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  • HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I wanted to sit down and just talk to you guys. It's been 2 weeks since The Secret Life of Jeffree Star has been out in the world and I wanted to address questions you guys had, and expand on a few topics... I also wanted to reveal a few dark secrets that I wasn't ready to tell Shane or talk about until now... My whole life I've had a very hard time opening up to anyone... Thank you for listening.
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  • Georgia Smith-thompson
    Georgia Smith-thompson 19 小时 前

    Hi, how are ya 😂 Being speechless when writing a comment haha ! Generally not me but I don’t even know how to begin, but I love you ❤️ I hope I get to see you one day ! But don’t stop what you’re doing because you are an inspiration, not just to me but to everyone 💙💙💙💙💙

  • Mameva 123
    Mameva 123 天 前

    When he talk about Her mom i start crying becaus that was so sad

  • Denise Champion
    Denise Champion 天 前

    So proud of you for opening up and speaking on your painful past🖤 Your so Beautiful with a beautiful soul😘

  • Karen Volpe
    Karen Volpe 天 前

    Jeffree everyone has serious shit that goes on in there life’s, and it’s ok to feel exactly how your feeling. I’m very happy for you to be on this road of recovery, of healing and forgiving and finding yrself and you’re Mom. God bless you it will all be ok, never give up💜🙏🏻

  • Cody Hohimer
    Cody Hohimer 天 前

    Jeffree we love you!
    This video is so inspiring. We are all human, everyone has their ups and downs. Keep your head up sister and live your life 😍

  • Carly Edwards
    Carly Edwards 天 前


  • Michelle M
    Michelle M 天 前


  • Hitokage
    Hitokage 天 前

    I know you'll never read this comment Jeffree, but I just have been so moved to write this out. I never knew much about you and your past, but after I came across one of your videos, I was the definition of entranced and hooked on your spirit, your living aura, and the way you made me feel. You are such a strong and phenomenal being, you have inspired me to.. well, live. I have never had much drive, I have let my hard life and struggles, along with the chains of depression hold me back from doing anything remotely close to productive. Watching your video,s then stumbling upon the Shane Dawson Look into your life, along with this video, I have shed many tears, been awed into a humble submission, and invigorated with such a passion that has been lying dormant in my soul since a very young age. Again, I know you will never see this, but I am so emphatically in debt to you, so thankful for everything you have been through, and so thankful that you were strong enough to thrive, against all the animosity, and to make it to this point so that millions can admire and grow from your experiences. Thank you for igniting the fire within me, I won't let it go to waste.

  • Lok Stan
    Lok Stan 天 前

    Высадить хуй, смотрю, точнее слушаю, нихуя не понемаю кароч

  • ɮʀat ɮɛaʀ
    ɮʀat ɮɛaʀ 天 前

    I've been homeless on and off for like 4 and a half years but between that time I was able to come out and adopt a new family that accepts me for me but I consistently been on the street on and off so just seeing you extend this sort of empathy to even your mother warms my heart like I want to cry I had no idea I needed to watch this video

  • John Sheffield
    John Sheffield 天 前

    I watched the series with Shane and I am glad you were able to open up. Because it helps you free yourself and helping others to know they aren't alone. And it overjoys me that you are helping the LGBTQ community to keep growing and getting stronger.

  • Dr O
    Dr O 天 前

    Watched the Jeffree and Shane series. Stumbled on the series and feel emotionally enriched. Jeffree, you remind me of a close and wonderful friend who the world lost in 2008. This friend was a makeup artist for several female vocalists and a hair stylist for many lucky people. Your confession is a beautiful story that you shared with your fans. The truth does set you free. I reiterate a previous comment that Shane could possibly heal the world. Collaboration may be an important change in CNclip. It is important to not embark on this journey alone. Watching Shane, Jeffree, Nate, Rylan & Garrett work together (in collaboration) is a more beautiful environment. Not everyone can be a star and have his/her own channel, there needs to be an audience. I am thankful that I am part of your audience and fan base.

  • Dr O
    Dr O 2 天 前

    Please I hope you talk about your lip color.

  • Kellis
    Kellis 2 天 前

    You are amazing and we are with you.

  • john woodburn
    john woodburn 2 天 前

    I watched it with tears running down my face when he was talking about self harming, so sad. Also honey I'm a true believer in our passed loved ones always being with us, and I feel that your dad has been with you all your life, he would be so proud of you. I felt like I wanted to just give you a big hug.

  • lm m
    lm m 2 天 前

    Damn! I just adore you! I can’t stop to watch your videos
    2 weeks ago, I didn’t know who you are, I saw that my daughter watch your channel all the time..

  • Sarah Gregg
    Sarah Gregg 2 天 前

    So glad you are here with us on youtube today in 2019!

  • Dottie Zygadlo
    Dottie Zygadlo 2 天 前

    Thank you for sharing your story Jeffree. Every time you tell your story and share a little bit more about yourself, you are healing yourself, too. Shane Dawson is awesome..... I got a feeling he is part of the healing.

  • Julia Barker
    Julia Barker 2 天 前

    I love that you helped your mother while you can and that she does want help. I sadly have a father who is homeless but the relationship is not healthy. He is a drug addict who has done very bad things to get these drugs. I have not had a good relationship with him since he was there for the birth of my child. Your video made me so happy that you can reconnect and I pray you can get back what was lost those years that were missed out on. I really can relate to you On so many levels. I have not found my talent yet but you inspire me on so many levels. I used to tell people my mother and father were dead. Both of them affected my drugs my siblings and I were abandoned with our grandmother when I was 9( the oldest of 3). My grandma who was hateful towards my mother resulted in her treating us in a way no child should grow up to, but I’m thankful it wasn’t a foster home for it could have been much worse. My mom and I rekindled after she got pregnant while she was homeless. I thought she was dead when she called and told me she fell off a hill and broke her leg and found out she was a few months pregnant at the hospital. I was 15 when she had my beautiful and second sister. I am so thankful I got her back in my life. But my warning is is to be causious. Anyone can tear you down if you let them. Both of my parents have multiple times. I had no way of supporting my child but could not abort her. My mother wanted to raise her but I would not allow it. I placed my daughter for adoption and my mother broke my heart with the words no mother should tell their daughter. My father showed up after coming out of a coma from intoxication from pills (Roxie’s). He was very calm and I think something inside him broke to see what his absence has done to me. I was 19 with no help and wanted my child to have everything I didn’t have. My mother and I still fight but I remind myself I am strong enough to put boundaries so I can have her in my life without too much violence or ptsd from the things that happened. I hope the best but to be careful. It’s hard with parents and I know what you’re going through which I always only looked up to you but now I can see how similar our ubringing was.

  • MARISOL Diaz
    MARISOL Diaz 2 天 前

    Your amazing

  • Dalida Locato
    Dalida Locato 2 天 前

    Jeffree, now, I love you more than before this video

  • Sylvana Harvey
    Sylvana Harvey 2 天 前

    Can relate to the family situation... unfortunately
    and I'm so happy for you and your mom!

  • Annah V
    Annah V 3 天 前

    Oh my God Jeffreeeeee😭. Bless your heart for taking after your mom. Family is all most people have. You're so real it's incredible.

  • Michell Rea
    Michell Rea 3 天 前 +1

    I am seriously bawling like a baby listening to u talking about ur mom. Parents make us who we r, they r so important. I haven't seen or talked to my mom in 10 years come april beacuse she passed, and i lost my dad last May. Don't ever loose her again, cherish her with every fiber of ur being. Each year is faster than the last and our lives are so fleeting. I am so happy that u get to be a part of what she has left and neither of u have to live without the other! Thank you for sharing ur pain, may it bring u peace and fulfillment!

  • Michell Rea
    Michell Rea 3 天 前

    Ur amazing Jeffree!


    everybody is proud of you

  • Emma Sheppard
    Emma Sheppard 3 天 前 +1

    No disrespect to anyone, but she could have reached out to you too. Family is like a revolving door x

  • Emma Sheppard
    Emma Sheppard 3 天 前

    So sorry you’ve felt this sorrow. I haven’t harmed for a long time now, but I know sometimes you kind of have to shove those feelings aside. Not enough people talk about these things. Can’t stand seeing this sadness in you xxx

  • Iuliana Herghiligiu

    Love you, darling!

  • Chelsie Webb
    Chelsie Webb 3 天 前

    And never be embarrassed about your past, because I bet you wouldn’t have the mind set or be where you are if you never experienced the things you did in your past. Just learn from it. Love you Jeffery 😘

  • Chelsie Webb
    Chelsie Webb 3 天 前

    I know how you feeel about your mom. I went to having my mom cook for me and tuck me in every night to leaving me alone for a week starving with no food. You really make me realize so much. You’re so interesting and badass. I am mind blown you took what u had and made ALLLLL OF THIS

  • Chelsie Webb
    Chelsie Webb 3 天 前

    I just want you to know I respect you so much and everything you do. You are an inspiration. You took nothing and turned it into everything. My parents both left me for drugs, I’ve felt alone for so many years, I find myself putting up a mean front towards everyone so they will leave me alone when deep down I just want someone to show me real love. I took care of myself since I was 11. I really wish I could chill with you one time!! You are awesome and make me feel better just by watching your videos. I love you keep ur head up !!!!! You’re beautiful.

  • Norelie Philips
    Norelie Philips 4 天 前

    I hate the fear of failure, it gives me so much anxiety to the point I can’t breathe sometimes. It took me a looong time to realize that how I dealt with it is what gives me strength. When I look back and realize everything I’ve overcome, I can’t believe that I got through it. It feels good to know that I’m not alone.

  • Natalie Ethier
    Natalie Ethier 4 天 前

    I deal with same issue as you Jeffree, with my biological mother. Same, same thing. I feel you. I'm still in the middle of it. My grandparents were terrific parents!

  • S P
    S P 4 天 前

    You are growing and changing and learning, this is all SO normal...a lot of people think their circumstances are not normal, but at the end of the day...they really are. You have an amazing chance that's been given to you. Live and love with all you have, because our lives are just a whisper of time. xxoo God Bless. (the old gal) lol

  • Cherish
    Cherish 4 天 前 +1

    Jeffree, your relationship with your mom and your history with her....sounds identical to my mom. I wish I could do more for her. You're an angel. Love you.

  • Annabelle Po
    Annabelle Po 4 天 前

    Honestly I'm crying while watching this. I've never felt more loved by someone knowing I'm not alone. I've been going through the worst and I hate my life so much. Thank you for reminding me not to suicide.

  • Elizabeth Hill
    Elizabeth Hill 4 天 前

    He looks so much like Kendal Jenner in this 🤔

  • Ganet Al
    Ganet Al 5 天 前

    Im glad you and your mom are reunited! I was crying like a baby watching this and it’s crazy how a lot of us soo much in common. Take Care 💞

  • Todiisms
    Todiisms 5 天 前

    I get lonely too.

  • WamBam BootySlam
    WamBam BootySlam 5 天 前

    Hi Jeffree I am such a fan of you! Love you so much! I just want to say you are such an inspiration to me! Keep being amazing! You always remind me that the future does get better! I love you so much! Have a great day ❤️!

  • Mr games TV
    Mr games TV 5 天 前

    Fuck off freak

  • Alicia Pedraza
    Alicia Pedraza 5 天 前

    That series with Shane made me love you just that much more! ❤️ You are a queen and have grown so much over the years! I’ve been following since your myspace days and the transformation is insane! You’ve evolved into such a mature amazing human being! Much love 💕

  • sarah daw
    sarah daw 5 天 前

    Love you in baby blue!!

  • Francesca Stanton
    Francesca Stanton 5 天 前

    Im so glad you've reconnected with your mum. Im sad to hear what she's went through, I know things can be hard with mums, but I'm glad you have the chance to have a relationship. I unfortunately wasn't enough for my mum and at the age of 15 she took her life and ended up in a comatosed vegetative state (can't walk, talk, anything) then my nan in December 2017. Thank you for opening up, life isn't easy, the self harm I get, I am slowly learning not to cover it because it tells a story, of how a person got through the lowest times in their life.

  • Heather Seeley
    Heather Seeley 5 天 前

    Thank you for sharing about reconnecting with your mother and the healing it did for you both. You have given me hope that some day I will be able to have the same. I'm waiting for that day when I can hold my son & daughter and begin to heal the trauma(s) we've experienced. Being apart weighs heavy on my heart and every day is hard. I'm happy for you both.

  • Mochi is the name
    Mochi is the name 5 天 前

    Soooo after I finished the series I'm backk

  • Vessela Howell
    Vessela Howell 5 天 前 +1

    don't read more


  • Ebbony Jade
    Ebbony Jade 5 天 前

    Thank you for sharing yourself, emotions, successes, challenges, and everything in your life with us. You are enough! 💕

  • Just-O-Duck
    Just-O-Duck 5 天 前

    Mom: Hi my son what are u doing with your life.
    Me: Oh u know, watching this guy/women revealing his secrets.

  • Jennette
    Jennette 5 天 前

    Your a sweet soul.. So happy to hear your reunited with your Mama.. Im a single mom to a 17 yr old and he's my world... Much love to you.. ❤️

  • Mia Zupon
    Mia Zupon 6 天 前

    Thank you so much for opening up and letting us see you be vulnerable. I understand how you feel I haven't self harmed in about 10 year's. We just gotta stay strong and keep going!

  • Promise the ghost hunter

    I suffer from complex PTSD, anxiety and depression, I was also diagnosed with A.D.D and dyslexia. I tried by swolling prescribed sleeping pills. My sister stopped me and smacked them out of my hand. It was when I was 21. Haven't tried since. Jeffree thank you for getting this out.

  • Lauren Dalaguete
    Lauren Dalaguete 6 天 前

    So this is where all the emptiness came from probably. More power!

  • the sweet bunch
    the sweet bunch 6 天 前

    Bless u

  • the sweet bunch
    the sweet bunch 6 天 前 +1

    Jeffrey I am so sorry u feel that way I get depressed so times I feel for u hope u feel better soon be ur self babe

  • Bettie Seaton
    Bettie Seaton 7 天 前 +1

    Oh I just love you Jeffree. Hugs from someone who truly understands.

  • Luz Cortez
    Luz Cortez 7 天 前

    Wow! Thank you for being so honest with us. It is a privileged that you let us in on who you really are and all that you are going through. May God continue to help you on your journey. You have become a more mature and amazing soul. First time watching your channel this year. The Shane Dawson piece on your life is what got me started :) thank you for opening up to him and us. It was awesome to watch because we get a quick background on you up to now and we can begin to journey along side of you from here on out. Seeing a short snip-it of your past and seeing you now as the person who have become os amazing. Success aside, you have definitely matured and starting to understand what real living means. It is feeling and processing all your emotions, your past, living in the present and hoping and working towards becoming a better person where you contribute to the world and help society. You are helping many people as you shed light on your inner and outer wounds. Thank you for being so brave or moving past the fear to be able to speak about your pain publicly. Anyone who hates as you do this is only because they have not been enlightened and are still in the dark. And until they want to change for themselves and spread love and light they will forever be miserable and will only spread what is in their heart. Darkness. Keep becoming a light in this world Jeffrey. And if you ever feel tired of posting or making videos, know that we will all understand. It is exhausting and depleting if one does not fill themselves up again and make time to decompress in healthy ways.
    Next level will be getting healthy. Learn to understand that sugar addiction. The brain and the gut are connected. Heal your digestive system to help you heal your entire body. Your body will flower. It is all connected to how you are feeling. But that in time will come. Baby steps. Excited and so happy to be a fan of yours. Sending you only goodwill towards you.
    Know that it is not all that you have done to beautify yourself, and it is not all that success and money that make me keep coming back to your videos. It is the person you have become and are becoming into(one who is healing and is now radiating love and light) that has made me a fan. Heck, it makes me now want to go out and support your brand because in supporting you, I will be supporting all those people you help, like your mother.
    You have stoped being this different, fascinating alien that people watch and judge. You have flowered into this beautiful human we can all come to relate to and your openess begs and forces us to come to your level, open our minds and to come to understand. We can see ourselves in you in these videos of realness. So again, thank you for taking down your walls. Ignore those who attack you still for doing this but they are lost causes until they seek out to heal themselves.
    Sending you a giant hug and may one day I have the goodluck of bumping into you around town, so that I may hug you in person and encourage you to keep on climbing and growing as a person, as a soul.
    Sending you a lot of love!!

  • Tulasi Devi Dasi
    Tulasi Devi Dasi 7 天 前

    I am so happy after this. Thank you ❤️ you are the brightest star ⭐️

  • Shana Rae
    Shana Rae 7 天 前

    I hope he does a video with his Mom. I’d love to see her. I’ve read online that she was a single mother and a model. So awesome that they have reconnected. Everything happens for a reason. 💖

  • soraya
    soraya 7 天 前

    Wow , thank you for sharing your story ♥️

  • XRemARx
    XRemARx 7 天 前 +1

    People attack when you’re successful because they’re jealous and insecure about themselves. :(

  • Jessica Martinez
    Jessica Martinez 7 天 前

    Love this makeup look it’s 🔥 🔥

  • Tamara Briedwell
    Tamara Briedwell 7 天 前

    I absolutely adore you. You're funny, and such a strong person. Thank you for sharing your struggles and pain, it makes me not feel alone.

  • alexis spiteri
    alexis spiteri 8 天 前 +1

    U r an amazing person u are amazing at what u do and u shouldn’t feel bad about because u are such an inspiration to me love u ❤️

  • Tessa99peace
    Tessa99peace 8 天 前

    OMG! I just found this video! It's crazy to think that the universe works in mysterious ways because my dad and I are not really talking now. My father traumatized me over the phone for almost 2 hours then to find out that he was lying the whole time while on the phone. I was crying and screaming at him to stop, but he wouldn't. I applaud you for being this strong! I strive to be like that one day. I hope that it takes a few years to heal from our scars and maybe we'll reconnect someday. I literally cried when you said you haven't talked to your mom in 10 years. Because of that moment, I felt so vulnerable in my bedroom and I started crying. So thank you for sharing your story with everyone because it takes guts. I love you soooooo much and thank you for being an inspiration in the beauty world.

  • Existentialnausea
    Existentialnausea 8 天 前 +1

    You look amazing without makeup.

  • iliana Hansbrough
    iliana Hansbrough 8 天 前 +3

    I love the way you are Please !!! Take it EASY, because We want you around for long time 😊

  • beauty_lust80
    beauty_lust80 8 天 前 +4

    With all makeup aside this is my favorite Jeffree Star video everrrrr! I mean who can't appreciate REALNESS? He has really taken all of his fans and welcomed us into his heart and soul..Simply beautiful and very heart warming..This Jeffree Star behind the Glitts and glam is just amazingly authentic and true..Thank you for this video Jeffree and my appreciation for your life story and struggles are deeply respected..Love you and everything you stand for....

  • Ramie Shook
    Ramie Shook 8 天 前 +1

    Your such an inspiration!!! My mom and I have had the same relationship and it’s not always the best and extremely hard! Good for y’all for healing! Prayers!

  • Adrienne Desimone
    Adrienne Desimone 8 天 前 +1

    Hi Jeffree :) long time listener, first time caller. I’ve watched many of your vlogs. Thank you for all your contributions to culture and society💕I am from LA, raised in Santa Monica and was born in 1986. I feel like I can relate in so many ways. My mom and I really have a similar state of affairs, I had to block her at the beginning of this year because of her personal state and basically she was harassing me via text. Yes I can relate. I don’t know when I’ll see her again. I was shocked. I’m also bulimic and have disordered eating 10+ years now. I’m in a similar boat, I don’t act of my bulimic urges. But they are there. Thank you so much Jeffree, you are a gift to me and the world. This video I just watched for the first time this morning with my coffee and bacon. I couldn’t have started my day without this, I needed to watch this and know that it’s what helped me get out of the house today with a smile. You are gorgeous and talented beyond words, Thank you Jeffree.

  • Kylie Halostar
    Kylie Halostar 8 天 前

    Honey, their are many of us.... many of us show the world a mask, I wish we were friends so I could hug you. It kills me, gentle souls like us seem to attract 'fake' friends because I know how much it rocks your world.. and hurts. Chin up babe, Nathan is a gift from heaven... love like that is rare. Ban the dark thoughts and smile until its real. We deserve to be happy but you gotta work for it when your like us.

  • Julietta Tello
    Julietta Tello 8 天 前

    Jeffrey first time I have seen your channel and crying right now. My daughter is a fan and now I know why she relates to your life, she loves your brand and always keeps up with what is new.
    Three days ago she asked my husband if she could buy the offer they had, I think something like 250.00 worth of product for $ 75.00. She is very giving she helps us out all the time due to my medical issues she has stepped up without being asked.
    Now the reason why I say she relates to you is that in her high school years it was normal for kids to self harm themselves(can't believe I say that it is not normal for anyone to self-harm). It concerned me to the point I was seeing warning signs like the rubber band around her wrist. I asked her about that but she would not let up to tell me. Then one they I researched it and explain to her I know what the rubber band and the scars around her wrist meant.
    there were so many unsaid things that I knew something is wrong, just could not pinpoint the reason. still can't and I don't want to say much more because is personal. I can relate and especially my daughter can relate to you, thank you for being you and sharing your life I think it helps a lot of people in so many ways.
    There so many people out there that you help not only because of your make up line, but just you being you. Really love what you do and I just hope you know we have been in dark places but there is always a light on the other side.
    I am so happy you and your mom are talking God bless. Thank you.

  • feli robles
    feli robles 8 天 前


  • Link Ashton
    Link Ashton 8 天 前

    I cried during this, not even going to try to lie. My boyfriend and I have been on and off homeless for the past few years, and it just makes me feel so horrible to think anyone else has to go through something like this. I know this was uploaded months ago, and no one will really see it, but I sincerely hope things are better now. Thank you, so, so much for sharing. It takes a strong person to share that, and to reach out and try to make things right.

  • Jiju Blue
    Jiju Blue 8 天 前

    I wanted to let go and I want to put away my dreams so I can give up for my dark monster inside my head also because I thought I'm not worth it but you taught me a lot, thank you for inspiring me.💕

  • Irvin Leong
    Irvin Leong 8 天 前 +2

    Love you. I support you. Hope you see this and really know it in your heart that there are people who really loves you and support you coz you are a good person and you deserves to be loved. Happy for you.

  • Carmen Vega
    Carmen Vega 8 天 前

    As a lot of people had said before I come here seeing you under another light and to let you know that you have earned my absolute respect as a person. Not everyone is capable of fighting back and go to the top after having everything taking away from them and having to start from scratch again.
    About your new confessions. First I give thanks to God for landing Shane in your path so he could be his instrument in the start of your personal and emotional healing. You are very lucky to have really friends in your life and also to have found someone to love and to be loved by too.
    Depression is a sickening illness. I know because some close family member suffer from it, so if you need someone to talk let me know. I am here and I will love to hear what you have to say.
    Reconciliation with your mom is going to be a long process but a really wonderful experience for the both of you. I know you have posted some videos with some comments about what used to be your life as a child and I am going to say this, the first thing that you will need to do to start feeling ok with this new lease on your relationship with your mom is that your need a clean slate. You need to seat down with her and tell her mom you know I am here today because of you and i want you to know that no matter what happened i forgive you so you can forgive me for any wrongdoings against you. This is so we are starting our relationship on a clean slate, we are departing from new to develop and build based on love and as a family.
    I hope the best and how a said before a new fan. If you need me I am here, if on Minnesota let me know so we can meet up and have a coffee. Deal?
    Keep it real, clean and simple girl... xoxo

  • Lori Decker
    Lori Decker 8 天 前 +1

    Sending you never ending hugs.

  • Tricia Whitmeyer
    Tricia Whitmeyer 9 天 前 +1

    U r such a great son. U r so wonderful. Love u Jefree

  • Tricia Whitmeyer
    Tricia Whitmeyer 9 天 前 +1

    I cut and it was my bottom. U speaking on this means the world to me. I haven't in 2 yrs ❤️❤️

  • Jeanne Savage
    Jeanne Savage 9 天 前 +1

    So happy I watched Shane’s video! It shows how human you are! Love you soooo much.

  • Ruben Lopez
    Ruben Lopez 9 天 前

    Jeffree is absolutely amazing and seeing into his life was so REAL. It definitely made us (his fans) feel closer to him and it gave me lots of hope. Hope that anyone can come from nothing and become something/someone. Jeffree will always inspire me ! ❤️

  • J Perez
    J Perez 9 天 前 +1

    I love you jeffree star. After doc series. I have a new found respect for you. Chicago Loves you...

  • Mauro Calcagno
    Mauro Calcagno 9 天 前 +4

    Jeffree you're one of the only content creators that inspire ppl with the truth, the real life job and backstage of success, thank you so much

  • Jennifer Balbuena
    Jennifer Balbuena 9 天 前 +1

    i want to meet you jeffree :(

  • Breanna Adams
    Breanna Adams 9 天 前 +1

    we're all here for you Jeffree, thank you for sharing your story

  • Kat Walsh
    Kat Walsh 9 天 前

    How amazing of you to share. Thank you. I’ve gone through relationship problems with my son and we didn’t talk for 5 years. He was homeless and a heroin addict. He’s in recovery now and lives with my mom.
    Self-harm... been there too my love.
    I plan to get a Phoenix over my left inner forearm where my scarring is biggest and deepest.
    Thank you so much for letting us in. I so just want to give you a mom hug and make you amazing cookies!
    So much love honey.

  • Therese Andresen
    Therese Andresen 9 天 前

  • Hernando Altahona
    Hernando Altahona 9 天 前

    I love Jeffree ❤️

  • Angel Corrales
    Angel Corrales 9 天 前

    You are beautiful ⭐️🌸

  • Brent Hazelton-Glenn
    Brent Hazelton-Glenn 9 天 前 +1

    Omg! Jeffree you have a good soul. Your story touched me and you had me tears. We love you.

  • Legendary Vocalists

    The topic on your mom was so heartbreaking.... I can't fathom to ever imagine my mother suffering, so I felt great empathy and imagine that it was traumatizing to discover.... I'm glad you'll be able to help her and to make amends with her.

  • Britt Spencer
    Britt Spencer 10 天 前

    you are so awesome jstar. so relatable and i think thats why you are so successful with your business and you have such a true heart. honestly the most iconic person in the beauty industry

  • Roselvia Elizondo
    Roselvia Elizondo 10 天 前

    I really didn’t know who you were until I saw the series with Shane but I’m glad I did because I got to know you at least in a portion. I’ve said it several times but i thank God i saw and learned about you because I’ve felt what you have and I’m glad I’m not alone. Thank you

  • Zoe Grey
    Zoe Grey 10 天 前

    You are inspiring and strong. I am graceful I found your chanel

  • Zoe Grey
    Zoe Grey 10 天 前 +1

    Thankyou for sharing your story. It is very touching

  • Małgorzata Wodka
    Małgorzata Wodka 10 天 前

    Maybe it's a little late to say it but it was interesting and it wasn't too much. I always have a lot of fun watching you. You bring me joy, so forget the shitty stuff and keep going. Thanks for sharing all of this.

  • carolyn mchugh
    carolyn mchugh 10 天 前

    God is looking out for had to make this journey before it came back to happy you and your mom are working on ones perfect just keep trying it will get better....u reached out and god will never forget not that religious but i do believe things happen for a reason at certain times....thats all part of our journey and tests we must go through....we r tested is bigger than are on to the best part of your life you have worked hard....believe me your mom is do you Jeffrey....dont EVER think you are not worthy and not loved....the haters need to work on themselves and are jealous or going through their own hells....surround yourself with postive people and mind like people....stay strong it is all worth it in the end....every dam minute!!!!

  • Jennifer L Jones
    Jennifer L Jones 10 天 前

    CAN relate. Love you!