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  • HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I wanted to sit down and just talk to you guys. It's been 2 weeks since The Secret Life of Jeffree Star has been out in the world and I wanted to address questions you guys had, and expand on a few topics... I also wanted to reveal a few dark secrets that I wasn't ready to tell Shane or talk about until now... My whole life I've had a very hard time opening up to anyone... Thank you for listening.
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  • Rosemary AKA: Brassknuckles.o00oTM
    Rosemary AKA: Brassknuckles.o00oTM 3 小时 前

    So sad.. I feel for you i know how that is i was on the streets for 10 years off and on just sleeping where i could and eating what i stole

  • Rosemary AKA: Brassknuckles.o00oTM
    Rosemary AKA: Brassknuckles.o00oTM 3 小时 前

    Love you jeffree and im so glad that you can advocate for this ive felt that way as well.. Noone cared that i covered myself up and thought i was fine because i always put up a front . People like us need to hear you speak up about this because it gives up hope that we can get there one day too :) thank you so much:)💕💞😍

  • Cakey Madness
    Cakey Madness 7 小时 前

    You probably won't see this but I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story. I am a cutter too. I used to do it a lot as a teenager and then didn't for years but when I feel things are going really bad and out of control sometimes I have a relapse. I hate doing it but it's always a last resort nowadays. I'm working hard to try find better ways of coping with overwhelming feelings.
    You are an inspiration to so many people and hearing you be so honest is refreshing. Xx

  • E W
    E W 7 小时 前

    I’m so glad you have your mom back in your life. I wish I could give you a big hug.

  • Liann Garcia
    Liann Garcia 7 小时 前

    who the f*ck dislikes this kind of a video?? who are you???

  • Denise Carpenter
    Denise Carpenter 10 小时 前

    I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. You are such a good person and I'm glad you are happy to have re-connected. You have friends out here in internet land!

  • lookie what we have here
    lookie what we have here 18 小时 前

    But if you only pay your employees a thousand a month you aren't taking care of them just saying

  • Deirdre Harris
    Deirdre Harris 23 小时 前

    ❤️ Thank you

  • Morgan Cook
    Morgan Cook 2 天 前

    Thank you so much for this... I have struggled with self harm for almost 10 years now... Struggling to stop... But one thing i know and i wanted to say is PROGRESS IS NOT LINEAR! you may fall down but you'll get back up and get better and move on from it... Just because you go back to it doesn't mean you'll never stop

  • Amy Perry
    Amy Perry 2 天 前

    I just absolutely adore you and everything you do and have achieved. I'm a small town girl and unfortunately makeup is not popular here so I usually stick out like a soar thumb girl. But I still so it cause I do me! Your an inspiration!! Love you!!!

  • SCMartin27
    SCMartin27 2 天 前

  • Die Celeste
    Die Celeste 2 天 前 +1

    I feel you sister ... love

  • lisa morand
    lisa morand 3 天 前 +1

    Thank you for sharing this personal experience. I am glad you are helping your mom, because she gave you life. Time does go so fast. Blink and 10 yrs has passed. God bless you and your family.

  • Lynn Dewane
    Lynn Dewane 3 天 前 +1

    You’re a lovely person 💕 stay brave and just know that sharing your story and your feelings helps so many others 💕

  • 1000 subs without a video
    1000 subs without a video 3 天 前

    It’s late but the “a lot of people never checked up on me” is so sad...I have a friend who had done things like that before and I now say like “hey bla bla hows your day” every single day or every other day, depending on if I can start a conversation and keep it going even though these conversations usually last around 7 minutes... I feel proud of myself for at least being an open ear to listen if she wants to talk. Proud of you for opening up to Shane as well ♥️

  • bitch gimme the tea
    bitch gimme the tea 3 天 前

    Love ya queen

  • Dayna Helms
    Dayna Helms 3 天 前

    It's been 16 years since I have spoken to my mother...

  • April Denise Davis
    April Denise Davis 3 天 前 +1

    I'm so sorry about your mom love. So glad you got to share this with us tho. I love you and I hope you share more of your life with us 💙 it's not easy to not have your mom mine actually pasted away a year ago today

  • Sweets 72878
    Sweets 72878 3 天 前 +6

    Anyone else watching this in May of 2019? It's bringing back so many memories from my childhood 😥sadly

    • Leslie Peer
      Leslie Peer 20 小时 前

      Same as a motherfucker

  • Courtney Graves
    Courtney Graves 4 天 前

    I am not sure if you actually get these comments.. LOVED the Shane Dawson doc on you.
    Separately, ok.. beauty question. What is a great primer for my 40’s skin that won’t settle into my skin.. I swear I have a dozen.👎🏻 if you have tips for “older” skin please hook a sister up. Thanks!

  • Lynn Rose
    Lynn Rose 4 天 前 +1

    I have a lot of respect for you.

  • Allie Schwab
    Allie Schwab 4 天 前

    I feel this. Hard.

  • melissa Lim
    melissa Lim 4 天 前 +2

    I know I'm kinda late on the train but I love seeing the raw, real and vulnerable Jeffree. Sometime I forget that people with money fame etc. are still HUMAN, and that they too have emotions and goes through pain.

  • Cash Chronister
    Cash Chronister 4 天 前 +2

    I am so happy you are with your Mom again!! I haven't talked or seen my older sister in 10 years either. I'm trans so they don't talk to me actually said that she mourned my death and I'm still alive! We were so close! It's absolutely excruciating I live in San Francisco now for the past 13 years before that born and raised in Kansas.. my Mom and Dad are gone it's so hard. I also have been homeless for the past few years. I sell my ass to get a room for me and my husband who is older and can't work anymore because his oxgyen level is so low he has to be on oxygen 24/7. We have 2 dogs Pikkle and Piper they are my world. But I get that money everyday for a hotel room for us one way or another. I don't know why I'm telling you all this. You will never see this but I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate and respect you and thank you for sharing your story. Even Jeffree Star has been through the dark dark dark chapters of life. I've been jumped been beaten been raped been through fuckin hell but I still get up and put make-up on every day I have brand new wigs I look like a movie star well that's what people say to me which is nice. People that know who you are and know me say we look and act so much alike which is so flattering I'm 42 yrs old and I also finally got blood sugar alien and the nude liquid lipstick set with the 7 minis. The best formulas on eyeshadow and liquid lipstick I've ever used hands down.and I can beat a face. I love make-up it's actually one of the only things besides my doggies and my man that keep me going! I hope things will get better but I know I'm blessed and have it better than so many and I'm homeless. There are so many less fortunate than me it's absolutely fucked up here in San Francisco! Anyway thank you again. Maybe one day I will be able to meet you and give you a hug and say thank you. Your videos have gotten me through the darkest times of my life I have seen them all take care of your Mom and Nathan!! Love you! My name is Cash Chronister..

  • OliviaMaquelle
    OliviaMaquelle 4 天 前 +1

    thank you for the trigger warning, sadly i will not be watching this video with the rest of yall but jeffree you are so strong and i love you so much honey.

  • Dalinda V
    Dalinda V 4 天 前 +1

    I’m in tears Jeffree... God bless you and your Mom.. Thank you so much for sharing.. 💗

  • Marely Dearry
    Marely Dearry 5 天 前

    It’ll almost be 5 years now!!! Wow

  • Jay Savage
    Jay Savage 5 天 前 +2

    It's crazy because on your last video I wrote a comment about how we are so similar. I never tell people I used to cut myself when I was younger. It feels weird to even write this. You are not alone. I love you more after this video. You have a friend for life. 😁

  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane 5 天 前


  • Stacie Keith
    Stacie Keith 5 天 前 +1

    so amazing jeffree

  • Amber Deadwler
    Amber Deadwler 5 天 前 +1

    Jeffree stars story would make a AMAZING MOVIE or BOOK . I need more I've been a fan for MANY MANY YEARS. MYSPACE DAYS!!!

  • Dottie Marie
    Dottie Marie 5 天 前 +1

    Sending you love. You are a beautiful and inspiring soul.

  • Venus Bennett
    Venus Bennett 5 天 前 +1

    Such a gorgeous human being. 🥰

  • Z.S
    Z.S 5 天 前 +2

    Open and ready to heal is what you've done by talking about this. Your definitely not on your own. My father self harmed because of PTSD from the army and it's been 11years since he has done it. My father talks more now and as I've got older have told him that I'm here for him forever and always. Anyone that does it I can understand. Thank you Jeffrey it's the nicest vid I've seen from you. I actually really like you as a you tuber. I wish you all the love luck and happiness in the world. X

  • Fat V9
    Fat V9 5 天 前

    I fucking hate u

  • Ty Burtlow
    Ty Burtlow 5 天 前 +1

    I've watched this a few times, and I am so so proud of you for telling your story!! You're amazing and don't ever think differently. Love you!!!

  • Karley O
    Karley O 5 天 前 +1

    Thank you Jeffree!! For months I have put off watching you and Shane's series. I never knew why, I just wouldn't watch it, and now I know that God played a part in it. 4 years ago I was in a horrible abusive relationship, my kids went to live with their dad because of the abuse they SAW! I was devastated so I got into heroin and meth. I lost EVERYTHING, my kids, my home I owned for 14 years, my dog, my family wouldn't speak to me! It was horrible! I got arrested, thank you Jesus! I did a year and a half for possession of 1 adderall. I got out of prison and went back to that same relationship. I was so lost, but rebuilding my life. Within 6 months I went back to using heroin. My head can go to some really dark places sober, so drugs and the abuse took me to an entirely different level. I would cut myself frequently to release the pain I was feeling. 2 years ago I was just DONE, I couldn't handle life! I crawled into my tub to end my life. Thankfully I had a couple friends of angels as I call them, randomly stop by and save me. I continued to cut and use drugs. My head was constantly telling me I didn't want to go on. In June of 2017 I was arrested again! Thank you Jesus! I went to a faith based rehab program that changed my life. Since then I had turned my life around! I am clean and living life! I have always had a love for makeup, but this winter I dove into the makeup industry head first! I have been watching you and several other CNcliprs. For the most part I am happy and healthy, but my mind will go to dark places from time to time. My oldest child still won't speak to me, but my youngest, my daughter does. Her father does not allow us to talk, but we find ways around it. A week before Mother's Day a series of events took their toll on me, and I took to cutting myself. I slices my thighs up really really good! I have been so ashamed and hating myself for going back to these behaviors. I am still clean from drugs, but not from cutting. I know the LORD saved your videos for me to watch at just this moment! Thank you Jeffree for talking about where you have been and what you have done. I don't feel so ashamed, and once again I am filled with hope and joy!! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!! May Jesus be with you and guide you through your life!! I love you! 💛Karley

  • Harmony Rose
    Harmony Rose 5 天 前

    I love you

  • Klaudia Valentina
    Klaudia Valentina 5 天 前

  • Tara Blake
    Tara Blake 5 天 前


  • Isabella C
    Isabella C 5 天 前 +3

    👏🏻🦋...., everything you said here will touch many! Please never give in to the inner hurts that often causes such pain! Keep it real! Life is not easy ride! Much love to all of us out there; struggles are real!

  • timmies universe
    timmies universe 6 天 前

    I love you so much now...i thought you were a bitch and always started drama.but that was only because i listen to what other people said about you and i regret that. Cause you're such a beautiful person you're so caring you're so loving and I'm sorry for judging you for who you're not.

  • Kary V
    Kary V 6 天 前 +1

    I love you ❤ I've dealt with self harm and have fought with depression for years now ...your words and strength brought me so much comfort ,thank you ❤

  • Patricia Hilton
    Patricia Hilton 6 天 前

    Thank you for sharing. I've been in your shoes with how you felt with your mom.

  • Arline Jernigan
    Arline Jernigan 6 天 前


  • Luiza Nascimento
    Luiza Nascimento 6 天 前

    I feel so bad after all thats so sad jef

  • A Born Leader
    A Born Leader 6 天 前

    To brighten up the mood, Jeffery why don't you do a video on contact lenses reviews? Ex:

  • Breana King
    Breana King 6 天 前

    I have been there with self harm. I have told people I stopped when I was 18. I'm 26 now and if we're being honest the last time I cut myself I was actually 23 and I dont like telling people that I get into a panic because if I tell them that they will know I cut myself while pregnant with my daughter which I am absolutely embarrassed about...but it was a very very dark time in my life. I was with a very abusive partner and wanted to kill myself but couldn't so cutting helped me release those feelings (very unhealthy way to do so). But I understand it's hard to open that up to people especially people who don't full understand the thought process behind wanting to cut yourself. I love you girl!! Glad you let that off your chest💜 just know you're not alone!!

  • D'Neil
    D'Neil 6 天 前

    Holy Shit! Thankyou so so much for putting yourself out there and telling such an intense and emotional part of your life, it must've taken alot to do that - I'm still very much in that tangled mess of mental health and living day-to-day so it's nice to hear that you were able to overcome those trials and are living a life of success, fun and happiness! Much Love ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Renee Sapin-Beuch
    Renee Sapin-Beuch 6 天 前

    Thanks for thanks for sharing!

  • H.Zoe
    H.Zoe 6 天 前

    All I wanted to do while watching this was give you a huge hug. You've gone through so much and had so many people betray you. You may (or may not) think it's you're fault, but it's not. You just meet some people who aren't worth your love and attention. If you need to talk about anything, we all love and support you. You can say anything to us, and if anyone judges you for it you need to ignore them, no matter how hard it is. They don't deserve your attention or time. I love you so much, and I really mean that ❤️

  • V
    V 7 天 前

    Do you guys have any idea what a rockstar Jeffrey is in the first place to be such a beast to be able to handle , and even welcome the massive amount of extreme pain that comes with all his tattoos, especially on your neck and chest and hands, omg, lol, He has my respect what a total badass he is to have so many tattoos everywhere is amazing from looking great to the fact not everyone can handle it and if you don’t believe me try it! Much love and respect JS you have really grown on me and I find more things I like about you all the time! Thank you for sharing and I wish you great success in life, love and family!

  • Paula West
    Paula West 7 天 前

    💕💟💞💔💗❤ Just sending some LOVE too you Jeffree ! You are such a Profound Creative Creature We Love you xoxoxo ! We need you here this world would be so boring without you ! Your not alone I've been thier too !

  • Heather Cairns
    Heather Cairns 7 天 前

    I know I missed the train on this series and its been awhile by now but for those reading please know your feelings are valid. We can't control our emotions but we are accountable for our actions. Someone may seem fine on the surface but genuinely caring enough to truly listen to someone may save a life.

  • Lucky Kitty
    Lucky Kitty 7 天 前

    Can someone give me a summary of this? I feel like it's too sad to watch.

  • Katelyn Jones
    Katelyn Jones 7 天 前

    jeffreye: thanks for spending some of your time like the seaconds u take to watch me
    me : I watch you for day my dad has to yell at me to stop watching you

  • Nina rogoff
    Nina rogoff 7 天 前

    I loved the doc series. It was eye opening , beautiful and it was very easy for me to connect. I think you and Mate are adorable. You have created empire and so humbled. I want to take a nap in your closet which blew my mind. I have survived a suicide attempt and most recently had ketamine infusions to save my life. You’re gorgeous!! You, Tati and Rawbeauty helped me. Every treatment was so scary but I watched you all and it distracted me. Thank you!!!

  • Bre Fouts
    Bre Fouts 7 天 前 +2

    Thank You for this Jeffree, truly thank you. I hate to say that I know exactly what you were going through, I know how some of it felt. But thank you for sharing this. This is such a hard and personal subject for people and you are one of very few that gathered the strength to share your own story.

  • holivi ayemi
    holivi ayemi 7 天 前

    Wow....tears roll down my face

  • Michelle Lewis
    Michelle Lewis 7 天 前

    There's so much in life we'll never understand. I never got that closure with my mother and that's a story...good But, when she passed on, I realized that I would never do to my children what had been done to me through her. I did forgive her, but I didn't tell her while she was here. Life has handed you the forgiveness card. I'm so glad you're cashing that in.

  • Zoe Smith
    Zoe Smith 7 天 前

    Depression doesn't always look like sadness, or a frown, or melancholy. Many times, it looks like a smile, it looks like a laugh, sometimes it looks a lot like a happy person. Sometimes depression looks like Robin Williams.

  • DL Kay
    DL Kay 7 天 前 +2

    Jeffree is even more amazing for sharing his story. Many blessings for you, Jeffree! I first saw you wayyy back on Myspace when I was in the music business and you requested me from your Myspace during your music days. Let me say this- you have come so so far and it's so beautiful to see you come so far and RISE! I too have felt so much of what you're talking about. I havent self harmed for over 10years now.
    Its OKAY to have such deep feelings, Its OKAY to not always be perfect. It IS SO important to take good care of your mental health also and to heal. Never feel ashamed! You are a true inspiration. Keep up the Fantastic work, Jeffree. What a beautiful soul you are! Much continued healing, success and Blessings for you!!!

  • Amy Jo Michael
    Amy Jo Michael 7 天 前

    JEFFREE MY LOVE YOU ARE AN AMAZING HUMAN and I think under all the make up and ALL the money and things you have that are worth so much money UNDER all of that stuff and Trying to be such a huge icon You are nothing but a TRUE SWEET HEART and I think that you put on this front and The truth is You are truly a very caring person and I see someone that has been hurt so much that you felt that you needed to prove something to all them people that talked down to you and SO YOU BECAME THIS HUGE PERSON THAT HAS A LOT OF MONEY and YOU WANT TO SEEM like YOU ARE ON TOP OF THE WORLD and You make your self to come off as a self-centered Like you are better then everyone else But That is not what I see I see a HUMAN BEING set all your make up and money a side and all your stuff a side You are a loving caring person and Just like everyone else You just want love and to feel love TRUE LOVE and You want true people around you People that do not see your money You want people to see YOU and not all the stuff You have because You have everything and What does a person that has everything they could possibly want WANT? They Want people to see them for who they truly are and I see A person Another human being that is a loving caring person and I THINK YOU ARE AMAZING and Please PLEASE Please you beautiful person YOU PLEASE do not feel sad You are wonderful and I want you to know that people see a caring loving person and You can be open and stop hiding behind all that make up and stuff Just be YOU Because I just see a wonderful person and I hope the best for you and I hope the best for your mom as well HONEY I THINK YOU ARE AMAZING AND I LOVE YOU!!!!! I don't even know you but I see YOU and the only reason anybody is hating you is because They are jealous because You are a nice person and I haven't seen you look down on anyone that hasn't done something to hurt you and I think you love more then you put off I think you love even when you shouldn't I see a big softy and I think You love and care more then you let people know and I wish I could just give you a big hug

  • Angela Black
    Angela Black 8 天 前

    Jeffree your Mom needs you, not only for the homeless but she needs her child. I know your an adult, sometimes the journey your on may lead you back to where you belong.
    Realize this we don’t know how long we have on this earth. I know people say cherish every moment with your mom. You may bicker and such but appreciate that time. My father passed this last November. And we had reconciled prior to his passing looking back now I was glad of the time we had and now a day doesn’t go by that I don’t miss him.
    Jeffree you are lived. Thank you for sharing. This makes people live you. Because you are real.

  • Snarf Skywalker
    Snarf Skywalker 8 天 前

    I can relate so much with Jeffree. From my own depression, to my mother and everything. I love how strong Jeffree is. My mom struggled with addiction and suicide, and even though I had my own mental issues I had to be the strong one for my younger siblings. I love you Jeffree and don't ever stop being you!

  • Julie Clement
    Julie Clement 8 天 前

    I loved watching your series with Shane, and seeing you as a real person that has started from nothing and achieved so much is amazing and inspiring!!

  • Ashelyn Rodriguez
    Ashelyn Rodriguez 8 天 前

    You're beautiful.

  • Miku Laufeyson
    Miku Laufeyson 8 天 前 +1

    "I'm homeless" MY HEART!! IT HURTS! T_T

  • léia chae
    léia chae 8 天 前

    i have so much respect for jeffree and this is another reason why. jeffree has gone through so much, but he managed to be successful and he always came back from his rough patches. i genuinely have so much respect for him.

  • Samantha Cortes
    Samantha Cortes 8 天 前 +1

    Oh my heart 💜 honestly I came to your channel because of Shane’s docuseries. Thank you for opening up and sharing your truth. This was so emotional!

  • Sevothtarte Sama
    Sevothtarte Sama 8 天 前

    Dearest Jeffree, I hope healing someone else has been a healing experience for you too. Thank you for sharing things that you didn’t even have to. It is highly unlikely as I live in Europe, but I wish that one day I’ll be able to give you a big healing hug. Live and shine, darling. You are gorgeous in and out.

  • Liz Epiha
    Liz Epiha 8 天 前


  • Sunny92 Sim
    Sunny92 Sim 8 天 前

    This is very touching video Jeffree I know the feeling when you say that you still think bad things. I try to kill myself at the age of 15 years old the rope broke and I took as a sign that I was mean to be here. Now I life everyday thankful to wake up, I haven't self harm in 5 year I'm glad that you know you are not alone.

  • Cornel Manea
    Cornel Manea 8 天 前

    She Made her DECISIONS !

  • Rainbow Magick
    Rainbow Magick 8 天 前

    I feel connected to you now. Thank you for this. I still struggle with self harm. I haven't recently and that's huge. Much love to you. I recently lost everything too diabetes. Can't work at the moment, homeless, not even sure where my next meal is coming from but I haven't hurt myself through this ordeal. That's huge for me. You inspire me.

  • Rebecca Morris
    Rebecca Morris 8 天 前

    You're story is a huge inspiration to so many, including myself. As a teen, i also self harmed. I started as a 12 year old and I finally stopped 2 years ago. I haven't did it since. You're a beautiful soul, Jeffree 💕

  • Aniiaza L
    Aniiaza L 8 天 前 +5

    I feel this... Us scorpios hold things in and move on and seem fine but deep down we're drowning in our true emotions

  • Sadie Lane
    Sadie Lane 8 天 前

    You are truly amazing. From being in a dark place going forward to the light. To reaching out to your mom also helping her out when she really needed you. You are a 🌟

  • Novella Opiña
    Novella Opiña 8 天 前

    We love you Jeffree!

  • Novella Opiña
    Novella Opiña 8 天 前

    We love you Jeffree!

  • Abigail McCormick
    Abigail McCormick 9 天 前

    I'm a suicide survivor, it's not easy & life can be very overwhelming but you are strong, you are beautiful & you can over come anything!

  • Bobbie Boelling
    Bobbie Boelling 9 天 前

    Have you tried milk makeup

  • Emily Marie Thweatt
    Emily Marie Thweatt 9 天 前 +2

    Thank you for always being who you are .... love you dearly and you are just like so amazing

  • Madison Matthews
    Madison Matthews 9 天 前

    My mom had me my sister and then my brother she couldn’t take care of us
    Pay bills etc so she lived in her car of a good couple months didn’t see her for three years I was so sad I got back to her in 2017 so yeah everything happens for a reason I guess.

  • MidnightMan
    MidnightMan 9 天 前

    Bless you always ♡

  • Dina Rose
    Dina Rose 9 天 前 +9

    Jeffree, you are beautiful. God will love you no matter what your past looks like. You have inspired so many! As a fan/follower just know that we will be here for you through thick and thin. Your heart shines through every video you make and we all need you to be happy ❤️

  • sloureiro40
    sloureiro40 9 天 前 +2

    Omg this video had me in tears 😭 thanks for sharing. So happy you and your mom are rebuilding your relationship. Much love to the both of you❤️😘

  • Robin Victorino
    Robin Victorino 9 天 前 +1

    Hope you and mom have a beautiful life together forever. Bless

  • Robin Victorino
    Robin Victorino 9 天 前

    Yes gurl you to a big step forward to heal your soul keep shining like a 🌟

    • Robin Victorino
      Robin Victorino 9 天 前

      Took a big step lol typo gurl sorry ..but yes you are loved and thank you jesus jeffree is still with us on 🌎

  • Robin Victorino
    Robin Victorino 9 天 前 +1

    Jeffey gurl...shout out to you and your braveness..thank you for sharing your story ...i can guarantee you helped alot of young ones who needed someone like you who been in the same situation...yes proud of you and dad he lives within you so yes he loves you ...god bless you gurl

  • Annajo Phillips
    Annajo Phillips 9 天 前

    I love you

  • Georgie Campbell
    Georgie Campbell 9 天 前 +10

    So proud of you.
    My daughter at 13 years old started cutting herself and was suicidal. I didn't sleep for many...many nights for sitting up and watching her.
    She talks to a psychologist & it has helped her so much. But every day is a struggle...and she is a fighter.

  • Dalton Hurst98
    Dalton Hurst98 9 天 前 +4

    I’ve watched the series about 4 times now. 😩

  • Less Hidal
    Less Hidal 9 天 前 +20

    We all love you. Thank you for opening your soul to millions ❤️

  • Lilia Gania
    Lilia Gania 9 天 前 +1

    I love you Quinn

  • BranDise Valdez
    BranDise Valdez 9 天 前 +4

    I applaud you jeffree!! You’ve have had a real hard life and I’m so glad that you are still here. I totally understand where your coming from!! You coming out and talking bout what you been thru is the beginning of releasing a lot of past hurts and can help you grow in a different way, so just keep being true and real to yourself ...the universe has had your back and has blessed you with your self made and life style! Love you and you are the most beautiful person and I can feel your pain and support you on your success! Would love to know you personally but even as a famous social media iconic glam guru and a fashionista is good enough for me! ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍

  • Cecilya Biggs
    Cecilya Biggs 9 天 前

    You really are inspirational. It sounds weird but, your strength gives me strength and....hope. I know you have had some fucked up stuff happen to you and you are at a point where you are HAPPY. So, that gives me so much hope for myself to be happy too. Thank you Jeffree.

  • Vanessa Ethel S
    Vanessa Ethel S 10 天 前 +1

    You touched my life twice. The first time was with your music, I still remember you singing with Breathe Carolina. I was hopeless at the time. Cutting myself too, sad, alone. With all the drama with this guy, I don't even remember his name. I started following you, I can't believe how you twisted your story! I'm so happy for you! You are full of art and you're showing it to the world. Thank you so much for your wise words. Nobody is perfect. I also covered my scars with tattoos.. I feel you so much. Love you Jeffree 💘

  • Makenna Stanton
    Makenna Stanton 10 天 前

    I tried killing myself and go through a lot bullying and have family problems

    • Alina Shah
      Alina Shah 9 天 前

      Don't do that honey its not worth it... Live for your own self family can be tough i have been through this too

  • Makenna Stanton
    Makenna Stanton 10 天 前 +1

    Omg just know I love u SO much my mom loves u so much 😂❤️❤️ it’s ok to let it out I love u