Gordon Ramsay Enters A Cooking Challenge | Gordon's Great Escape

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  • As Gordon's trip in Malaysia comes towards an end, he enters a cooking competition to showcase whats he's learned.
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评论 • 4 973

  • Caesar Li
    Caesar Li 3 小时 前

    Imagine hear Chef Ramsay screaming "fucking raw" at himself.

  • Alan Wake
    Alan Wake 4 小时 前

    Now I want that Ferrari of rice cookers

  • Camyl Lazo
    Camyl Lazo 天 前

    Gordon: “Drop this tray... I’ll hang you upside down with your balls fhdjdsmskdj”.
    he threatens that poor guy in a black slick suit 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rashida Kenzie Guardame

    Love it❤ its so nice Mr. Ramsay cooks with humility



  • James Wohltman
    James Wohltman 天 前 +1

    If that guy dropped the tray😬😬😬

  • James Wohltman
    James Wohltman 天 前 +1

    “We now have the turd prize”

  • Balaji C
    Balaji C 天 前

    This proves, he is not the best in the world... I would have loved to hear the judges yell "It's raw" to Ramsey

  • phish 420
    phish 420 2 天 前


  • Aleacia El Hachmi
    Aleacia El Hachmi 3 天 前 +1

    1:40 look at the lady’s face 😝

  • mommy miaa
    mommy miaa 3 天 前


  • Jonnel Datinguinoo
    Jonnel Datinguinoo 3 天 前


  • Clyde Valencia
    Clyde Valencia 3 天 前

    She got herself the ferrari of rice cookers. Lmao 😂

  • Jack Lee
    Jack Lee 4 天 前

    Gordon dont cook RICEEEEE

  • Thomas Straight
    Thomas Straight 4 天 前

    It must be pretty cool to beat one of the best chefs in the world. Whether she knows it or not.

  • George Michael Uragayoon

    Its nice to see gordon struggling,makes him human

  • And then they said
    And then they said 5 天 前

    Even the best chef in the world struggles learning a new style. Atleast he was humble.

    SPADES TRAP 5 天 前

    The SAMBAL

  • Alexander Grundke
    Alexander Grundke 6 天 前

    She's already annoyed haha 1:42

  • TurboPlasma
    TurboPlasma 6 天 前

    That's a passionate man for you. He goes there to cook food their way, to discover how they do it, he sets the bar super high and then acknowledges it when he doesn't win. Nothing is a better teacher than failure, especially when you're at the top. Not saying he is a failure since Gordon is obviously one of the best, but in this particular case, he wasn't the top dog and that has taught him there's room for improvement. Great job Chef Ramsay. I don't know shit about cooking but I enjoy watching these videos so much.

  • Im just Passing by
    Im just Passing by 6 天 前

    I challenge you gordon to a shokugeki👨‍🍳🍜🍝🍱

  • Niza Wanie
    Niza Wanie 7 天 前

    Hahaha anty gelak... Hahaha

  • Yes, Birbs
    Yes, Birbs 7 天 前

    u can never beat the malaysian aunties..... *dont try u will regret it*

  • TylerMatt
    TylerMatt 7 天 前

    Tbh this looks nothing at all in Kuala Lumpur

  • Savitar HC
    Savitar HC 7 天 前 +1

    "Can't beat them join them"

  • ThatsMyJam
    ThatsMyJam 7 天 前

    Turd prize at 7:18

  • Pelinore71
    Pelinore71 7 天 前

    I’ve never seen Gordon genuinely anxious

  • Alfredo Lopez
    Alfredo Lopez 7 天 前 +3

    “don’t sneeze”. killed me 🤣

  • Elemental Fallout
    Elemental Fallout 8 天 前

    It's funny you say stay close to your auntie cause she is the one with the best recipes in our family.

  • Ask Questions
    Ask Questions 8 天 前

    At 4:52, Gordon coughed on his hand. I’m sure he didn’t stop and wash his hands. I’m sure because then why would they include him coughing and then not washing his hands?

  • Konrad Rul
    Konrad Rul 8 天 前

    The way Gordon reacts to the outcome of the battle really inspired me to be a better individual. How wonderful is that

  • IKONxIKONICS140915 Ikon

    7:40 his face when he knows that he is 2 xD I love him

  • cypress gameing
    cypress gameing 9 天 前

    I can't what he just said at 6:16

  • Son Goku777
    Son Goku777 9 天 前 +2

    When Gordon overcooked the rice I expected him to curse himself out and throw himself out of the kitchen.

    • snick
      snick 5 天 前 +1

      "You are gonna feed THIS to people? This is PASTE you donut!!!!"

    • Aman
      Aman 7 天 前 +2

      Son Goku777 it’s mush. IT’S MUSH YOU FAT OX

  • Homer Slated
    Homer Slated 9 天 前

    That look at 1:43 tho :)

  • RGC Raven
    RGC Raven 10 天 前

    Even the world's greatest chef got 2nd in Malaysian cooking

  • RGC Raven
    RGC Raven 10 天 前

    Chicken Capitan is called Adobo in Philippines

  • Leon96
    Leon96 10 天 前 +2

    8:24 I love the smile of this woman.
    It makes you feel in peace with everything.
    It’s so genuine.

  • pangitski gwaposki
    pangitski gwaposki 10 天 前

    #GORDONRAMSAY can u fly to the Philippines and meet our very own executive chef of the king of the saudi arabia. Chef boy Logro ... please chef

  • Sarah Cooper
    Sarah Cooper 10 天 前

    lol, noob!

  • Kai' Sa
    Kai' Sa 10 天 前


  • Khadijah Ruslan
    Khadijah Ruslan 11 天 前

    There's too much water in there you donkey

  • Brandon boiii
    Brandon boiii 11 天 前

    Kau belum rasa bosou . Baru kau tau

  • Fox Waffle
    Fox Waffle 11 天 前 +1

    Lol he really wanted 1st didn’t he?

  • Alex Astacio
    Alex Astacio 11 天 前

    Never seen gordon nervous before lol

  • Alex Martinelli
    Alex Martinelli 12 天 前


  • Jevi10 Selz
    Jevi10 Selz 12 天 前

    Sounds like bear gryls

  • iNuTiL Ka!
    iNuTiL Ka! 12 天 前


  • iNuTiL Ka!
    iNuTiL Ka! 12 天 前


  • KillerGymSox
    KillerGymSox 12 天 前 +1

    "i'll be watching you very closely" woman gets creeped out lmao

  • Jay's Perspective
    Jay's Perspective 12 天 前 +2

    Ohh that face Gordon made when he was announced 2nd. Best thing i've seen on internet. He was in fucking disbelief that he lost.
    But also, he was humble enough to quickly accept it. Now that's a pure gentleman stuff.

  • Dianne G.
    Dianne G. 12 天 前

    I’m so fucking hungry looking at the dishes

  • huzefa mhd
    huzefa mhd 12 天 前

    6:18 "I'll hang you down by your balls from the petronas towers"

    Don't know 'bout cooking but he teaches me creative ways to threaten

  • EnforcerTV
    EnforcerTV 12 天 前


  • FlyWereAble
    FlyWereAble 12 天 前

    Gordon just fucking caughed in his hand then continued cooking without washing his hands

  • Nathen Oquendo
    Nathen Oquendo 12 天 前 +1

    so no one is going to point out home girls face at 1:42 when he said he’s been watching very closely

  • Shivesh Mukherjee
    Shivesh Mukherjee 12 天 前

    Gordon is a clown in kitchen.

  • lce.
    lce. 13 天 前

    if you drop this tray im gonna hang you by your balls

  • ViKing
    ViKing 13 天 前

    Gordon looked shocked he didnt take 1st place. Probably the first time in a long time he had a slice of good ol' humble pie

  • Seasonedgore
    Seasonedgore 13 天 前

    So far it seems a true master goes against the tide, and attempts to master another art. So far I have learned that eggs can be messed up in more ways I thought, and perfected in ways I never expected