$10 MARSHMALLOW MASK.. Amazing for DRY SKIN?! | Monday Masks With Mami

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  • Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD)
    Here is a video where my mom & I try out the ELF Marshmallow clay mask! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo!

    What I'm Wearing:
    Top: Etsy

    KL POLISH :) :)
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    *What camera do you use?
    Canon 80D
    *What do you use to edit your videos?
    Final Cut Pro
    *Where did you get your vanity?
    Danny actually built it for me

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  • Laura Angarita
    Laura Angarita 20 天 前

    Do more!

  • Angie Falconer
    Angie Falconer 24 天 前

    Why do you stop doing these! It’s soooo cute.

  • Megan Palacios
    Megan Palacios 2 个月 前

    KATHLEEN! WHERE IS THE REST OF THIS SERIES?! You only did two! Haha I loved these & want them to make a COME BACK with Mama Lights! ❤️

  • Lizeth Meza
    Lizeth Meza 2 个月 前

    Omg we need more of these!!! Bring Monday Masks with Mami back please! 😬💕

  • Mansi Sajan
    Mansi Sajan 2 个月 前

    love the shameless shirt!! i was just thinking that u kinda look like fiona!

  • Isabela Garzon
    Isabela Garzon 3 个月 前

    the tony moly masks

  • Maria Thelin
    Maria Thelin 3 个月 前

    I'd love to have a video of you speaking spanish! Maybe once a month or more often or something, just speaking about life, makeup faves and stuff

  • Amethyst Winters
    Amethyst Winters 3 个月 前

    Oh my gosh. So sorry I didn't watch this when you first put it out but this is super cute. Please make more! I so hope you see this comment

  • Angeemarr
    Angeemarr 4 个月 前

    Y’all should do more, these are precious 😭

  • Megan Hill
    Megan Hill 4 个月 前

    Yes do more of these!!!

  • Angie Medina
    Angie Medina 4 个月 前

    Love this! When is the next one?! ❤️

  • Mommy got her groove back

    Hahaa love it❤️❤️❤️

  • paula astudillo serrato

    De donde eres?

  • Grace Dennis
    Grace Dennis 5 个月 前

    I love your mamis shirt! Can you ask her for me where she bought it!? 😂 I’m definitely going to try this since I live in Minnesota and yes keep your mom on and do lush products together! I love lush! I do a lot of face masks, but I would love to view both you and your moms opinions! I’m 30 and I still have break outs! Large pores, dry if I don’t exfoliate but then too oily 😂 love ya ladies!

  • Grace Dennis
    Grace Dennis 5 个月 前

    I love your videos! You and your mother are so gorg! I love her I wish I had a mom to do this with! Hopefully I’ll have a daughter and not all boys! 😂

  • angel s
    angel s 5 个月 前

    first time seeing you and I love your mom

  • Jocelyn De Hoyos
    Jocelyn De Hoyos 5 个月 前

    Ooooo you should try the L’Oréal Paris pure clay mask. It’s yellow and it’s really good. It has little beads in it, so when you wash it off you’re exfoliating your skin. It’s really good.

  • CAS Vlogs
    CAS Vlogs 5 个月 前

    Your mom is so adorable 😭 and funny lmao. Love you guys!!

  • Amanda Sabah
    Amanda Sabah 5 个月 前

    Tu mama es muy adorable. Por su puesto, necesitamos mas videos con ella. Me encanta cuando ustedes hablan en español juntos. Sus acentos son muy diferentes que estoy acostumbrada y me encanta escucharlos.

  • Lia Madrid
    Lia Madrid 5 个月 前

    Try the I’m from Honey maskkk!!! Idk but i dont think anyone’s talking about it but it deserves so much attention ashfjgldjla

  • casasfkarla
    casasfkarla 5 个月 前

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  • KarlaCalderon
    KarlaCalderon 5 个月 前

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  • k ho52
    k ho52 5 个月 前

    Btw your mom is precious ❤

  • k ho52
    k ho52 5 个月 前

    Do a gold mask!

  • Kenzie Lyons
    Kenzie Lyons 5 个月 前

    Ive recently been catching up with all of your videos after coming home from basic training and just wanted to say I love this idea for your channel!! It’s a great way to connect with us your adoring fans! On a side note, Your mom is so pretty!! And you look so much like her!! Please please keep filming videos like these!!

  • Lacey G
    Lacey G 6 个月 前

    Your mama is beautiful! Love ❤️

  • Zipporah
    Zipporah 6 个月 前

    You guys are so cute!!!

  • Leslie Kandy
    Leslie Kandy 6 个月 前

    Y’all are the cutest! I love these kind of videos, don’t let your mom get out of them. And I love her accent , y’all should do more videos in Spanish!

  • Andrea Maldonado
    Andrea Maldonado 6 个月 前

    ¿De donde es tu mamá? Puerto rico, Cuba, venezolana?
    Son 2 gotas de agua.

  • Nathalia Buitrago
    Nathalia Buitrago 6 个月 前

    You should review the Kiehl's deep pore cleansing mask!

  • Bethany Gates
    Bethany Gates 6 个月 前

    I love seeing you and your mom hang out, you’re both so cute 😊

  • Bethany Gates
    Bethany Gates 6 个月 前

    I would LOVE to see you guys try the Farmacy Honey Potion Mask 😍😃

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    Hope Newberry 6 个月 前


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    Lolli Bishop 6 个月 前

    Try the sand and sky mask if you can. I don't know if you can get it outside of Australia tho :/ Also, Mami Mondays are such a thing. I love it

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  • L M
    L M 6 个月 前

    this is SO CUTE. your mom IS SO NICE AND BEAUTIFUL. you too, always, looking forward 2 the next! snding u guys so much love

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