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  • Linda Cunningham
    Linda Cunningham 2 小时 前

    I want to tell much as your fans want you day in and day out. Your primary concern should be you and Nate. I lost my husband in 2004. I spent too much time wanting the best phone the best computer the best vacation and when he died I realized I had had wasted the time I had with him. Don't make that mistake. We are not worth that.

  • Michelle Urgel
    Michelle Urgel 6 小时 前

    I used to self harm, and have to fight all the time not to. For me when I was depressed and suicidal I would harm myself and in a weird way it made me feel better. I hated myself so much that by hurting myself was a release, I felt like I deserved it. But I got the help I needed and no longer feel the need to do it. Sometimes it comes back and I feel like I need to do it. But I talk to a friend or a loved one and it becomes bearable again. I take it literally day by day. Thank you for being open Jeffree, it feels good to know I'm not alone.

  • Jenny Gooden
    Jenny Gooden 7 小时 前

    It’s amazing how much you have been willing to share your life with us and how you can strike a nerve in me when I’m hurting and struggling and making me feel like I’m not going through this mental health struggle alone

  • Sarah Coons
    Sarah Coons 7 小时 前


  • gary de French
    gary de French 8 小时 前

    I have not talked to my daughter in 6 years she is very successful and I was homeless and lately have been couch surfing. I have tried to reach out to her online and she just blocks me every time. No drugs or substance use of any kind involved, just life happening. It's beyond heartbreaking and I am happy to hear you are working on reconnecting with your mom.I hope someday soon my daughter will want to know her mom again. I recently found out she has stage 3 ovarian cancer and I pray she doesn't die, especially before we ever get to talk to each other again .We never had a fight or anything. I never knew why she walked away. Thank you for sharing such a deep and personal story, it has helped me heal and gives me hope. You are loved and respected for your honesty and kind heart. xx

  • Stephanie Warner
    Stephanie Warner 8 小时 前

    i just wanna say thank you so much for opening up about all of this. i don’t see many celebrities or famous people talking about self harm specifically. i struggled for so long feeling so alone. hearing your story brought up so many emotions and has helped me so much. i love you so much

  • Kyriaki Zafeiriadou
    Kyriaki Zafeiriadou 12 小时 前

    Thank you for sharing dear! My respects to you for facing the Abyss and winning and having the courage to speak out. I truly wish you all the very best💖💖💖

  • For the love of watermelon

    after watching Shane's vlog, I gained alot of respect towards you sorry I just came to know your name this year from a local beauty blogger and had really no idea about your scandals/beef and myspace etc in the past, just heard your review about this kylie cosmetic stuff but did not focus on it so now I am more interested about your persona, how cool and low key you are when it comes to your passion. You rock!
    wish I can meet you in person and take a picture with you and huggggg you

  • Dori The Crystal Whisperer

    I have no clue about makeup but this man charisma and spirit are are so rare! I truly admire you, Jeffree!

  • Angelina Robldeo
    Angelina Robldeo 18 小时 前

    Why am I always late??? This video was up since Aug 2018 the years of 2018 is almost over.. ahhhhh..
    P.s ur not the only one... I never met my father too I think I will never met him. I think I never want to met him. I am scared too.

  • Diana Siu
    Diana Siu 21 小时 前

    Newfound respect for you Jeffree. Thank you for being an inspiration to those down in the dumps and being willing to be vulnerable to us.

  • pearl oal
    pearl oal 天 前

    I am proud of for u to being brave to share ur inner story... thank u for sharing to us... stay strong and love back to ur mom.... love yah

  • Kaeya Koster
    Kaeya Koster 天 前

    I have been cutting for 4 years and I am 3 days clean. Thank you for sharing your story. It really helped me and made me think I can get through this hard part of my life.

  • Lakota Matney
    Lakota Matney 天 前

    Such a genuine and beautiful soul

  • Avery Watson
    Avery Watson 天 前

    OMG Jeffery. We all love you so much as you have to remember you will never be alone. You have us

  • Maryann Rodriguez

    I really give you Jeffreestar a lot of credit for making this video, you shouldn't feel embarrassed because we all, and I don't care who we are,how much money we have, where we come from.....we all are equal no matter what!!! Your humble, I see your very generous,and you care about people, and that's a BIG PLUS IN MY BOOK!!! Who cares about what people say or think.....your not hurting anyone, so if people have a problem with it... they can KISS IT!!! 🤭

  • Meka Frances Ciete

    You are very brave Jeffee you are not alone! You are great to be able to overcome your issues... just keep it up of being yourself and love every minute of it... family is family blood or soul related. Forgive forget and move on. Learn from our mistakes. Let God 🙏🏽

  • Nixatra
    Nixatra 天 前

    What... are you?

  • Rochelle Nicoletta

    You are beautiful and you are someone that is not afraid to be out there with your life.

  • Carol Chrzanowski

    Jeffery I am new to your channel of about two weeks. I just watched your dark secrets video. You should be very very proud of yourself. Not a lot of people would ever put there feeling out there. Don’t ever think you are alone. You are AMAZING. You have made me laugh and now cry after this video. Thank you for being you and opening up to millions of people.

  • michele scicluna

    The 7,500 dislikes are from Kat and her Army of skanks 🐍

  • mahajlo80
    mahajlo80 天 前


  • Becky Malko
    Becky Malko 天 前

    If you need to talk we are here for you. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • Bianca Flores
    Bianca Flores 天 前

    I agree jeffee should write a book about everything. Jeffrey we are all proud of you for coming out to us. We love u jeffree

  • Alexandra Donnelly
    Alexandra Donnelly 2 天 前

    I don't blame you for going to that length to keep family drama a secret. My family is full of bullshit and toxicity, too. My family's drama is exhausting, too. If you were open with your audience about it, you would be telling everyone stuff about them, you know? I'm proud of you for being brave enough to reach out, and I'm glad you were lucky enough that both of you were finally able to connect.

  • BTS_stan ARMY
    BTS_stan ARMY 2 天 前 +1

    We love a strong sister😭😘

  • Ioanna Zap
    Ioanna Zap 2 天 前

    Please don't tell us about your mother's struggles, that's her issue and making it public won't help her; unless she's been through a problem (or more, sadly) that you can make a good cause out of. You know this better than we do.
    I'm glad you're a cleansed soul now, for the most part.

  • katie foley
    katie foley 2 天 前

    I feel this so much... i was at that point in my life that i felt hurting myself would make me feel better... but ive grew out of it and im slowly getting better.

  • Sarah Tea
    Sarah Tea 2 天 前 +2

    Jeffree is so real and genuine, he is extremely articulate and intelligent but at the same time his sense of humor is totally profane, sarcastic and dark. Love him.

  • Jiya Duggal
    Jiya Duggal 2 天 前

    Jeffree you are so brave for sharing this! Much love or you

  • Marissa Curtis
    Marissa Curtis 2 天 前

    I love that you are comfortable enough in your own skin now to be raw and vulnerable. Such a great step to healing internally.

  • Kristy Payne
    Kristy Payne 2 天 前

    I loved who u are before and after the Shane series u are wonderful inside and out! And I can’t speak for everyone but we thank u for sharing so must of ur life with us and we all probably yern for more but please don’t feel like u owe us all ur secrets. It’s wonderful that u feel comfortable enough to share it but don’t ever feel like u have to tell everything. And I’m sure there’s sooo much that u don’t but we all appreciate u telling ur struggles and ur accomplishments.
    Love u Jeffree!!!

  • Andrea Miron
    Andrea Miron 3 天 前

    After seeing this video, makes me love you even more. You are so blessed just by the simple action of helping your mom besides all the bad. You have a golden heart. Blessings to you.

  • President Kharter
    President Kharter 3 天 前

    You are definitely my inspiration. I related a lot to you. Hopefully one day I can meet you in person. ❤ your a sweet person and deserve the world.

  • Mary Anne Romero
    Mary Anne Romero 3 天 前

    Now .... I know why I'm obsessed,
    With jeffreestar. I'm running out of words to say... but I admire your courage, to openly talk about it, we Love and Respect you. (No wonder you are being Blessed.)

  • Firey Pixie
    Firey Pixie 3 天 前

    You are amazing! You are literally a HUGE inspiration in my life. From the make up to the attitude! I absolutely love you. And the fact that you open up to us is absolutely incredable. The people who do truly love you like me appreciate knowing about you bc we care 😍😍❤❤

  • Dr. Tiffany Lopez
    Dr. Tiffany Lopez 3 天 前

    I have to say that before the 5-part documentary with Shane, I had never heard of Jeffree Star. I know, you are saying, "what rock have I been living under?" I thought it was EPIC of you. Acceptance of others and respect for diversity is so lacking in today's social strata. If I had known of you when I was struck with cancer and lost everything; Everything... I would be in a drastically different place in life.

  • T Marshall
    T Marshall 3 天 前

    I'm sure you hear this a lot. But Jeffree you are so beautiful. For someone that has carried that kind of pain inside you just have this beauty, this realness. And then there's that beautiful face. your face and your voice are so soothing. Then there's the flip side where you are so funny and so entertaining. Sometimes I just watch your videos when I just need to chill. I admire you.

  • Jessicuh Ann
    Jessicuh Ann 3 天 前

    I’ve covered my scars with tattoos as well, it doesn’t cover deep ones permanently but it does make them a little less noticeable. I’m so happy you’re feeling so much better from that mental prison Jeffree. & when you talked about your mom, I had so many memories of what me & my mom went thru. I cried so much thru this whole video, but in a healthy appreciative way, & the end was amazing. I truly hope things continue to become better & better with the mental trauma & your mother that you graciously & lovingly obviously are putting your all into her. I have so much respect towards you on so many levels Jeffree. I truly feel close to you, just on a lot of things you’ve said throughout your channel. So many people try to set you out to be “a monster” or wtfe man & i’m a pretty good judge of character & the little bit of your life of what I can see, you are so fucking genuine, generous, caring & deserve more credit than you receive.

  • Nail Headed
    Nail Headed 4 天 前

    I just love that you take a minute to sit and tell people that you are relatable in so many ways.

  • megan Brooks
    megan Brooks 4 天 前

    You bring so much to the table Jeffree. You worked so hard for what you have, and deserve such an amazing life.

  • Cheyenne Maria
    Cheyenne Maria 4 天 前

    I love you, Jeffree.

  • Cece Cummings
    Cece Cummings 4 天 前

    Definitely not the cocky, rude or stuck up person that people try to make you out to be. You’re cool AF. Also, fuck Kat Von D

  • Lexi Rolfe
    Lexi Rolfe 4 天 前

    It is so refreshing to hear you open up like this and see how someone so successful and famous really is just like the rest of us. With your own unique and heartbreaking story, its things like this that really connect every human... Much love and respect Jeffree Star.

  • Jackie Nole
    Jackie Nole 4 天 前

    Well, this video did it. I just subscribed to Jeffree’s channel after having watched many, many videos, including Shane’s series and there’s nothing I respect more than someone who can be REAL despite all the “covering up” like JS puts it. I’m pretty skeptical of “realness” on the internet but you’ve opened up to the world and you didn’t have to but you did... Thank you for sharing your life with us and thank you for being so brave. You speak in the name of many going through this, I’m sure and it’s truly amazing and inspirational. Can’t wait to learn more about your awesome journey and adventures.

  • Violet Moon
    Violet Moon 4 天 前 +1

    I'm crying your so brave 🙏

  • Sarah SL
    Sarah SL 4 天 前

    We need a T.V show pls the world needs to know u more i think we can learn alot from u

  • Sarah SL
    Sarah SL 4 天 前

    Thank u for being in my life❤ im sure we will never meet but i love u i cant stop hearing ur voice

  • Amanda Bacik
    Amanda Bacik 4 天 前

    ive never felt so conected with a person so deply thank you so much for being brave and sharing....

  • Geek Goddess
    Geek Goddess 5 天 前

    Aliens are real! We have real emotion and real love 😘

  • Trishy Boykin
    Trishy Boykin 5 天 前

    Jeffree I'm so proud of you 😭❤❤ yess honey

  • Amber Garrison
    Amber Garrison 5 天 前

    I know that I am late but I just have to say you are awesome. Keep being the best you. We all have a past and it is what makes who we are. Much love from a complete stranger.

  • Amy Glover
    Amy Glover 5 天 前 +1

    I ADORE him. Just positively adore him.

  • Cass D The non-Apostate Apostate

    You're amazing for sharing so much. It's therapeutic for you and definitely will help others. I'm proud of anyone who can tell their truth!

  • BBQpotato
    BBQpotato 5 天 前

    Come for makeup, stay for Jeffree

  • Abby Madz
    Abby Madz 5 天 前

    When Jeffree says "no one check up on me" it hits me tremendously. I feel u gurl

  • diamond giddens
    diamond giddens 5 天 前

    this is growth. and the definition of it. i don’t even know you personally, but i am so proud.

  • Lisa Greghi
    Lisa Greghi 5 天 前

    I love you Jeffrey, you are just one of the most genuine and respectable people I feel like I know. I don't really do but I understand you so much because I did the exact same you did and I am so happy you feel healed. I ish you the very best ❤️❤️❤️

    • Lisa Greghi
      Lisa Greghi 5 天 前

      The second part is almost scary but I am so happy for you❤️

  • Mireya Ramirez
    Mireya Ramirez 5 天 前

    Jeffree, you are loved ❤️

  • cynthia renteria
    cynthia renteria 5 天 前

    Jeffery I fucken love you 💓💓💓

  • Nichol Carrillo
    Nichol Carrillo 6 天 前 +2

    thank you for being so open and truly being the you everyone loves. opening up to some things that are so hard to say out loud feels so good when you really do share it. I hope this helps you heel and i love you and thank you for being so strong! ❤️

  • paige hackman
    paige hackman 6 天 前

    You're so beautiful. I love you! I deeply admire you revealing these sacred pieces to your heart. I can feel every vibrations of liberation and freedom as you let go. 🙌💓

  • Faith Chrestman
    Faith Chrestman 6 天 前 +1

    Would love to see your mom and you do a video!

  • Norka Chan
    Norka Chan 6 天 前

    How do you make your face look so good what do you use to make your face clean

  • Mary Fabela
    Mary Fabela 6 天 前 +1

    Beautiful soul the most precious!

  • Mary Fabela
    Mary Fabela 6 天 前

    I love you jeffree

  • Colorful Daneen
    Colorful Daneen 6 天 前

    All I wanna do is shower you with love and light!!! You are beautiful. 🥰🥰

  • ceslaurnt CECIL
    ceslaurnt CECIL 6 天 前

    jeffrey you are not alone :( what about us?

  • annmarie evans
    annmarie evans 7 天 前

    Your story is amazing.. and your just beautiful.

  • Cheyenne Bryant
    Cheyenne Bryant 7 天 前

    So she didnt know you were “Jeffree Star”? Just wondering.. your amazing tho ✨

  • Paula Avalos
    Paula Avalos 7 天 前

    I can tell that most of the dislikes are because people feel like jeffree uses shane's documentary to clean his image and sell us the vulnerable jeffree, the defenseless one and the victime and all that shit and i can say that in some moments i thought so too, cause he can be so controversial and we've been so manipulated by so many youtubers for views in the past times that my mind said "oh wow, another one fake crying in front of the camera", but i must admit that seing the jeffree star series and this video made me feel helpless and broken and i think jeffree felt that too, for so much more time than me and just to think of me putting up with those emotions for another minute makes me sick and i don't know how he did it and how he can openly talk about it without burst into tear.
    Pretty sure we've been sad and alone but never at this rate and for so long and to think of anyone feeling this miserable makes me want to hug them and protect them from the cruel world. I'm not ok with everything he has done and having a hard life does not justify bad acts (it does explain them, wich is a different matter), but now i can understand many of his decisions.
    I really hope he can pick up those broken pieces of the life he used to have and even if he can't put them back together hope he can outcome them and just breath with a moment of peace.

  • Linda Marino
    Linda Marino 7 天 前 +1

    Thank you Jeffree,for making me feel less alone..I battle this struggle.🥀

  • Kendall Duvall
    Kendall Duvall 7 天 前

    This is why you’re my favorite CNclipr/ beauty guru because you’re such an honest person and you don’t sugar coat shit!!!

  • Renee Lemay
    Renee Lemay 7 天 前

    I can say I just love you Jeffree and I am so happy you have shown yourself and trusted Shane and opened up. Your great!!

  • Ashley Leavitt
    Ashley Leavitt 7 天 前

    cried wow it's crazy how life is

  • Nayra Vazquez
    Nayra Vazquez 7 天 前 +2

    Hello Jeffree!!! I have been praying for you since I was introduced to your amazing product and videos!! You are an amazing human being and God created you with a purpose and He has loved you since the foundation of the world!! You are special to God and He has always been with you!! He longs to manifest Himself to you!! I pray blessings over you and declare that you victorious in Jesus name!! Love you honey!! ❤️

  • Sumterall 000
    Sumterall 000 7 天 前 +1

    Thank you for sharing these😊 because you endured these for many years,but. now. you had the confidence to say it and i respect you for it thank you,for you've become a beacon of respect in my heart 😁

  • Ashley Learned
    Ashley Learned 7 天 前

    Your story is so inspiring and I absolutely get it. I think it's amazing that you and your mom have reconnected after all that time without seeing or speaking to each other. You have been through so much and just wanted to let you know we are all here for you ❤

  • Par Bgh
    Par Bgh 7 天 前

    10:02 totally relate😢

  • HC Erocdrah
    HC Erocdrah 7 天 前

    Jeffree you SHOOK THE ENTIRE FUCKING INTERNET i swear when people watch that series they will think a whole new perspective of you and I cant wait for it, Ive been following you for 10 years and i love you 2000%!!! I want to meet you so bad 🤩❤🤩

  • Blizzard ?
    Blizzard ? 7 天 前

    Jeffree Star letting you know I still always Admire you

  • Kylie Bennett
    Kylie Bennett 8 天 前 +1

    I recently started watching ur video's and I have feel in love with who u are. You are such an amazing/strong person with a beautiful heart 💗 This video had me balling when u said it had been 10 yrs since u self harmed😢 That hit me so hard because I know the feeling all too well. I love you Jeffree and you are ohh so loved sweetie😘💗

  • Megan Mango
    Megan Mango 8 天 前

    The part about your mom ❤️ I haven’t seen my dad in about 11 years. Same thing, we just always argued & never saw eye to eye on anything. My stepmom was abusive & loved pitting my stepsisters against my little sister & I. As the older sister, I took on a protective role early on & got the brunt of my stepmothers hatred & mental illness. My dad basically said she’s mean to everyone & at 13 I should be the bigger person & ignore it. I’ve been torn apart for about 5 years knowing I’m missing a part of my life but also knowing he obv just doesn’t really care. I don’t even get into the financial situation w his family. They’re actually super rich. I get expensive bath bombs, body scrubs & gift cards for places I can’t afford a few times a year. He pretends to want this relationship w me & then the next minute promises to help my sister out (who still has a relationship & talks to that side of the family regularly) but the help never comes. She’s a college student that’s student teaching right now. Sorry to vent. I never know how to feel about this situation. Maybe if my father got dealt some bad hands he’d learn some humility. I don’t know if I can ever forgive or if he’d ever be sorry for the emotional & physical abuse I endured all those years.
    *edit* not famous person rich, but very well off. Type of dad who “couldn’t” help my single mother buy us coats bc he spent all his money trick skiing in the Bahamas or just bought a new yacht. & then my stepmom & sisters would make comments about us being underdressed or wearing thrift store/off brand items. Again sorry to vent. I have this big side of my heart that knows I’ve made the right choice cutting the negativity out & then another side that’s just a girl who misses her dad a little.

  • Mikaela Surkitt
    Mikaela Surkitt 8 天 前

    You are amazing. It's so important to talk about these things, you are such an inspiration to so many and a lot of those people may be going through similar situation and you opening up about these things will really help them and for those not going through similar stuff, it might help those understand it all a bit more. You touched on lots of important messages. Thank you

  • Maeve  Viegas
    Maeve Viegas 8 天 前

    Jeffree Star is the most amazing person..he’s honest and really humble..have a lot of respect for such a beautiful human like him. Love him so much

  • lexi RockCandy97
    lexi RockCandy97 9 天 前 +2

    I am so late on this but honestly this inspired me so much :) you amazing Jeffree :3

  • Sarah McLin
    Sarah McLin 9 天 前

    I adored Shane's series with you. You might not know this, but you are a role model for people like my daughter and I am so glad that you are!

  • Tracy Kelly
    Tracy Kelly 9 天 前

    I loved The Secret World series by Shane about you.

    GULENAY DEFNE Ozen 9 天 前 +1

  • Maria Gonzalez
    Maria Gonzalez 9 天 前

    It’s true, I tried cutting myself 3 years ago and I didn’t get that feeling I used too and after that I just felt so ashamed. So embarrassed. Even to this day, I feel guilty and watching you talk about it and grow from has inspired me and I hope someday I can be proud of who I was, who I am, and who I’ll be 🖤 thank you so much 🖤

  • Nova Knight
    Nova Knight 9 天 前

    I FREKEN love you Jeffree Star I just saw an interview with you a few days ago & I binge watch it you are Soo awesome!!!!! A real human I can understand. I'm from the land of broke toys I like to keep it weird and spooky. I know you will never read this but I know I'm sending you love & that's all that matters to a sister.

  • Jason Macintosh
    Jason Macintosh 9 天 前

    I dont know you but what manny and that other hooker has done to you is fucked up . just wanted to say that .thanks .

  • Fani Muniz
    Fani Muniz 9 天 前

    Jeffree , Honestly I just started to follow you not so long ago. I watched Shanes documentary and WOW, Just WOW. I honestly respect you as a Person. You’re so strong & I understand you being that I also went through the whole self harm. You feel so much pain but you can’t see it, Yet you feel the pain. 😔😔😔 You’re such a beautiful soul... 💕

  • Faye Thayer
    Faye Thayer 9 天 前

    I don’t understand how anyone can hate Jeffree. He’s amazing. Love you Queen!

  • 余沛錞
    余沛錞 9 天 前

    You are a great person and now you really know what your are doing. After watching several of Jeffree's vlog, I feel that you has grown up and become a real star. When Shane asked why did you give up your music career? I can feel you became emotional and there were a lot of embedded stories. And the part that you reunited with your mother and help her get back to normal life was really really touching. You have done all the you so much!

  • Pepp Greaze
    Pepp Greaze 9 天 前

    I heard a whole bunch of bad stuff about you, but I honestly can't stop watching your videos 😩😩😩

  • Bertrice D.
    Bertrice D. 9 天 前

    Jeffree i am respect you so much and this video is really opening! I’ve been a self cutter in high school and i always struggled with temptations of hurting myself! I agree with you that it’s a battle on a daily basis, and I’ve struggled with depression as well!
    I also had issues with my mother and we’ve been not so good, so i understand where you’re coming from with not having much family! I feel the same way! ❤️❤️love from New York Jeffree

  • Tiffany Gray
    Tiffany Gray 9 天 前

    Something negative ways happens in our lives for a positive to come from it all!! I love you Jeffre you truly are a inspiration to me and million of others!

  • neka cura
    neka cura 10 天 前

    Write a book please

  • Eta Layah
    Eta Layah 10 天 前

    I just adore you. Your Mother must be so proud of you. I sure am. Helping your Mother is one of the greats joys, enjoy each other, and yes, time passes very quickly.