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  • BBC记者驾车体验中国高速,彻底被震撼到,现场大骂:英国没救了
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  • A win
    A win 7 天 前


  • hansheng lu
    hansheng lu 9 天 前


  • Lincoln Fong
    Lincoln Fong 10 天 前

    wow wow and more wows to come ~

  • Chris Griffiths
    Chris Griffiths 10 天 前

    China is at a Crossroads because it has Outgrown it's Land Area and Does Not Fully Understand it's Role in the World. So Planning and Implementing Good Transport Systems Will Only be a Success if it is a Quality Global Citizen and Manages It's People Numbers very Well. It is a Fact that Continued Growth of Population in China will Turn those Roads into Car Parks!.

  • 樂透人生
    樂透人生 11 天 前


  • Ubaid Hashmiy
    Ubaid Hashmiy 13 天 前

    amazing china

  • బై బై బై బై

    hi Indian

  • Naresh Bohara
    Naresh Bohara 13 天 前


  • 媽你
    媽你 16 天 前


  • 媽你
    媽你 16 天 前


  • 媽你
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  • 媽你
    媽你 16 天 前


  • cui cuilinbi
    cui cuilinbi 19 天 前

    标题党 烂

  • Dr Aalim
    Dr Aalim 21 天 前

    Like from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  • 夢太奇
    夢太奇 25 天 前


  • Darya Tan
    Darya Tan 27 天 前

    You make "them" jealous and angry, this is the main reason they want to hurt you.

  • Devil Deep
    Devil Deep 29 天 前 +1

    B.c china banned BBC. How it posible.. That bbc's crospondent say anything about china.

  • DJ Tan
    DJ Tan 个月 前 +1

    Keep going, China. Let them pass judgement. Ignore them.

  • Jowel Marquez
    Jowel Marquez 个月 前 +2

    Yeah, he can curse UK hehehe. China has won! China is now the new face of the world. The new model of progress and service for the people. The envy of every nation.

  • Keith Dixon
    Keith Dixon 个月 前 +2

    China That Bridge is Spectacular ...

  • 宋金全
    宋金全 个月 前


  • Joeph Chen
    Joeph Chen 个月 前 +1

    我要為替中國建設的工程師及工作人員致敬,他們付出了青春勞力及血汗替造福人類的文明作出貢獻. 希望世界上每個國家學中國努力去建設自己的國家造褔它們的老百姓. 我替中國感到光榮,替黃種人感到驕傲!

  • Peite
    Peite 个月 前 +1


    • Koching Yu
      Koching Yu 个月 前 +1

      Peite 台灣真的要加油💪🏼🇹🇼

  • May Li
    May Li 个月 前

    本來想轉貼分享,但發現是假--或故意誘導誤會的標題,就不能轉了。不必扯BBC ,也是很美的影片;硬扯BBC ,只會無法排除「不誠實」,更糟糕的是,會由「不誠實的人」推想到「不誠實的國」。希望有心介紹「厲害了我的國」的人,在行為不要變成「害了我的國」!也請樓下激動護航的網友冷靜一下,「愛國」和「義和團式愛國」,是很不一樣的。

  • csimduke
    csimduke 个月 前


  • Johnny Min
    Johnny Min 个月 前


  • Peter
    Peter 个月 前

    中央台还是有崇洋媚外的洋奴思维。连老外都说好了,亚克西! 有意思吗?很多道貌岸然的老外就是狗屁,中国人觉得好就行了。

  • Sohail Ahmed
    Sohail Ahmed 个月 前

    Invite Trump to China and give him aerial look into these bridges then see what he says

    • Colin Mahoney
      Colin Mahoney 个月 前

      Sohail Ahmed
      What people don't realize is that last year, Acting President tRump built a time machine in his spare time, between his first big Mac and his second serving of fries!
      Then he traveled back in time to 1826 BC where he split an ATOM, before going on to invented everything from the lowly Nail to the internal combustion engine, the internet, 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G, 8G and 9G!
      The only reason he didn't invent 7G was because he lost count of his G's!

      Acting President tRump, achieved all of this before midday when he returning home for a lunch of 6 Big Mac Burgers and fries (which he invented on his 2nd trip back in time)

      So whenever Acting President tRump claims that others are stealing America's technology, he is 100% Correct!
      Because Acting President tRump with his magnificent time machine, invented everything that has ever been or is likely to be invented ever!

      Shit he even discovered the America's before humans ever lived there!

      Now if you ask Acting President tRump very nicely, he will tell you all about the time he negotiated with dinosaurs for the ownership of Nth America and Canada!

      So it's quite possible that Acting President tRump also built airports back then, to make it easier for those Teridactalls to land

      And he would never tell a lie!!!!!! Would He????

  • Ronny Japutra
    Ronny Japutra 个月 前 +2

    That puts tears of comradery in my eyes.

  • ForAmerican
    ForAmerican 个月 前 +7

    BBC idiots has been making China bashing video for many years. China should ask British to pay for the compensation for the people died by opium they sold.

  • The straight path
    The straight path 个月 前 +3

    Incredible China....

  • Subramaniam Iyer
    Subramaniam Iyer 个月 前

    Funded by China's leftover men and women.

  • Ed Hammock
    Ed Hammock 个月 前

    It mostly has come about with American money jobs that should have stayed in the USA it's sad what our own leader's have done to our country our children and grandchildren will pay for their mistakes.

  • Rowena Grinsam
    Rowena Grinsam 个月 前


  • Madzguy007
    Madzguy007 个月 前 +3

    Bravo China! Love it!

  • hocyrus truong
    hocyrus truong 个月 前 +3

    Western Democracy is double standards

  • Ajay roy
    Ajay roy 个月 前 +3

    Butyfull China from.. Arunachal ❤

  • Geelle Guure
    Geelle Guure 个月 前 +3

    China is a positive and peaceful power leading the world into new frontiers. God bless those hard workers.

  • 不問歲月
    不問歲月 个月 前

    可以 這很中共

  • Das Pranoy
    Das Pranoy 个月 前 +5

    China is now the name of art of constructions of the world🤔

  • Marks Hwang
    Marks Hwang 个月 前


  • james leung
    james leung 个月 前

    You guys are so fuck up with the Mother Nature . It will come to you ! Karma

  • joyaxiz
    joyaxiz 个月 前

    make america great again? what great? just one nudge..... china will be the super power of the world..... it is so sad america will be surpassed soon....

  • David vs Goliath
    David vs Goliath 个月 前 +1

    China has a very EFFICIENT governing system compared to Democratic countries. It's true that democratic system takes decades to approve any mega projects or even smaller ones. Too many things to ARGUE in cabinet meeting and everyone fighting for CREDITS... Sigh!
    That was why the WEST IS DOOMED!

  • Wathy Imsong
    Wathy Imsong 个月 前 +1

    It will take India a thousand years to catch up.

    • anshu lieyi
      anshu lieyi 个月 前 +1

      Luckily manipuris and nagas are similar to Chinese racially .

  • Eless Nam
    Eless Nam 个月 前


  • Jie Wang
    Jie Wang 个月 前

    祖国太棒了 🌟

  • Ajitabh Agarwal
    Ajitabh Agarwal 个月 前

    China has done great work in the field of technology, now it's time they should improve their human rights records which has been depleted a lot. People can enjoy the technology only when they are free to do so

  • omn don
    omn don 个月 前 +23

    Meanwhile, US's infrastructure is dilapidated and crumbling. Instead of spending trillions on domestic infrastructure,
    USA is busy spending trillions starting wars the world over.

  • Greative DIY
    Greative DIY 个月 前


    LEACKY C 个月 前

    开头偷的《航拍中国》文案 是有多懒 自己编不出来吗

  • ROSS Bryan6
    ROSS Bryan6 个月 前


  • Dave
    Dave 个月 前

    Jeremy Clarkson in the video is for a show called The Grand Tour Series 3 and it's not from BBC you moron.
    That show was owned by Amazon.
    Jeremy Clarkson already stopped working for BBC for 3 years now and you still mentioning BBC, it shows you knew nothing despite 3 years has passed.

  • Shawn Lau
    Shawn Lau 个月 前


  • 醒銳孔
    醒銳孔 个月 前


  • Michael Rivadavia
    Michael Rivadavia 个月 前 +7

    The U.S. and the West, are down. China its up.China is the new "model"! Technology at its best in a totalitarian state!

    • Michael Rivadavia
      Michael Rivadavia 个月 前

      @James Y No,no,no, Sir! Let's get out of this old dichotomy "left-right" and recognize, at once, that they are essentially the SAME!
      China is of "our" creation!

    • James Y
      James Y 个月 前

      Liberals are ruining the USA and the West.

  • Mynameismike เเสลี

    不是西方人說多偉大 就偉大 才偉大
    全體建設工程人員 才是最偉大 最厲害
    一座又一座橋樑 建築 光耀世界 被世人贊嘆的同時 哪怕一秒鐘 感恩及祝福造福民眾的每一位基建工人。 🙏🏻🌺🐚

  • Magic Hua
    Magic Hua 个月 前


  • JT Yang
    JT Yang 个月 前 +1


    • 芝士魚
      芝士魚 23 天 前


  • Jack Wilson
    Jack Wilson 个月 前

    这些建筑都不民主 ,不行!...................水也不民主,草和山 都不民主

  • you zuo
    you zuo 个月 前


  • China Teacher
    China Teacher 个月 前 +19

    In my video about understanding China's nationalism, I mentioned the highway network as one of the reasons to be proud.

  • Beth Roesch
    Beth Roesch 个月 前 +38

    What China has done in regards to infrastructure is mind blowing. The bridges are not only functional but beautiful. China has every right to be proud

  • chang lipho
    chang lipho 个月 前


    GOGO GO 个月 前


  • fib notnow
    fib notnow 个月 前 +16

    He should do a commentary while driving around America's road network. He'll immediately get droned, because, you know, Police State America.

    • James Y
      James Y 个月 前

      Yes. Dirty despicable Pigs rule the roads in USA.

    • mohlodi tshimollo
      mohlodi tshimollo 个月 前

      Drone! I was under the impression that you guys only use drones for military purposes.

  • HT k
    HT k 个月 前


  • CM 3
    CM 3 个月 前


  • siuhung tang
    siuhung tang 个月 前 +1

    人權, 環保污染, 假貨等亦要追一下再說-.-
    硬件的確進步了很多, 這是真的但不要太驕傲...

  • li shidong
    li shidong 个月 前

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  • C List
    C List 个月 前 +6

    China is leading construction with new technologies, very nice job.
    Here in Texas it take years to widen a highway , and it is worse now. 635 Dallas TX is a joke.

    • James Y
      James Y 个月 前

      It’s not the technology. Get rid of the labor unions, local, state and federal government, lawyers and lobbyists, then we can improve infrastructure.
      Why USA has no high speed railways like Europe and China? Same scumbags as above plus oil companies, automakers, and airline and airplane manufacturers.

    • Sean Hard
      Sean Hard 个月 前

      C List
      I take it that you live in the metroplex. Yeah 635 is a mess and tolls are going crazy

  • xiaole liu
    xiaole liu 个月 前


  • Elvis Mann Haben
    Elvis Mann Haben 个月 前

    Jesus live now in China that's why they become the great worlds development everyday and night..May God bless you all for long life Amen

    • Sean Hard
      Sean Hard 个月 前 +1

      Elvis Mann Haben
      Jesus had been dead 2k years ago. What is happening in China now is the act of the hard working and innovating Chinese people. Please do not discredit the Chinese and give credit to the dead man.

    • errol kong
      errol kong 个月 前

      No bother wid the Jesus ting. That naa guh wok wid we

  • ConjureElemental
    ConjureElemental 个月 前


  • taladuga picpwaspwat

    Cummunist propoganda. .

    • Shawn Li
      Shawn Li 个月 前

      jeremy clarkson is Chinese propaganda? holy shit that's rich, I'm done LMAO