Anne Hathaway And Rebel Wilson Interview Each Other

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  • Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson talk their first impressions of each other, the biggest acting challenges they’ve ever faced, and what it was like improvising on the set of “The Hustle”.
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  • Robin Cork
    Robin Cork 7 小时 前

    I think Anne would be good at teaching for a grade 5s

  • Frantic Carnival
    Frantic Carnival 2 天 前

    Who fucking decided this bitch is funny?!?! God damn it!

  • Turtle Tastisch
    Turtle Tastisch 2 天 前

    Cringe moment: i said my former english teacher looks a lot like anne hathaway. AND THEN SHE JUST SAYS THAT SHE WOULD BE A TEACHER IF SHE WOULDNT BE AN ACTOR😂😂

  • zanacatpotato 19
    zanacatpotato 19 3 天 前

    Wait I thought her name was fat Amy

  • curiouspark
    curiouspark 3 天 前


  • Wwe evolution 2019
    Wwe evolution 2019 3 天 前

    The hustle is the best movie of 2019 by far 👏👏

  • Enchanted Rose
    Enchanted Rose 3 天 前

    Little disappointed that we didn't get in depth sex tips but you know

  • megatronz 06
    megatronz 06 3 天 前

    A duo I never knew I needed 😌

  • cup o'tea
    cup o'tea 5 天 前 +1

    i love rebel’s dry humour. she’ll make a joke but not laugh, which makes me laugh even harder

  • Candy Life
    Candy Life 5 天 前

    “I’d love to be something that would help people, but in reality I’d become a teacher”
    Teachers have probably the most important job. They teach everyone that becomes something ‘important.’ They teach the doctors, the police, the firefighters...(I could go on)

  • Angela KeiraHii
    Angela KeiraHii 5 天 前

    They're both in The Hustle

  • Matthijs
    Matthijs 5 天 前

    do you actually prenounce her name as annie

  • Lupita Alvarado
    Lupita Alvarado 5 天 前

    They are both beautiful and funny. Love their movies they were inn.

  • soft soup
    soft soup 6 天 前 +3

    Rebel is so sweet

  • John Secret Spirit
    John Secret Spirit 6 天 前

    Anne needs to be in a Pitch Perfect 4! Seriously and me too!

  • Abbie Grace
    Abbie Grace 7 天 前

    Did she say Annie’s?

  • leah molloy
    leah molloy 7 天 前

    she was really good in Le mis

  • abigail Dehn
    abigail Dehn 8 天 前 +118

    Anne would have been the teacher you call mom or the one you wish was your mom

  • Diana
    Diana 9 天 前

    Anne Hathaway is hot!!!!

  • Claudia Herrera
    Claudia Herrera 11 天 前 +1

    Anne Hathaway bringing up The Office made me respect her so much harder now. lol

  • Trees are The best
    Trees are The best 15 天 前

    2 of my favourite actresses interviewed together. Guys I think I found heaven

  • yellow potatoeee
    yellow potatoeee 18 天 前

    "No, No selfie selfie" cute😂

  • Tina Beauty
    Tina Beauty 18 天 前

    Can someone tell me what eyeshape does Anne have

  • Kiara Sealey
    Kiara Sealey 20 天 前

    4:05 pitch perfect 4 confirmed 😆 hopefully they do make another one

  • Regal Peter's
    Regal Peter's 22 天 前

    Did you know that Shakespeare’s wife was also called Anne Hathaway :P

  • cerys nicole
    cerys nicole 24 天 前

    She was pregnant here

  • Corina Rojas
    Corina Rojas 24 天 前

    I like Anne starring in a movie with Gwilym Lee from Bohemian Rhapsody.... I think they will be a awsome couple!!!

  • Adie Waskiw
    Adie Waskiw 29 天 前

    I could totally imagine Anne as a teacher and rebel as a tennis player

  • Fedor1675
    Fedor1675 29 天 前

    my baby-goddess Anne, she is so beautiful ♥♥♥♥

  • Mothersload
    Mothersload 个月 前

    Love you both! xo🇨🇦🐢❤️

  • Hye Kang
    Hye Kang 个月 前 +1

    Anne looks perfectly gorgeous and young still, she never lost her shape even when she put on weight. I think she has got something like an elixir somewhere in her ?! A real cool princess, reminds me of Kate Middleton.

  • Abdul Muaz
    Abdul Muaz 个月 前 +1

    I would never miss a class if Anne Hathaway is teaching

  • Animal finatic
    Animal finatic 个月 前


  • Animal finatic
    Animal finatic 个月 前

    the intro made me die of laughter

  • Elvisa Blue Aurora
    Elvisa Blue Aurora 个月 前

    Rebel Wilson! Screams girl power! Now she is my idol, because all my life I am struggling with my weight, but blonde, blue eyed rebel.. But have been told that I have a great sence of humor and wisdom. I can speak several languages, have great drivnig skills, compassionate and passionate. I live and i was born in Slovenia, but I am Bosnian. Now that I am 40 years, looking back, I have seen places. Florida America, all accross Europe and Balkan region. And I feel if I ever meet Rebel W. I would ask her for a selfie and say something like, you think no one can imitate you, but I am living your life style since I am older and a mother of two. 17 and 14. Rebel is such a role model for an averadge teen girl, who is struggling with beauty standards the fashion industry is dictating. Not only weight doesnt matter, but you can express yourself with your hidden tallent, humor and still be beautifull. Rebel a real life Barby doll, but with an attitude! Bravo! #justahumblefan

  • L. Flowright
    L. Flowright 个月 前

    This vid really needs subtitles

  • Yellow Bord
    Yellow Bord 个月 前 +1

    I love Anne Hathaway sooo much

  • Sato Kams168
    Sato Kams168 个月 前

    Can rebel be in ocean's 8 2 😭😭😭 or in another oceans but all girls ver

  • Liam Glen
    Liam Glen 个月 前

    Rebel is in cats so is Taylor Swift

  • Leah Johnson
    Leah Johnson 个月 前 +2

    This is literally Mia Thermopolis, Queen of Genovia.

  • Jewel Gunderson
    Jewel Gunderson 个月 前


  • Manual Batt
    Manual Batt 个月 前

    Why did it BOMB/Flop ?

  • Dovahkiin lord99
    Dovahkiin lord99 个月 前

    Sucked in 😂

  • chune chuppy
    chune chuppy 2 个月 前

    Anne is getting old now but she still too young and beautiful for her age

  • Macy Smith
    Macy Smith 2 个月 前

    I can totally see Anne being a teacher

  • lythsian
    lythsian 2 个月 前 +3

    See the typical Hollywood response is "That is so sweet, thank you" but a response like "That is .. suspiciously convenient" shows the influence working with Australians has had on Anne's sense of humour. :D

  • Laylin Lon
    Laylin Lon 2 个月 前

    I feel like this video was a complement battle rather than an interview 😂😂 they are so cute😍

  • Lois Loves Cheese
    Lois Loves Cheese 2 个月 前

    Her hair doe

  • Lois Loves Cheese
    Lois Loves Cheese 2 个月 前

    This movie is so underrated... ITS SO GOOD OMG

  • Sudiro Mangadjib
    Sudiro Mangadjib 2 个月 前 +1

    They kinda remind me of Sandra Bullock and Melisa McCarthy the Heat😂

  • frioré
    frioré 2 个月 前

    that moment you realized Rebel is older thane Annie...

  • World Cinema
    World Cinema 2 个月 前

    Hi everyone! More comedies starring Anne Hathaway you can find on our channel!

  • saturnxways
    saturnxways 2 个月 前

    Anne Hathaway as a teacher 😭😍

  • Aisling Smith
    Aisling Smith 2 个月 前

    Ann Hathaway that was a really ignorant and superior thing to say.. "Just a teacher" .mmmm does teacher not help people???? The most noble underpaid profession.

  • Veronica Zamora
    Veronica Zamora 2 个月 前

    I. Saw. The. Movie. Today. And. It. Was. Funny. I. Had. A. Good. Time. Seeing. The. Movie.

  • Paula Finlayson
    Paula Finlayson 2 个月 前 +31

    Who remembers anne from princess diary's like if you do

  • Lisa Alaniz
    Lisa Alaniz 2 个月 前

    Awesome funny movie I ❤️ it these talented down to earth , funny,smart, beautiful people are two of my favorite actresses

  • El Frances
    El Frances 2 个月 前

    I love you Rebel

    • buster nut
      buster nut 2 个月 前

      I love you too El Frances :)))

  • Thane Blackwood
    Thane Blackwood 2 个月 前 +1

    I wish they would have a movie together!

    • Kamilya Kadyr
      Kamilya Kadyr 2 个月 前

      Thane Blackwood they are LITERALLY starring in a movie together , it’s called The Hustle lmao

  • Animegirl1823 J
    Animegirl1823 J 2 个月 前

    Anne was amazing dancer in bride wars which I watched a day before I got engaged

  • marty kunstlerin
    marty kunstlerin 2 个月 前 +1

    anne is so beautiful

  • Your average piece of Bread

    It’s so weird that Anne Hathaway says she’d become a teacher because she reminds me SO MUCH of my English teacher. Well my English teacher always reminded me of Anne Hathaway. They look SO similar and they act similar.

  • Your average piece of Bread

    My love for Anne Hathaway has always been limitless. Seriously I love her so much. So much more than I should.

  • Grace B
    Grace B 2 个月 前 +10

    She said “hi I’m Annie” I thought it was pronounced Ann

  • leeth jarod
    leeth jarod 2 个月 前

    The movie is aweful..Wilson has played this character again and again until she grew mustaches.

  • coolkid
    coolkid 2 个月 前

    2:00, my English teacher from 10 grade looks just like Anne Hathaway

  • Keila Blizzard
    Keila Blizzard 2 个月 前

    Both beautiful women. I love both of them!!

  • moon moo
    moon moo 2 个月 前

    Rebel looks thinner than before

  • Tiger Masters
    Tiger Masters 2 个月 前


  • Jessica Hickey
    Jessica Hickey 2 个月 前

    “Hi I’m ANNIE” bro does she pronounce Anne ANNIE?????

  • Marni Collins
    Marni Collins 2 个月 前

    Did they say pitch perfect 4??!!

  • Tia
    Tia 2 个月 前

    Anne is so dull

  • cccreates
    cccreates 2 个月 前

    This was incredibly boring

  • JustinH _fitness
    JustinH _fitness 2 个月 前

    Why is this buzzfeed channel named, Caleb

  • Desiree Papasin
    Desiree Papasin 2 个月 前

    Super love these two womeen!!! 💗💗💗