Fortnite - High Stakes Returns

  • 添加 2019年03月14日
  • Suit up... High Stakes has returned to Fortnite! Play the Getaway LTM, complete new challenges and unlock new rewards including the Jewel Llama Backblings. Plus, the Wild Card Outfit is back in the shop with the new Wild Card Wrap Bundle.
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  • Itz Toxic
    Itz Toxic 天 前

    What im wondering is where is the og wildcard style

  • Sharkbot Jones
    Sharkbot Jones 天 前

    Lol this is what happens when u quit Fortnite you miss out on everything

  • Sharkbot Jones
    Sharkbot Jones 天 前

    Well there goes my last rare skin

  • Mike Gaming
    Mike Gaming 天 前 +1

    Hey Epic! I would love to have the permission to publish my own Creative islands! My friend and I have been working on sick islands and I would love to be able to publish! My island is going to be a Deathrun with 12 challenging levels and it’s called “The Brudal Run” and if you need my username to check my islands to see if they are safe and possible it says it on my fortnite videos! And I’m almost to 100 subs and when I hit it I get a creator code? Bye epic love your game!

  • • Erectangle •

    Nothing in this trailer is in the game...
    Guided missile: No
    C4: No
    Atk: No
    Shockwaves: No
    Decent Skin: No
    .....oh yah grappler too

  • J-C Cook
    J-C Cook 天 前

    Bring back drum gun and tac SMG

  • J-C Cook
    J-C Cook 天 前

    And bring back double pump for only green and blue pump

  • J-C Cook
    J-C Cook 天 前

    Take out when u kill u get health cuz I’m getting tired of ppl finishing

  • TSM_RulyGamers 500

    Why did u combine mobile and Nintendo Switch servers. Nintendo switch is almost like controller. That is so unfear Fortnite. Plz change it

  • Deev O
    Deev O 天 前 +1

    Fortnite, you took away all my wins away from my account, Godly_Fang PS4, whyyyyyyyyyy

  • Kyle Mujagic
    Kyle Mujagic 天 前

    Do they still have atk’s?

  • coolkid 107632
    coolkid 107632 天 前

    I cant play fortnite because i have a lg pls fornite put it on play store

  • Gavin Awesome
    Gavin Awesome 天 前 +1

    Add double pump add burst back add bolt back add heavy shotgun back

  • Gavin Awesome
    Gavin Awesome 天 前

    Awesome I love this mode

  • P41nl3ss
    P41nl3ss 天 前

    I love fortnite but can't play on my phone Huawei p smart 2019

  • Gabriel Brenta
    Gabriel Brenta 天 前

    Please fortnite on huawei mate 10 lite

  • teensygrub6348
    teensygrub6348 天 前

    Pore se te su pero

  • teensygrub6348
    teensygrub6348 天 前

    No me cuentas las victorias viene poro manco que se mete en pvp poros jugadores tóxicos estoy arto mejor me voy a Apex leged

  • Dylan L
    Dylan L 天 前

    Remove planes now😡😡😡

  • rust ninja gaming


  • rust ninja gaming

    Fgteev did a disc track on you I read every comment they agree to wipe you out I'm on your team on that disc track I commented I play every morning day night these are my faces

  • Jennifer DeBerry


  • Tsm_ Fidgetkey
    Tsm_ Fidgetkey 天 前

    hey guys toy know that Elite Agent and lots of female skins got More styles?
    For example you Can take Elite angent's helmet Off.
    They should make Cuddle team Leader have the same option too!
    Do you agree?

  • owen chaplin
    owen chaplin 天 前

    please bring raptor back I have 2,000 v-bucks I really wanna spend

  • AxelThePr0 -
    AxelThePr0 - 天 前

    Can you bring back phone it in

  • mimiplays 5
    mimiplays 5 天 前


  • proscar 7
    proscar 7 天 前 +1

    Suscribe and leave a like

  • TuT Chill Gamer
    TuT Chill Gamer 天 前

    this bug is kinda annoying so i dont know if my friends has lefted the match can you fix it and the spectate it says like if u killed 7 players it says theres 7 players spacteting

  • deadly defalt
    deadly defalt 天 前

    Add sniper shoot out back please

  • Galaxy A.D
    Galaxy A.D 天 前

    I keep getting kicked out of the game

  • Carlos Meloz
    Carlos Meloz 天 前

    Fortnite, porfavor mete el emote scenario en la tienda!!!!!!!! Porfavor te lo suplico

  • Zelda gamer 874
    Zelda gamer 874 天 前 +1

    I feel like they should take off shadows and lower anti alising so fortnite on switch would lock at 30 to 29 fps

  • O mglom
    O mglom 天 前


  • Gamercraft 8390
    Gamercraft 8390 天 前

    Bring the mic back some of them have no discord

  • ItzzRaoul
    ItzzRaoul 天 前

    I got this day like 4 win but it wont give me the win😢😫😡😡

  • Amazed Posts
    Amazed Posts 天 前

    Fortnite fix your game already, I can't have a decent game because your too lazy to fix the problems ffs

  • Hws Dbdhud
    Hws Dbdhud 天 前

    We need sirver

  • Amanpreet Thind
    Amanpreet Thind 天 前

    My name is ravising120 can you give me more refunds

  • Lotta Vine
    Lotta Vine 天 前

    Fortnite i accidentally bought the card skin and I’m really sad so can you like give me back my v bucks I would really appreciate it ps my epic is b1456jjo thanks

  • RNG Band1t
    RNG Band1t 天 前 +1

    How many days will High Stakes stay in fortnite


  • Christian Nazy
    Christian Nazy 天 前

    You should banned fort nite you are killing people’s lives you are mean people

  • Speedy Gaming
    Speedy Gaming 天 前

    Player_je0807 is my user

  • Speedy Gaming
    Speedy Gaming 天 前

    Hey fortnite can I get my stats back they just reseted

  • Teletubbie
    Teletubbie 天 前 +1

    Make rogue agent no mask please epic

  • Lava Lord6
    Lava Lord6 天 前

    You should have made it 7 days long

  • Alexandre Ivanov

    Epic i cant download fortnite in Huawei can you fix this

  • Mery B
    Mery B 天 前

    Epic games el traje comodin es malo quiten lo

  • Pastel Summer
    Pastel Summer 天 前 +1

    *Only real OGs of this event have the blue llama*

  • Emannuel Magdaleno

    Bruh Fortnite Makes Bots They Never Miss. Their not even looking at me and they hit me Wtf So much bots

  • Stich3s YT
    Stich3s YT 天 前

    Bring back burst rifles

  • Ally
    Ally 天 前

    My favorite ltm of all time 🤩

  • Christy Mallory
    Christy Mallory 天 前

    noooooo dont bring it back out i got it when it first came out

  • Hot_nd_spicy
    Hot_nd_spicy 天 前

    this was actually dope

  • said thompson
    said thompson 天 前

    I did one today

  • said thompson
    said thompson 天 前


  • said thompson
    said thompson 天 前

    I post videos

  • said thompson
    said thompson 天 前

    Can you help me get that glitch when you get vbucks I have a channel

  • vicente santibañez

    Cof cof optimizatipn cof cof

  • Dark Voyager
    Dark Voyager 天 前 +1

    Can you make a new Nintendo Switch exclusive skin

  • vex life
    vex life 天 前

    You know when a game is running out of content when they bring back shitty game modes

  • Titonix
    Titonix 天 前

    Just so you know their app is spyware and your data is geting mined,enyoy your metro exclusive while they dig your steam frend list

  • Michael Rodriguez

    Put zapatron in creative

  • YT- Movies
    YT- Movies 天 前

    Plz add Fortnite on Android 6.0

  • XxSniperzakxX 7444
    XxSniperzakxX 7444 天 前 +1

    This is how many people like fortnite


  • Joexlez YT
    Joexlez YT 天 前


  • Joexlez YT
    Joexlez YT 天 前 +1

    You guys should really put fornite on iPhone 5 S, it makes me sad that I can’t play it.

  • hasoz FN
    hasoz FN 天 前

    I got scammed for my black knight account and I can’t get it back😰🥺

    CA AUUUH 天 前

    PPAP emote like agree

  • Jaydon bernal
    Jaydon bernal 天 前

    Can y’all please put the normal lama jewel in game a back bling to have at all times when the event is over

  • Larry The Guy
    Larry The Guy 天 前 +1

    I want this song to become lobby music to badly

  • AYE!
    AYE! 天 前 +1

    Plz add compatibility to lg stylo 4!!!

  • ayden blue
    ayden blue 天 前

    F##$$:÷&÷"$ fortnite no net work

  • king bowser productions

    Add zapatron and guided missile to creative plz

  • 2906emma
    2906emma 天 前

    I'm stevieg179 ok epic?

  • Golden GMZ
    Golden GMZ 天 前

    It’s funny how their adding this kind of stuff but still not buffing floor loot

  • Isaac tuber
    Isaac tuber 天 前

    Hay Epic Games can you give everyone who plays Fortnite 3 new renewals for thing you buy

  • fade wolf
    fade wolf 天 前

    You guys are ruining your own game by bringing back planes and letting other people edit your builds. The greatest players are gonna leave your game cause of this

    • kasper Markus
      kasper Markus 天 前

      +fade wolf oh ok

    • fade wolf
      fade wolf 天 前

      +kasper Markus they say that they are gonna add that

    • kasper Markus
      kasper Markus 天 前

      Those 2 things arent in the regualar gamemodes


    i did all of the challenge

  • Wolverinebeast21

    could you get banned for using a custom crosshair

  • FazEd P1xlezz
    FazEd P1xlezz 天 前

    Im new to CNclip could everyone go drop me a sub would be much appreciated

  • Max Ranger
    Max Ranger 天 前

    Add a green night for Saint Patrick's Day☘

  • Aymeric Le Gameur


  • Endino. Prezident
    Endino. Prezident 天 前 +1

    Good day epic.
    Can I ask could you give me a scenario dance? It's really super dancing is terribly nice both music and dancing. So I'd like to ask you very much if you couldn't give me that dance for free.
    My name is Endino. President

  • AztechAlbertX7 Apex

    Dear Epic, please make fortnite compatolible to the PS3

  • Peyton’s Place

    Boogie down contest part 2?

  • Oliver Hernandez

    like if the tactical smg and the drum gun should get back

  • solbjartur gold
    solbjartur gold 天 前

    Can u pls add a terraforming tool to creative mode so its easier to but buildings with out them merching with the map

  • Simo nulis
    Simo nulis 天 前

    Plis give back heavy shotgun, drum gun and bolt sniper

  • Imtiaz Rahman
    Imtiaz Rahman 天 前 +1

    Reused trailer:
    -Shockwave Grenades not in game
    -C4 not in game
    -RPG hard to find +you wouldve blown yourself up

  • NikiTank Play
    NikiTank Play 天 前 +2

    Make Fortnite Samsung Galaxy A8+

  • Donald Bruns
    Donald Bruns 天 前

    Will we get a style for redknite that makes her and her shield turn black?

  • Oskari Jääskeläinen


  • Ronan U
    Ronan U 天 前 +1

    Can we please have a The Getaway lobby music

  • Nicola McMaster
    Nicola McMaster 天 前

    Can yous bring leviathan back out pzzzzz

  • TSM_ Kosta
    TSM_ Kosta 天 前

    Plss kraken destroye layz lagon And New game mod this fight kraken

  • Goku XY Daile and XY REx Ultrainstincts

    Did you know the adults want you to start

  • RudGamerCH
    RudGamerCH 天 前

    Support A7 Plss

  • Omega
    Omega 天 前

    fortnite ich weiß nicht ob Ada ein Bug ist oder es an denn Einstellung liegt aber es ist bei mir ein Fehler aufgetreten das im battle Royal alles 2-3 sek zeitversetzt ist ich schieße baue und Bau zeitversetzt ab, das war gestern schon um die Mittagszeit , nachmittags war es Weg aber jetzt ist es wieder da, könnt ihr mir sagen was das ist

  • creb b
    creb b 天 前

    Moi j'aime trop la nouvelle mise à jour les distributeurs c'est un peu nul parce que il peut marcher qu'une seule fois

  • Exenilebe VANNES-PL