60 SECOND SEPHORA SWEEP ft. Tati Westbrook

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    HI SISTERS!! In today's video, Tati Westbrook aka GlamLifeGuru and I sat down for a CRAZY makeup challenge! Inspired by Super Market Sweep, we had 60 seconds to run through Sephora and grab as many products as we possibly could for our makeup routine! We also got into a VERY long conversation about the issues in the beauty industry, who we think is to blame, & how they can be fixed... Speaking with someone who I respect so much about a community that we care for allowed for an important conversation that I'm excited for you to hear.
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    PRODUCER: Kelly Rocklein
    EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
    WRITER: Eros Gomez
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
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  • Ananya Thakur
    Ananya Thakur 23 分钟 前

    CNclip: let's recommend this after *Bye Sister*.
    Me: 😑

  • Ashley Velazquez
    Ashley Velazquez 小时 前

    The good old days
    Before Bye Sisters😭😰

  • Hannah Banana
    Hannah Banana 2 小时 前 +1

    I am not sure why but when James was running through the store and said “sorry sister” to someone...
    I was dying 😂😂

  • chimmy
    chimmy 3 小时 前

    Hi sister before Bye sister

  • buvket
    buvket 5 小时 前

    and i oop-

  • Paola Gonzalez
    Paola Gonzalez 15 小时 前

    The old days

  • Japanese Shopoholic
    Japanese Shopoholic 18 小时 前

    Oh shoot nvm this was 9 months ago-

  • Mifi Bi
    Mifi Bi 20 小时 前

    Cette vidéo est si ironique😉😂

  • Periodt
    Periodt 22 小时 前 +1

    bye sisterrrrrrrrr

  • adriana ramirez
    adriana ramirez 天 前

    They Literally Jinx Themselves !!😂😂

  • Jenna Grilli
    Jenna Grilli 天 前

    *coughs nervously*

  • Emily Besson
    Emily Besson 天 前


  • shaezthetic
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  • twiiistedroses
    twiiistedroses 天 前 +1

    Who is here after the hot piping tea🍵

  • nevaeh blevans
    nevaeh blevans 2 天 前

    It's my birthday can I have 5 new subsriber

  • L-J Girl
    L-J Girl 2 天 前

    CNclip is a hoe OMG SERIOUSLY

  • Mika Rivaille
    Mika Rivaille 2 天 前

    Huh, bye sister

  • Norah Carter
    Norah Carter 2 天 前


    KAREN SANABRIA 3 天 前 +1

    Who is here in 2019??

  • Evee s
    Evee s 3 天 前

    Oh god i just want James to upload a new video !! Lmaooooo

  • tessa makila
    tessa makila 3 天 前 +2

    Who’s here now lol June 16

  • Danika St-Pierre
    Danika St-Pierre 3 天 前

    i think he used more concealer than fondation

  • sammi denney
    sammi denney 3 天 前

    youtube really recommending this to start more tea

  • Ava H.
    Ava H. 3 天 前

    this is so sad because they are basically enemies now😢😢😢😢

  • Starla Grove
    Starla Grove 3 天 前 +5

    **talks about drama in beauty community and not being involved**


  • kissdiscutee
    kissdiscutee 4 天 前 +1

    I love James Charles. I don’t give a fuck what any one says!

  • Arlett Gonzalez Martinez


  • Cate Love
    Cate Love 4 天 前

    Duude James uses wayyyy to much concealer

  • Nasywa Kamilah Official

    I miss these old days 😖😞

  • Mia Souza
    Mia Souza 4 天 前

    At 5:33 did anyone else see the lady in the back?

  • Yuli NCI
    Yuli NCI 4 天 前 +1

    And I Oop!

  • Sandy Rivera
    Sandy Rivera 4 天 前

    JC is brilliant! He will go very far in this business.

  • 鴨柠檬精
    鴨柠檬精 4 天 前 +1

    CNclip literally recommended this for me and I’m like WTH?

  • Erina Wattanwal
    Erina Wattanwal 4 天 前 +3

    Here’s a group we won’t see again

  • celene duran
    celene duran 4 天 前

    Did anyone else see the Sephora worker calling them crazy 😂😂

  • Piper Davis
    Piper Davis 4 天 前

    Bye sisters

  • Ellie Walker
    Ellie Walker 5 天 前

    Who else is very sad that they are mad at each other

  • Zub MSP
    Zub MSP 5 天 前

    They fr recommended me this but ion wanna see tatis face and fakeness honestly

  • Magda Taouil
    Magda Taouil 5 天 前

    I love you

  • Rebekah Willes
    Rebekah Willes 5 天 前

    Hm. I c o n i c.

  • Macyn Jaymes
    Macyn Jaymes 5 天 前 +1

    and i oop-

  • Rama Tariq
    Rama Tariq 5 天 前

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  • Jesus Vieira
    Jesus Vieira 5 天 前

    so toxic....

  • Althea Bernardo
    Althea Bernardo 5 天 前

    This was published during my birthday

  • Ariana Parsons
    Ariana Parsons 5 天 前 +36

    Literally everyone: “Who’s here after Bye Sister”
    Me: ...😐

  • Ani King
    Ani King 5 天 前

    This is sad because she did kick start his career. She got him in the door of opportunity. Sad. I hope they do work things out because in the end, friendship should be worth more than money and he is young and he is still learning

  • Michael Myersfan666


  • Thatdancer Laii
    Thatdancer Laii 5 天 前

    Who watching this after there drama 😂😂😂

  • Jungkook Bts
    Jungkook Bts 5 天 前

    9:41 - 9:50 hmmmmmmm foreshadowing?

  • Love All Around
    Love All Around 5 天 前

    Love how I watch all the drama and tea videos (finally done with them all or at least understanding them) this popped up on my recommendation and I laughed so hard 😂

  • ecem
    ecem 6 天 前 +39

    young jeffree star is coming after them in the beginning

    • tolani
      tolani 2 天 前

      ecem 💀💀💀

  • Becky Fitzgerald
    Becky Fitzgerald 6 天 前

    Honestly, James. Just shut the fxck up

  • lay and septik
    lay and septik 6 天 前 +1


  • lay and septik
    lay and septik 6 天 前 +1

    Sister sixty second sewp

  • Funny Dog Videos
    Funny Dog Videos 6 天 前 +3

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  • Joselyn Torres
    Joselyn Torres 6 天 前 +3

    Anyone Here after “Bye Sister”

  • Da rock English
    Da rock English 6 天 前

    Young naive james

  • MegaRuru123
    MegaRuru123 7 天 前 +1

    i would just love to see a movie documentary about the beauty . industry and all the drama that happened

  • Elizabeth Lagattuta


  • gustavo toraz
    gustavo toraz 7 天 前 +5

    When u realise that “Friend” is your future enemy

  • Angela Camacho
    Angela Camacho 7 天 前 +8

    Why did i think that was old jeffree star in the back of both of you walking 😂😂

  • B l a c k S o u l K i d d o

    Wonder why this is in my recommended 🥵

  • Marzia Marz
    Marzia Marz 7 天 前 +2

    The shade CNclip throws but recommending this.

  • رامي العمري
    رامي العمري 8 天 前 +1


  • Hannah Lilly
    Hannah Lilly 8 天 前 +2

    I know the tea got sister spilled, but this video made me laugh so much love them both ❤️❤️

  • Anouk
    Anouk 9 天 前 +4

    Everyone: WhO iS hErE aFtEr ThE dRaMa
    Me: who is that guy with red hair in the back?!

    • Megan Seni
      Megan Seni 7 天 前

      It's Tati's stepson, they put him in drag in a video on her channel

    • The French Mosquito
      The French Mosquito 8 天 前

      Anouk I thought it was the old jeffree star at first 😂😂

  • Kate Hennessy
    Kate Hennessy 9 天 前

    this was on my recommendation page 🥺🥺

  • Mariam Hisham
    Mariam Hisham 9 天 前 +1

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  • Jaya s
    Jaya s 9 天 前 +1

    I cried when I saw this! 😂😔

  • egg raт
    egg raт 9 天 前

    Wow...ok CNclip🙄

    FBR SQUADS 10 天 前 +7

    This makes me sad after what happened 😭😭

  • Anna Bye bye
    Anna Bye bye 10 天 前

    0:07 I miss theme 😰

  • Anna Bye bye
    Anna Bye bye 10 天 前

    I miss theme 🥺

  • ashok kumar
    ashok kumar 10 天 前 +1

    No one cares if you're here after the drama🙂

  • Thea Louise Jaspe
    Thea Louise Jaspe 10 天 前

    this video literally made me so sad. Especially at the very beginning. Wow that sincerity, the love and excitement they felt 😢 wtf can you just please get things together and be as close as you are at the past?

  • Adriel Gómez
    Adriel Gómez 10 天 前

    I want a friendship like this 😍

  • Jenny González
    Jenny González 10 天 前


  • LaBotch :3
    LaBotch :3 10 天 前

    Imágenes antes de la tragedia jiji

  • TØPtwentyøne !
    TØPtwentyøne ! 10 天 前

    Love how this was on everyone’s recommended

  • Tyson Silvestri
    Tyson Silvestri 10 天 前

    Why was Jefferie from 2000 following a them!😂😂😂

  • gatcha Verse stories

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  • maccosmeticsandbeyond Kat Von B

    They were actually magical together xx

  • Javier Parra
    Javier Parra 10 天 前

    *me after James and tati’s drama* “I hope they work out their drama”

    *me seeing this video on the recommended page* “Wow I cant believe this the last time THEY WILL PROBABLY EVER TALK OR LOOK AT EACH OTHER”

  • Isabella Leone
    Isabella Leone 11 天 前

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    Sienna Diaz 11 天 前

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    Chitta Chu 11 天 前

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    Azan Fazal 11 天 前

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  • Tony and Crystal Day


  • iiiaestheticxchxrry x
    iiiaestheticxchxrry x 11 天 前 +12

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    2019: oh yea baby!!!!! Let’s make the drama even worse!

  • Golden Tuna
    Golden Tuna 11 天 前 +1

    Who’s here after James used his “uno undo card”

  • Ella Garnica
    Ella Garnica 11 天 前

    Did anyone notice that the Sephora employee did a hand motion said Taylor was crazy Behind his back @5:29

  • PeakAxis
    PeakAxis 11 天 前

    To bad their friendship went ⬇️x100

  • SweetLemonade26
    SweetLemonade26 11 天 前 +5

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  • Svetlana Osipova-Feygin

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  • Princess Victoria
    Princess Victoria 11 天 前 +3

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  • Veva Dodson
    Veva Dodson 11 天 前

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  • ABRIL ᴇɪʟɪꜱʜ
    ABRIL ᴇɪʟɪꜱʜ 11 天 前 +1


  • sister shooketh
    sister shooketh 11 天 前

    That pair didn’t last to much longer