牛油蛋糕~糖油搅拌法 Butter Cake Kek Mentega


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  • PeaChy Bloom
    PeaChy Bloom 年 前 +16

    I've tried it and it's so delicious and moist definitely recommend this 👍

  • nisma banu
    nisma banu 2 天 前

    This is best recipe i have made

  • ivin xuan
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  • inda nasuha
    inda nasuha 9 天 前

    Can i steam it?

  • Lee Corly
    Lee Corly 15 天 前

    老师问下为什么我的蛋糕中心比较高起呢?? 谢谢老师指点。 ❤
    P.s. 口感很好 。
    (以 125g butter 用了2粒蛋,一粒蛋黄)

    • Lee Corly
      Lee Corly 15 天 前

      可以不加 baking powder 吗?? 谢谢老师。

  • Iris Wee
    Iris Wee 15 天 前

    Thank you so much for sharing your recipe. I am a fan of yours. Have found many of your tutorials on nonya stuff.
    For this cake 230g of caster sugar is super sweet. I used only 208g already quite sweet for my liking. Other than that the cake turns up quite successful but a bit too oily. I reckon that's the characteristic of a butter cake? Another thing is every time you add in an egg , you have to scrap the side of the bowl before mixing. By the time I finished adding all the eggs the batter curdle a bit. I manually fold in the flour alternately with the milk as I was afraid it will be over mixing if using the electric mixer. I read somewhere on the net that this will guarantee not over mixing. I also found a similar recipe/tutorial on CNclip by Gracious Treatz. The differences are she used cake flour, unsalted butter, reduced the sugar to 200g and mixed with a stand mixer.

  • Sharifah Mariam
    Sharifah Mariam 个月 前

    Hi, can I use a 9" square pan? Asking cus Im new to baking...

  • 覃芷欣
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  • joan
    joan 个月 前

    mine failed😪

  • Sass Xccgh
    Sass Xccgh 个月 前

    Suberb recipe.moist soft I tried

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    我们在 Chinese Cooking TV 网站上播放你的视频 chinesecooking.tv/yingzipingzi-01/, 如果您有任何意见,请与我们联系。

  • Lee Corly
    Lee Corly 个月 前

    老师若材料减半,鸡蛋是要用几粒呢? 谢谢😚

  • Sass Xccgh
    Sass Xccgh 个月 前

    How many degrees centrigrade durations of baking hrs??

  • vanessa ng
    vanessa ng 个月 前

    Can I use this recipe to make marble cake?

  • Tran Trinh
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  • 陈佩鑫
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  • Rennie Sim
    Rennie Sim 个月 前

    Just tried this recipe and its so unexpectedly nice! the cake is soft and moist with very simple steps. I think its the best butter cake I had. thanks 真的第一次吃到了那么好吃的 而且步骤也简单新手零失败 :)

  • San San
    San San 个月 前

    请问下老师,您在烘蛋糕时有开风扇的吗?还有.. 普通面粉是中筋粉吗?

  • Vanessa Kang
    Vanessa Kang 2 个月 前

    正確的烘培時間是180c 烘培60min 分鐘,然後160c再烘培10min分鐘,盤子不可太高,否則會出現表面深褐色可是蛋糕裡面不夠熟透的現象。糖份190,牛油230就不會出現底部積油的現象了。

  • Aidil Aisha
    Aidil Aisha 2 个月 前

    Wanted to know if the eggs are cold eggs or room temp eggs?

  • Elsa ng
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  • 尹恩熙
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    • Wu Bob
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  • Nishani Madhurika
    Nishani Madhurika 2 个月 前

    thank you for your recepie.i'm following your recepies.please give me coffee cake or coffee ghetto recepie

  • Hajira Nargus
    Hajira Nargus 2 个月 前

    Did you add sugar in it

  • Amld amld Ais
    Amld amld Ais 2 个月 前 +1

    ارجو ترجمه مقادير عربي

  • Dinor's Mom Stories
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  • Fmuzniya Zubair
    Fmuzniya Zubair 2 个月 前

    I've tried this but cake doesn't doubled in size. Can u tell me wat was wrong.

  • Magis Magiswary
    Magis Magiswary 2 个月 前

    It looks nice want try for this Deepawali,thks

  • Marim Khalil
    Marim Khalil 2 个月 前

    Very nice 😍😍😍

  • chew chien
    chew chien 2 个月 前

    Can ask the cake after baking just put at baking tin cool well right?

  • chew chien
    chew chien 2 个月 前

    Can I put some raisin?

  • chew chien
    chew chien 2 个月 前

    Can ask the cake just put at baking tin cool well right?

  • chew chien
    chew chien 2 个月 前

    Butter can replace planta?

    • chew chien
      chew chien 2 个月 前

      Thank you Katherine kwa so can I put some raisin in this recipe ?

    • Kathrine Kwa
      Kathrine Kwa  2 个月 前

      chew chien sure

  • joanne huang
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  • Doog six
    Doog six 4 个月 前

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  • Kilimanjaro Lakshmi
    Kilimanjaro Lakshmi 4 个月 前

    What type of milk to use ? Coconut?

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  • Lily Lee
    Lily Lee 4 个月 前

    Thank you so much for your recipe. It turned out great! 😁👍

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  • Chin Fai Lok
    Chin Fai Lok 5 个月 前

    Love it, thanks for the sharing

  • findri l like you cutie

    Sorry what is protein flour. Low or medium

    • Kathrine Kwa
      Kathrine Kwa  5 个月 前

      findri l like you cutie low flour or medium also can

  • Ebysco
    Ebysco 5 个月 前

    I just tried this recipe. It came out good. Thank you so much.

  • Ebysco
    Ebysco 5 个月 前

    Thank you so much. I appreciate.

  • Ebysco
    Ebysco 5 个月 前

    I love love your channel. Infact,you know what you are doing. I subscribe. Could you educate me on how o measure 230g of plain flour. What kind of cup will give me the exact measurement? So also the 50g of milk. In short, where can I get the cup measurement. Thanks

    • Meiyi Lim
      Meiyi Lim 3 个月 前

      +Kathrine Kwa The conversion is either U.S. or Australia or UK. I'm confuse! Which country to follow? What are their differences? Pls advice. Thank you.

    • Kathrine Kwa
      Kathrine Kwa  5 个月 前

      Ebysco www.google.com/search?client=safari&channel=iphone_bm&q=How+many+cups+is+100+grams+of+flour%3F&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwivqpuI48rcAhVbOisKHcRuCiEQzmd6BAgMEBE&biw=375&bih=738

  • Sheryl Chieng
    Sheryl Chieng 5 个月 前

    Will there be any eggy smell? I make a few butter cake and the egg is overwhelmed the butter, tasted like a egg cake, not butter cake :/

  • Joey Low
    Joey Low 6 个月 前

    为什么180度 45分钟 不熟呢?

    • Kathrine Kwa
      Kathrine Kwa  6 个月 前

      Joey Low 如果还不熟可把烤的时间拉长5至10分鐘,必尽每个人的烤箱热度都不一样。

  • fate 7953
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    • fate 7953
      fate 7953 6 个月 前

      我是一颗一颗加蛋的吖 😭

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  • Dody Smile
    Dody Smile 6 个月 前

    Wonderful, I follow you from Egypt

  • KAMG Entertainment
    KAMG Entertainment 6 个月 前

    The perfect buttercake recipe ever. I've tried it just now.very tasty and spongy.

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  • KAMG Entertainment
    KAMG Entertainment 7 个月 前

    Can I know which grade egg to use for this cake

  • Jessy Sow
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    • Catherine Cheng
      Catherine Cheng 2 个月 前

      +Setara Begum Japanese 😂😂😂
      That's chinese...

    • 啧啧香米饭
      啧啧香米饭 2 个月 前

      +Setara Begum
      I wonder why do you need to understand what she said..she wasn't even asking or telling you any thing.😂

    • Zhen nan
      Zhen nan 2 个月 前 +1

      +Setara Begum Translate by yourself then.

    • Lily Tian
      Lily Tian 3 个月 前

      +Setara Begum That's Chinese!

    • Setara Begum
      Setara Begum 4 个月 前

      hi,can you speak english? plz talk to english because your jap language is not a international language so that we understand! mind it

  • Joan Chee
    Joan Chee 7 个月 前 +2

    心血来潮 想做蛋糕 可是家里没有牛奶 可以用白开水替代吗?

  • Tang Er
    Tang Er 8 个月 前 +3

    请问牛奶是什么牛奶?full cram的吗?

  • Sue Ixora
    Sue Ixora 8 个月 前 +5

    This recipe is a keeper! Best butter cake ever! Thanks so much!

  • Li Jiun Quek
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  • Ita Lusila
    Ita Lusila 9 个月 前 +2

    Maantaap 👍👍

  • me mynz
    me mynz 9 个月 前 +7

    I've tried this recipe too..n super delicious yet simple ingredients easy to bake for newbie like me..tq so much 💕

  • syed amjad hussain kazmi
    syed amjad hussain kazmi 9 个月 前 +2

    v nice

  • Emeley Lim
    Emeley Lim 9 个月 前 +7

    Can i put come coco powder ?

    • Mikhael hose
      Mikhael hose 2 个月 前

      this is an all purpose cake you can put any flavoring like matcha or a puree or citrus zest

    • Aye_its_ Kash
      Aye_its_ Kash 3 个月 前

      Emeley Lim ya u can but if u do that u should chocolate milk u it taste better

    • Kathrine Kwa
      Kathrine Kwa  9 个月 前 +1

      Emeley Lim sure

  • Nyca Exewee
    Nyca Exewee 10 个月 前 +3

    I have try this recipe..but my cake doesn't turn like yourss..😔😔😔😔

  • 雪柠
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    • 雪柠
      雪柠 10 个月 前

      Kathrine Kwa 好的 没加发粉可以吗?

    • Kathrine Kwa
      Kathrine Kwa  10 个月 前 +1

      柠雪 温度一样,烤的时间是25-30分钟

    • 雪柠
      雪柠 10 个月 前

      Kathrine Kwa 好的 温度还是一样吗?

    • Kathrine Kwa
      Kathrine Kwa  10 个月 前

      柠雪 可以变成杯子蛋糕

    • 雪柠
      雪柠 10 个月 前


  • 毛蟲溪考
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  • raymond kong
    raymond kong 10 个月 前 +8

    lOOKS delicious

  • Saikheng Kang
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  • Ng Mei Yee
    Ng Mei Yee 11 个月 前 +2

    请问老师是用A 蛋吗?谢谢。

  • Sharinya Pillai
    Sharinya Pillai 11 个月 前

    I followed the exact recipe but it didn't work out😔

  • leong siew fun
    leong siew fun 11 个月 前 +3

    你好。。。减糖到190g 会影响蛋糕膨胀吗?

  • Cheng Pek Gan
    Cheng Pek Gan 11 个月 前 +2

    If I use unsalted butter, how much salt should I add into the batter?

  • Dijah Khadijah
    Dijah Khadijah 11 个月 前 +3

    wow..ur receipe is just superb! i've baked my butter cake with ur receipe n the results is 🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒

  • dot phang
    dot phang 年 前 +7

    This is not the 1st time i made butter cake but your detailed teaching CONTRIBUTE GREATLY to my successful Butter Cake baking. TQVM

  • Wong LW
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    • 雪柠
      雪柠 10 个月 前

      Wong LW 好的谢谢 我今天想试做看看

    • Wong LW
      Wong LW 10 个月 前

      柠雪 很好吃,只是每一次做,表面都会裂开而已,不影响口感。

    • 雪柠
      雪柠 10 个月 前

      Wong LW 请问你制作成功了吗? 好不好吃呢?

  • Nah Alyvia
    Nah Alyvia 年 前 +2

    Hi, thanks for your video. can i use self raising flour (still need to add baking powder if i use self raising flour) instead of 普通面粉或低筋面粉? i dont have 7" tray can i divide all ingredients to half to make it smaller size? Thanks.

    • Fiona Ku
      Fiona Ku 11 个月 前

      Nah Alyvia

    • Nah Alyvia
      Nah Alyvia 年 前

      Timing need to adjust to half too??

    • Nah Alyvia
      Nah Alyvia 年 前

      Thanks Kathrine

    • Kathrine Kwa
      Kathrine Kwa  年 前 +1

      Nah Alyvia use self raising flour can omit the baking powder, you can do half recipe if don’t have 7” baking tin

  • 寂寞筱纹
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  • 錦瑟 _ Judith Lai

    too noise background music

  • yc jean
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  • Liv Den
    Liv Den 年 前 +2

    你好, 请问糖能减少吗? 建议多少呢?

  • 肥豬肉
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  • 肥豬肉
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  • Min Jue
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    • Catherine Cheng
      Catherine Cheng 5 个月 前 +1

      Elan HWANG 一次过打保证失败,什么都不懂不要乱说

    • Kathy Yap
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    • Ong siew peng
      Ong siew peng 年 前 +1

      您 可以试看鸡蛋都一次过加! 但一定 会变豆腐渣状, 会油水分离。。。

    • Elan HWANG
      Elan HWANG 年 前

      Min Jue 是啊 看他超麻烦的 鸡蛋一粒 打了再放第二粒 再第三粒 😌

  • Ayu Domara Domara
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  • SWChew
    SWChew 年 前 +3

    wow..the cake looks so fluffy and delicious