Kimmel vs Cruz - Blobfish Basketball Classic

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  • Jimmy went to Houston to play a game of one-on-one basketball against Texas Senator Ted Cruz in what we called the “Blobfish Basketball Classic.” The reason this happened is because after Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals, Jimmy showed a picture of Senator Cruz at the Houston Rockets game and he likened him to a blobfish. Cruz did not like that so he challenged Jimmy to a game of one-on-one for charity. It’s been a dream of Jimmy’s ever since he was a little boy to one day play basketball against the most disliked member of the U.S. Senate and that dream finally came true. So, here it is, Jimmy’s on-court interview with Ted Cruz. We have already raised more than $80,000 for Texas Children’s Hospital and Generation One. If you would like to donate, please go to the links below. #BlobfishBasketballClassic #KimmelvsCruz

    Texas Children’s Hospital

    Generation One
    Hey Leonardo DiCaprio - Call Tiffany Haddish!

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    Kimmel vs Cruz - Blobfish Basketball Classic
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评论 • 4 955

  • Mr.Airball 01
    Mr.Airball 01 4 天 前

    Lmao jimmy doesn’t know how to trash talk. There’s a line between trash talk and getting personal you get personal like that in a real basketball game you get knocked on your ass. But jimmy is so hypocritical in the things that he says

  • Alter Ego
    Alter Ego 7 天 前

    I love Kimmel, but mad props to Cruz for doing this. Kimmel did a bad one this time.

  • Emily York
    Emily York 9 天 前

    What a graceless, classless, terrible way to treat another human being. I've never support you or your channel.

  • jon smith
    jon smith 9 天 前 +1

    Cruz should have asked Kimmel where his black body paint was for the game.

  • Rutvij DaBro
    Rutvij DaBro 13 天 前

    Oh come on Cruz doesn't deserve that.

  • Johnny Paycheck
    Johnny Paycheck 15 天 前


  • Neeraj Mooppen
    Neeraj Mooppen 20 天 前

    What the hell is a premium

  • Pogokoala
    Pogokoala 个月 前

    I admire ted cruz even more aside from being an awesome sport man for his age, but the fact that he call out on Democrats stupidity and Kimmel retarded classless humor. I dont wish bad on people but with this cry baby kimmel want to blame trump for his child problem then good serve them right! Even though it most likely to be that Hollywood coke Kimmel and his wife had right before kimmel and a bull knock her up.

  • DubiousNucleus
    DubiousNucleus 个月 前 +1

    Baby Kimmel crying about losing. There are probably like 2 people in the world, one of them being his mom, that take this guy seriously in any way whatsoever. What a joke!

    • pawan kumar murty
      pawan kumar murty 27 天 前

      He's becoming a joke now more so than ever. i mean, c'mon insulting a dad before his kid and insulting a husband before his wife ... you went too low with that Jimmy !!!

  • Blake B.
    Blake B. 个月 前

    Jimmy come on really? Keep his kid out of it.

  • Ludwig von Beethoven

    The Zodiac Killer

  • Jeremy Cruz
    Jeremy Cruz 个月 前

    14:23 when your alcohol level goes down

  • dead pool
    dead pool 个月 前

    Didn't like Cruz before this video.... Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, I like Cruz lol

  • Joseph Harris
    Joseph Harris 个月 前

    Kimmels a big baby. wow. never watching his show again

  • Joseph Harris
    Joseph Harris 个月 前

    Kimmels a big baby. wow. never watching his show again

  • Joseph Harris
    Joseph Harris 个月 前

    Kimmels a big baby. wow. never watching his show again

  • Minh Nguyen
    Minh Nguyen 个月 前

    This was all for charity really. None of them really mean what they say, it's called a joke for a reason.

  • Andrew Watkins
    Andrew Watkins 个月 前

    Disrespecting a senator how terrible

  • chris weidemann
    chris weidemann 个月 前

    Jimmy Kimmel is such a joke. I loved that skit with the trump supporters that back fired

  • Francisco Leventhal
    Francisco Leventhal 个月 前

    ted cruz is sooooo ugly

  • kyle alexander
    kyle alexander 个月 前

    Typical... Liberal presenter disrespects a man in front of his family, then gets beaten at basketball on his own show. The conservative way was represented here, by Cruz. Be humble, and get the job done.

  • Henson Burk-Fawcett
    Henson Burk-Fawcett 个月 前

    I wish I could play in this game. It would be over in 2 minutes.

  • Justin Kingsley
    Justin Kingsley 个月 前

    Normally, I despise Ted Cruz; but I give him serious props for doing this in front of a crowd of people who obviously also despise him, and still standing his ground. If I were from Texas, that might have even earned him my vote.

  • Jesse Low
    Jesse Low 个月 前

    what a tool Kimmel is. Such a small small man.

  • Nick
    Nick 2 个月 前

    Damn ted can ball

  • B K
    B K 2 个月 前

    Ted Cruz's wife watching nervously on the sideline was hilarious.

  • Google Google
    Google Google 2 个月 前

    Guillermo would a whipped both there asses

  • ferdbugs
    ferdbugs 2 个月 前

    Show some class Kimmel

  • BMG SmOkE
    BMG SmOkE 2 个月 前

    They took a timeout but in the rules no timeouts are allowed

  • Bombiss_
    Bombiss_ 2 个月 前

    5:32 there were, Jimmy

  • Robert Bittner
    Robert Bittner 2 个月 前

    Ted Cruz is the real mvp went home and drank his new Gatorade flavor liberal tears

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 2 个月 前 +1

    Sore loser.....

  • Stephanie Nicole
    Stephanie Nicole 2 个月 前

    Kimmel disgusts me

  • Jeremy Sutton
    Jeremy Sutton 2 个月 前 +1

    Sweet victory stats playing when ted Cruz wins

  • Tony Aiello
    Tony Aiello 2 个月 前

    Jimmy Kimmel from the man show? Lol. Women jumped on trampolines 😂

  • Tony Aiello
    Tony Aiello 2 个月 前

    That’s jacked up! At least talk with respect! Then in front of his daughter?

  • Michael M
    Michael M 2 个月 前

    Typical Kimmel just taking personal shots .pretty hard to watch. Win for Cruz there

  • Michael M
    Michael M 2 个月 前

    Cruz actually showed a hell of alot more class .

  • Anandu kakkanat
    Anandu kakkanat 2 个月 前

    i was kinda kimmel fan ..but now..
    he's too disrespectful

  • MondoJinTV
    MondoJinTV 2 个月 前

    Not surprised Kimmel gave himself a participation trophy. What a loser

  • Thomas Eredi
    Thomas Eredi 2 个月 前

    Jimmy Kimmel you are an extremely weak beta male.

  • Kuya Arbee
    Kuya Arbee 2 个月 前

    Lawl you get schooled smh lol and you get MVP lmfaoooooo what a joke!

  • Erick Solis
    Erick Solis 2 个月 前

    For an old man, Cruz can play.

  • Matthew Benitez
    Matthew Benitez 2 个月 前

    what a child

  • Brody Wilson
    Brody Wilson 2 个月 前

    Kimmy is trash

  • monsterfishlz
    monsterfishlz 2 个月 前

    Kimmel is a liberal? I thought he was smarter than that

  • Tyler Salcido
    Tyler Salcido 2 个月 前


  • Harambe Memorial
    Harambe Memorial 2 个月 前

    So he invited mostly democrats and gave himself a trophy... after losing.

  • Rohit Iyer
    Rohit Iyer 2 个月 前

    Proud to have him as my senator

  • Baylis
    Baylis 3 个月 前

    Cruz’s fans were all at work

  • Aaron Anderson
    Aaron Anderson 3 个月 前

    Cruz score the most points Jimmy had that electoral college

  • Young Swank
    Young Swank 3 个月 前

    Man so many conservatives in this comment section

  • Lee S
    Lee S 3 个月 前

    Cruz #1

  • EJ Ridlen
    EJ Ridlen 3 个月 前

    Just came to this video to watch Cruz win, I hate Liberals like Kimmel

  • Josh Brunke
    Josh Brunke 3 个月 前

    So Cruz agrees that pre existing conditions should be covered, which the crowd agree with, and the crowd boos...
    The crowd is pathetic...
    They don’t care about solving problems they only want to be right....

  • Josh Brunke
    Josh Brunke 3 个月 前

    Rule 4: no timeouts
    Jimmy kimmel: “we’re gonna take a time out”
    What’s wrong jimmy?..

  • J M
    J M 3 个月 前 +2

    Considering this was edited to make Ted look bad and Kimmel look good, Ted came out as the bigger, better man. Kimmel should go back to paying women to fondle his tiny balls.

  • Bracing Strength
    Bracing Strength 3 个月 前

    So much for democrats being accepting.

  • Mr. Mediocrity
    Mr. Mediocrity 3 个月 前

    Most disliked senator by you

  • Tony Trupia
    Tony Trupia 3 个月 前

    Jimmy had zero class here (as usual). Whooped by Ted Cruz on basketball court = Karma.

  • GerMart
    GerMart 3 个月 前

    Used to like Jimmy, before he got political and started expressing his lame views. Game was kind of funny when he wasn't editorializing. They must have missed 50 shots for every one they hit, good thing they edited them all out, it probably would have gotten kind of boring.

  • Shawn Jones
    Shawn Jones 3 个月 前

    American wins again!

  • Bamaforlife15 -
    Bamaforlife15 - 3 个月 前

    Ted Cruz can ball

  • Wilson
    Wilson 3 个月 前

    The last comment to his daughter was "not cool"!

    ACHILLES1GREEK 3 个月 前 +1

    Kimmel is just rude

  • Derek Purvis
    Derek Purvis 3 个月 前

    Jimmy gave himself a trophy?!?! What a scrub.

  • Zed Z
    Zed Z 3 个月 前

    Holy crap the bias was cringe, the crowd booing ted and them giving kimmel the trophy even though he didn't win, just admit when you lost lol.

  • Green Ranger
    Green Ranger 3 个月 前

    "Kids you got to see your dad won something," the kids reactions, they're kids, they don't get the joke. Jimmy embarrassed himself.

  • Ethan Jolles
    Ethan Jolles 3 个月 前


  • polymathecian
    polymathecian 3 个月 前

    Jimmy Kimmel is so dense.

  • willieboy3011 Jonas
    willieboy3011 Jonas 3 个月 前

    Is being a sore loser mandatory for leftists? Kimmell, Georgia crybaby Stacey Abrams, and all of the Hillary supporters: NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, HLN, CNBC, PBA, NPR, and most newspapers.

  • Mike Popovici
    Mike Popovici 3 个月 前

    So Cruz wins and Kimmle gets MPV. Ha

  • Adam Omega
    Adam Omega 3 个月 前

    Jimmy Kimmel is such a tool

  • Natetendo83
    Natetendo83 3 个月 前 +3

    Kimmel got Ted freaking Cruz.
    I love this timeline.

    • Tony Trupia
      Tony Trupia 3 个月 前

      "I love this timeline." Golden.

  • Reload
    Reload 3 个月 前

    R they running for president or playing basketball I literally can’t tell

  • RicinSauce
    RicinSauce 3 个月 前

    my eyes

  • Straight White Male
    Straight White Male 3 个月 前 +1

    Jimmy don't bring kids into this. Just Don't

  • Axel Holy
    Axel Holy 3 个月 前

    all the salty ted cruz fans on here lmao

  • Cosmo Kramer
    Cosmo Kramer 3 个月 前

    This should’ve been two people with differences coming together for a charity sporting match in good spirits. A pathetic display from Jimmy.

  • Ain'tMyself
    Ain'tMyself 3 个月 前

    What a horrible person this guy

  • brego129
    brego129 3 个月 前

    Clueless, sheltered, and RICH hollywood democrats...Jimmy gets a participation trophy for losing, and is out of touch with the reality that all of our premiums went up considerably under Obamacare, to the point it is unaffordable for many.

  • ked4
    ked4 3 个月 前

    Just play basketball, stop with the "clever" political comments

  • Chloe Welch
    Chloe Welch 3 个月 前

    Why is ted Cruz good at basketball

    DEUCE MONTANA 3 个月 前

    Cruz got an ugly jumper but its money lmao

  • Alexa Mendoza
    Alexa Mendoza 3 个月 前

    I hate Cruz 😡😝

  • Alexa Mendoza
    Alexa Mendoza 3 个月 前

    4:03 is funny I laughed so hard that I had to get the Heimlich

  • Saucegod 14
    Saucegod 14 3 个月 前


  • Sidd G
    Sidd G 3 个月 前 +1

    rip off

  • Harley Mathieu
    Harley Mathieu 3 个月 前

    Cruz should try for the cavs

  • Greg James
    Greg James 3 个月 前

    where do they come up with these skits LMAO

  • Ines Elizalde
    Ines Elizalde 4 个月 前 +1

    Damn it Ted Cruz won senator for Tx I think i should probably move to California

  • Fuck Phuk
    Fuck Phuk 4 个月 前 +1

    Ted Cruz is Miles Teller from the future.

  • Luke Lynch
    Luke Lynch 4 个月 前

    The ref has a JBA shirt

  • Ricardo Umana
    Ricardo Umana 4 个月 前

    I missed it funny.

  • Darkzgaming
    Darkzgaming 4 个月 前

    I like how you could play basketball with the zodiac killer 😂

  • Daniel's World
    Daniel's World 4 个月 前

    I think the daughter was confused when jimmy said you got to see your father win something.....

  • Brady Badger
    Brady Badger 4 个月 前

    But the lesser jimmy lost? Tf

  • Captain TPG
    Captain TPG 4 个月 前

    Wait he’s 6’1

    JJWILDCAT 4 个月 前

    Fluff Cruz

  • 1017 brick squad
    1017 brick squad 4 个月 前

    This was hilarious and personal Lmao