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  • okinawa vlog etc
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  • Nathan Hess
    Nathan Hess 23 小时 前

    He does look like Tintin

  • Docprepper
    Docprepper 2 天 前

    “What is it??? Grasshopper?”

  • Ìrina MSP
    Ìrina MSP 2 天 前

    Once you watch a vlog of his... You get addicted

  • byron chambel
    byron chambel 5 天 前


  • Joe Yabuki
    Joe Yabuki 7 天 前

    2:40 Joe Yabuki !!!!!!!

  • Jamie Looksin
    Jamie Looksin 9 天 前

    Crab Music Intensifies

  • Ezri
    Ezri 9 天 前

    Felix does such good vlogs! The B-roll is so satisfying

  • はるたんてーぶいサブチャ

    Regards to Japan in the future!おもてなし。

  • Pubg mobile killer fams

    PewDiePie vlogging video to me are like him bringing me together with him to a tour as if I'm his little kid
    example at 5:00
    pewds:did u fart
    me: excuse me daddy..

  • Jehonathan Gorgonio
    Jehonathan Gorgonio 12 天 前

    9:57 at first i thought Pewds recognized Dr. Crab


  • Joshua Degreiff
    Joshua Degreiff 13 天 前

    👏 awesome!

  • Tejas wini
    Tejas wini 13 天 前

    I come here when I need to relax. thanks. Had to search for the song love it too

  • RevalisGaleIsNowReady YT

    That crab is going to the crab rave

  • Tow Wong
    Tow Wong 16 天 前

    9:58 *noisestorm intensifies*

  • osxshch1
    osxshch1 17 天 前

    Sadly, now in Okinawa, part of this beautiful blue sea is being filled up in order to construct new American military basement...

  • hole N one
    hole N one 17 天 前

    Did anyone catch you falling on video?? I seen the scratch on your elbow at 6:45ish lol

  • Lagom Tango
    Lagom Tango 18 天 前

    önskar jag kunde fixa ett skägg...

  • Barty Crouch Jr
    Barty Crouch Jr 18 天 前 +1

    7:31 Marzia's thug life

  • Aki
    Aki 19 天 前

    Idk why but feeing so lonely watching this vlog

  • S Dev
    S Dev 21 天 前

    Come to Panama you might get recognized less!

  • Silver Spartan
    Silver Spartan 23 天 前 +1

    I wanna fokin evangelion sake

  • Matthew Chalfant
    Matthew Chalfant 23 天 前

    Grasshopper!? lmao
    You should see a Cicada!

  • Dank memes are Gr8
    Dank memes are Gr8 23 天 前

    He looks like Isaac Butterfield with that haircut 😂


    7:31 marzia so SAVAGE

  • Ян Н.
    Ян Н. 个月 前

    0:17 this is india, pewds, what you talking about 😂

  • Le Bro
    Le Bro 个月 前

    Okina matara

  • Wolf Blood
    Wolf Blood 个月 前

    I wanna travel so bad :3 Love your vlogss

  • ExplosiveFlazer145
    ExplosiveFlazer145 个月 前 +2


  • Fight Mann
    Fight Mann 个月 前

    Mr craap !!

  • ゲーマーあっしゃん

    i watching in okinawa this video!

  • Russell Brown
    Russell Brown 个月 前

    You're very handsome with a beard, Felix.

  • John White
    John White 个月 前

    Pewdiepie with the chain-necklace and black sweater looks like a member of Russian mafia.

  • Azgothe Defiler
    Azgothe Defiler 个月 前

    Japan is Love..

  • ナイル側
    ナイル側 个月 前


  • George Cullen
    George Cullen 个月 前


  • MR. X
    MR. X 个月 前

    7:31 savage🔥🔥

  • Splitty -
    Splitty - 个月 前

    At least there was no dead person in this vlog

  • みふあいあむ
    みふあいあむ 个月 前


  • cia
    cia 2 个月 前

    you look like santa in his twenties

  • Wei Yan
    Wei Yan 2 个月 前

    Where is the subtitle in japan?

  • LarSumaNiomai
    LarSumaNiomai 2 个月 前

    10:17 on my liigs

  • ぺけたんの下位互換


  • Aastha Rana
    Aastha Rana 2 个月 前

    you do look like tin tin in this vlog :D

  • のりまき
    のりまき 2 个月 前


  • Ugandan Chungus
    Ugandan Chungus 2 个月 前

    Boi u pale as fuuuuuck god damn or its just lighting

  • Jittapun Lachitavongs
    Jittapun Lachitavongs 2 个月 前

    Anybody notice Dr. Crab from the castaway game making an appearance?

  • Rees-Mogg for PM
    Rees-Mogg for PM 2 个月 前

    4:07 4:40

  • Florenz
    Florenz 2 个月 前

    Thanos ice cream

  • Cata
    Cata 2 个月 前

    This was a really nice vlog, it had such a good vibe and I laughed at times yeeeeeesssssssssss

  • Drake Cerberus
    Drake Cerberus 2 个月 前 +1

    10:00 Mr. Craaaaaaaab

  • lauren kay
    lauren kay 2 个月 前

    “This is me when I get demonetized” lmaooo

  • Nico S-M
    Nico S-M 2 个月 前

    Pewds ur sooo self conscious of the beard, love it 😂👊

  • k0ded
    k0ded 2 个月 前


  • Jesyx
    Jesyx 2 个月 前

    2:00 Thanos Icecream

  • Demsi Maulana
    Demsi Maulana 2 个月 前

    did anyone knows the song name 3:11-3:17 ?

  • couch potato
    couch potato 2 个月 前

    10:13 so kawaii? 😂😂

  • Anjellike1
    Anjellike1 2 个月 前

    This was so nice to watch :)

  • Be gone
    Be gone 2 个月 前

    Where is the video when pewds and Marzia took pics from Kimi no nawa

  • Ugauga Ugauga
    Ugauga Ugauga 2 个月 前

    代わりにお詫びします すみません

  • bout to end it
    bout to end it 2 个月 前

    かわいい です

  • Alex Wang
    Alex Wang 2 个月 前

    we beat t series @69m!

  • Oxel_995
    Oxel_995 2 个月 前 +1


  • Lieutenant BaconWaffles

    Bet Japanese men thought Marzia's barely audible voice was really cute.

  • Lieutenant BaconWaffles

    RIP beautiful bleached hair.
    Felix: "I need to buy this."
    Marzia: "No!"

  • LoveMoose 83
    LoveMoose 83 2 个月 前

    edit: ok nevermind i remember now

  • その「カレーはうんこ味がいい」みたいな意見きっしょ


  • Kylesstuff G.7
    Kylesstuff G.7 2 个月 前

    Get gundam exia

  • pumpuppthevolume
    pumpuppthevolume 2 个月 前

    take my selfy

  • Sean Brisson
    Sean Brisson 3 个月 前

    9:07 Tin tin and capt'n adock finally made it official.

  • Sisi Gong
    Sisi Gong 3 个月 前

    dude, get a better drone plz

  • pumpuppthevolume
    pumpuppthevolume 3 个月 前

    where's the suicide forest xD

  • Louis Dreger
    Louis Dreger 3 个月 前

    you do look like tintin xD

  • FlyingCookievan321
    FlyingCookievan321 3 个月 前

    7:30 i cant tell if marzia is flipping her ring or middle finger

  • G-P-Music
    G-P-Music 3 个月 前

    they are cicadas aren't they

  • Ben Hur
    Ben Hur 3 个月 前

    what is the name of the music playing in the background, it is beautiful. please help a brother out.

  • thankme later
    thankme later 3 个月 前

    I think those insects are called chapulines in my country 🤔

  • Doom Donger
    Doom Donger 3 个月 前

    We dont want kissy we want brofist

  • にゃーん
    にゃーん 3 个月 前


  • Jack James S.
    Jack James S. 3 个月 前

    I’m pretty sure that was snake venom whisky but I’m not positive

  • karda009
    karda009 3 个月 前

    I think the best part of Pewdiepie blogs is whenever he steals other people’s jokes, and someone says ‘I JUST SAID THAT’

  • yoogaby
    yoogaby 3 个月 前

    he so handsom

  • Tori
    Tori 3 个月 前

    Would you shake my hand?

  • DiePewDie
    DiePewDie 3 个月 前

    7:31 LOL

  • desipha2
    desipha2 3 个月 前

    I live in Okinawa I missed you dammit!

  • marissa l
    marissa l 3 个月 前

    “ did you fart “

  • varshith 2000
    varshith 2000 3 个月 前


  • Prwley Ghost Official
    Prwley Ghost Official 3 个月 前


  • me
    me 3 个月 前

    2:00 thanos ice cream?????

  • Ke Miin
    Ke Miin 3 个月 前

    He rent a house in Japan or bought one? Cause he has a setup in Japan....

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer 4 个月 前

    2:04 Thanos Ice Cream

  • LumieLuminous
    LumieLuminous 4 个月 前

    Mug fuggin Okinawa is the best I go there every mug fuggin year to see my grandparents in mug fuggin naha also that purple ice cream is called taro

  • Saura Sai
    Saura Sai 4 个月 前 +1

    Come to India nobody Will recognize you...

    • Stan Seventeen
      Stan Seventeen 个月 前

      pewdiepie famous hogaya ha india main

    • Saura Sai
      Saura Sai 3 个月 前

      +Aayushman Verma Abe madharchod...

  • Tiffany Chandler
    Tiffany Chandler 4 个月 前

    He doesn't look horrible just......oh you know that's am asshole thing to say I mean who am I to judge somebody else's looks. But I did and I cant possibly delete this comment now.

  • A Bb
    A Bb 4 个月 前

    *Logan Paul has left the chat*

  • The Colossal Failure
    The Colossal Failure 4 个月 前

    Nice trim

  • Amy-Iris Torr
    Amy-Iris Torr 4 个月 前

    amount of swedes or sweets ? 3.29

  • #Adam Baihaqi
    #Adam Baihaqi 4 个月 前



  • Bella Zook
    Bella Zook 4 个月 前

    This is nice. I used to live in Okinawa for 3 years. Good times.

  • Sweet N Sour
    Sweet N Sour 4 个月 前



  • バニプッチ
    バニプッチ 4 个月 前