooo fake and annoying... what is she wiping away if there are NO TEARS!!!!

  • Alina Garofalo
    Alina Garofalo 9 个月 前

    Bla bla bitchaaaaa good I hope she gets what’s coming to her....

  • hi low
    hi low 9 个月 前 +2

    I’m late to this video because I didn’t get a notification 😢. But I loved the structure of this video.

  • Jo Cannone
    Jo Cannone 9 个月 前

    WHY does she not address what she actually said? Like actually ADDRESS what you said instead of referring them generally as 'bad tweets'. Like say what you said? If you cannot say what you did wrong, you aren't ready to feel bad about what you did and move on.

  • Mariya Vinogradskiy
    Mariya Vinogradskiy 9 个月 前 +9

    Fake ass crocodile tears.
    I love how she tried putting emphasis on "2 years ago" and "retweet" . I personally don't feel as if this apology was genuine.

  • person personhood
    person personhood 9 个月 前

    There was someone who actually went into analytical detail about her body language. I'd check that out.

  • Roshni Sohail
    Roshni Sohail 9 个月 前 +1

    Not a moment of that apology seemed genuine

  • Natalia Soriano
    Natalia Soriano 9 个月 前 +1

    Can someone please explain to me what the fuck is happening between manny, Laura jeffreey and Gabriel pleaseeeee. Like I know Laura is apologizing for the racist tweets but what is manny apology for?and what is happening with Gabriel?

  • Kristina Blocher
    Kristina Blocher 9 个月 前 +1

    It’s like when you smile and it doesn’t reach your eyes because it’s fake except with crying.

  • SMLshake 88
    SMLshake 88 9 个月 前

    I was a fan of Laura’s UNTIL her bullsh*t apology

  • Koy Koy
    Koy Koy 9 个月 前

    I feel like Laura thought that this would blow over because she has many supporter. The fame got to her head and even now she thinks she's untouchable.

  • DaDeligtfulDazzlingDerika

    very impressed by your professionalism with this you definitely could have gone on and on about her anoying fake crying but you just give us straight details and great tea. especially for the 1st initial reaction to this, cant wait to see your second part

  • DaDeligtfulDazzlingDerika

    she just keeps checking herself out in the viewfinder 🙄🤨

  • Bell C
    Bell C 9 个月 前

    Your voice! It’s sooo soothing listening to all this drama 👏🏽

  • Anyavee Aiyarasiriwat
    Anyavee Aiyarasiriwat 9 个月 前

    I don't agree with people hating on her family and sending her mom death threats but no one was born racist, so it had to have come from somewhere... *cough* *cough*

  • Kaitlin Montes
    Kaitlin Montes 9 个月 前

    Just cuz Laura is in hot waters doesn't mean CNclip has forgotten your past too. 🙄

  • Courtney Montgomery
    Courtney Montgomery 9 个月 前

    her tears don't​ even seem genuine to me

  • Crystal Conran
    Crystal Conran 9 个月 前

    All that is fake. Everything she is saying isn’t sincere.

  • Angelina
    Angelina 9 个月 前

    she jumpcuts to a tear at 4:18 lol

  • Angelina
    Angelina 9 个月 前

    6:55 exactly what i was thinking, she’s manipulating the words!!

  • Angelina
    Angelina 9 个月 前 +1

    6:55 exactly what i was thinking, she’s manipulating the words!!

  • Rolanda Loathe
    Rolanda Loathe 9 个月 前

    I don't even know who this girl is anyway. I don't support any make up created by CNcliprs. So...

  • Jaz Helton
    Jaz Helton 9 个月 前

    If she wasn’t so busy trying to cover her ass and play the audience, she could’ve reflected on her hypocrisy and the consequences of her actions on how her character is perceived. Then maybe she would’ve actually cared enough to shed a real tear, or at least just be serious and spare us the ear abuse of the fake crying

  • Jaz Helton
    Jaz Helton 9 个月 前 +1

    When a person is trying to get away with something or shirk responsibility, they’ll try to frame the situation subtly to make themselves more sympathetic or shift accountability slightly. She’s heavily active on social media and she would know better. Everyone has said something inappropriate of course, but if you drag other people for their past ignorance you have to handle your own past better. She didn’t and that makes it worse because it’s hypocritical and makes her attitude of having better morals than that questionable. Laura is employing a lot of tactics here to win people over, or attempting to anyway. From her family comment to the fake tears and the repetition of “retweet” and “six years ago”, it’s all done to affect public perception. Laura didn’t address it in a week to Jeffree’s ten years, don’t you twist it in her favor either John. Those were in 2012 and it’s been years, same as him. Except after Jeffree was dragged forever for his past comments, Laura acted like she’d never said anything of the sort just like the rest of them. I think after seeing Gabriel confirm how staged and calculated these beauty you tubers are in these moments, I can’t believe Laura’s tactics here were anything but a conscious attempt to sway us. At least Jeffree acknowledged that what he said was ignorant and came from a place of spite and was harmful and wrong, and he didn’t insult our intelligence with fake tears either. I think he’s actually apologized for the same thing more than once but HIS apology video showed some measure of self reflection and since then I’ve seen him trying to do better by people. You may think it isn’t sincere, but how are people willing to let other youtubers change and grow but not him?

  • Ambrstr
    Ambrstr 9 个月 前

    Her fake cry face is just as bad Farrah abraham .

    • Rae Bae
      Rae Bae 9 个月 前 +1

      They are so similar lol... I can just picture Farrah's face beside Laura's.

  • l i x c a l e
    l i x c a l e 9 个月 前

    look at Laura’s beautiful spit tear

  • Starseeded Chlo
    Starseeded Chlo 9 个月 前

    This is painful to watch. If you know you can’t act just release a statement and say your too embarrassed and hurt by your own actions to be on camera. You would have bad but this...... your just seem like you don’t give a f***. No tears high pitched voice and weird faces she cannot act at all we can see she don’t give a s*** she ain’t sorry. The only thing upsetting her is that it she’s being called out and it can affect her career.

  • Hippic
    Hippic 9 个月 前

    I don’t see one single tear! 🤔 and the academy award goes to ...someone else!!

  • Ayry4rmthablck
    Ayry4rmthablck 9 个月 前

    How has she been crying for most of the video and not one tear has fallen??? I love when racists get what they deserve

  • Kady W
    Kady W 9 个月 前

    Gabriel posted the photo himself.. 😑😑😑 it’s hard to say you took it out of context??? there was a caption... it’s not like it was just a photo and people said “oh I bet this is about Jeffree.” There is NO WAY they didn’t know at least if they didn’t at first they did later on... again. Bullshit

  • 你还兔子
    你还兔子 9 个月 前

    this is so sad, alexa play despacito

    IAMERINJ 9 个月 前

    Racism is never ever something to be condoned! Her apology wasn’t as sincere as I feel it should of been , she messed up and I believe she probably is sorry and upset but she needed to have gone about it in a different way. Will her career end possibly but her family being harassed is just awful and makes who ever is doing it just as bad as her , as long as we all stick together and let her know that what she did was wrong and needed a better apology then we are doing the best thing to help stop racism within the beauty community, big love to John Kuckian for always sharing the tea !! 🧡🧡🧡

  • Kady W
    Kady W 9 个月 前

    If her family was really even attacked... 😑 to me it seems like she’s trying to digress from the point to make people feel bad about her instead of focus on what she’s done. Bullshit. Show receipts sis.

  • Dulce Gomez
    Dulce Gomez 9 个月 前

    I just cant with her fake ass apology 😂😂😂